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070: How to package up client deliverables  

Sending a client the deliverables is the last step of a project, so it’s one that can have a lasting impression. In this episode we discuss our process for sending client deliverables and some improvements we want to make to end the project on a really professional note. More at

069 - Stepping out of your comfort zone  

Stepping out of your comfort zone is something you have to do every now and then to learn and develop. In this episode we talk about what that means for us in terms of our side projects, taking on new opportunities, and also with our design style. More at

068: Speeding up your workflow  

When you’ve got a tight deadline to meet (or when you’ve just got a lot to do) little tricks to speed up your workflow can make all the difference. In this episode we talk about how our workflows have improved over the years and suggest some ideas for you to try. More at

067: We need more crappy work  

The design world has gotten a little too perfect. All we see are beautiful finished products. The ideas thrown out along the way never get shared. But there is value in sharing your process and it can help others learn. In this episode we talking about perfectionism and sharing, and about how we need to … Continued

066: Morals in design  

How do your personal morals fit in with your design work? As designers, and as humans, we have a responsibility to think about the user and put forward work that makes the world better rather than worse. In this episode we discuss ethics and morals, and share examples of a few things we draw the … Continued

065: Life after design school  

In this episode we reflect on what it’s been like to leave design school and start designing full time. We cover the many differences in the design process and the people you work with in school vs out in the “real world” and share advice for making the transition smoother. More at

064: Consistency in content creation  

When it comes to creating content online, consistency is the key to building a reputation and an audience. In this episode we discuss how we stay consistent with our content creation and share advice for how to overcome some common struggles. More at

063: Advice for remote working  

Remote working is becoming more and more common, and more and more desirable these days. In this episode we discuss our remote jobs and share advice for focussing and connecting with your team as a remote worker, and making the most of your nomadic situation.  More at

062: Taking control of your design career  

When it comes to your design career, you need to think about what you want out of it and where you want to end up in the future so that you can make steps towards it now, and make choices that align with those goals. In this episode we discuss the career goals of our … Continued

061: Constraints breed creativity  

Constraints breed creativity. If they’re not too restrictive, they give you a starting point and a box to think outside of. In this episode we discuss how to see constraints in a positive light and share advice for setting your own constraints on side projects. We also talk about what to do when a client … Continued

058: Setting goals for 2017  

The start of a new year is the perfect time for you to think about what you want to get out of the year ahead, and set some goals. In this episode we get super honest and share our audience building, teaching, learning, financial, content and health goals for 2017. And of course we give some advice for setting your own goals for the coming year. Be ambitious, and let’s make it a good one! More at

057: Surrounding yourself with good people  

The people you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on your life. That impact can be positive and uplifting, or it could be negative and crush your dreams; it’s up to you. In this episode we talk about how to find inspiring people and make them a part of your life, and also about how to let go of people who might be having a negative impact on you.  More at

056: Saying no to good things  

Sometimes you have to say no to really good opportunities, whether that be because you’re too busy to take them on, or because you want to make sure there is still room for great opportunities to come your way. In this episode share our experiences with saying no to things we might otherwise have said yes to, and give some advice for figuring out whether or not you should say yes to something.  More at Design Life.

055: Design contracts & why you should have one  

A contract is an essential part of being a freelancer. Even if you’re just starting out, it’s valuable to put one in to your process as soon as possible. In this episode we share advice for creating your contract and some hurdles to watch out for, alongside so many useful resources in our show notes. More at

054: Advice for content marketing  

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a thing only big businesses do to seem like they know their customers; it’s something we as creatives can do to get our names out there, attract the right type of client, and become a part of the creative community by giving knowledge back. In this episode we discuss the benefits we’ve gotten from content marketing, as well as tips for creating content. More at

Design Life  

When you market yourself for freelance work, there are two main ways to brand yourself: as an individual or as a studio. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of each and help you figure out which option is best for you. More at

052: Hearing your struggles (Birthday episode)  

For Design Life’s one year anniversary episode we invited our listeners to send in an audio recording telling us about something they’re struggling with at the moment. We do our best to answer their questions about managing time, confidence, finding clients and opportunities, and creating content.In this episode you'll hear advice for getting through the struggles and share our own stories on the topics. More at

051: How to get clients to pay up  

We often hear stories of designers waiting months for payment. It’s hard asking for money, so how do you get clients to pay up? In this episode we talk about issues with payments, and share advice for making the payment process professional and easy. Remember, you deserve to be paid for your work in a timely manner, and there are things you should be doing that will help make this happen. More at

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