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The Doctor Supercoach 2016 Season Awards Show Podcast Live from Hollywood, Cheezo, Pistol, Jordan & Giri run us through the 2016 Supercoach Awards. It's the come back of the intro as Cheezo creates a killer Dane Swan Tribute intro. A lighthearted way to finish another year of Supercoach that was both exhilarating and heartbreaking as always. Who will win the Darcy Parish Award for the best first year player? (Yes, Cheezo did come up with all the awards) Who wins the Skydiver award for 2016's biggest fall from Grace? Catch up with all the lads as we bring Supercoach to a close for another year and have a decent laugh. - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 22 Podcast Cheezo & Pistol take you through all the INs and OUTs of preliminary finals week. Whether you're playing for RANK or LEAGUE, captaincy options are extremely important this week and the lads go through all the matches to pick the best. They also discuss the difference between DEFENSIVE and ATTACKING captaincy options. Plus what do you do if you have trades remaining this week? Do you hold for the GRAND FINAL? And where does Cheezo expect to pick up PARISH in next years Doctor Supercoach Draft Competition? All this and more in our penultimate week of Supercoach for 2016. - Doc

Round 21 Review  

Our Supercoach semi-finals have come and gone. To recap all the events of the past weekend are Jordan & Harry. They reveal the DRSC 2016 Supercoach All-Australian Team. They also cover all your social media questions! - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 21 Podcast THEY'RE BACK! Cheezo & Pistol have been included in the line up after being managed with a slight strain last week. Covering the usual topics of INs & OUTs as well as all the relevant captaincy options! - Doc

Round 19 Review Podcast This week JB and Haz recap the games from Round 19 covering all the positives and negatives in what was a HUUUUGE scoring week! Shout outs to Jaxon Jakobi who continued his barnstorm to move from 450th to 250th overall. - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 19 Podcast It's the final round of the regular Supercoach season. Cheezo & Pistol take you through all the INs and OUTs as well as the usualy Captaincy options. What do we do with Lids? They also attempt to pick this years Rising Star Award winner while also going through your final rookie choices to warm your benches. They also go through every community questions posted on the facebook page. - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 18 Podcast It's the penultimate round of the season supercoaches. The last round to set yourselves up for a finals berth in your leagues. This week Cheezo and Pistol cover: -Ins and Outs -VC's and C's -What do we do with Michael 'Underpants Stain' Barlow -Who are the likely Top 5 draft picks for next season -Plus a heap of community questions If you're like Pistol and stuck with no trades and a box of donuts for the rest of the season, make sure you check in with us here to help you get excited about next season! - Doc

Round 17 Review Podcast Well, another round gone, another lot of carnage to boot. It's been a fun ride Michael Barlow but you finally decided to give the remaining coaches a reason to trade you they couldn't refuse. It's worse knowing you were on track for a 120+ score as well! This week JB and pod rookie Hazadus take us through Round 17 with all the ups and downs whilst covering the best possible replacements for Spudlow. Getting close to the end of the season so if you just need something to tide you over this weekends games tune in for the dulcet tones of JB and Haz. - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 17 Podcast  

Still coming to you live from the Travelodge in Brisbane, Cheezo & Pistol bring you the important news regarding Pokemon GO. They also talk about some SuperCoach game or something to do with AFL. What do we do with Gaz? They name their top 2 options each as well as covering the best plan of attack for those having to deal with both Gaz and Liberatore this week. As always they name their VC and C options for this week. Tune in for a good listen as we try to keep interested in SuperCoach when clearly chasing Pokemon at 3am seems to be the best thing to be doing at this stage of the season when we have no trades left. Good luck community! - Doc

Round 16 Review Podcast  

We may be on the home stretch post-byes but that doesn't mean we are free of carnage. Another big name drops. Dual-Brownlow medallist Gary Ablett has re-injured his shoulder and requires season-ending surgery. What do we do with Gary Ablett? This is the biggest question covered by Jordan & Giri this week as they run through all the matches from Round 16 just gone. - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 16 Podcast Coming to you live from the Travelodge! Cheezo & Pistol preview Round 16 covering all the INs and OUTs that affect our SuperCoach sides! - Why Danger and Pendles SHOULDN'T be the top of you Captaincy options this week! - Who are our possible 'benchwarmers' to maximise our cash on field? - Are you seriously telling people to trade out Wells? Don't forget to check out our Cancer Council page. Good luck community.... Doc.

