Deeply Shallow

Deeply Shallow


Comedian Em Rusciano chats with the impressive people she knows and loves, a place where self awareness and self absorption collide.


Em with Dr Travis Kemp  

In the final episode of the Deeply Shallow series Em thought she would change things up a bit, she thought she'd get the guy she trusts with her brain, her psychologist and friend, Dr Travis Kemp. This is a therapy session like no other, Travis usually guides CEOs, High flying execs celebrities and yet he always makes time for Em and now you. I think we'll all be better people by the end of this episode! 


Em with comedian Gillian Cosgriff  

Em Rusciano chats with fellow 'musical comedian' Gillian Cosgriff aka PHARRELL WILLIAMS' BFF! It's true, he sent her viral. In a good way! No penicillin required! Enjoy these two super funny ladies talking life, awkwardness and hang around for a super special surprise at the end.. Spoiler alert: ONE OF HER SONGS! 

Em with screen writer and Bff  Michael Lucas  

Em Rusciano's best friend in the whole world also hapens to be the heartless bastard who killed Dr Patrick off in the TV series Offspring. Yes, he wrote that scene. It was his idea. Em and Michael have been pals since they were 11, they share a love of pretty much everything from politics to Beyonce to a life long obsessions with Madonna. He is the best damn TV writer this country has and also shares his name with a famous porn star. 

Deeply Shallow with Em Rusciano Episode 4 - Jamila Rizvi  

In this episode Em Rusciano chats with Jamila Rizvi, who at the time of recording was the Editor in Chief of the Mamamia Women's network. She has since stepped down from that position. This chat covers everything from running the most powerful female website in the country to post birth sex to her plans to run for government. It's raw, it's real and it's hilarious. 

Em Rusciano talks to Rob Mills.  

Episode 3 of Deeply Shallow has Em chatting with Australian Idol alumni Rob "Millsy" Mills. They cover off his sexuality, Paris Hilton's vagina and the importance of relfecting on the good things in life. Prepare to hear a differnt side of a dude you proabably thought was "that wanker from big brother" we think you'll walk away thinking: Hey, that Rob Mills is a bit of a legend. 

Em Rusciano with Katie "Monty" Diamond  

Em Rusciano chats with Radio and TV presenter and founder of the Website "Show and tell" Monty Diamond. The girls appeared to have forgotten the mics were on and well.. The swear words flowed as did the highly innapropriate chat! This one is fast and loose, you have been warned! 

Episode 1 - Joel Creasey  

Em Rusciano chats with long time pal and self confessed Mummy’s boy comedian Joel Creasey about life, love and the joys of being reality TV rejects.

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