Knee Pain _ Food Makes A Difference  

Have you ever slowed down to consider how the foods you eat can either help to increase joint pain or decrease joint pain? We’re sharing our BIG 3 foods that could be causing your achy knees. Listen in and learn how to find relief.

Fats and Oils for Healing  

There are so many confusing messages out there about fat that many are confused at the idea that the right kind of fats are actually healing for the body. From MS to hormonal health and healing the body from an autoimmune condition, fats are so important! Listen in to learn how your body might benefit from more fat, what sources are the best (and most delicious!) and more.


Compulsive Eating & Intestinal Health  

Compulsive eating is a very complex problem, with many causes and many solutions. Today we’re sharing how some digestive problems and food sensitivities may be to blame.

Staying Well When Everyone Around You Is Sick  

Two nutritionists share five science based self-care tips to keep you healthy and thriving even in the midst of sick family and friends.

Constipation and Diarrhea in Children  

Constipation is difficult for an adult to figure out and deal with, so imagine how a child feels when faced with the same issues. Special guest, Dr. Struble, a practicing pediatrician and author of How To Be a Poop Detective joins us this week to help field listener calls, explain some causes of constipation and what parents can do to establish normal bowel function for their children.

Post Gallbladder Surgery … What Can I Eat?  

While gallbladder removal is the most common surgery being performed people are confused about what they should eat and what’s off limits. Clients have asked – Do I have to stop eating butter?  Can I still use mayonnaise?  Should I get rid of all fat from my diet?  We are going to answer all of those questions, and more, listen in!

Why Skipping Meals Can Lead to Compulsive Eating  

Many people think compulsive eating is an emotional problem, when actually it is a biochemical problem and we’ll be sharing what causes it to really spin out of control. Plus, we have ideas to avoid those situations all together!

A New Look at What Causes Coronary Artery Disease  

Coronary heart disease is the #1 cause of deaths the U.S. yet most people are confused about what causes it. We’re debunking the many misconceptions out there, for one, bacon, butter and eggs are NOT the cause of heart disease. Listen in to find out what is and how to protect yourself.

Oh My Achy Body  

Don’t settle for aches and pains without first taking a look at what you’re eating. We’re making the case for more natural, and permanent, care for your achy body. Listen in! 

Eat This, Not That to Reduce Anxiety in Teens  

The teen years are tough already but anxiety and stress often make them even harder. What if we told you that what your teens are eating is directly related to how they are feeling. Help set them up with better habits for a life of better health with proper nutrition. Our hosts play a “Eat This, Not That” to show many examples of where nutritious food can easily be swapped for the sugary, mood-altering meals of the past. 

Overindulged? How to Get Back to Healthy Eating  

After a holiday season full of unhealthy temptations it’s easy to get off track with eating and forget your motivation. We’re back in the New Year with a question to ask yourself to get you back on track and motivated for life.

Eating the Weight and Wellness Way through the Holidays  

No matter what or how you’re celebrating this time of year, those office parties and gatherings with friends and family can derail your healthy eating habits. Today we’re sharing inspirational success stories, the background on what we mean when we say “Eating in balance.” and more tips and tricks to keep you motivated and on track this season. Learn how to keep your blood sugar balanced and why that will help avoid that plate of cookies.  

The Happiness Diet  

We’re sharing what we loved about the book The Happiness Diet that asks “What if you discovered that the best place to begin your personal pursuit of happiness is at the end of your fork”.

How Digestive Problems Are Linked to Eating Disorders  

Two women who have recovered from eating disorders are sharing how their gut health was connected to their success.

Protecting Your Kidneys  

We’re diving into a topic we’ve never covered kidneys. Listen in to learn what to eat, and what not to, to protect our very delicate and are easily damaged kidneys.

How Food Can Reduce the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis  

We’re sharing the real food choices of a client who has put her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms into remission. For those who struggle with this  MS and understand the devastating impact this podcast is not to be missed.

Soda Politics  

We’re talking “liquid candy” today. While most people wouldn’t eat 12 tsp. of sugar,  they will drink a can of soda with 12 tsp. of sugar without giving it a second thought. To tell us what this is doing to your body we’re joined by Dr. Marion Nestle, author of Soda Politics – Taking on Big Soda and Winning

Lose Weight While You Sleep  

When struggling to lose weight most people never consider one huge factor … their sleep. We’re sharing how your body copes with sleep deprivation and how you can get more of it.

Cooking To Save Your Life  

We’re talking stroke prevention and stroke rehabilitation today. With special guest Kurt Stiles, author of Cooking to Save Your Life, we’ll share the best foods to eat (and which to avoid) to heal your brain if you or someone you know is recovering from a stroke.

Food Allergies: Keeping Kids Safe  

Two nutritionists and one of their children who can speak from experience share ideas on how to keep kids safe and satisfied with suitable snacks and meals.

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