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DiveFilm HD Video


High Definition videos of the underwater world for your computer, iPad, iPhone 4, and HDTV! Showcasing some of the best high definition underwater short films being produced today from all over the world. Featuring beautiful images of the underwater world, marine life large and small, interviews with interesting people, and updates on underwater imaging. Produced in association with Wetpixel.com.


What Would Wallace Think? by Nick and Cheryl Dean  

One of the areas of the world with the widest range of endemic biodiversity remains virtually unknown to many people. Known as Wallacea, it is located in the coral triangle, and includes a group of mainly Indonesian islands. It is home to many unique species both above and below the water. Much of this habitat and the oceans surrounding these areas is increasingly under threat of destruction. This film, which is a short version of “Life on Wallace’s Line”, highlights the biodiversity found in the oceans of Wallacea and the coral triangle, and the efforts of a few individuals to protect this fragile ecosystem and its inhabitants. More info at Spindriftimages.com

OctoArt by Dustin Adamson  

Incredibly cool mixture of underwater octopus footage, drawing art, and music make this one amazing award-winning short film. Underwater filming and editing by Dustin Adamson, topside drawing and filming by Nicholas Carro. An audience favorite at the 2015 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition. More info and videos by Dustin at OceanShutter.com and Facebook.com/oceanshutter

California Wild  

Bob Cranston's spectacular highlights of diving California and Baja California. Shot originally in 5K 3D using a Gates 3D EPIC/Dragon rig that he helped design. Color grading and editing by Mary Lynn Price, with additional footage by Johnny Friday.

Ron Lagerlof’s A Good Planet  

Ron Lagerlof's gorgeous short film of sharks, whales, Komodo dragons and other amazing animals that inhabit our Good Planet.

Shadow Reef by Elke Specker  

Elke Specker's award winning homage to the beauty of the ocean's reefs and marine life, and the dangers facing their future.  Narrated by Bryce. More info at in2focusmedia.com

Monterey by Rusty Sanoian  

Rusty Sanoian brings us the gorgeous emerald waters and brilliant colors of the marine life of Monterey, CA.

Johnny Friday's Friendly Gray Whales  

Gray Whale moms and calves delightfully interacting with people at Campo Cortez, San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California. Great GoPro footage by Johhny Friday, BajaEcoTours.com. Music by Harry Gregson-Williams; Editing by Alfredo Barroso.

Jeff Leicher--One Night of Pelagic Magic  

Bizarre and beautiful nighttime pelagic creatures. Jeff Leicher takes us on One Night of astounding Pelagic Magic black water diving off the coast of Kona, Hawaii with Jack's Diving Locker.

Leandro Blanco--Ocean Chronicles III  

Shark drama, a little octopus, and more! Leandro Blanco at his comedic best in his new underwater short film.

Kings of Baja by Johnny Friday  

Sharks, Mantas, Mobulas, and more! Johnny Friday's Baja California like you've never seen it before! More info on Johnny at underwatercinema.com/johnny-friday/.

Excerpts from 2014 SDUFEX Entries  

Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Nudies, and more! Excerpts from entrants for the 2014 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition (SDUFEX). More info at SDUFEX.com.

In Harmony with Whales by Erick Higuera  

Erick Higuera's stunning HD homage to living in harmony with whales, the largest creatures on our planet. More info on Erick and his award winning work at ErickHiguera.com

The Secret World of Sea Slugs by Nannette Van Antwerp  

Gorgeous and strange--the secret world of sea slugs by Nannette Van Antwerp. More info on Nannette and her work at BlueViews.net

Net Benefit by Peter Mieras  

Award-winning film on how one group of Pacific Northwest divers dealt with a destructive ghost gill net damaging one of their most beautiful reefs. Great inspiration for other dive communities! Learn more at RendezvousDiving.com.

Squid Run! Life, Love and Death Beneath the Waves by Bob Cranston  

Squid Run! Life, Love, and Death in the Ocean, filmed by cinematographer Bob Cranston in his hometown waters. More info on Bob and his work at digital3DSea.com. Stereoscopic editing by Mary Lynn Price.

Johnny Friday Diving Silent with Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, and the giant Mantas of Socorro  

Johnny Friday Diving Silent with Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, and the giant Mantas of Socorro in Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico. Diving on a silent rebreather gets us up close and personal in this great short video of magnificent big animals. More info on Johnny and his work at BajaProductions.com.

"What if you're different and you're a Weddell seal puppy in Antarctica?"  

What if you're different and you're a Weddell seal puppy in Antarctica? And what will this difference mean to the future of this southernmost mammal living in the most pristine marine environment on Earth? Featured in this video are interviews on location in Erebus Bay, Antarctica with Montana State University ecologists Jay Rotella, Bob Garrott, Thierry Chambert, and Jesse DeVoe on the B-009 Weddell population project. The video also showcases some truly spectacular underwater footage by Henry Kaiser, courtesy of the Project B-470 Weddell research team. Video editing and production by Mary Lynn Price. This project video is made possible with funding and support from the National Science Foundation, and the assistance of the United States Antarctic Program. Produced in association with Montana State University. More information on the project, the seals, and the researchers at http://WeddellSealScience.com .

"Betrayal" - Hauntingly beautiful underwater meeting of a graceful dancer and a Humpback Whale calf  

A short film by Shawn Heinrichs and Hannah Fraser, this is the story of a woman who has been deeply betrayed. Believing she will never trust another again, she sinks into depression, severing all connections with her world. Plunging deep into despair, she experiences an unexpected visit by humpback whale calf, a being whose species has suffered the greatest of betrayals. Over 2 MILLION whales were killed by commercial whalers in the 20th Century, driving most great whale species to the brink of extinction. Finally in 1986, the Internataionl Whaling Commission (IWC) enacted a moratorium on commercial whaling, finally giving whales a reprieve from the mass slaughter, and offering these species a 12th hour chance at survival. Despite their suffering in the hands of humankind, this whale does the unexpected and invites the woman into its special world. Together they dance and play, shedding their fears and distrust. Discovering she is not alone in her betrayal, the woman is finally able to let go and forgive. She rediscovers joy, hope and love as she experiences a profound connection with this soulful being. As their time together draws to an close, the calf rejoins its mother and the woman must return to her world. Both the whales and the woman move on, vulnerable but ready to trust. Will we betray them, again? Used with permission, Terra Naomi's song I'll Be Waiting, from her album Live & Unplugged: bit.ly/HFummP More about Shawn and his work at BlueSphereMedia.com

"Wicked" Wild Sailfish and Dolphin Action!  

Wild Sailfish and Dolphin Action! Award winning new short film by David Vik.

"San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Entry Excerpts"  

Excerpts from the 14th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition video entries. Editing by Pete Fowler. More info at SDUFEX.com.

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