Disc Golf Answer Man

Disc Golf Answer Man

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Whether you are brand new or have been playing Disc Golf for years if you have any questions to help improve your game then this is the place to ask. Eric McCabe has been a traveling full time Pro Disc Golfer for over 10 years and is well respected as one of the best putters and the nicest guys in Disc Golf.


Ep 182 Disc Golf Answer Man  

Our thoughts on Latitude 64's overmold discs,  out of production discs,  should you get a favorite mold in different plastics, and much more. 

Ep 181 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In Episode 181 of the Disc Golf Answer Man we discuss, who would win in a dance battle,  Dynamic Discs Judge vs Dynamic Discs Warden,  what do to if you have an unorthodox form on the teepad, and much more. 


Ep 180 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In this episode we discuss our thoughts on why cornhole is on ESPN and not disc golf, how many discs should you cycle through, the rule of verticality, and much more. 

Junior Player Interviews  

Bobby was in the Quad Cities for the 2017 PDGA Am & Jr World Championships and was able to interview 3 Team Dynamic Discs Junior players.

Bryce Lawrence
Isaiah Esquivel
Zach Arlinghaus

Ep 179 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In this episode, we answer questions about practicing with different molds, do you change your throw with different speed discs, and the mental side of the game.

Q & A with Paige Pierce and Zach Melton  

Eric and Bobby drove down to Nashville of a couple of days before the Disc Golf Experience at Nissan Stadium to do some filming with Paige Pierce and Zach Melton. We thought it would be fun to record a short episode of DGAM and allow Paige and Zach to answer some of your disc golf questions. 

We apologize for the background noise. We were running around getting errands done for Paige and finally settled on recording in the food court of a mall. 

Ep 178 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In this episode, we answer questions about picking the right disc for your arm speed, which disc is the perfect driver, proper back foot position, and much more.



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Ep 177 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In this episode, we discuss how many discs should you carry during a round, should you throw the same putter when practicing my form, should a beginner throw lighter weight discs, and much more.

Ep 176 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In this episode, we recap our visit to Georgia for the 2017 PDGA Pro Worlds and our visit with OGIO in California. 

We answer questions about how discs are affected by the region you live in,  hyzer flip or flex shot for more distance, and working through plateaus. 

From the Road with Eric and Tina Ep 03  

Eric Oakley and Tina Stanaitis chronicle their adventures on the road as they live full-time in an RV and travel the country playing disc golf.  

Ep 175 Disc Golf Answer Man  

In this episode, we talk about Beaver State Fling, 2017 PDGA Pro Worlds, answer questions about keeping your shots consistent, why try Air plastic, and much more.

DGAM Daily: What to expect at a Trilogy Challenge  

A listener is playing a Trilogy Challenge for the first time and asks what can be expected as for as the format.

DGAM Daily: New putter or change up style?  

A listener asks for advice on whether they should look for a new putter or change up their style to get better. 

DGAM Daily: What influences a discs flight?  

A listener asks what characteristics of a disc affects its flight. 

DGAM Daily: Is Trilogy Challenge for beginners?  

Should you bring your beginner friends to play in a Trilogy Challenge. 

DGAM Daily: Tour series discs  

A listener was curious if we would have tour series discs for players. 

DGAM Daily: Dealing with pressure when you are leading  

A listener asks for advice on dealing with pressure when you are in the lead. 

DGAM Daily: Did Bobby coordinate for Will it Hyzer  

A listener asks about my accessory coordinating during our Will It Hyzer segment on YouTube.


Check out the video here

DGAM Daily: Pop top discs  

A listener asks which molds have the most pop top on them and asks about our "get out of trouble" shots.

DGAM Daily: Sniper bag in Special Ops color?  

A listener asks if Dynamic Discs has plans to produce the Dynamic Discs Sniper back in the GBO or Special Ops colors. 

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