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094: Speaking at conferences  

If speaking at a conference is on your career goals list, this episode is for you. In it we discuss the public speaking opportunities we’ve had, and share advice for not only securing your own spot at an event but also how to plan and present your talk with confidence. Join the community Follow Design … Continued

093: Taking Risks  

As humans we are designed to be afraid of taking risks, but a certain amount of risk is necessary to achieve success. In this very special episode Eric Friedensohn (a talented lettering artist and friend of the show) joins Femke to discuss why it’s important to take risks, and how to be smart about them. … Continued

092: Advice for applying to design jobs  

Lets say you’ve already done the job hunt – you’ve narrowed it down to a select few companies you want to apply at. Now it’s time to prepare your application. In this episode we share our advice for your CV, cover letter and portfolio, as well as chat about the emotional side of the job … Continued

091: Getting your work noticed  

Doing great work is just one part of building a reputation and an audience; you also need to get your work noticed. In this episode we give advice for feeling confident sharing your work, and how to go about it in the right way. More at

090: Job hunting  

In this episode we’re kicking off the start of a new mini-series about finding a new job. To start with we’re talking about the job hunt process and giving you advice for where to look for your new role and how to research a company to see if it’s a place you’d like to work. … Continued

089: Personal vs professional  

Do you feel like you need to be careful what you post online? Can you be yourself on social media? In this episode we discuss the divide between our personal and professional sides and how we handle this online. We’ll share thoughts on how this affects job prospects and some rules of thumb to follow. … Continued

088: Shiny Object Syndrome  

Us creative types can often be distracted by shiny new ideas, especially when we’re at a tough point in a project. The temptation of working on something new is easy to give in to, but it’s not always the best thing for achieving our goals. In this episode we talk about shiny object syndrome, how … Continued

087: Project Scoping  

Project scoping is one of the scariest and hardest parts of the design process when you’re new to it. It takes time and practice to get right, and in this episode we’re sharing the best tips on project scoping from us and our listeners. You’ll also hear about some times when we got it wrong, … Continued

086: Balancing professional growth with getting paid  

Professional development and growing your skills is important in any design job, but when you’re freelancing it can be hard to fit in as any time you spend learning is time not spent working for clients. in this episode we discuss the responsibility we have to develop our skills and how we incorporate learning into … Continued

085: Keeping up with new tools and frameworks  

The Design Life community beta is open! Join now. These days it seems like there is always a new tool or framework to try. It’s easy to feel the pressure to keep up with it all and stay relevant; especially when all of your peers are talking about it. In this episode we discuss our … Continued

084: Self-doubt and feeling unsuccessful  

Feeling down about yourself, and like you’re super uninteresting and unsuccessful isn’t fun. In fact, it downright sucks. But it’s something we all seem to face. So that’s what we decided to discuss in this weeks episode along with feeling too old and comparing ourselves to others. More at

083: What to do when you’re overwhelmed  

As ambitious people, we often find ourselves in situations where we’ve committed to too many things and have to deal with the overwhelm that comes along with it. In this episode we discuss what to do in this situation and how to learn from it for the inevitable next time. More at

082: When your ideas are bigger than your skillset  

We have ideas all the time, and sometimes those ideas are so big that we don’t have the skillset to actually follow through on them. So what should you do when that happens? In this episode we discuss our approach to big ideas and the learning or asking for help that comes along with them. … Continued

E81: Bullet journalling for task management  

Bullet journalling has become an incredibly popular way to manage projects and tasks. In this episode we discuss how we use the system and why we decided to try it, as well as give advice for getting started if you’re interested in trying it yourself. More at

080: Our plans for the Design Life community  

Design Life will soon be launching a community! In this episode we share in depth our plans for the community and tell you everything you need to know about the beta launch (sign up at to be notified), as well as talk about the value we’ve gotten from being surrounded by like-minded people.

079: The value of design  

Design is often misconstrued as being about surface level visuals, when actually a lot of work goes in behind the scenes before you reach a beautiful finished product. In this episode we discuss the difficulties in communicating the value of design and give advice for talking to friends and clients about it so that you … Continued

078: Using video to build and connect with an audience  

In the future, making videos will be just as common as writing blog posts. In this episode we talk about the benefits of creating online video (hint: it’s more than just audience growth!) and Charli gives advice to Femke for getting started and what to expect. More at

077: The future of the design industry  

Design software is becoming more and more accessible, with some tools offering automatic layouts and quick logos. As designers should we worry about this future? In this episode we discuss the commodification of design and give thoughts on the future of our industry and what we can do to make sure we’re providing value. More … Continued

076: The pros and cons of procrastiworking  

Procrastiworking is work you do instead of another task; think of it as productive procrastination! But it is still just that: procrastination. In this episode we talk about the process and cons of it and give our tips for avoiding it or making it work to your advantage. More at

075: Feeling guilty for taking a break  

Do you sometimes feel guilty for taking a break? Maybe you tinker on things throughout your break to ease the guilt, or perhaps you feel the guilt after enjoying a weekend away. Well we feel that too, so that’s what we discuss in this episode. You’ll hear our feelings on this guilt, and our advice … Continued

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