Dino and Andy's Skull Juice

Dino and Andy's Skull Juice


What happens when two jerks get together and squeeze random crap out of each other's brains? Well, you get SKULL JUICE, of course. Roughly an hour dialogue between Dino and Andy, two longtime friends who performed comedy together a quarter of a century ago on the stages and subways of Chicago. Listen to what they both think about almost everything... If you dare!!! I mean... if you care!!!


18 - St. Bounce w/ Spencer Crittenden  

Spencer Crittenden leaves the bright lights of Harmontown to take a ride with Dino and Andy on the first Skull Juice episode of 2017. To anybody who asked over the break, "See, I told you Andy was still alive."

17 - The World's a Broken Record  

Does Andy seem like he's getting drunk throughout this podcast? You be the judge. Dino will be the jury.

16 - Rent, Rent, Rent  

Dino and Andy finally return to the studio for an all new episode of Skull Juice. Jeff B Davis and his brother drop by. Andy sings. Dino recounts his run in with the writer of Rent.

15 - Skulldingers  

Dino takes a trip out to "Andy’s House” with his shitty recorder. Sorry about the crappy sound at times. We’ll get better microphones for our next remote.

14 - Live Cinefamily Show  

Andy’s back from a little “vacation” and Dino and he discuss his little whirlwind “trip” live at Cinefamily on Fairfax. They also show a few clips that they shot back in the 80s that you can view at: https://youtu.be/GEh_s4IG6ww and https://youtu.be/IAK8_dgCfCg They also also do a song live together with Andy on SLIDE WHISTLE! Sorry it’s so short. There’s a longer one coming up in a couple of days

13 - Dead Airbnb  

Here’s another early episode that Dino And Andy originally didn’t like. It starts out with over a minute of silence, so we’re inserting a song by Dino at the beginning just so you don’t think you went deaf.

12 - Walking On Egg Shells  

Here’s one recorded a few months ago that Dino and Andy hated, but re-listened and it’s perfectly fine. Just deal with it.

11 -  Me Put Pee-Pee In Your Coke  

Dino explains to Andy the origin story of "me Chinese, me play joke".

11 - Hard Guy To Pin Down  

Two episodes in one and there is speculation one is worse than the other. Jeff Davis returns, Dino plays a song for Halloween and more.

8 - You People Are All Idiots  

Bickering! Uncontrollable laughter! Folk songs! Andy Dick and Dino Stamatopoulos attempt to rekindle their 30 year friendship on Skull Juice.

7 - I Ruined A Good Boner For You with Jeff Davis  

Harmontown's Jeff Davis joins Skull Juice with Dino Stamatopoulos and Andy Dick.

6 - LIVE with Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey,  Scott Adsit, Louis CK, Robert Smigel, Michael Stoyanov, Jeff B. Davis & Robbie Fulks  

ANDY: Mark (the bad staff writer), Linda, housewife roach, Roach Graduate, Mellisa, Margaret, Brent's Mom, Gina Gershon, Timmy. DINO: Marsh (the fluffy director), Nic Cage, Son Roach, Ben, Brent's Priest, Baby Denture Announcer, Andrea, .and Dino (himself/the staff writer). MICHAEL STOYANOV: Rich (the actor), Roach announcer, Brent (turkey lover), bobby (stage manager), Nat (stand up) and Mike( himself/the staff writer). SCOTT ADSIT: Billy (the roach kid), old man roach, George Tooms, Brent's Dad (in turkey), John Goodman, and Scott (himself/the staff writer). ROBERT SMIGEL: Norm (as Lorne Michaels), Father Roach, Man and all the Beasters in the turkey sketch, and Jeff (the actor), and of course Robert (the head writer). STEPHEN COLBERT: Gordo (the security guard), suburban roach husband, roach priest, turkey announcer, Leonard, Corey (bulk up guy), and Stephen (himself/the staff writer). TINA FEY: Ann (standards and practices), Rhonda (actress on show), Sheryl Crowe. And Jeanie (basically herself as a staff writer). LOUIE: Himself (the warm up guy)

5 - Coffee In Me Boom Boom  

After a snafu with a microphone Andy almost quits the podcast.

4 - Homecoming King/Flappers Live Pre-NYC Warm Up  

Two episodes of Skull Juice in one! Dino and Andy at the studio and an entire live episode from Flappers in Burbank gearing up for the big show in New York City.

3 - I Can't Smash My Ego  

The constant struggle if Dino and Andy love or hate each other continues!

2 - Two Spocks  

Dino and Andy liked this episode so much they bumped it to episode 2. Look forward to many more!

1 - Are We Rolling?  

Dino and Andy got into comedy together at the same open mic 30 years ago, after a 10 year break in their friendship they're hanging out and starting a podcast.

0 - Dino and Andy/Andy and Dino Write Their Theme Song  

Dino Stamatopoulos and Andy Dick started out in comedy together 30 years ago. After a 10 year break, they are starting a podcast and here is how they made the theme song.

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