Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro

Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro


Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. All previous episodes are available on the iTunes feed, as well as the Radio Free Skaro homepage - Enjoy!


Radio Free Skaro #552 - Class Is In Session  

At long last, Class is here! Yes, two episodes of the newest spin-off of Doctor Who have landed (in the UK and Canada) and the Three Who Rule have their thoughts to share with you…unless you wish not to hear them, being in the United States! We’ve conveniently put bridging music before and after our review, and put the time of said review in the show notes, for you, our American listeners (who don’t download tv shows like fiendish criminal vandals). Besides that, we also have action dolly news, confirmation of Missy in Series 10 of Doctor Who, a discussion by three middle-aged nerds about the viewing habits of millennials, and more! 

NOTE: our discussion of Episodes 1 and 2 of Class occur from 12:30-46:40.


– Class…Episode 1!
– Class…Episode 2!
– Doctor Who…On InnerSPACE!
– Steven Moffat Confirms…Missy Is Back!
– Charlie Brooker…Was Approached To Write Doctor Who!
– Power of the Daleks…Behind The Scenes!
– 13 Doctors…Action Dolly Set!
– Millennial…TV Viewing Habits!
– Class cast and Patrick Ness…At MCM London Comic Con!
– Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
– Steve Dillon…Died.

Radio Free Skaro #551 - Hungry Like The Wolves  

Chip, of the currently on hiatus Two-Minute Time Lord, current Whovian gadabout, and man about town rejoins Two of the Three Who Rule (Chris is still punching his liver with an assortment of British liquids) for a brief sojourn through a paltry news list this week! Dribbles of info about Class (which premieres October 22 in various parts of the Commonwealth)...and not much else. But wait! Chris travels from the past to the present to comment on the past (confused? We are) as RFS is plagued by "The Curse...of Fenric"!


– Class Ep 1 and 2 available on BBC Three at 10am on October 22
– Class: everything you need to know about the Doctor Who spin-off
– Doctor Who marathon on Space on October 22 leading up to Class premiere
– “The Power of the Daleks” in theatres in US on November 14
– 10th anniversary Torchwood story from Big Finish
– Doctor Who “Mr. Men” books coming Spring 2017


– Chip from Two-Minute Time Lord

Radio Free Skaro #550 - Make America Day-and-Date Again  

With New York Comic-Con upon us, the Doctor Who news is (at last) coming fast and furious with two(!) trailers for Class out in the wild and a panel featuring Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Matt Lucas, Brian Minchin and new companion Pearl Mackie at the con teasing what's in store for the Christmas special and beyond! And with Chris off in the UK foraging for beer and scotch eggs, it was up to friend of the show Chip Sudderth to ably assume the third chair to cogitate upon matters Who with the Two Who Rule. We also have a report from Kim and Sage of Head Over Feels direct from NYCC! It's a cornucopia of news on this, the most Canadian of Thanksgivings. 


– Doctor Who returns in “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”
– Full NYCC Doctor Who on BBC America Panel
– Classic series Doctor Who writer to write for Series 10
– Doctor Who Facebook Live chat on Space
– Full NYCC Class panel
– New Class trailer #1
– New Class trailer #2
– Interview with new Doctor Who script editor Nick Lambon
– The Guardian interview with Pearl Mackie
– Long Island Doctor Who updates
– Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas book, including free download
– Digital version of Doctor Who pinball game released
– Doctor Who wins Welsh BAFTA for Special and Visual Effects
– Peter Capaldi nominated for Scottish BAFTA


– Kim and Sage from Head Over Feels
– Chip from Two-Minute Time Lord

Radio Free Skaro #549 - Doctor Spats  

The spinoff Class continues to dominate discussion amongst the Doctor Who intelligentsia, with a panel incoming this week at NYCC and controversy raging about the late arrival of said spin-off in the United States of America. And for a second week running (to cover for technical SNAFUs last week at Edmonton Expo) we have another edition of Fluid Links! Listen, and feel both artron and rift energy surge through you in a fit of discontinuity! 


– Class airs in Australia on ABC2 starting October 24
– Class – Behind The Scenes
– Doctor Who panels streaming at NYCC
– Amazon Video streaming Doctor Who panel on October 7
– DWAS Polarity Day Celebrates The Third Doctor on October 23

Radio Free Skaro #548 - Absinthe and a Dead Bird  

The Three Who Rule are at conterminous space coordinates this week, and despite the ever-present danger of the Blinovich Limitation Effect (not to mention cooties, con crud, and wayward glitter), they were able to record this episode "live" at Edmonton Expo! Besides controversy embroiling Class's premiere next month in the UK and Canada and next year (!) in the USA, they were also able to tackle some of your Fluid Links, all while surrounded by cosplayers, fans, furries, and the ever present smell of onions.


