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Writers on writing. The Dead Robots' Society, a gathering of aspiring writers podcasting to other aspiring writers, hoping to help each other along the way to the promised land of publication.


DRS Episode 430 - The KDP Process Part 2  

Paul and Terry describe the KDP process for indie publishing (part 2)

DRS Episode 429 - The KDP Process Part 1  

Paul and Terry discuss the KDP process for indie publishing.

DRS Episode 428 - New Year's Evolutions  

Terry and Paul discuss what went right in 2016, what went wrong, and how to move their careers forward in 2017, and how you can do the same.

DRS Episode 427 - The Magical Mystery Tour  

Paul and Terry discuss writing mysteries and adding mysterious elements to your fiction.

DRS Episode 426 - More Questions, More Answers, More Insanity  

Terry and Paul answer more listener posted questions.

DRS Episode 425 - Paranormal Romance vs Urban Fantasy  

Paul and Terry discuss Paranormal Romance versus Urban Fantasy.

DRS Episode 424 – The Terran Privateer  

Terry and Paul discuss Glynn Stewart's "The Terran Privateer" Links: Terry's new novel "Storm Divers" Paul's Patreon: store The Terran Privateer: Starship's Mage: The Round House:

DRS Episode 423 - Q&A Part 2  

Terry and Paul answer YOUR questions (part 2) to the best of their ability. Don't get too excited. Links: Terry's new novel "Storm Divers" Paul's Patreon: store

DRS Episode 422 - Q&A Part 1  

Terry and Paul answer YOUR questions. Don't get too excited.

DRS Episode 421 - Jake Bible Talks Shop  

Paul and Terry welcome back author Jake Bible for a talk about writing fast as hell, publishing 40+ books in a matter of years, and Jake's near criminal abuse of vegetables.

DRS Episode 420 - Attack of the L Word!  

Paul and guest host Charlie Brown discuss and suggest "literary fiction" titles for genre readers and writers.

DRS Episode 419 - The Great "Atlantis Gene" Wreck  

Paul and Terry review AG Riddle's The Atlantis Gene. Ambivalence is the word of the day.

DRS Episode 418 – Romancing the Roche  

Paul interviews former co-host Scott Roche about his new novella, romance, genre switching, and more.

DRS Episode 417 - The Exposition: What A Tell  

Terry and Paul ramble and rant their way through the perils and pitfalls of exposition, make offensive comments, and display their general ineptitude. In other words, it was a show.

DRS Episode 416 - J. Daniel Sawyer's Extreme Sci-Fi Sports Bundle  

Terry and Paul bring J. Daniel Sawyer on to talk about his extreme sports science fiction storybundle.

DRS Episode 415–John Mierau Gives Good Content  

Terry and Paul discuss Patreon, podcasting, shared worlds, audiobooks, and sci-fi with author John Mierau.

DRS Episode 414 - Why Cons Are Important For Writers  

Terry and Paul discuss Dragon Con and why cons can be important for writers.

DRS Episode 413 - An Interview With James Melzer  

Terry and Paul interview author James Melzer, writer of suspense, middle-school, and romance.

DRS Episode 412 - "The Drafter"  

Terry and Paul review Kim Harrison's novel "The Drafter"

DRS Episode 411 – Stopping the Pear Shape  

Terry and Paul discuss the dangers and solutions to a sedentary lifestyle with author Charlie Brown.

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