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The Daily Motivations Podcast delivers powerful inspiration in 5 minutes or less. This 5-day-a-week show will help you transform your motivation into action and help you achieve your goals. Tune in for your daily dose of motivation!


151 - Create Happy  

A client told me she had made great strides in her happiness. I suggested that she write down, for herself, how she did that. She shared her answers with me & I'm sharing them with you. 

150 - Imperfect Improvement  

"Expecting perfection only leaves you with two options: do everything right on the very first try, or don’t even bother. Which is actually only one option, since 9 times out of 10, human beings don't do things right on the first try."

So, what imperfect improvement can you make today?

149 - Challenges Of Your Present  

Do not turn away from the challenges of your present. And don't see them as a burden. They are an opportunity. When you battle with the challenges of your present you win the prizes of your future.
(Traveler's Gift)

148 - The Word Water  

"The word water will not get you wet"

147 - Loss or Lesson?  

If you see it as a loss, you'll probably miss the lesson. My greatest mentor is my own mistakes. 

146 - Clinging To Comfort  

Where are you choosing to cling to comfort? Where are you refusing to let go of your comfort zone so you can truly make progress?

145 - Sprint of Consistency  

Success is actually a short sprint of consistency, powered by discipline, until habit kicks in & takes over. 

144 - Change Making  

"Changemaking isn’t about clearly outlining the rational benefit of your point of view. Changemaking happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future." ~ Seth Godin

143: Carrying Or Releasing  

When we struggle to reach our goals, it's often because we're choosing a perspective that suggests that making progress towards the goal requires carrying a burden. 

142 - Choose Your Way Out  

If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. Fortunately, we always have the power to choose our way out of those feelings and towards something different. 

141 - Never Allow Waiting To Become A Habit  

Where have you allowed allowed waiting to become a habit?

140 - How To Improve Your Choices  

More often than not, we make choices based on what we want most in a moment. As we consider our options, we’re evaluating what is right in front of us and how we're feeling in that moment.

There is a way to improve choices, reduce frustration & increase consistency.

139 - Do Not Be Overwhelmed  

Strive to be "an athlete in the greatest of all contests - the struggle to not be overwhelmed by anything that happens" ~ Marcus Aurelius

138 - Delayed Perfection  

Continuous improvement always trumps delayed perfection. 

137 - Game Changer  

The impossible is usually just the untried. What would happen if you brought a new, unwavering consistency to your goals?

136 - What Discipline Doesn't Mean  

Discipline doesn't mean you don't get what you want when you want it. I means you've chosen something you want even more. 

135 - Discipline of Patience  

We are creatures of urgency. If we want something, we have to react or decide now. If we feel something, we have to speak or act right away. The discipline of patience reminds us that sometimes the best choice is no choice at all. 

134 - The Quitting Filter  

Is this the right thing to quit?
Is this the right time to quit?
Is this the right reason to quit?

133 - Insecurity  

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt. Stop letting your insecurities make decisions for you. Each time you do, you fuel that insecurity and limit your own freedom & happiness. 

132 - Best Advice  

Nothing beats a failure like a try.
You don't have to quit, you just want to. Whatever your favorite piece of advice is, what are you DOING with it, and with what consistency?

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