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Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.


Democracy Now! 2016-12-02 Friday  

Headlines for December 02, 2016; Trump's Deal That "Saved Jobs" at Carrier Based on a $7 Million Tax Break & Reduced Regulations; Expert on Trump Business Conflicts: "There are Hard Ethical Questions in Life. This Not One of Them"; Veterans Helped Trump Win, But Critics Warn He May Dismantle Their Public Medical Care; John McCain Tears into Reporters Who Exposed Deceptive Recruiting at For-Profit University of Phoenix; Bankers Behind "Great Foreclosure Machine" Join Trump's Cabinet as Treasury & Commerce Secretaries; Can the U.S. Detain Immigrants Indefinitely? Supreme Court Hears Case as Trump Prepares for Office

Democracy Now! 2016-12-01 Thursday  

Headlines for December 01, 2016; Cornel West on Donald Trump: This is What Neo-Fascism Looks Like; Cornel West: Unlike Bernie Sanders, I'm Not Convinced the Democratic Party Can Be Reformed; Cornel West on Keith Lamont Scott Case: Yet Again An Officer Gets Away With Killing a Black Man; Cornel West: I Am Heading to Standing Rock to Show Solidarity With Historic Indigenous Uprising; Public (School) Enemy No. 1: Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary

Watch Bernie Sanders' Full Speech in Philadelphia: The Future of American Democracy is at Risk  

Prior to his interview with Amy Goodman on Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) gave a speech at the Free Library of Philadelphia talking about the election of Donald Trump, the Democratic Party, his new book "Our Revolution" and more.

Democracy Now! 2016-11-30 Wednesday  

Headlines for November 30, 2016; Jill Stein: Recounts are Necessary Because Electronic Voting Invites Tampering, Hacking, Human Error; Lawrence Lessig: The Electoral College Is Constitutionally Allowed to Choose Clinton over Trump; Former Law Clerk: Antonin Scalia Is Turning in Grave over Trump's Threat to Jail Flag Burners; Cybersecurity Expert Bruce Schneier: American Elections Will Be Hacked

Democracy Now! 2016-11-29 Tuesday  

Headlines for November 29, 2016; Democracy Now! Special: Bernie Sanders on Trump's Victory & the Need to Rebuild the Democratic Party; Bernie Sanders: "I Was Stunned" by Corporate Media Blackout During Democratic Primary; Bernie Sanders on the Dakota Access Pipeline & Treaty Rights Violations by U.S. Government; Sanders on Trump: We Need to Think Every Day How to Mobilize People to Defeat This Horrific Agenda; Bernie Sanders on Green Party's Effort to Force Recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania; Bernie Sanders on the Life and Legacy of Late Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro; Will We Be Feeling the Bern in 2020?: Sanders on Whether He'd Ever Run for President Again

Democracy Now! 2016-11-28 Monday  

Headlines for November 28, 2016; After Surviving 600 Assassination Attempts & Outlasting 11 U.S. Presidents, Fidel Castro Dies at 90; The Untold Story of Cuba's Support for African Independence Movements Under Fidel Castro; How Fidel Castro Showed Latin America There was a Way to Resist U.S. Imperialism; Will Trump Roll Back Efforts to Normalize Relations Between Havana & Washington?

Democracy Now! 2016-11-25 Friday  

A Tribute to Blacklisted Lyricist Yip Harburg: The Man Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz

Democracy Now! 2016-11-24 Thursday  

Standing Rock Special: Unlicensed #DAPL Guards Attacked Water Protectors with Dogs & Pepper Spray; Standing Rock Special: Historian Says Dakota Access Co. Attack Came on Anniv. of Whitestone Massacre; Standing Rock Special: Dakota Excess Pipeline? Media & Water Protectors Face Strip Searches, Jail; Standing Rock Special: Dallas Goldtooth on Police Violence & Repression of Movement Against DAPL

