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Crime City Central No 115 Dennis Palumbo  

Coming up: Main Fiction: A Theory of Murder by Dennis Palumbo Narrator: Rob Haines Redacted: Jim Phillips on audio Cher Eaves on Twitter Darren Harmon on Flickr DJ Frogs on Spirit Plants Radio Josh Leuze on the computer Tony C Smith on the starship Jack Calverley – sign up for news…  

Crime City Central No 114 K J Egan  

Coming up: Main Fiction: The American Professor by K J Egan Narrator: Gregory Frost

Crime City Central No 113 Bill Crider  

Coming up: Short fiction: Confessions of a Cold-Call Cowboy by John Shepphird Narrator: Drake Vaughn Main Fiction: Raining Willie by Bill Crider Narrator: Josie Babin

Crime City Central No 112 Alex Grecian  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Unknown Caller by Alex Grecian Narrator: David Cummings

Crime City Central No 111 John F Dobbyn  

Coming up: Cover Artwork: Photography Darren Harmon Main Fiction: Bright Diamond by John F Dobbyn Narrator: Wilson Fowlie

Crime City Central No 110 David A Knadler  

Coming up: Main Fiction: The Least Best Place by David A Knadler Narrator: Stephen Kilpatrick

Crime City Central No 109 Helen Callaghan  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Sex and the Single Hive Mind by Helen Callaghan Narrator: Josie Babin Mind Seed Anthology (profits to Next Generation Nepal charity)

Crime City Central No 108 Gerard Brennan  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Hard Rock by Gerard Brennan Narrator: Kenny Park

Crime City Central No 107 Michael Guillebeau  

Coming up: Cover artwork: Photography by Darren Harmon Main Fiction: Just This Once by Michael Guillebeau Narrator: Fred Himebaugh

We’ve lost a Sofanaut – RIP Larry Santoro  

I’ve woke up this morning and my world has just fell away. My friend Lawrence Santoro has died. I thought of Larry as my brother. I will miss him so very very much. Tycelia my thoughts and prayers surround you and give you comfort at this time. Will miss you Larry – your friend Tony

Crime City Central No 106 Stephen Leather  

We’ve lost a Sofanaut – RIP Larry Santoro Coming up: Main Fiction: Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish by Stephen Leather Narrator: Simon Hildebrandt Protecting Project Pulp

Crime City Central No 105 Justin Gustainis  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Courtesy Call by Justin Gustainis Narrator: Summer Brooks

Crime City Central No 104 Lori Rader-Day  

Coming up: New cover artwork: photography: Darren Harmon Main Fiction: Still Life by Lori Rader-Day Narrator: Joe Sammarco

Crime City Central No 103 Amy Myers  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Murder in the Pineapple Pit by Amy Myers Narrator: Rob Haines

Crime City Central No 102 Tina Whittle  

Coming up: Main Fiction: A Fox in the Hand by Tina Whittle Narrator: Josie Babin

Crime City Central No 101 Stephen Ross  

Coming up: Main Fiction: The Riverboat by Stephen Ross Narrator: Maurine McLean

Crime City Central No 100 Marilyn Todd  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Room for Improvement by Marilyn Todd Narrator: Nicola Seaton-Clark Far Fetched Fables

Crime City Central No 99 Christopher Irvin  

Coming up: New cover artwork: photography Darren Harmon Main Fiction: Charred Kraken with Plum Butter by Christopher Irvin Narrator: Nathan Lowell

Crime City Central No 98 Keven McQueen  

Coming up: Main Story (factual): Psychopathia SexuAlice by Keven McQueen Narrator: Antoinette Bergin Murderpedia Entry:

Crime City Central No 97 Beverle Graves Myers  

Coming up: Main Fiction: Head Case by Beverle Graves Myers Narrator: Fred Himebaugh

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