– Class premieres October 22 on BBC Three; Peter Capaldi appears in Episode 1
– Class premieres October 22 on Space
– Class premieres Spring 2017 on BBC America
– 2016 Doctor Who Christmas special enters production
– Writing Doctor Who with Steven Moffat from BBC Writers Room
– BFI Power of the Daleks screening details
– Silva Screen re-release of 1983 Radiophonic Workshop album
– “Anoraks” Kickstarter
– Andrew Smith Just Giving page
– Radio Free Skaro at Edmonton Expo!

Radio Free Skaro #547 - Seville Unrest  

Class fever is building, as evidenced by a fan-made trailer and bits and pieces of official ephemera dribbling out of the BBC about the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff. We've also got news of a slap-fight between Steven Moffat and John Barrowman, a hipster vinyl Big Finish release, and Steven's appearance on Edmonton college station CJSR, where he helped break down the different shooting styles of classic and current Who! Plus, we have the conclusion of our commentary for that cannibalistic soap opera known as..."The Two Doctors!"


– Fan-made…Class Trailer!
– Class…Does Social Media!
– Barrowman and Moffat…Have A Tiff!
– Chimes of Midnight…On Vinyl!
– Wallace Shawn…At Edmonton Expo!
– All That Matters…With Steven As Guest!

– The Two Doctors…Episode 3!

Radio Free Skaro #546 - Hipsters of the Quawncing Grig  

This week, we begin the first of a two-part commentary for "The Two Doctors", a Robert Holmes romp with Two, Six, hipster cannibals, tall Sontarans, and Elton John as a disco scientist. Enticing! But before the main event, the Three Who Rule reflect on the 50th anniversaries of both Star Trek and The Prisoner, two shows that along side Doctor Who were seminal viewing experiences for their younger selves. Dive into the past with us, won't you? 

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Radio Free Skaro #545 - The Mark of the Ayres  

A chance meeting with a newly married couple blessed by one Mr. Peter Capaldi, dribs and drabs of Class news, and….a Miniscope! Musical scientist Mark Ayres is the subject of keen-eyed observations from the Three Who Rule, only one of which (Steven) have any real musical expertise but the bulk of the Miniscope is an interview with said Mr. Ayres, a scholar and gentleman tunesmith of the highest renown. Open your ears and enjoy!

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Radio Free Skaro #544 - The Dog Days of August  

New York Comic Con happens in October, with a strong presence from both Doctor Who and Class. But what if you a) are impatient and b) live not on the eastern seaboard of the United States but the East Midlands in the UK? Well, if you can wait until September 3 you can attend Whooverville 8 in Derby, and we have convention organizer and all-around gentleman Steve Hatcher on this week to tell us a little more about this fan-centric celebration of all things Doctor Who. Plus news (such as it is), and the Doctor Who Magazine Series 9 readers poll results! Enjoy!

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Radio Free Skaro #543 - Two One Contact (Is The Answer)  

Rumours, mumblesuch and nonsense dominated the news week, from Power of the Daleks teases that weren’t to the chance (slim to in actual fact…none) that Doctor Who would shoot soon in Warren’s own homestead of Vancouver. All poppycock! But you can count on the veracity and verisimilitude of the Three Who Rule as they tackle another exciting set of…Fluid Links!

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Radio Free Skaro #542 - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago  

10 years! That’s a whole lot of talking by three jaunty Canadians about a British television program of little repute by the name of Professor Whom. But after a smattering of news, the Three Who Rule move quickly on to an extended series of interviews with the fine people with whom we’ve shared our podcasting adventures with, including: Ken Deep of Podshock fame, Deborah Stanish, Katrina Griffiths and Erika Ensign of Verity!, Chip Sudderth of the Two Minute Time Lord, and Simon Harries, John Williams and Neil Perryman of Tachyon TV! Phew! Here’s to ten more years of meandering drivel from Canadian interlopers who have no right to talk of Britain’s televisual crown jewel!

