Protecting Your Kidneys  

We’re diving into a topic we’ve never covered kidneys. Listen in to learn what to eat, and what not to, to protect our very delicate and are easily damaged kidneys.

How Food Can Reduce the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis  

We’re sharing the real food choices of a client who has put her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms into remission. For those who struggle with this  MS and understand the devastating impact this podcast is not to be missed.

Soda Politics  

We’re talking “liquid candy” today. While most people wouldn’t eat 12 tsp. of sugar,  they will drink a can of soda with 12 tsp. of sugar without giving it a second thought. To tell us what this is doing to your body we’re joined by Dr. Marion Nestle, author of Soda Politics – Taking on Big Soda and Winning

Lose Weight While You Sleep  

When struggling to lose weight most people never consider one huge factor … their sleep. We’re sharing how your body copes with sleep deprivation and how you can get more of it.

Cooking To Save Your Life  

We’re talking stroke prevention and stroke rehabilitation today. With special guest Kurt Stiles, author of Cooking to Save Your Life, we’ll share the best foods to eat (and which to avoid) to heal your brain if you or someone you know is recovering from a stroke.

Food Allergies: Keeping Kids Safe  

Two nutritionists and one of their children who can speak from experience share ideas on how to keep kids safe and satisfied with suitable snacks and meals.

Why Am I Hungry All the Time?  

This week we discuss the new book Always Hungry?  by Dr. David Ludwig, MD, PhD.

Nutrition Changed My Back Pain  

Back pain is the #2 reasons people visit the doctor with 8 out of 10 people experiencing it at some point in their lives. Tune in for an amazing story of how nutrition stopped one woman’s chronic back pain and spasms that she’d been experiencing for 30 years!

Healing After Surgery  

Important information for helping your body recover after surgery in addition to helping prevent illness in the first place. 


A topic topics no one wants to talk about yet it affects 33 million Americans. Listen in to learn, believe it or not, that what you eat can help your incontinence or make incontinence worse.

Cirrhosis and Fatty Liver  

1/3 of the U.S. has fatty liver disease, an astounding number. Listen in to learn why so many bodies store fat in the liver, where it doesn’t belong, and more importantly, what we can do about it.

Aching Feet & What You Eat  

If aching feet are causing you to miss out on your favorite activities, listen in to learn the connection between what you’re eating and how your tired feet are feeling. 

Building Strong Bones as a Teen and Young Adult  

Teens need to build strong bones so they can have strong bodies when they get older, unfortunately it’s not often something young people think or know about, until today.

Eating to Protect Your Health As You Age  

Aging doesn’t have to mean feeling achy, tired and the list  of maladies to come goes on and on. Listen in to learn how to protect your health with real food.

The Frustrations of a Compulsive Eater  

Two nutritionists share what real food can do to combat the frustrations of a compulsive eater. 

The Biggest Loser Doesn’t Tell the Full Story  

Recent studies have shown that The Biggest Loser doesn’t lead to successful weight loss. We’ll explore what healthy weight loss really means and hear from Nell who lost an amazing 90 pounds by following our tips.

Alcohol Is Not A Health Food  

Get the real scoop behind the connection between alcohol and cravings, weight gain, cancer, and the frequently discussed heart health.

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?  

Did you know that 99% of contaminants in water have no taste? Listen in to learn what might be in your water and what you can do to protect your family from unwanted chemicals. 

Food Sensitivities and Food Allergies  

Food allergies are rising, dramatically so among children. Listen in as nutritionists share firsthand experience at navigating life with allergies or sensitivities.

The Story Your Elimination Tells  

Bowel movements are daily clues to what’s going on in your body. Listen in to hear common stool characteristics decoded and ideas on how to make your stool more regular.

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