Division HQ

Division HQ


IGN's Division players discuss this new Tom Clancy world, what's important to the community and their thoughts on the latest big news.


The Division HQ Episode 4: Destiny vs. The Division  

Now that we've had time with both games we ask if Destiny or the Division is the better experience, look at the patch notes and come up with some fun ways that the developer could improve the game.

The Division HQ Episode 3: Life After 30  

This week our group talks about their adventures after level 30, what they thought about the story and how the Dark Zone is a bit messy.

The Division HQ Episode 2: Our Review Thoughts So Far  

This week on The Division HQ our reviewer Vince Ingenito joins to discuss thoughts so far, Duggan has some tips for you, and we share our favorite moments. 

The Division HQ Episode 1: Will It Live Up To The Hype?  

Destin Legarie, James Duggan, and Brandin Tyrrel discuss their feeling from the beta about Division's story, the Dark Zone, and the hopeful future of the franchise.

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