Deep N Soulful (Nov 2016)  

Easy all Not much time to write a short mix 10 tracks I will upload track list very soon Peace Andy

Autumn Blues (Oct 2016)  

Update 18 October Uploaded mix more issues end of the mix cut off 10 seconds before the end and more interference. I don't know what is happening when I upload the mix to PodOmatic Easy all Summer is over and feeling the autumn blues. As you know summer does not last long in the UK. As the night draws in, short days it’s okay to wave goodbye to what was and say hello to what could be. So here we are a mix that has some of my favs female artist Jaidene Veda, Jill Scott, Lisa Shaw and Monique Bingham all have a distinctive unique voice that will help to ease your soul. Enjoy -:) 1. Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Jimpster Main Mix) 2. Ultra Tone ft Jesante - Home (P60 Rmx) 3. Namy ft Miwa - Follow Through ( Migosy & N'Dinga Gaba) 4. Julian Gomes ft Sio - 1000 Memories 5. Julian Gomes ft Ziyon - Nothing Can Break Us 6. Trackheadz ft Savannah Somers - Crave 7. Jaidene Veda - Colours Of Your Love (Rancido Rmx) 8. Black Coffee ft ToToshi - Buya (Da Capo Rmx) 9. Filipe Narciso ft Wayne Tennant - Pandemonium (Rancido Traveling Soul) 10. Mobi Dixon ft Monique Bingham - Mix Up Chick 11. Ethan White & Lisa Shaw - Find Away 12. Jill Scott - It's Better (Essential Sivad Edit ) 13. Kem ft Patti LaBelle & Ron Isley - Jesus (Casamena Basement Rmx)

Future Of Soul pt9  

Easy all I've been receiving feedback with some of my mixes interference and electric surges. I know when i record my mixes I listen back to my mixes and all sounds good. However, when I upload to podomatic time to time I have fu.. ups with my mixes and it's annoying. I've contacted podomatic and they have been some technical problems . I can say that everything has been resolved and i hope we can enjoy my mixes without any interference. Back to the music and keeping up with FOS mixes, I'm digging this one, full of flavor and vibes. Remember FOS mixes are up and coming talent around the globe and all mixes are not polished, just for you guys I've uploaded in 320k Will be back Monday for the Deep N Soulful Headz Enjoy!!! 1. Sydney Renae - How You Gonna ( Pryme_Keyzz Rmx) 2. MEELAH ft Musiq Soulchild - Give It Up 3. Erykah Badu - Come And See Me (PARTY NEXT DOOR DUET Rmx) 4. IAMNOBODI - Deeper (Ft. Emmavie) 5. Ro James - Permission 6. Germaine Edwards - Freaky 7. Post Malone ft Jeremih - Fuck (FKi Rmx) 8. Sunni Colón - Temple (esta remix) 9. KAYTRANADA - I've Got Ur 10. JSM - Beautiful 11. IAMNOBODI - 27 12. IAMNOBODI - Arr.. Oakyplayer 13. Lakim - Waiting 14. IAMNOBODI - Flowers, Apricots & Prunes 15. Zayn Pillowtalk (Stwo Rmx) 16. Jordan Rakei - Midnight Mischief (Tom Misch Rmx) 17. Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (Sango Rmx) 18. Abhi//Dijon - Ignore (Chris McClenney Rmx) 19. Sydney Renae - Into You (PrymeKeyzz Rmx) 20. Sydney Renae - One Dance 21. PRVDNT - Summertime (JR Jarris Rmx) 22. Secaina - When You Were Mine (Wize Rmx) 23 West1ne - idk 24. Vic Mensa - Down on My Luck Ft Jarreau Vandal, Mr. Carmack & Sam Gellaitry (Esta Rmx ) 25. Wantigga ft Louis Bordeaux - Enough (Jengi Beat Rmx) 26. SPZRKT - Best Of Your Love ( Tyshane Rmx)

2 Soulful 2 Deep  

Easy All had a jam today, a blend of various choones that had me into deep Enjoy!!1 1. Luka, ft Jaidene Veda - Luxury (Charles Webster mix- 1) 2. Black Loops - Sex 3. Soul Minority - D.o.n.t 4. Enosoul & LAHV ft Fugi G - We Gonna Survive 5. Studioheist - All My Love 6. Scott Diaz - Love We Had 7. Nico Stojan ft Jaw - Blue Hour (Dave Mayer rmx) 8. Mr V - Riddims 9. Sipho Ngubane - One Mandela Day (Deepconsoul Remix) 10. Blade Deep - Lets Go (Blade Deep & 4Matiq Spirit Of The Lotus Mix) 11. Atjazz - Fox Tooth (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub) 12. ATFC - Git Your Hands Up 13. Louie Vega & Brutha Basil (Freedom Of Dance Its The Beat)

