Dead Set Legends Sydney

Dead Set Legends Sydney


The Dead Set Legends is a Sydney institution; enjoying its thirteenth year on air. Ray Warren, Dan Ginnane and Richard Freedman get together each Saturday at 9am for three hours to talk sport, pork sandwiches, bad movies and other such vagaries.


03/12/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast - Final Show  

1. Welcome Rabs, Rich and Dan to the final Dead Set Legends 2. Who is the longest sponsor of the show 3. Caller: Thanks for a great show 4. Is the NRL fan interested in the ARLC dramas? 5. Rabs on the ARLC 6. Scoreboard 7. Mike Whitney Interview 8. Richard’s list of Grievances pt 1 9. Fan tweeted about Richard being an angry man 10. Words from Dan about Dead Set Legends 11. Richard’s niece texts him on his last show – He thinks she’s bagging him 12. Richard on Serena William’s article 13. MG interview 14. Richards List of Grievances pt 2 15. Billy Birmingham in studio for a chat 16. A fan has gone and checked all of Richards tips for the year and he’s done quite well 17. Richards final Tips 18. Richard has some words about the show 19. Callers 20. Scoreboard Update 21. Rabs wants to take the free Sherlock Wheelbarrow 22. Richards Final List of Grievances 23. Rabs’ final word



26/11/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Dan, Richard & Brad Haddin 2. Adelaide Test wrap 3. NRL Clubs vs ARLC 4. Why did Haddin give away Rugby League 5. Taumalolo & Holmes NFL bid 6. Luke Lewis Interview 7. Callers: Will Brad make a return to Test Cricket 8. Scoreboard Update 9. Richards racing tips 10. Faf Du Plessis ball tampering 11. Brad talks about his daughters battle with cancer 12. Chris Sandow bails on Super League team 13. Scoreboard Update 14. Transgender woman Kate McGregor wants to play Women’s Big Bash 15. Richards List of Grievances

Dead Set Legends - 19/11/16  

1. DSL will be no more  2. Calls  3. Lollygate  4. Merv Hughes  5. Scoreboard  6. Small field for the Four Nations final  7. Richard's tips/ Richard 'helps' a nun  8. Scoreboard  9. Richard's List of Grievances

12/11/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Dan, Richard and Bozza 2. Dying moments of the 4 Nations – Scotland vs NZ draw 3. Trump wins 4. Sterlo interview 5. Scoreboard Update 6. Bozz loves going to the Polo 7. Mike Hussey Interview 8. Football chat with Boz 9. Waller’s horse tests positive for ice 10. Wayne Bennett’s recent behaviour 11. Wayne Bennett interview on Foxsports – Audio 12. Girds in the studio for a chat – Drama at the Cricket 13. 3rd Umpire swears on Ch9 14. Richards List of Grievances

05/11/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Rabs, Rich and Dan 2. Australia’s middle order batting is soft 3. Kevin Pietersen good for Ch9 commentary 4. Jockey fined for celebrating too early/Melb Cup 5. Melbourne Cup Winning Jockey Kerrin McEvoy 6. Scoreboard Update 7. Mark Waugh Interview 8. Rugby League chat 9. Wayne Bennett’s fall from grace 10. Scoreboard Update 11. Ken Sutcliffe retires 12. Dennis Lillee pt 1 13. Dennis Lillee pt 2 14. Scoreboard Update 15. Richards Racing Tips 16. Richards List of Grievances

29/10/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Rabs, Rich and Dan 2. James Maloney Interview 3. Rabs and Rich had lunch together during the week 4. Scoreboard Update 5. Meninga’s article on Wayne Bennett 6. Green vs Mundine rematch 7. Jeff Fenech highlights from Rush Hour 8. Jim Cassidy Interview 9. John Grant on Andrew Fifita 10. Callers: Andrew Fifita 11. Scoreboard Update 12. What does Rab’s wear when swimming 13. Richards Racing Tips 14. Michael Cheika Interview 15. Mark Nicholas’ Kerry Packer Story/Rabs Kerry Packer Story 16. Richards List of Grievances

22/10/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Rabs Rich and Dan 2. Kyrgios saga 3. Callers: Kyrgios 4. Scoreboard Update 5. Richard’s rort 6. Cox Plate chat 7. Rugby League – Benji Marshall 8. Callers: NRL & World Club Challenge 9. Scoreboard Update 10. Stephen Hoiles Wallabies chat 11. Steve Waugh pt 1 12. Steve Waugh Interview pt 2 13. Scoreboard Update 14. Ryan Girdler in to promote A Few Good Sportsmen 15. Richards Tips 16. Richards List of Grievances

