Dear Hank & John

Dear Hank & John

United States

Hank and John Green (YouTubers and etc) answer questions, give questionable advice, and talk about Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the 4th tier English football club).


071 - Only Pause for Applause (w/ Hannah Hart!)  

Help, I can't tell my roommates apart! What if my relationship has an expiry date? How much reflection should you do after finishing a book? And more!

070 - The Rhythmic Thud of the Space Bar (w/ Ashley Ford!)  

How do we move forward post-Election Day? How do you know when/if to have kids? Why does the space bar sound like that? And more!

069 - Live from NerdCon: Stories (w/ Karen Hallion!)  

Who is the foxiest founding father? How do I convince my boyfriend to not go to Mars? Is all my sister's stuff mine now? And more!

068 - Gaga in Space (w/ Tyler Oakley!)  

Are quesadillas sandwiches? What is the ideal OK Cupid match percentage? How much of another person's food am I allowed to consume? And more!

067 - Feeling Home  

Should I ghost out of my job? Are bubble baths a hobby or an interest? How do I not feel like a forever foreigner? And more!

066 - A Great Bit of Oratory  

How do I keep enjoying music I enjoyed with an ex? How do I recover from being doused in bull semen? What are my responsibilities when people ask me to watch their stuff? And more!

065 - But... You're a Horse  

Should we fear a locust apocalypse? Will listening to Japanese while I sleep help me remember it? How do I remain confident in my art around older, more experienced artists? And more!

064 - Really Terrible Scandinavian Geography Lessons  

Why won't people accept my tissues? Should half-wolf children be vaccinated? What do I do when I see a stranger crying in public? And more!

063 - World Queen  

What do I do while people are singing "Happy Birthday"? What are mushrooms even? Is it okay to want people to not be wrong? And more!

062 - Pumpkins and Penguins (and Fiddles)  

How do I go about my secret fiddle long con? Why do almost all zippers have the letters YKK on them? Do bugs ever have a destination in mind when they walk around aimlessly? And more!

061 - Tiny Acts of Kindness  

How do gas planets work? What is proper door etiquette? Is Hank going to put the lime in the coconut and drink it all together? And more!

060 - There is Almost Always a Future  

Where all all the dead birds? Should I really live each day of my life like it's my last? Am I a fraud for being a social chameleon? And more!

059 - Hank's Disaster Preparedness Plan  

What is my actual favorite color? At what point in the day do I switch to "have a good night" as my go-to courtesy? What do I do when The Big One hits? And more!

058 - That's the Science (w/ Flula!)  

Why are there holes in crackers? What is proper hot tub etiquette? Can I snapchat politicians about immigration reform? And more!

057 - Og Nomekop  

How do I organize someone else's books? How do I justify the money allocated to extending my life? How does tug of war work? And more!

056 - Is It Going to Throw Up?  

How do I dad? Are expiration dates just suggestions? What do I call the people I work with? Do I really need to get drunk on my twenty-first birthday? And more!

055 - A Proper Dumpster Fire  

Should I sell cold, fresh potty water? Why don't we write phonetically? Why do I like all this sad stuff? And more!

054 - Nerd Punk  

Are bell peppers airtight? How do I quit smoking? Why is that new baby smell so good? And more!

053 - The Worst Episode Ever  

Do fish swim? Is Hank snapchatting? How do I stop my earphones from getting tangled? How do I deal with a job that I hate? And more!

052 - We are in this together.  

Will my laptop sterilize me? Do you like (or write) fanfiction? Where is the rest of the lizard whose tail I found in my room? And more!

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