Future Of Soul pt8  

I have a treat for you FOS headz, quicker than anticipated a shorter mix., a mix that I did a month ago, I wanted at least 1 hr mix . A few friends that wanted me to upload the mix sooner rather than later. enjoy!! 1. Mura Massa - I'll be alright (tonight) 2. Daniel Caesar - End Of The Road 3. Drews That Dude - Dive 4. ESCPE - CosQuest M1 (Light) 5. Aywy & Ekaki - Your Love 6 Monte Booker - Your Highness (Jarreau Vandal) 7. Elhae & Esta - So' Voce 8.Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith (Jarreau Vandal Rmx) (Demo only) 9. The One?? 10. Little Dragon - Ritual Union (Sango Rmx) 11. Aaliyah Vs 40 + Alicia Keys - Rock The Boat (Duncan Gerow Rmx) 12. ROM - Free As A Bird 13. Yumo - Coco 14. Swindail - Chago (Goodbye) 15. Mikey Blue - We Just Be 16. Avant - Separated (Oshi Rmx)

Deep N Soulful (July 2016 Edition)  

Holla I'm back with a wide mixture of deep n soulful choones. A rollercoaster of a mix Enjoy!!! 1. G-Soul Blust ft Sammy M - Music Speaks (Original mix) 2. Johan S & Soulfuledge - The One 3. Pascal Morais & Rancido ft Tellaman & Maikal C - For The Love Of Money 4. N'Dinga Gaba ft Sabrina Chyld - Love That I Needed 5. David Anthony ft Beverlei Brown - Your Way (Original mix) 6. Naakmusiq ft Professor - Not Guilty 7. Jaguar Paw - Uthando Lwakho (Original mix) 8. Dj Whiskey ft Siwe & Shap Moja - Sweetie Pie 9. Etu Beats ft Rona Ray - Space For Love (Ak Afrika Yuba mix) 10. Josh Butler ft Kerrie Anne - On The Edge (original mix) 11. C- Major - Andingowenu (Original mix) 12. Submantra - Fashion (Dj Umbi Rmx) 13. Sbonza G ft Stones & Bones - Unity (C- Major Rmx) 14. Dj Fortee ft Dindy - Naughty Dance 15. Divine Brothers ft Lady Zamar & Junior Taurus - Dancing 16. Ladi - Adiosoul - Godbless

Jazzy Joint Affair  

Easy all Feels long time away from podomatic, however, it's the time of the year summer is here and it's time for a soulful jazzy mix. This mix of producers put their talent to fuse Jazzy elements to their deep and soulful house choones. Enjoy!!! 1. Tim Hade-be ft Dumi Tangas - Jazzy Jam 2. Chymamusique - Soul & Mind (Da Capo Rmx) 3 Blaque - Hey 4. Mc - Fenda - Mduk Street 5. Stagg Jazz - Closure 6. Stagg Jazz - Yara 7. Fusion Tone - Jazzy Joint 8. Ak Afrika - Without You 9. Felix Combo - Heart N Love 10. Alex Mattei - Jackin Heat (Mark Di Meo Rmx) 11. Luca Lala - Sax Pleasure 12. PNFA - Immerge 13. Jestofunk - For Your Precious Love 14. Kings Of Groove - Peace Of Mind (Jans love Original Mix) 15. Kort ft Jessie Matthews & Jamie Anderson - Saxed Up (Sean McCabe Melodious Vibe)

Future Of Soul Pt 7 (May 2016 party mix tape )  

Easy all Final mix, its been a while since my last FOS mix. Up and coming talented music producers, singers etc. Remember the mastering of their tracks are demo's only some of the track are not polished. However, you getting the latest hot tracks out there that I'm feeling right now. Finally here it is! Enjoy !! 1. Iamnobodi - I Found You 2. Phazz - Got It Fine 3. ? - Might Be Master 4. Iamnobodi - Better Off 5. Terrace Martin - From Time 6. Origimoz - Space 7. Chef Red - Fay 8. Iamnobodi & Chris McClenney x CESOULSD 9. JR Jarris - Intimate 10.JR Jârris - Love Be Like Ft. Masego (Medasin Remix) 11. Jengi Beats - I Got It 12.Jamie Woon - Sharpness (Kaytranada Edit) 13.Mary J Blige - I Can Love You (Kaytranada Rmx) 14.Maxwell - Ascension (Aywy & Shem Edit) 15.Reva Devitto - Friday Night (Kaytranada Rmx) 16.Gold Link - Sober Thoughts (Chris McClenney Rmx) 17.Gold Link - Dark Skin Woman (Chris McClenney Rmx) 18.Diclosure - January (Kaytranada Rmx) 19.Iamnobodi , Jay Prince - Take Your Time (Iamnobodi Rmx) 20.Supersam - Like (Jr Jarris Rmx) 21. Elijah Blake ft Dej Loaf - I Just Wanna (Dejemba & CZ Rmx)

Soulful House (May Edition 2016)  

Easy All Soulful house mix Enjoy!!!