Democracy Now! 2016-11-23 Wednesday  

Headlines for November 23, 2016; "Nothing Short of a Slaughter": 1 Million Syrians in Aleppo Under Siege with No Hospital, Food; As Trump Disavows "Alt-Right" Support, Critics Question If He Will Still Normalize White Supremacy; Are Trump's Plans to Expand Obama's Surveillance State & Activate Muslim Registry Unconstitutional?; Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling; Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on Thanksgiving: "It Has Never Been About Honoring Native Americans"

Democracy Now! 2016-11-22 Tuesday  

Headlines for November 22, 2016; "Heil Victory!" Alt-Right Groups Emboldened by Trump's Election & Chief Strategist Steve Bannon; Sweeping New Rutgers Report Reveals University's Ties to Slavery & Displacement of Native Americans; Immigrants Fighting for Sanctuary Cities & Campuses to Protect Millions from Trump Deportation Push

Democracy Now! 2016-11-21 Monday  

Headlines for November 21, 2016; Jeremy Scahill: Mike Pence Has "Militant Agenda" Against Women, the Poor, Immigrants, LGBTQ People; Neocons, War Criminals & White Nationalists: Jeremy Scahill on Trump's Incoming Advisers & Cabinet; Jeremy Scahill: TigerSwan Security, Linked to Blackwater, Now Coordinates Intel for Dakota Access

Democracy Now! 2016-11-18 Friday  

Headlines for November 18, 2016; After Trump Elected, Nearly 200 Nations Proclaim "Urgent Duty" to Implement Paris Climate Accord; Africa's Last Colony: Morocco's Monarchy Pursues Neoliberal Policies in Occupied Western Sahara; East Timor Minister Constâncio Pinto Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre; Why Is the World Closing Borders on Us? A Plea from a 13-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Living in Morocco; Global South Pushes Developed Nations to Avoid "Climate Catastrophe" by Turning Words into Action; Marshall Islands Poet to U.N. Climate Summit: At 2 Degrees, My Islands Will Already Be Under Water

Democracy Now! 2016-11-17 Thursday  

Headlines for November 17, 2016; Ex-Irish President Mary Robinson: U.S. Will Become Rogue Nation If Trump Pulls Out of Climate Deal; Mary Robinson: Worst Refugee Crisis Since WWII Driven in Part by Climate Change; Former Irish President Mary Robinson on Morocco's Occupation of Western Sahara; WTF: Climate Activists Ask World Leaders "Where's the Finance?" to Deal with Global Crisis; "Never, Ever Give Up": Hillary Clinton Delivers First Public Speech Since Conceding to Donald Trump; Bernie Sanders Calls for Trump to Ax Bannon; Urges New Admin to Reject Racism, Sexism & Homophobia; Sanders Adviser Larry Cohen: Trump Adviser Steve Bannon is Enemy of the People, Protector of Hate; California Senate President on How His State Prepares to Challenge Trump from Climate to Immigration; Sanders & Clinton Supporters Debate the Path Forward for the Democratic Party Under Trump Presidency

Democracy Now! 2016-11-16 Wednesday  

Headlines for November 16, 2016; Watch: Bernie Sanders' Surprise Speech Outside the White House on Rejecting Dakota Pipeline & Trump; Jeffrey Sachs: The U.S. Will Become a Pariah State If Trump Pulls Out of Paris Climate Accord; Jeffrey Sachs Praises the Youth Activists Suing the U.S. Government & Fossil Fuel Industry; Jeffrey Sachs: We Need a Democratic Party Speaking the Truth Like Bernie Sanders & Keith Ellison; Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread to 300 Cities as Pipeline Owner Sues to Continue Construction; Indigenous Activist Zip-Tied & Locked in Dog Kennel for 6 Hours for Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline; First Nations Indigenous Leader Kevin Hart: We Must Protect Our Sacred Sources of Life & Water