15/10/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Rabs, Rich and Dan 2. Bulldogs board meeting regarding Des Hasler 3. Punter sends angry email in about Richards tips 4. Scoreboard Update 5. Richard’s niece has usurped him in the industry 6. Ange Postecoglou 7. Nick Kyrgios tanking 8. Scoreboard Update 9. Andrew Fifita on Jones and Co. 10. Richards racing tips 11. Richards’s dodgy greyhound racing mail 12. Rabs plug for the St Vincent’s prostate cancer golf day 13. Scoreboard Update 14. Girds in the studio – He’s on a colon cleanse 15. Rebecca Wilson’s funeral service 16. Richards list of Grievances

08/10/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome to the Dead Set Legends 2. Rebecca Wilson Tribute 3. NRL Grand Final Recap 4. Rabs taking the wife out for lunch today 5. Callers: Andrew Fifita 6. Scoreboard Update 7. Richards hotel mini bar theory 8. Caller: Hotel Worker conf 10. Richards Racing Tips 11. Stephen Hoiles Rugby Chat 12. Bathurst 1000 chat – Richard did a hot lap 13. AB de Villiers Interview 14. Richard has an update on the Greyhound racing situation 15. Richards (and Rabs) List of Grievances

01/10/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Rabs, Rich and Dan 2. Sharks vs Storm GF preview 3. Jason Dunstall Interview 4. Scoreboard Update 5. Greg Rust Motor sport 6. Rabs NRL Eminem Opener 7. Mundine calls for players to boycott the anthem 8. Richards racing Tips 9. Brawl on the M4 10. Scoreboard Update 11. Richards list of grievances 12. Michael Ennis pt 1 13. Michael Ennis pt 2 14. Rabs send birthday wishes to Alice whose 100 today 15. Sam Kekovich Interview 16. Joel Caine Sportsbet 17. Rabs on Max Walker

24/09/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1.Welcome Rabs, Rich and Dan 2. Sharks vs Cowboys re-cap 3. Rabs thinks he could bear Richard in a V8 Supercar Race 4. Thurston blows up at refs 5. Michael Ennis Post game 6. Scoreboard Update 7. Paul Gallen Interview 8. Greg Rust Interview 9. Playing a secret sound for Bathurst giveaways 10. Mike Baird could back flip on Greyhound racing ban – Audio 11. Rabs’ Kerry packer story 12. Scoreboard Update 12. Radradra approached by Bennett to join Broncos 13. Swans coach John Longmire interview 14. Storm vs Raiders preview 15. Scoreboard Update 16. Shane Flanagan post-game interview 17. Richards racing tips 18. Richards List of Grievances

17/09/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome Dan, Rabs and Richard 2. Cowboys vs Broncos recap 3. Eddy Hayson’s press conference 4. AFL Chat 5. Wayne Bennett separates from his wife 6. Michael Ennis Viking Clap 7. Callers: Ennis Viking Clap 8. Scoreboard Update 9. Stephen Hoiles Rugby Chat 10. Girds in the studio to preview Sat NRL 11. Hayne and the Bikie 12. Greg Rust - Motor Racing 13. Scoreboard Update 14. Raiders vs Panthers tonight 15. Richards List of Grievances

10/09/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

10/09/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast

03/09/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome (0:00) 2. Bulldogs struggle (4:30) 3. Winx scratched (11:30) 4. Captain's challenge (16:55) 5. Bottle throwing Bulldog? (23:30) 6. Andrew Fifita's crusade (32:00) 7. Scoreboard (49:00) 8. Rafa annoys Rabs (52:20) 9. Joel Caine (53:00) 10. Paul Gallen (59:20) 11. Richard's tips (1:07:00) 12. Wallabies (1:10:40) 13. List Of Grievances (1:16:15)

27/08/2016 - Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome (0:00)  2. Broncos are back (1:55)  3. Bulldogs woes (13:40)  4. Scoreboard update (18:30)  5. Steve Smith rests (23:00)  6. Daily Telegraph League poll (26:00)  7. Why does Gai hate Richard? (33:00)  8. Steve Hoiles (44:00)  9. Scoreboard update (50:00)  10. Greyhound bill passed (57:50)  11. Richard's tips (1:04:50)  12. Jersey day (1:10:40)  13. List of Grievances (1:12:20)