Deep N Soulful (May Edition 2016)  

Easy all As promise second instalment deep n soulful mix. I will upload the track list tomorrow Enjoy!!! 1. Kai Alce, Rico, Kafele Bandele - Take A chance (original mix) 2. Miranda Nicole - Dance Like You've Been (Kai Alce) 3. Fusion Groove Orchestra, Steve Lucas - If I Only Could (Liem Rmx) 4. Daniel Sternberg - No One Can Change Me (Nick Holder Rmx) 5. IsaVis - Sent Of Deep 6. Rhythm Soul, MA Naughtations - I Want You Back 7. Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill - All This Time ( Atjazz Astro Mix) 8. Hitman On Set, Anthony Poteat - Never Turn Back 9. Darque ft Damon Reel - Stay 10.Emdee Brown - Again (Kai Alce Rmx) 11.Vanessa Smith - Storm (Shino Blackk Stormin Dub.) 12.Gregory Porter - 1960 What (Groove Assassin Rmx) 13.King Kooba, Dathan Williams - Inside Out (Full Perc Mix) 14. The Danger Feel Newbies - What Am I Here For? (KZR's Defected Stripped Down Mix)

Deep Afro N Soulful  

Easy All I've had a mad few days, i've done 4 mixes different Genre but always soulful for my up and coming holiday. I will be uploading every few days so keep on the look out. The first mix i have you guys is on the afro vibes keeping it soulful. Enjoy!! 1. Abicah Soul - A Jazz Affair 2. Afro Drum - Sunshine In The Rain 3. Theology - Stranger 4. Landy - Fonque 5. Fotis 'Mentor Monos & Rescue Poetix - Fluid (David Anthony 808 Vibe Mix) 6. Rocco & C. Robert Walker, Black Coffee - Hard Times For Lovers (Soulistic Music Mix) 7. Avi Elman & Danny J ft Mani Hoffman - Love is Not For Hire (Black Coffee RMX) 8. Gershon Jackson, Sio Blackwidow - How Did We Get Here ( DJ E-Clyps Blacklight Afro Mix) 9. Enno Napa ft Zipho - High In Your Love 10.Roque, Nicole - Iculo 11.Theology - Happy Feet 12.Hyenah ft Nonku - Soak It 13. Rashaan Patterson - Que Sera (Hakeem Syrbram Keemix)

Deep N Soulful (April Edition 2016)  

Easy All One of those mixes where i added a filler, track 4 is vinyl going back to (2008) wasn't sure that the tune blend in well with the rest of the mix, i will let you decide. The good old days where then i was all vinyl. Track 5 has some kind of electric surges going through the track, (i had a listen back), as this is a one take mix... shit can happen. I hope it does not spoil you're listening pleasures. Deep n soulful vibes all the way. Enjoy!!! 1. Dj Tucks & Ultimo Numero ft Realm - Breaking Boundaries 2. Chappell - Love Free (Rancido Rmx) 3. Joseph Junior & MAQman - Spiritualised MAQman (Original Mix) 4. Studio Apartment ft Terrance Downs - We Are Lonely (Quentin Harris Rmx) Vinyl (2008) 5. Dj Forete ft Tiffany Rosebud - Rock With You 6. Divided Souls - North (Jus Nativ Rmx) 7. Kid Fonque, D-Malice ft Clara Hill - All This Time (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix) 8. Djeff Afrozila ft Miranda Nicole - Alright 9. Chymamusique Ft Botshelo - Hands Of Time 10. Invaders Of Africa ft TSHOLO - Picture Frame

Deep Underground House (May Edition 2016)  

