Do Something Beautiful

Do Something Beautiful

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Leah Darrow, former America's Next Top Model, shares with you inspirational people and stories that add true beauty to the world.


Ep. 9: Press On! The Beauty of Perseverance  

Deadlines, duties, chores, to-do lists. This is a quick, to-the-point podcast on WHY persevering in the daily to-do's will help us later.

Ep. 8: The Beauty of Surrendering  

Being friends with a nun is always fun, especially when it's Sr. Miriam James. We talk about the beauty of surrendering. Sr. Miriam shares how to encounter a daily surrender to Christ and to be loved as we are.

Ep. 7: The Beauty of Empty  

How empty are you? Father O'Loughlin and I talk about the beauty of being empty so that God can enter.

Ep. 6: Oh, Motherhood  

Jackie Francois Angel is my cohost and we are talking motherhood, prayer life, and what you do when your child pees in Church.

Ep. 5: What the Friendship?! With cohost Sarah Kroger  

Margaritas and Balloon hats. That's the beginning of how Sarah Kroger and I became friends. In this episode, we talk about how to actually be a good friend and it's many challenges. Sarah and I talk about jealousy, competition, and all the stupid crap that makes virtuous friendship a challenge. But we also talk about the joy of having and being a "good friend".

Ep. 4: No Hair, Don't Care  

I interview Maggie Kim, who lost all of hair during her last pregnancy. She's honest and brave in sharing how losing her hair helped her embrace true beauty.

Ep. 3: The Closet Challenge  

Does the thought of finding something to wear create stress for you? Check out #TheClosetChallenge! Sarah Kroger is my cohost and the co-creator of the official "Closet Challenge". Sarah is a talented, authentic singer/songwriter and worship leader.

Ep. 2: Mother Teresa's Canonization  

Fr. Michael O'Loughlin is the cohost and the topic is Mother Teresa, her life, legacy and the canonization in Rome, Italy. Please excuse the sound of wine glasses and Italian chatter, as we recorded this episode while in Rome at a cafe. ;)

Ep. 1: Do Something Beautiful  

Welcome to chaotic inspiration! This intro episode gives you a quick idea of what you'll hear and why in the world I've started a podcast called 'Do Something Beautiful'.

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