Dobbie and Friends

Dobbie and Friends

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Dobbie is a kind, fun-loving reindeer, who’s crazy about Christmas and making the festive season special for everyone. Christmas wouldn’t happen without Dobbie. She can brighten the day of the most bah humbug person, and goes out of her way to find you the perfect Christmas present. In these stories, narrated by Bernard Cribbins, we hear the tales of a variety of cuddly creatures, including a robin, a huddle of penguins, a furry arctic fox and a family of Polar Bears - and how Dobbie made Christmas extra special for each of them. Meet Dobbie and friends here


Dobbie Comes Home  

Dobbie the tenth reindeer and Robbie the Robin leave the polar bear’s house and try to work out how to get home to Santa. They spot a brightly wrapped parcel in the snow, then a candy cane, then another parcel. Dobbie knows what’s happened – the sleigh can’t fly properly without her. Dobbie needs to get home to help deliver all the presents. Dobbie and Robin follow the trail of stray parcels all the way home to Santa, just in time for Christmas eve. Meet Dobbie and friends.

Paula The Polar Bear  

The polar bear family are desperate to find somewhere to shelter from the freezing arctic weather. Mum’s about to have a cub, and they can’t be out in the open when that happens. But each time they think they’ve found the perfect ice den, there’s a problem with it. Just as Paula starts to worry, Dobbie the reindeer appears, to guide them through a snowstorm to a cosy, Christmassy den. Just for them…and just in time for the new arrival. Meet Dobbie and friends.

Freddie The Fox  

The fox family are on their way to stay with their relatives for Christmas. But young Freddie doesn’t want to go. He’s never met any of his aunts and uncles, or cousins, before. He just wants to stay and play in his own den and wait for Christmas. But mum and dad have other ideas. On the way there, as they shelter from the snow under a big Christmas tree, a special young reindeer pays them a visit – and helps Freddie have the best Christmas ever. Meet Dobbie and friends.

Fluffi The Penguin  

The penguin family are on the Great Waddle to the Penguin Party. Fluffi is very hungry from all the waddling. On the journey, she sees hoofprints in the snow and wonders where they came from. One night, when all the penguins are asleep, a very special reindeer pays them a visit. And the penguins wake up to the biggest, tastiest breakfast they’d had for a very long time, keeping their bellies full all the way to the Penguin party on Christmas Eve. Meet Dobbie and friends.

Robbie The Robin  

Robbie the Robin is obsessed with all things Christmassy, and expects everyone else to be as excited as he is. However, none of the other animals he visits - like his friends Snowy Owl or Bluey Whale - are as keen to get into the Christmas spirit quite as early as him. Until, of course, he meets someone very special, who loves this time of year just as much as he does!

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