Dino and Andy's Skull Juice

Dino and Andy's Skull Juice


What happens when two jerks get together and squeeze random crap out of each other's brains? Well, you get SKULL JUICE, of course. Roughly an hour dialogue between Dino and Andy, two longtime friends who performed comedy together a quarter of a century ago on the stages and subways of Chicago. Listen to what they both think about almost everything... If you dare!!! I mean... if you care!!!


36 - What Are Those Binoculars For?  

A child joins. No, an actual child, a human younger than ten. The missing piece. Vicky Lewis, showstopper, arrives. The boy sings. Andy steals his moment, briefly. More singing. Vicki plays her song about Andy. Talk of being slightly lezzie. Talk of Gary Busey. Dino steps out. Church steps in. Vicki and Andy recount News Radio as Church slinks out. And then there were two. Suddenly the Jeff Davis appears. He disappears with the lights.

35 - That’s Like Dating My Own Labia  

Andy Dick and Judd Hirsch here - or Judd’s ugly brother - and one of them is hard to pin down. Would you believe it? You don’t have to. Elaine Hendrix joins a room of wholesome people for a clean, wholesome show about animal breastfeeding and animal rescue and featuring plenty of crosstalk. Dating talk. Labia talk. Wholesome stuff, Skulldingers! Io Skunk Bucket Video: http://bit.ly/SkullJuiceEp35

34 - I Just Want To Say I'm A Guest  

Andy wants to make this one about healing, but first Kevin sits with Hoda and Kathie Lee to tell us what he’s up to (his podcast is Kevin On The Road). More talk of Dino and Andy’s history. What Greases Up Your Asshole? Tish enters, a joke is told, and away we go.

33 - It Wasn’t Me  

It’s a foursome of comedy and music and skin off Dino’s dick as Eric and Eliza Roberts sit in, but, sadly, no Eric Ribbets. There’s a flurry of Greek and tongue-kissing and key bumps. Who’s sucked cocks? Find out, this week only! Plus, a free Trent Commercial and, introducing, “You Have Cancer” Music. Just strum along, Skulldingers.

32 - Everything Melts Away  

Who’s eating out who? Wayne arrives with a song. Who’s song is it? Under the guise of interviewing Wayne, Andy reads off Dino’s history before going into his own. Young goofs! Blowjobs galore (for one of them). History. History. History. Music. History. History. Music. All kids have bad taste. Enter Darryl.

31 - The Truth Is Actually Worse So Let’s Leave It At That  

Easter Recap Edition: Andy has risen and it’s time to recap his appearance at Dino’s Easter party. There wasn’t any duck pie, but plenty of goofs and shenanigans and whatever whippets are categorized as (oh, right). Where are all the eggs hidden? Why was Robin Williams with Andy at 4AM years ago? With a crutch? Stay tuned, Skulldingers!

30 - The Bozo Show  

Is there cocaine in that? What’s Dino’s type? Do people smoke out of their throat hole? All these and more may or may not be answered as the number one, top fucking clown of Cirque Du Soleil and adopted father, Danny Passer, sits in to talk about “the good years,” clowning, the search for Lina, and here’s Tish. Careful with that cleanse, Skulldingers!

29 - In Honor Of Arthur Sugarcookie  

Two guitars, five guests, five versions of Nightmare On Elm Street 5. This episode features everything and more: an ant cum reference, a commercial, a real commercial, recording issues, songs, songs, songs, Harriet Sugarcookie, Barbara Walters, a dead father orgy. Whoa, Skulldingers! Good luck!

28 - We’re In The Outlet, Asshole  

Andy’s returns with results from his Air BnB. Hi Doug. Dino plays two songs and suddenly it’s dusty in here. Lena drops to update us on Ally McBeal, Andy’s Texas blood, and the Dick household animals. Another song! Just for you Ted!

27 - We’re Not The Fish! You’re The Fish!  

An old friend, Michael Stoyanov (of TV’s Blossom fame) sits in. Bold predictions made in the past are brought forth. Embarrassment! More history is summoned, stories of older men when they were younger babes. Remember back then? That was fun, Skulldingers. Onward, to the Kingdom of the Spiders. No-no-no-no.

26 - His Medicine Made Him Groggy  

Andy had a dream. Talk of tap dancing. Fan art arrives. Andy has good news. I can’t remember if we ever get to it. Judd doesn’t arrive, but Tom Bell picks up his phone for a brief Tom Bell appearance. Tish does arrive, just in time to get kicked out. NOTE: Andy was not drinking. His medicine made him groggy.

25 - Jeff Davis Presents: Soft Hits  

Despite his ongoing sickness, Andy returns to the studio with life saving stories and dreams of piss. Dino has music and impersonations galore (that’s three of each). Also, an appearance by Jeff Davis! Soft hits, Skulldingers.

24 - Moldy Turkey  

This one is musical, Skulldingers. Dino plays half a song, Andy sings, and then they create a song at the end. Also, a new old scene.

23 - Andy’s Side Tit  

A scene. A photographer. A breakdown of Andy’s morning routine. Planking. Squats. Teas? Hoo boy, how many? Apple cider vinegar? I won’t tell. You’ll have to tune in, Skulldingers!

22 - Daddy Pooped In Your Bed  

Andy opens the show solo, slide whistle and all. Dino enters and Andy talks about his childhood diet, leading to his current fight with the vegan-based militants. Then, Tish, a vegan enters. Later, Dino has a script about vegans. FAUCK! It’s all tied together.

21 - A Child Of The Corn  

Dino and Andy goof on their upcoming Super Tight appearance (02/18/17), Australia, Joliet Illinois, Andy’s art gallery (has he told you about his gallery?), dick sucking, and ants loving cum. And sure, Andy can’t do accents, but listen to his Brando, Skulldingers! SUPER TIGHT @www.facebook.com/events/706097852888918/

20 - “Throwin’ Cotton On Ya”  

Andy is out of The Rejuvenation Center For Wayward Teens And One Lonely Old Man. Dino raps, they imitate classic TV, and Andy sees Rivers Cuomo. Plus more, surely!

19 - One Big Commercial  

"Andy's back and clean, Skulldingers!"

18 - St. Bounce w/ Spencer Crittenden  

Spencer Crittenden leaves the bright lights of Harmontown to take a ride with Dino and Andy on the first Skull Juice episode of 2017. To anybody who asked over the break, "See, I told you Andy was still alive."

17 - The World's a Broken Record  

Does Andy seem like he's getting drunk throughout this podcast? You be the judge. Dino will be the jury.

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