Country Breakfast - Rural Reporter Podcast

Country Breakfast - Rural Reporter Podcast


The ABC's team of specialist reporters introduce you to the people and places that make up country Australia.


Toasting an urban wine project and worms a wriggling success  

This week we toast an urban wine project; Carol Cosentino opens her home and heart to injured wildlife; we go behind the scenes at a commercial worm farm; and try our luck in a stockman's challenge.

Tapping into morse code week and riding on a cane train  

We step back in time for morse code week in Alice Springs; jump on board a cane train; check out a secret crop growing on the Sunshine Coast; and saddle up with veteran dressage rider Esther Brooks.

Rock wallabies bounce back and making duck egg pavlovas  

Yellow-footed rock wallabies bounce back in South Australia's northern pastoral region; we're cooking sausages in Cloncurry; making lunch at Helen Springs Station; and whipping up a duck-egg pavlova.

Banana growers back in business and growing funky pumpkins  

Top end banana growers pick their first crop in four years; funky pumpkins grow in Manjimup; all Aussie-made merino jumpers for the test cricket team; and meet financial planner turned fencing contractor Sara Carey.

Unearthing rock art, and chicken couture for featherless chooks  

Volunteers help unearth Aboriginal rock art in the Blue Mountains; English-born chef Tim Burn calls the outback town of Tibooburra home; and 'chicken couture' for a brood of featherless chooks.

Trees transform a farm landscape and Alyssa's a champion dog trialler  

A tree planting project transforms a Bega Valley landscape; a young couple grinds out a living off just eight hectares; we turn unwanted fruit and veg into edible powder; and meet four-year-old dog trialler Alyssa Brown.

Shopping for veg 24/7 and riding out with the Yee Haa Rangers  

This week shopping for fruit and veg 24/7; taking on a 100-year-old apple orchard; meet the young brothers breeding and selling funky chickens; and riding out with the Yee Haa Rangers.

Horsing around in the north and Ziggy's a divine hypnotist  

This week meet hypnotist and water diviner Ziggy Sieczka; horses and riders bond in a mustering camp; we take a carriage ride around Clermont; and a former Melbourne teacher swaps cold Victoria for life in the Northern Territory.

Kinder kids connect with the bush, and learn how to handle an alpaca  

Natimuk pre-schoolers go bush for outdoor kinder; Miriwoong man David Newry goes searching for native bananas; an Irish lass swaps Belfast for an outback pub; and we go to an alpaca handling school.

Edible natives make a comeback, and solar power dries the nuts  

In northern Tasmania edible native plants are making a comeback; hazelnut growers harness the sun to dry their nuts; we go trackside at the Tower Hill picnic races; and check out a shearing collection.

Pearl meat as a seafood delicacy, and things get steamy in Hamilton  

This week turning pearl meat into a seafood delicacy; Hamilton gets all steamed up for a machinery rally; we follow the AI trail with a black angus heifer; and pull up a bar stool in the Mt Mary Hotel.

Looking for malleefowl and growing an 'eggcellent' business  

Citizen scientists seek out the elusive malleefowl; we go behind the scenes at the CWA tea rooms; learn a trick or two about riding a donkey; and check out an 'eggcellent' free ranging egg business.

Good rain puts yabbies and wild caught barra back on the menu  

After a couple of very dry years both fresh water yabbies and barramundi are back in good supply; volunteer tutors lend a helping hand in outback NSW; and lamington ladies are in action in the Cardross community hall.

Blaze Aid helps flooded farmers and bathing in the Eulo mud  

Blaze Aid volunteers help farmers get back on track; sisters unite to keep the family dairy running; we crack nuts in Tasmania; and lie back and relax in a mud bath in outback Queensland.

Volunteers respond to outback 'disaster' and learning station skills  

Outback volunteers respond to a simulated disaster; Aboriginal ringers are put through their training paces; they're racing billy goats in Balranald; and Peter Rowe delivers mail along the Oodnadatta track.

Wine and cheese in the vineyard, and new kids in the territory  

Wine and cheese a good mix on a Barossa Valley farm; Jim Young collects vintage sewing machines; the Sleep family turns their backyard into an urban farm; and new ringer recruits head to the territory.

Distance education at Ibis Creek, and race-day colour fashions  

This week a sneak peek inside the classroom at Ibis Creek Station; Aboriginal students get hands-on experience driving a mine truck simulator; we sample a craft beer in Pt Lincoln; and get a colour guide to race-day fashions.

Keeping fit in the bush, and big-city footy comes to the country  

Pull on your active wear and join Manangatang locals at their weekly fitness class; footy fans get their AFL fix at Moe; we enjoy a glass of ginger beer in Burnie; and learn how to correctly age a fish.

Refugees harvest their maize crop and breeding kelpie dogs  

Burundian refugees living in regional Victoria feel more at home growing a traditional maize crop; a Mt Gambier couple has bold plans to feed 250 families off just half a hectare; and meet kelpie dog breeder Julie Turner.

Ride the Roper River taxi and Charlie's a pint-sized shearer  

Hop on board the Roper River taxi service - the only way in and out of Ngukurr during the wet; a feral cat makes a meal of a snake; young cattle handlers put their best 'hoof' forward; and meet Charlie Dunn the pint-sized shearer.

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