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Cult of UHF

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Cult of UHF brings you free B-movies hosted by The Right Reverend Chumley. Come and worship the holy static and the cheese that was UHF television of old. Formatted for iPods iPhone and for the iPad !!


Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules  

(Faint signals coming in from deep reaches of space) squeeeeeeee.......faithful........almost..........hard to......squeeeeeeeee

God Speed Leslie  

Tex Brashear lends his voice to give Leslie a Cheesy sendoff and to Testify to the Holy Static.


The Final Episode

Track of the Moon Beast  

Keeping with the beastly theme! We present Track of the Moon Beast! Happy Halloween!

Beast of Yucca Flats  

Hey, at least its not "Monster from Yam Mountain"

Goliath and the Dragon  

Two great tastes that taste great together!

Scream Bloody Murder  

Lots of fake blood in this one! Enjoy!

Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon  

Still on hiatus, but the cheese keeps on flyin

The Day The Sky Exploded  

Rev is on break, enjoy!

Laser Mission  

The Reverend is busy but he has sent you a gem of a movie. PEW PEW Laser Mission!

"The Bat" 63  

Vincent Price stars in today's movie "The Bat". The Reverend got a new computer and is still getting it ready to produce more of the Cult!

"Horror Express" 62  

The Reverend takes a break, but brings us a great flick Horror Express! We have a new website at with some website only exclusive movies! so come on by!

"Scrooge" 61  

Happy Holidays brothers and sisters! The Reverened does a little holiday hunting while presenting the christmas classic Scrooge from 1935.

"The Bloody Brood" 60  

The Reverend celebrates his 4 year anniversary! Thats right 4 years of the cheese, by giving us that great thanksgiving beatnik extravaganza The Bloody Brood! Give us a call at our testify hotline at 206-350-4018

"White Zombie" 59  

The Reverend tries to whip up the living dead to help him clean his apartment and brings us a great offering in the movie White Zombie. Next month is our 4 year anniversary so send us a TESTIFY voicemail and wish us a happy birthday at 206-350-4018 and we'll play it on the air! sponsers this month's show so use codes UHF5 UHF6 or UHF7 to save on webhosting and domain names at

"Revenge of Doctor X" 58  

The Reverend is a little under the weather so he sends us to the doctor. Doctor X that is with today's movie "The Revenge of Doctor X"

"Horrors of Spider Island" 57  

The Reverend brings us some great cheese from his vacation on the island.

"A Bucket of Blood" 56  

Another great Roger Corman flick!

"The Killer Shrews" 55  

The Reverend gets confused about todays movie!

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