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Writers on writing. The Dead Robots' Society, a gathering of aspiring writers podcasting to other aspiring writers, hoping to help each other along the way to the promised land of publication.


DRS Episode 456 - MD Cooper Ain't A Doctor  

Terry and Paul interview author MD Cooper.

DRS Episode 455 - Archivos!  

Paul and Terry interview Dave Robison about his new boardgame "Manifest" as well as the application for writers known as "Archivos."

DRS Episode 454 - Care And Feeding Of Narrators  

Terry and Paul ask John Mierau and Veronica Giguere to come on the show and explain how best to work with audiobook narrators.

DRS Episode 453 - So Many Bobs!  

Paul and Terry review Dennis Taylor's We Are Legion, We Are Bob.

DRS Episode 452 - Complete Characters with Incomplete Speech  

Terry and Paul discuss how to bring your characters to life by NOT using grammatically correct sentences and etc.

DRS Episode 451 - Inspiration and Cons  

Paul and Terry discuss the pros and cons of cons and how to draw inspiration from them. Also? What support group Terry should join.

DRS Episode 450 - Anthologia  

Terry and Paul discuss writing for anthologies.

DRS Episode 449 - The "M" Word  

Paul and Terry discuss Brandon Sanderson's "Laws of Magic" and how they pertain to both fantasy and science fiction.

DRS Live! At Balticon 51  

Paul hosts Scott Roche, Veronica Giguere, and Charlie Brown at Balticon 51.

DRS Episode 448 - BAudio Production  

Terry and Paul discuss what it takes to get your book from the page and into audio.

DRS Episode 447 - Jim Butcher "On Writing" Part 2  

Paul and Terry discuss Jim Butcher's posts on writing.

DRS Episode 446 - Jim Butcher "On Writing" Part 1  

Paul and Terry discuss Jim Butcher's "On Writing" posts.

DRS Episode 445 - David Eddings' "The Diamond Throne"  

Terry and Paul review David Eddings' "The Diamond Throne"

DRS Episode 444 - Chuck Heintzelman Bundles Your Books  

Terry and Paul discuss the benefits of "Bundle Rabbit" with its creator Chuck Heintzelman.

DRS Episode 443 - Melzer Gives Good Arachnid  

Paul and Terry invite author James Melzer on to talk about his return to monster fiction.

DRS Episode 442 – Continuing Education and Q&A  

Terry and Paul discuss continuing education and answer some questions from our listeners.

DRS Episode 441 - Interview with John G Walker  

Paul and Terry interview author John G Walker and discuss his cat-herding for Balticon's New Media Track.

DRS Episode 440 - Politics In Fiction: The Third Rail  

Terry and Paul discuss incorporating politics and social commentary into your fiction. And the possible ramifications.

DRS Episode 439 - Interview With JR Handley  

Paul and Terry interview military sci-fi author JR Handley.

DRS Episode 438 - Q&A about Cons, Reviews, and etc  

Paul and Terry answer questions from our listeners posted via email and the Facebook group.

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