20/08/2016 Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome to the Dead Set Legends 2. Friday night football: How good are the Panthers. Can they win the competition? 3. Olympics chat: Richard says Australia is no longer an Olympic powerhouse. 4. Emma McKeon has been re-instated to attend the Closing Ceremony. 5. Rabs backs Kitty Chiller on curfews 6. The Boomers have lost the semi final 7. Welcome back 8. All Blacks room bugged 9. How do we rate the Olympics commentary 10. Richard says people must be suspicious of Usain Bolt 11. Peter Wallace phoner 12. Scoreboard Update 13. Welcome Back to the Dead Set Legends 14. Wallabies V All Blacks – Michael Cheika interview 15. Richard’s Tip 16. Darren Beadman calls in: Richard is a terrible tipster. 17. Usain Bolt & Jamaica win the 4x100 relay in Rio 18. Scoreboard Update 19. Richard’s List of Grievances 20. Callers: Mixed reaction to Richard. 21. Goodbye

13/08/2016 Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Hello from Rabs, Rich and Dan: How good are the Olympics? 2. Drug cheating at the Olympics: Richard says it’s been a problem for all athletes for a long time. 3. Did our Swimmers peak before the Olympics? 4. Swimming commentator got the call wrong 5. Eels v Broncos chat 6. Scoreboard Update: Your most joyous moment of the Olympics? 7. LIVE Olympics: Can Serbia beat the USA? No USA scrapes home. 8. Olympics events coming up. 9. Census: What a fiasco 10. Hayne and Tedesco face off at Campbelltown this afternoon. 11. Scoreboard Update 12. Mark Winterbottom chat: Sydney Motorsports Park race preview 13. Michael Phelps fails to win another gold medal. 14. How good was frosty? 15. Richards Tip. 16. Scoreboard Update 17. Richard’s List of Grievances.

06/08/2016 Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Hello from Rabs, Rich and Dan 2. Todd Greenberg Interview 3. Callers on Greenberg 4. Darts Chat 5 Rio opening ceremony chat 6. Dragons news: banned players re-instated. 7. Eels v Manly chat 8. Hayne to Titans chat 9. Callers on Jarryd Hayne 10. More Olympic Opening Ceremony chat 11. Scoreboard update: Richard wants to sack the Australian Test cricket team. 12. Welcome back to the third hour: Brumby Christian Lealiifano diagnosed with Leukemia. 13. Match fixing: Could it be done? 14 More Olympic chat: We should keep the Olympics in Athens. 15. Scoreboard Update: Richard Tip 16. Richard’s List of Grievances 17. Callers: Richard needs to get over it 18. Goodbye

30/07/2016 Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Hello and welcome to the Dead Set Legends 2. Bulldogs and Dragons wrap: Rabs doesn’t think young people know what a doily is, The Dragons played footy in the second half and it worked. 3. Are the Dragons done for the season? 4. Scoreboard Update: PGA chat 5. James Graham joins the DSL to talk about the Dogs win over the Dragons: 6. Wrapping off James Graham chat. What about Frizell touching the referee. 7. Dan question to Rabs: Should Cronulla be awarded a home semi-final? 8. What is going wrong with the Bunker? 9. Callers on the bunker blunders 10. Gus Worland phoner on his book promotion 11. Scoreboard update 12. What is going on in Rio chat 13. Play Rio news package. 14. Chat off the back: Are we a real chance of getting medals. 15. Scoreboard update and Richard’s tip 16. Jacko Jackson’s train-wreck interview 17. Richard’s list of grievances 18. Goodbye

23/07/16 Dead Set Legends Podcast  

1. Welcome to the Dead Set Legends with Rabs, Richard and Dan 2. Stephen Dank reportedly shout outside his home 3. How good were the Panthers last night? 4. Scoreboard Update 5. Robbie Farah plays reserve grade today. Did he deserve to get the flick? 6. Callers: What do the Tigers do with Robbie Farah? 7. Welcome back to the Dead Set Legends 8. Danny Weidler chat on Stephen Dank shooting. 9. Scoreboard Update 10. Max Donnelly interim administrator for Parramatta chat. 11. Are people getting over Jarryd Hayne? 12. Welcome Back 13. John Fahey chat: Russia’s Olympic ban 14. Scoreboard Update 15. Richard’s Tip 16. Richard’s Grievances 17. Richard Freedman is spot on. 18. Goodbye from Rabs, Rich and Dan

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