040 Crossing Borders  

Episode 40 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast brings so very much to discuss.

Ultima Lucha Dos
Brand split. How's it going so far? How can Smackdown bolster itself with its weaker roster?
Reigns' return
The Slater angle
How the GMs are doing (and really what the point of them is)
The dire SD women's division
Why the hell are they gonna introduce a Smackdown women and tag belt come onnnnnnnnn
Jinder's back!!!!!!!!!

039 Crossing Borders  

The Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast is back with episode 39 to rundown the week in pro wrestling. We're got extended thoughts on the Final Deletion, more thoughts on the Final Deletion, additional thoughts on the Final Deletion, and a whole lot more.

Topic list:
The Final Deletion review, discussion, appreciation, and deification
The continuing bizarre saga of Roman Reigns
Great dads in wrestling
Lucha Underground
What are they going to do with the women during this brand split?

038 Crossing Borders  

We are back on the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast with episode 38, running down a lot of news, bringing a lot of views.

Roman Reigns suspended, Dean Ambrose champ, Seth Rollins back
Thunder eulogy
Lucha Underground
Brand split thoughts
Finn Balor - is he ever getting called up?
Brock Lesnar in UFC

037 Crossing Borders  

Episode 37 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast has a lot to talk about!

Hardy Video
Lucha Underground
NXT TakeOver: The End
Brand Split

036 Crossing Borders  

Crossing Borders Episode 36 is Manflurry free, as Writer Cath welcomes the infamous Skunkrocker to the show. What do they talk about? Stuff, probably!

035 Crossing Borders  

Episode 35 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast is the Extreme Rules post show, with bonus NEWS and SUCH and BULLSHIT.

Extreme Rules
RawCody Rhodes leavingAdam RoseChris JerichoLucha Underground
Charlotte's reign as Women's Champion
Roman Reigns' Jeff Jarrett main event overbooking - good, bad or indifferent
Seth's return

034 Crossing Borders  

The Pissing Borders Wrestlehutcast Episode 1: Crossing the Streams aka Wrestlehut Pisscast Episode 125 aka Crossing Borders Episode 34 with Strenuous Manflurry, the wonderful and delicious Karmine, and the always cantankerous Writer Cath is here and/or back to talk the following! 
We review:The Raws.  Lucha Undergrounds.
We discuss:Roster Releases (Agree/Disagree/Hilarious?). Alex Riley hate party! More cuts coming up? Who needs to go?  AJ hurt?  Miz + Maryse.How awesome Kevin Owens is.Jericho/Ambrose feud.NXT's roster becoming super shallow, whether the recent signings will workout. CAMP WWE! 
We end with questions! 

033 Crossing Borders  

Episode 33 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast with Writer Cath and Strenuous Manflurry has two episodes of Lucha Underground to discuss, the Raw go home show for Payback, Payback predictions, a discussion of Chyna, Ric Flair, and your questions.

032 Crossing Borders  

The Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast is back with episode 32. We skipped a week, so we have two Raws, a Lucha Underground, and a whole slew of topics to rundown, including:

The main roster debuts of Gallows and Anderson, Apollo Crews, Enzo and Cass, and the Vaudevillains.

The tag title tournament in general so far.

TNA news and Nazidom.

How they need to stop doing clusterfuck women's matches.

Quick speculation for each upcoming return (Cena, Rollins, Neville, Orton, Bray, etc).


031 Crossing Borders  

Writer Cath is back, joining Strenuous Manflurry again for Crossing Borders Episode 31.


Roman Reigns, and is there a conceivable tipping point for him becoming a liability on top, business-wise?
Seth Rollins return speculation
WWN Shows
Divas rebranding
Lucha Underground
Renee Dupree suing WWE over royalties

030 Crossing Borders  

Crossing Borders Episode 30 with a very special guest, Ashley from Frontrowcentral.com, aka @Starshipwrecked on Twitter. Ash, who isn't a wrestling fan, watched Wrestlemania and quite liked it. We also talk movie criticism and, after wrestling chat, we fall down a RPG hole and indulge in about a 90 minute talk on video games, mostly BioWare. Join us for a good old time with quite the unique perspective.

029 Crossing Borders  

Episode 29 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast is a quick 15 minute review, of sorts, of WrestleMania 32.

028 Crossing Borders  

Episode 28 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast is in hype mode for WRESTLEMANIA.

WrestleMania hype and predictions.
Worst case WrestleMania scenarios.
Rundown of weekend's events: WWN shows, NXT, and, of course, Mania.
Lucha Underground review.
Divas division rebranding.
Parity booking, and when it's appropriate.

027 Crossing Borders  

Crossing Borders Episode 27 with Writer Cath and Strenuous Manflurry!

UR Fight.
Lucha Underground Review .
Who's Better.

026 Crossing Borders  

Episode 26 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast with Strenuous Manflurry and Writer Cath is ROMAN RETURNS, a Lucha Underground review, a fun new game, and more, more, more.

Other topics:
The Mania Main Event - will Triple H be received as the face, or will both competitors be booed mercilessly?
Crowd reactions, and how faces should react when it's not what's desired.
Questions to close it out.

025 Crossing Borders  

Crossing Borders Episode 25 is a little late, with discussion of the following:

WWE Road Block Review.
Lucha Underground Review.
Brief Raw thoughts and Mania implications.
Who deserves a Wrestlemania moment, rather than just manufacturing one for the sake of it?
Discussion of the term "buried."
Heels no selling chants.

024 Crossing Borders  

Episode 24 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast has a whole slew of topics, including:

Preview for WWE Roadblock.
Raw chat.
Lucha Underground review.
Balor vs Neville from NXT.
Reigns off TV for now - smart move?
Reports coming in saying there's no plan to turn Ambrose heel. Smart move, or misdirection?
WWE heading in an 'edgier' direction for Wrestlemania, with blood and the occasional profanity. Will that help at all?
Things WWE does wrong without course correcting.
Mauro doing on Smackdown. Should he be the lead PBP on PPV? Has Smackdown differentiated itself from Raw since the move?

023 Crossing Borders  

Episode 23 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast is fun and games and movies and more.


Fast Lane.
The Fall of Grayskull and Santa's Little Helper reviews.
The Reigns Conspiracy Theories.
Is there any way Triple H could, if he wanted, wind up the heel in this feud?
Lucha Underground review.

Crossing Borders Episode 22  

Episode 22 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling has the following and a lot more:

Lucha Underground Episode 4 and LU's finances.
Raw go home show for Fast Lane.
Fast Lane predictions.
Wrestlemania ramifications.
Wade Barrett leaving WWE.
Vincent J McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award (the hell is this?).
The little things WWE has been doing right lately.


Crossing Borders Episode 21  

Episode 21 of the Crossing Borders Wrestling Podcast has the following:

Daniel Bryan's retirement.
Titus was suspended, had his suspension reduced, and there's sure to be more to come. Recent suspensions/firings that elicited backlash.
What moves should be banned in wrestling for the good of the performers?
Lucha Underground episode 3 review.
AJ Styles lost wow.
Alexa Bliss vs Cameron in a battle for the ages.

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