Round 15 Review  

We can finally say bye, bye, bye to the Mutli-bye rounds! This week Jordan & Cheezo recap the week that was and take us through: - Game by Game review with the Studs and Duds - Final upgrade and downgrade targets - Which players will provided us with the best bench cover coming home? - Do we bring in perma donuts in our final bench positions to maximise available cash? - Heaps more! - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 14 Podcast #2  

Cheezo & Pistol cover the remaining games for the second bye week. - Going though each R14 rookie with arguments FOR and AGAINST TRADING them out! Who to hold and who to trade this week and who gets priority. - Captain options including the best VC & C options. - much, much more! - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 14 Podcast #1  

WHAT DO WE DO WITH DANIEL WELLS? We cover the single most important question minutes before the Adelaide vs. North Melbourne game. Plus Mrs. Cheezo accidentally pops in to say hello at the end :P

Cheezo & Pete’s Pre-Round 13 Podcast  

The byes are here! It's time to check in with Cheezo & Pete to see what to do during these arrhythmia inducing bye rounds! - Do we trade this week? - Can we loophole using players having their bye? - Who are the best upgrade and downgrade options this week? - What should our plans be for the byes? - Will there be a Australian Women's Football League Supercoach competition next season? Plus heaps more! Join Cheezo & Pete as they answer a ton of community questions!

Cheezo, Pistol & Houston’s Pre-Round 12 Podcast  

HOUSTON IS BACK! A spur of the moment decisions sees a simple Thursday night pod with Cheezo & Pistol gatecrashing Houston at work for his input! Suffice to say it was pure gold class advice! Our FULL VERSION of the ROCKLIFF THEME SONG can be found at the very end of the pod! This week we cover: - The byes and why they are sink or swim - Captain options - Community Q & A - Alex Whelan gets his bye structure torn a new one - We make fun of Houston and his Tom Lee incident Good fun making this entire pod! Also find our Cancer Council page below. - Doc

Cheezo & Pistol’s Pre-Round 11 Podcast  

It's a sad day. The day we traded out Houston for a premium. He was a brilliant cash cow while he lasted but his breakeven was just too high. We will always love you Houston. Not quiet as much as we love Darcy Parish but you will always be loved slightly more than Ross Lyon at least. And that's something to cherish. In a NEW LINE-UP with Pistol Pete this week, we tackle the pressing questions: - Do I trade in Robbie Gray? - Should I trade Libba for Robbie Gray? - Should I put Ben Ken in the mids and trade him to Robbie Gray? SERIOUSLY? Our most requested questions were all about Robbie Gray :P We also tackle rookies, fallen premo's, and much, much more! And we raised over 20% of our goal on the Everyday Hero link! Congratulations community! You are AMAZING!!!

Round 10 Review Podcast  

Damon, Jordan and Peter conduct the second 3-way pod to bring you the cold hard facts. - Which rookies times are up and in what order should you rid them? - Is this the final scene of good available downgrade options? - What fallen premos should you have your eyes on? - Needing something a bit different to spice up your life? Check out some different top end premo names! - Some premo head to head discussions! Thanks for listening! Check out the charity donation page to help us surpass that $1k barrier this week! Doc   Find our Cancer Council donations page here:

Cheezo & Houston’s Pre-Round 10 Podcast  

We finally have SuperCoach bliss after the injury carnage (that actually worked out ok, surprisingly!) and we now have the chance to focus on what matters. - Which Captains do we select this week? - Is Jacob Hopper a yes or a no? - Which other Cash Cows are coming through? All this and more will be answered as Houston hosts his first Podcast and Cheezo backs him up from the Airport AKA a Tin Can. PLEASE DONATE to our Fundraiser for Cancer Council Victoria, we have already raised so much and are incredibly proud to call you our Community. Please, dig deep!

Round 9 Review Podcast  

The biggest week of Carnage for the year and our Premo's stood up! Heater's big 200, Goldy's massive C score and even Rookies chipped in with a few 100+ scores. Jordan, Damon and Giri do the first 3-way Podcast this year and discuss the biggest issues this week: - Which Rookies are due to be culled, or should we hold off on certain ones? - Which Premo's should be an Upgrade Target this week? - What can we take out of Round 9? Tune in this week for all that info and more! THANKS SO MUCH to the people who have donated towards the Cancer Council fundraiser we have going. You can donate towards our Fundraiser to fight Cancer at:

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