Easy All I have a few mixes to upload and start you off on a Journey deep undergrounds vibes more on the old skool sounds of garage. Enjoy!! 1. Lorenzo Perrotta & Martin Carr - Falling (Dirty secrets Rmx) 2. Soledrifter - Here 4 You 3. Demarkus Lewis - It Never Gets Old (Tribute Tp Pepe Mix) 4. Enzo Siffredi - Sometimes 5. Demarkus Lewis - Feels Real Good 6. Juliet Fox - If You Feel 7. Soul Asylum - Who Do You Love (Full Intention Rmx) 8. Roland Nights - Let It Rain 9. Juliet Sikora - Larrys Garage (Original Mix) 10. Simbad & Steelo - Soul Fever 11. LTS - Drifting (Unreleased Deep Blue Dub) 12. Simbad - House Of The Rising Sun (Simbad Blues Break Raw Mix) 13. Soledrifter - Take Me Back

Urban Soul (Feb 2016)  

Easy All Its has been a while since I've uploaded an urban soul mix not perfect nonetheless, I have fresh tracks the likes of the Talented and respected Tom Misch. I feature his tracks on the FOS mixes, watch out for this guy he's one to watch. No doubt i have timeless classics in this mix all the way back to 1986 Loose Ends "Gonna Make You Mine". Loose Ends without doubt one of the greatest groups to come out of the UK, from 80's and early nineties, exception of Soul 2 Soul. Real street soul music from mastermind Carl McIntosh was streets ahead of his peers and still feels current 25+ years later. Enjoy!! 1. Tom Misch ft Zak Abel - Cheating On Me (Tom Misch Refix) 2. The Floacist ft Musik Soulchild - Forever 3. Tom Misch & Carmody - Easy Love 4. Ella May - Underwater 5. The Floacist ft Lalah Hathaway - Come Over 6. Dj Quick ft Dwele - Time Stands Still 7. Dwele ft Raheem DeVaughn - What You Gotta Do 8. Full Crate ft David Simmons - Without My Heart 9. D'Angelo ft Raphael Saadiq - Be Here 10. Janet Jackson - Rock With U (FS Green Rework) 11. Tom Misch & Jordan Rakei - Valley 12. Loose Ends - Love Controversy 13. Tom Misch - Never Moved 14. Lianne La Havas - What You Don't Do (Tom Misch Remix) 15. Dwele - I'm Cheatin 16. Mica Paris - I Should've Known Better 17. Loose Ends - Don't You Ever (Try To Change Me) 18. Joanna Law - First Time Ever 19. Loose Ends - Loves Got Me 20. Loose Ends - Gonna Make You Mine 21. Amp Fidler - Dreamin 22 Victor Davies - Missing World (Atjazz Remix)


Easy all It's upon me to start off a February mix that is sure to keep you rocking over the next coming weeks. Its a mix filled with awesome music from the sweetest deep - soulful - house cuts from past and present to start this month on a sweet note. Enjoy!!! 1. Sade - By Your Side (Blue 6 rmx) 2. Clef Travellers - In The Morning 3. Seascape - Show Me 4. BKT ft Marie Tweek - Let Me Love You (Sophisticado Vocal mix) 5. Rancido ft Tellaman - My Life 6. Brie Boating - Speak To Me (Vilo rmx) 7. Panache Boyz ft Cristy - Angel 9. Dj Phat Cat ft Nkagi - Move On (Original mix) 10.Jay Nemor & Dj Sound Science - Music (Sound Science Capital Soul Afro Lounge Edit) 11. Blue 6 - Sweeter Love (Jay's full Vocal mix) 12.Amel Laurrieux - For Real (Latenite mix) ??? 13.K-one & Mojere ft kele B - My Time 14.Kings Of Tomorrow ft April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic mix) 15. Shaun Escoffery - Space Rider 16. Solu Music ft Kimble - Fade (Original mix)

Deep N Soulful (Jan 2016)  

Easy All Long time no see!! its been a while for so many reasons but for now i have a deep soulful mix for you guys. I've compiled the best tracks to look out for in the past month or two. Not too much new material coming out especially SA for the Deep Soulful headz. So i had to add a few old classics in the mix and thrown in a remix of Justin Bieber!! Yes Justin Bieber, you would say that i don't have much love for this guy but Rancido & Michael Mendoza have done a great spin of the track - fusion of deep afro soul. As a dj i pride myself in discovering new talent and new music, please support the dj producer to keep producing the deep soulful tracks as we love to hear so that it keeps them pushing for newer heights !!! Peace & Love & Enjoy!! 1. Dj E - Clyps ft Anya V - Masterpiece (original mix) 2. Louis Benedetti & Miranda Nicole - Glow 3. Kaylow - They Keep Trying (Rocco Deep Mix) 4. Dj Jacko & Chelsea Como - Closer (Blackkdraft mix) 5. Mobi Dixon - City Rains (Tech Soul mix) 6. Ben Westbeech - So Good Today (Yoruba Soul rmx) 7. Adam Rios ft Mike City - We Keep Going (Gianni Junior Re-Dub) 8. Nhlangano & Zulumafia ft Miss Patty & Mr V - This is House (original mix) 9. River Ocean ft India - Love & Happiness (MAW 07 rmx) 10.Black Coffee & Monique Bingham - Deep in The Bottom 11. Peven Everett - Put Your Back Into It (Quentin Harris rmx) 12. Wookie ft Lain - Live On 13.Justin Bieber - Hold Tight (Rancido & Michael Mendoza rex)

