Deeply Shallow

Deeply Shallow


Comedian Em Rusciano chats with the impressive people she knows and loves, a place where self awareness and self absorption collide.


The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast Sunday 6th November 2016  

This week Em Rusciano and Harley Breen are back to chat the most expensive thing your dog has eaten after Em’s dog destroyed an expensive hat loaned to her for the races, we also talk drinking culture in Australia and the suggestion that women need to be more lady like, in ‘Breen There, Done That’ (The Nation’s Bestest Gossip Segment EVER) Harley talks Bono being named Woman of the Year and Prince Harry’s latest relationship rumours, we also took your calls on the times your kids have called you out and chatted to Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, the stars of the new 2016 US Election film for Netflix called ‘Undecided’. Plus Harley reads one of his favourite sections from Em’s book ‘Try Hard – Tales from the Life of a Needy Over Achiever’

The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast Sunday 30th October 2016  

This week Em & Harley chat about the music festival for adults who have kids, the exotic places you've wet yourself, missing your flights, Harley talks Mariah Carey & Kerry Packer in Breen There, Done That, plus Kaz Cooke drops in to talk her brilliant new book 'Girl Stuff 8 - 12'

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