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Episode 120 - KFC, Jesus, And Aliens, I Just Don't Know  

The boys return with an update on one of their new favorite Florida Man characters. Also they remind everyone to donate so they can buy the Watcher house, and that Crendor really loves screwdrivers.

Episode 119 - Watch Out Franco It's Allegiant  

It's the episode you've been waiting for, Jesse and Crendor review Allegiant. Get ready for Jesse to say "literally" 1200000 times, because he LITERALLY cannot comprehend this movie...

Episode 118 - Watch Out, Jesse Is Listening  

The boys return with another episode to talk about the important things in life, like listening in on others conversations and new stories that really aren't news stories. All this and more in this new Cox n' Crendor!

Episode 117 - The Rock, Greatest Movie Of All Time  

The boys are back, and this time Crendor trades a burrito for a man, Jesse tries to justify snooping on peoples public discussions, and then they both try to learn innuendo in different languages!

Episode 116 - Household Chores With The Wife  

The boys are back, and Jesse has a tale to tell. Turns out an old man in a wheel chair is infinitely more badass than all of us. Crendor shares his struggles with mono, and why you shouldn't self medicate. Then, we wrap it all up with the return of FLORIDA MAN!!!

Episode 115 - New Years  

Jesse and Crendor return for the new year, and talk about the greatest story of 2015. Also they mention some Star Wars stuff, so careful on dem spoilers! And finally, they wrap up with Crendor riding a horse.

Episode 114 - Stoner Sloth  

The boys return, this time to talk about everything from a better ending for Mockingjay to why Sloths are getting stoned in Australia. You know, very important stuff.

Episode 113 - Black Friday Returns!...Again!  

It's that time of year, where you gather with family, sit down around the fire, and be thankful for another Black Friday episode of Cox n' Crendor!

Episode 112 - Cracker Barrel Pizza  

The bubble gum bandit returns! Crendor helps Jesse solve the case, but then their investigation quickly devolves into a talk about a new wacky movie Jesse saw. Also a guy gets stuck in a cracker barrel pizza.

Episode 111 - Maze Runner  

The boys have returned and this time they bring with them a review of Maze Runner: Scorch Trials! Warning, there are some spoilers and stuff. Also they wrap up with some news... :P

110 - Hotdog At The Home Of The Whopper  

Jesse returns from DragonCon with tales of the paranormal! Crendor creates an all new form of ASMR, and then the boys check in with their good pal Florida Man!

Episode 109 - Trump Butter  

The boys are back with another episode and more rambling nonsense. Crendor visits a con and tells us all about it. Jesse finds even more McDonald's secret menu items, and the watcher story continues! The Watcher Article:

Episode 108 - CoxCon Recap  

Jesse and Crendor are back! Recapping the past week and their travels abroad, we learn of the Hugh Grant train man, Crendor's new favorite movie, and where the dead kings are.

Episode 107 - Worlds Greatest Italian Restaurant  

In a month filled with reports on the Watcher, only 1 hero is brave enough to return and save us from the letter writing menace! It's FLORIDA MAAAAAN!

Episode 106 - How To Buy A House For 1 Dollar  

The Watcher returns! And the mystery deepens. Also Jesse and Crendor talk about a man's run in with some alligators and a guy who can eat a lot of food way too fast. All this and more, on this episode of Cox n' Crendor!

Episode 105 - The Phantom Of The Copyright  

Jesse and Crendor discover their innate ability to update and ruin classic musicals. Also THE WATCHER!!!!

Episode 104 - Horse Meat Helicopter  

Still sick with the super flu Jesse returns with a moderately normal Crendor to record another episode cause people be wantin' episodes.

Episode 103 - Drunk Bear Chasing  

Jesse and Crendor return to Florida to visit with their favorite super hero. But it turns out, another state is vying for our attention!

Episode 102 - Every Voice Is From South Park  

In this episode the boys unleash more awful voices upon the world than anyone would think possible. Also they talk about poop in your beard!

Episode 101 - The Crendor Show  

In this episode Crendor insists he should make his own podcast, Jesse shares some stories of his time in Poland, and the boys try to solve the case of the missing lunch meat.

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