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Staying relevant in tomorrow’s workplace  

Join Melville Yates from the Victorian Public Sector and Not-for-profit Committee of CPA Australia as he facilitates a conversation with Fiona Moore, Corporate Learning Solutions Manager at CPA Australia, and Cindy Turner, founder and CEO of Coach Central, on how work is changing for accountants in the public sector. Together they will discuss what employers are looking for in their staff and how members of CPA Australia can remain an integral part of their organisations

ASIC discuss their Audit Inspection Findings - Podcast  

ASIC’s Senior Executive Leader, Doug Niven, discusses the ASIC inspection findings for the 18 months to 31 December 2014 with Claire Grayston, Audit & Assurance Policy Adviser at CPA Australia. The podcast highlights the key lesson for auditors as well as directors and audit committees’ role in improving audit quality, how Australian audits compare to other jurisdictions and ASIC’s areas of focus for the next inspection period.


Host – Claire Grayston, Policy Adviser – Audit & Assurance, CPA Australia

Guest – Doug Niven, Senior Executive Leader, Financial Reporting and Audit, ASIC

Are you prepared for enhanced auditor reporting?  

The most significant changes in auditor reporting in decades apply from 2016. The changes will have greatest impact on listed companies, but all auditor’s reports are effected. What’s behind the changes, what will they mean for directors, audit committees and investors and how are they being received around the world?  CPA Australia’s Audit & Assurance Policy Advisor Claire Grayston discusses these issues and more with the architects of the new rules, including International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board Chairman, Prof. Arnold Schilder.

Names of speakers:

Host: Claire Grayston - Policy Advisor – Audit & Assurance, CPA Australia


Prof. Arnold Schilder – International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) Chairman

Chuck Landes - IAASB Deputy Chairman & AICPA Vice President

Merran Kelsall - AUASB Chairman & IAASB Member


FMA explains the 2015 Audit Quality Review Findings Podcast  

Financial Markets Authority Senior Advisor, Jacco Moison, discusses the key findings from the FMA’s 2015 Audit Quality Review, highlights positive trends and areas for future improvement, relevant to audit firms, audit committees and directors, as well as the FMA’s focus for 2016.

Guest: Jacco Moison, Senior Adviser, Markets Oversight, FMA

CPA Australia host: Claire Grayston

Division 7A risk management  

Private companies providing benefits to shareholders need to be wary of the wide provisions of Division 7A, says CPA Australia senior tax counsel Mark Morris in conversation with Sue Williamson and Megan Bishop of Ernst & Young.

Family trust election strategies  

Ian Raspin of BNR Partners and Mark Morris, formerly CPA Australia's senior tax counsel and now professor of Practice at La Trobe University, recap the pros and cons of lodging a family trust election.

Approaches to tax compliance  

Independent consultant Miles Deayton and Mark Morris, CPA Australia's senior tax counsel, discuss a range of recent ATO audit initiatives.

Relationship breakdown settlements and Division 7A  

Roelof Van Der Merwe, National Tax Director Nexia Australia, discusses a recent ruling which confirms that payments of money or property transfer to a spouse will be regarded as a Division 7A deemed dividend.

ATO viability framework  

Thomas Ryan, assistant commissioner of debt at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), reveals to Mark Morris, CPA Australia's senior tax counsel, how the framework can assist individuals and businesses to manage their tax debts.

ATO disclosing offshore income  

Changes in the international business environment have led to new levels of cooperation and information sharing, says Greg Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Taxation at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Franchise industry  

With some 73,000 individual franchisees generating 13 billion annually, franchising is an attractive business model for many small business owners wishing to expand.
But franchising is not for the unwary as Jason Bertalli, Director BNR Partners explains to Mark Morris, CPA Australia’s senior tax counsel.

R&D Blue sky black hat  

Robin Parsons, R&D Tax Partner Asia Pacific, Ernst & Young and Nick Weston, Chief Executive Agenix join Mark Morris, Senior Tax Counsel, CPA Australia to discuss what it takes to turn an innovative idea into a commercially viable product or service.

ASIC financial report findings 2014  

ASIC recently announced its focus for 30 June 2014 financial reports of listed and public interest entities, as well as findings from its reviews of 31 December 2013 reports.

ATO debt collection  

Thomas Ryan, Assistant Commissioner - Debt , Australian Taxation Office, talks with Mark Morris, Senior Tax Counsel, CPA Australia about the ATO's differentiated approach to debt using external debt collection agencies.

Professional scepticism  

Amir Ghandar, Policy Advisor, CPA Australia and Dr Damian Cotchett, Senior Consultant, Nous Group discuss the importance of professional scepticism, and what it means to professionals including particularly auditors in a practical sense.

ATO lodgment update  

Paul Kruspe, Assistant Commissioner - Lodgment talks with Mark Morris, Senior Tax Counsel, CPA Australia about the ATO's approach to lodgment including an update on the lodgment differentiation framework.

Tax audits  

Ray Cummings, Principal, Greenoak Advisory, discusses his experiences and approach to tax audits with Mark Morris, Senior Tax Counsel, CPA Australia.

Taxation of testamentary trusts  

Ian Raspin, Director, BNR Partners outlines some of the key contentious issues that can arise through the use of testamentary trusts with Mark Morris, Senior Tax Counsel, CPA Australia.

Personal services income  

Ray Cummings, Principal, Greenoak Advisory, and Mark Morris, Senior Tax Counsel, CPA Australia discuss when a contractor will be regarded as deriving personal services for tax purposes including related tips and traps.

Corporate social responsibility  

Professor Jeremy Moon explains the key developments in CSR and the role of the accounting profession, including CSR developments in Australia and Asia.

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