Dilbert Animated Cartoons

Dilbert Animated Cartoons

United States

He's alive! Creator Scott Adams' world famous comic strip cubicle dweller Dilbert now walks and talks and sometimes gets the last line in a new, daily animated version from RingTales. You can now enjoy Dogbert, Wally, Alice, the Pointy Haired Boss and all your favorite Dilbert characters in new installments five days per week. Animation that's addictive. You can't watch just one.


Unpleasant Realization  

Wally learns about office productivity

Wally's Accomplishments  

Wally expands his business skills

Keeping the Streak Alive  

Wally conserves his brain power

Dilbert Could Be Executed  

DIlbert anticipates the worst

Wally Hates Cats  

Catbert assess Wally’s value as an employee

Useless Demo  

Dilbert thinks outside the box

Steaming Pile of Failure  

Dilbert reflects on his progress

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