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Radio Free Skaro #541 - The Tholian Web  

It’s a bowl of mixed treats in the news list, from Peter Capaldi’s third anniversary to Class showrunner Patrick Ness being offered a chance to write for proper Doctor Who. Mysterious! Also Doctor Who Legacy, the TV Movie on Blu-Ray (sorta kinda), and a report from Warren who is attending Anglicon in Seattle. All this and the conclusion of our commentary for "The Web of Fear"! You will bow to the will of the Great Intelligence…or be destroyed! And make sure to tune in next week for our tenth anniversary special, where we reflect on anything other than ourselves! O Canada!

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Radio Free Skaro #540 - The Velvet Web  

The Doctor Who news this week consists of action dollies, laments for the (on hiatus) Bookshelf Doctors, and not much else. But the Three Who Rule used their powers of bloviation to ponder, surmise, and otherwise cogitate for longer than was strictly necessary before getting to this week's highlight, Part the First of our commentary for the 1968 story "The Web of Fear". As an extra bonus, the commentary for the (still missing) Episode 3 features archive audio from missing episodes hunter Phil Morris!

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Radio Free Skaro #539 - Quark's Bar  

With San Diego Comic-Con in full swing as of this recording, there’s…well, news of a sort at any rate. David Tennant will appear in Family Guy as the Tenth Doctor (yay?), various doodads and cards are available at SDCC (getting warmer) and non-Who silliness like a new Star Trek TV series trailer (yay!) along with Dirk Gently (yaaaaa…I dunno.) But why concentrate on the present when you can dive decades into the past with director Morris Barry in…the Miniscope!

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Radio Free Skaro #538 - Time Crimes  

The news drought continues, but that doesn’t stop us from coming up with spurious, quasi-Doctor Who related detective shows, Pigbin Josh Christmas adventures and quite possibly the worst analysis of the UK’s political climate since Donald Trump visited a golf course. All this and Fluid Links, chums! The mind reels!

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Radio Free Skaro #537 - A Towering Intelligence  

San Diego Comic-Con looms like a monolith on the very edge of our collective nerd conscience, and though Doctor Who officially will not be at this year’s SDCC, Titan Comics will be holding a panel and slaking the fires of word-balloon fueled fever! Add to that a contest for signed copies of issues #500 and #501 of Doctor Who Magazine, and Warren’s live-tweeting adventure chronicling the Director’s Guild of Canada with Rachel Talalay and Amanda Tapping (Storify link in the show notes) and you’ve got yourself a podcas…..but wait! There’s also a commentary on the classic series adventure "The Time Warrior" for you to enjoy! Oh yes, and three old men trying to talk about Pokemon and failing utterly. Shame them, for they deserve it.

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Radio Free Skaro #536 - No Complications  

Doctor Who Comics Day, Big Finish, and Steven Moffat’s agonies over Series 7 top the news this week, as does the ascent of Piers Wenger to Grand Poobah of Commissioning of Things of a Dramatic Nature for the BBC. But what you really want to know about is the work of Classic Series director Paul Bernard, who helmed "Day of the Daleks", "The Time Monster" and "Frontier In Space" and we have an examination of his work…in the Miniscope!

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Radio Free Skaro #535 - Douglas, King of Scots  

Gallifrey One guests! A radiant Pearl Mackie sharing her first day on set for Series 10! Classic Who on PBS, and this very podcast being highlighted by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Arts blog! All mere preamble to the commentary for “The Husbands of River Song,” with special guest Douglas Mackinnon, the director of said story! Learn about all the secrets of filming the 2015 Christmas Special! You will enjoy or die!

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Radio Free Skaro #534 - To The End Of The Universe  

For a Year With No Doctor Who, this week brought a surfeit of news, including tales of actors and writers headed for Series 10 (which begins filming this week!), news about Class, Doctor Who being included on the initial Emmy nomination list for the first time ever, and more! The mind veritably reels at this cornucopia of informational entertainments. But let’s be honest, you’re here for even more Rachel Talalay, and RFS delivers, as the acclaimed director joins us for the second of her two-part commentary, this one for "Hell Bent"!

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Radio Free Skaro #533 - The First Second of Eternity  

Let’s just take it as read that there was no news this week of any consequence and move right to the main event. Director Rachel Talalay joins Steven and Warren this week for a commentary on "Heaven Sent", the penultimate episode of this series of Doctor Who and, let’s be honest, one of the best episodes of the show ever to be produced, old or new. And next week she’s back with Hell Bent with Steven and Chris! But why are you reading this? Listen and enjoy!

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