Democracy Now! 2016-11-15 Tuesday  

Headlines for November 15, 2016; U.S. State Dept. Science Envoy on Trump's Climate Denialism & Why Sanders Could Have Beaten Him; Climate Advocate: Trump's Racist, Anti-Science Worldview Will Make 1 in 30 People Worldwide Refugees; The Pentagon Knows Climate Change is Real. Will Donald Trump Ignore the Science?; What Action Can Obama Take Before a Climate Denier Replaces Him in the Oval Office?; A Look at the Other Morocco: From Protests Against Austerity to Occupation of Western Sahara; Nnimmo Bassey on the Catch-22 at COP 22: Rich Nations Continue to Pollute as Temps Keep Rising

Democracy Now! 2016-11-14 Monday  

Headlines for November 14, 2016; A White Nationalist & Anti-Semite in the Oval Office: Trump Taps Breitbart's Bannon as Top Aide; Protesting Trump’s America: Nationwide Demos Continue Against Racism, Xenophobia & Islamophobia; As U.S. Elects Global Warming Denier, Thousands March in Marrakech Calling for Climate Justice; Climate Activist at COP 22: "The Global Community Cannot Allow Trump to Poison These Negotiations"

Democracy Now! 2016-11-11 Friday  

Headlines for November 11, 2016; "They Knew What was at Stake": 2016 Latino Voter Turnout Higher for Clinton Than for Obama in 2012; Millions Sign Onto Call for Electoral College to Award the Presidency to Popular Vote Winner Clinton; Where Do We Go from Here? Former Bernie Sanders Adviser & Chicana Organizer Call for Mass Organizing; Will Trump's Immigration Crackdown Be a "Cash Machine" for Military & Private Prison Contractors?; Allan Nairn Returns to East Timor on 25th Anniversary of Dili Massacre When U.S. Weapons Killed 270+

Democracy Now! 2016-11-10 Thursday  

Headlines for November 10, 2016; "Not My President": Tens of Thousands Take to Streets, Block Freeways & Rally Against Trump; Glenn Greenwald: Why Did Trump Win? Blame the Failed Policies of the Democratic Party; Glenn Greenwald: Bernie Sanders Would Have Been a Stronger Candidate Against Donald Trump; Greenwald on "Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit"; "Genuinely Terrifying Prospect": Greenwald on Palin, Giuliani & Bolton Serving in Trump's Cabinet; Bill McKibben: Trump's Presidency Comes When the Warming World Can Least Afford It

Democracy Now! 2016-11-09 Wednesday  

Headlines for November 09, 2016; From the First African-American President to One Supported by the Ku Klux Klan: Trump Wins in Upset; A Divided Nation: As Trump Wins Electoral College, Clinton Wins Popular Vote; Just Like After Reconstruction, Trump Vote Highlights White Backlash to Recent Racial Progress; What Happens Now to the Millions of Immigrants Facing Possible Deportation Under Trump?; How Do We Explain to Young People We Have a Sexist, Racist Islamophobe in the White House?; Allan Nairn: Did the FBI Hand the Election to Donald Trump?; Trump Biographer Wayne Barrett on Donald Trump's Shocking Rise to the White House; In Victory for Immigrants' Rights Activists, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Re-election in Arizona; If Bernie Won Democratic Primary, Would We Now Be Looking at a Sanders Presidency?; What Led to Trump’s Victory? From Racial Fear to Economic Populism; "It Might Not Be Good for America, But It's Good for Us": How the Media Got Rich on Trump's Rise; Lee Fang: Donald Trump Recruits Corporate Lobbyists to Select His Future Administration; In Trump White House, Will Mike Pence Become the Most Powerful Vice President in History?

Democracy Now! 2016-11-08 Tuesday  

Headlines for November 08, 2016; 35 States Set to Vote on 160+ Initiatives on Pot, Universal Healthcare, Minimum Wage, Death Penalty; Greg Palast in Ohio on GOP Effort to Remove African Americans from Voter Rolls in Battleground State; Beyond the Electoral College: A State-Based Plan for Electing the President by National Popular Vote; Election Day 2000: Bill Clinton Faces 30 Minutes of Questioning by Amy Goodman During GOTV Call-in

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