Deep N Soulful (JusVibin)  

Easy all Last but not least deep n soulful. Wide blend of deep soulful gems Enjoy!!! 1. Boddhi SaAtva ft Teedra Moses - Skin Diver (Afriki Soul RMX) 2. Jaidene Veda, Josh Milan, Gaba - Beautiful (N’dinga RMX) 3. Dominox Latte, Anthony Poteat - Give You Love 4 Ely Bruna - Found Love (P60 RMX) 5. Dj Fortee ft Tiffany Rosebud - Mixed Motions 6. Oveous - The Olympics 7. Diamond Dealer ft Sacha Williamson - Aint No Pressure 8. Dj Chrisots & Monique Bingham Outta Sight (Magic Session Mix) 9. Kaytranda ft Shay Lia - Leave Me Alone 10. Dj Sonic ft VC Craig - Let Love Come In (JusVibin AfroCarib Mix) 11. Deep Tenor City - Oba (Opolopo RMX) 12. Beyond Tone ft Asha Edmund - Surprise 13. Lesny Deep, Michael Giggs - Wake up (Sweet N Deep RMX) 14. Real Deep ft Jaidene Veda - You Got This 15. Randolph - Believer (Jazzanova Vocal Remix)

Soulful House (Nov Edition 2015)  

Easy All One for the soulful house headz pure soulful vibe Enjoy !! 1. Ann Nesby - Optimistic ( Zepherin Saint RMX) 2. Timmy Vegas - Choir 3. Silvia Zaragoza - Find A Better Way (Dj Spen RMX) 4. Soul Stars ft Joy Malcom - Beautiful Day 5. Richard Earnshaw & Polina Griffith - Can’t Go Back 6. Tony Momrelle - Back Together Again (Richard Earnshaw rmx) 7. Sunlightsquare - Papa Was A Rolling Stone 8. Mark Funk & Danny Cruz - My Lovin 9. Captain Obvious - Back In The Day 10. B.F.A.M - No Sleep 11. Mamy ft Josh Milan - From Now On (Dj Fudge RMX) 12. Louie Vega & Adeva - I Deserve To Break (Louie Vega & Gene Perez Bass Mix) 13. Winans Brothers & The Clark Sisters (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

Future Of Soul pt 6  

Easy all Feels long time since the last FOS but for all the wrong reasons. Not had much material to do one earlier and time is of the essence lol but managed to collect material that has me feeling this one. FOS is a new sound, one that pulls from soul, rnb, jazz , future bass, hip hop and broken beats fusing them together with seamless vocals chops and grooves. As always i aim to please my self in my whole little world of music lol and share my mixes to you but feedback is always important, so if you feel this one please leave a comment!!! Thanks to all feedback and comments on the FOS pt 5 as always appreciated. Track list will be available on request Enjoy!!!!

Deep N Soulful (Journey Continues)  

Easy all Final mix deep n soulful, i’m feeling this one. Impressive line-up of artists, producer etc loaded with deep and soulful music from around the globe. Pure Soulful Vibes Enjoy!!! 1. Mindlo & Essential-I - Diary (Original mix) 2. Nutty Nys, Feat. Lu - Moving On (StaSoul Deeper Remix) 3. TMiza, ft Kabomo - Trust (StaSoul 406 Remix) 4. Deel Real ft. Olu Rowe - Shelter (The Councelor Remix) 5. Miguel Migs & Meshell Ndegeocello - Tonight (Fred Everything rmx) 6. Oscar P ft Tatiana - Going 8 years 7. Thatmanmonkz ft Pete Simpson - In Bed with You 8. Dj Crooked ft Sabrina Chyld - Piece Of My Mind 9. Neal Conway, Dana Weaver - Fade Away (Dj Spinna rmx) 10. Nastee Nev Feat. Donald Sheffey - I’m So Hung On You (Dee Mac rmx) 11. Amana Melomè - Naoa Falo (P60 rmx) 12. Atjazz ft Clyde - I Forgot You (I Forgot You (Fred Everything Lazy Vox) 13/14. Deep Assassin vs Calvin Fallo Once Again vs Bad choices (dj-andy-bee mash up mix)

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