Dear Hank & John

Dear Hank & John

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Hank and John Green (YouTubers and etc) answer questions, give questionable advice, and talk about Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the 4th tier English football club).


099 - A Fusing of the Hair  

What do I do if my spouse wants to shave his head? Why are there birds at the airport? What if I'm not as well read as my boyfriend? And more! Email us:

098 - An Army of Burrito Children (w/ Dodie Clark!)  

How do you deal with the dissipation of your future plans? Should I tell my parents I met my boyfriend on Tinder? How do I succeed if I'm not a go-getter? And more! Email us:

097 - Lemon Salty Whales  

When should I introduce my kid to Star Wars? Can I dislike parts of my life even though I have privilege? How did humans start swimming? And more! Email us:

096 - Next Level Laziness  

If you put in work to be lazy, is it still laziness? Does Lin Manuel Miranda listen to Hamilton for funzies? At what point are you supposed to put water on a toothbrush? And more! Email us:

095 - Lawn Care Vigilantism  

What should my fun fact about me be? How do Christians and non-Christians get along? Am I too old to listen to this podcast? And more! Email us:

Special Shorty with Travis McElroy  

Hank and Travis answer exactly two questions and, let's be honest, we did this entirely to let you know that the PodCon IndieGoGo campaign is very very close to ending. Please come hit us up at to see what it's all about and whether you'd be interested in attending...either digitally or IRL. If you can't no worries, I hope that this episode was also an entertaining addition to your regularly scheduled podcast listening.

094 - Pocket Conspiracy Theories (w/ Matthew Gaydos!)  

Is Hank a reptilian-human hybrid? How do I grieve and also be there for my students? What do you do when you do something terrible by accident? And more! Email us:

093 - Nothing Fits on a Bumper Sticker  

Can a writer mess with science for poetic purposes? If you enjoy Narnia, would you enjoy The Fountainhead? Is there a right social construct to teach? And more!

092 - Cewebrity  

Should I contact the guy who owns the plane I was born on? Are art and content different? Does it matter that the guy I'm dating has a six pack while I eat a lot of tacos? And more! PodCon! Email us:

091 - Everything Is Everything (w/ Mayim Bialik!)  

Why do I like the smell of gasoline? What should I do about my racist boss? What is the clothes fastener technology in Star Wars? And more! Email us:

090 - Glitter Soul  

Are you really in the clear with liquor before beer? Should I embrace the error on my birth certificate? Does it really matter where I go to college? And more! Email us: Patreon:

089 - A Rich Guy with an Affinity for Bats  

Is Batman a superhero? How do I claim an island as my own? Is there a "no politics" rule in dating? And more! Email us:

088 - Hank's Profound Graduation Speech  

Why do rich people like golf so much? What color is the sky on Mars? How much do I need to fact-check news before I share it? Where are bird ears??? And more! Email us:

087 - The Future Is Gonna Rule  

How do I develop a cool signature? How do I tell my dad I've been hiding a snake for several months? Is it acceptable to shout advice at strangers? And more! Email us:

084 - This Week in Ryans  

Do taller people have bigger organs? Are more expensive clothes actually better? Is there a secular way to say you're "praying" for someone? And more! Email us:

085 - Stay Gold, Potaterson  

What should my motto be? What vegetable is happiness? When is enough really enough? And more! Email us:

084 - Live from NerdCon: Nerdfighteria!  

Where are all the fireflies? What is "the spark"? Was Alexander Hamilton or Sirius Black a bigger drama queen? And more!

083 - There's No Rock and Roll on Mars  

Is the Big Bang really a thing? Does the driver or the passenger get to pick the music? What if someone gets pregnant on Mars? And more! Email us:

082 - Where There Was Previously Nothing  

How long until everyone is related to Beyoncé? When does parenting stop sucking? How can I help the world without being rich? And more! NerdCon: Nerdfighteria: Email your questions:

081 - Always Making Progress Forever  

Can you separate the artist from the work? How do bugs survive microwaves? Will we ever be a perfectly unified planet? And more! Sarah's cookies! NerdCon: Nerdfighteria: Email your questions:

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