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048: Repositioning your online presence  

Repositioning your niche or your content isn’t necessarily about what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. You may find yourself going down a path that’s not quite right for you, or perhaps your goal changes and you need to reposition to reflect that. In this episode we talk in detail about some changes we’re making to the content we put out online and why we feel this change is necessary. More at

047: How to price your design work  

The topic of pricing is often taboo in the design world, but we think it helps everyone to talk more openly about it. In this episode we discuss how we price our work, and how that’s changed from when we started out in design. We also debate the merits of project based vs hourly pricing. More at

046: Dealing with harsh critique  

Harsh critique is something we all encounter, and when you’ve not yet built up a thick skin it can be very hard to deal with. In this episode we give you advice for taking this feedback on board without letting it affect you emotionally. More at

045: Advice for finding a job in the design industry  

Getting a job in the design industry is all about building up experience and making connections. In this episode we talk about how we’ve landed the creative roles we’ve had so far, and share advice for portfolios, job hunting, and nailing an interview. More at

040: Fear of Failure  

A fear of failure can hold us back from going after opportunities, starting new projects, and aiming high. In this episode we talk about how failure is a natural part of the learning and making process, and it’s only an end point if we let it be. In the end the only real failure is giving up, or not even trying it in the first place. You’ll hear advice for pushing through this fear, and hear us talk about the mindset shift you need in order to see the positives in your failures. Find out more at

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