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Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro


Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. All previous episodes are available on the iTunes feed, as well as the Radio Free Skaro homepage - Enjoy!


Radio Free Skaro #575 – Beyond the Valley of the Thals  

With new Who slowly ambling towards our eyeballs, the news pace has picked up somewhat, with publicity stills, tantalizing details concerning Ice Warriors, and the release of the 1999 charity special “The Curse of Fatal Death” on Youtube (otherwise known as ‘streaming VHS’)! But this is a mere tease, the frothiest of fripperies, the lightest of garnishes (and so forth, please get on with it) to the reappearance of one Kyle Anderson, Nerdist scribbler and all-around fine fellow, as we complete our commentary of….The Daleks!


– Ice Warrior episode teasers!
– Series 10 publicity stills!
– The Pilot gets a New Zealand cinema screening!
– Australian Doctor Who panel show debuts after The Pilot!
– Chibnall will write the new Doctor’s first words!
– Red Nose Day Doctor Who charity auction!
– Red Nose Day Doctor Who charity lottery!
– The Curse of Fatal Death re-released by the BBC!


– The Daleks! The Mutants! The Dead Planet!
– Kyle Anderson!

Radio Free Skaro #574 – Valley of the Thals  

It’s time for a visit to The Dead Planet to see some Mutants in “The Daleks” with the Three Who Rule and Doctor Who: The Writers Room podcaster, Nerdist scribe and gentleman bounder Kyle Anderson as a special guest! Thrill to Steven’s knowledge of televisual minutiae, twirl to Kyle’s searing insights, sashay to Chris’s detailed analysis and recoil at the sight of Warren’s brain melting at the (in his sole opinion) grinding tedium of the early Hartnell era! Plus news like the first official Series 10 trailer, but who needs that when you’ve got survivors escaping an ordeal and an ambush, thus expediting a rescue!


– Series 10 Episode 1 will be called The Pilot!
– Series 10 will have a 3-parter in the middle!
– Official BBC Series 10 trailer released!
– Missy’s reaction to the trailer!
– Australian cinema details for the Series 10 Premiere!
– Paul Cornell’s Chalk
– New Radiophonic Workshop album!
– “Directed by Douglas Camfield” by Michael Seely!


– The Daleks! The Mutants! The Dead Planet!
– Kyle Anderson!

Radio Free Skaro #573 – Stevie Nicks  

No sooner did we joke about Mondasian Cybermen in Series 10 than they magically appear in a publicity shot with one Peter Capaldi! While we’d like to claim prophetic wisdom in this matter, we had no inside knowledge and this was likely a “going out in style” wish from one Mr. Capaldi, and we are all the better for it. P-Cap will also be gracing the small, inconsequential town of Calgary, AB for Calgary Expo at the end of April, to the delight of bouffant enthusiasts across the Canadian prairies! And in other good news, we have two interviews to round out our Gallifrey coverage, one with the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen (plus many others) and Big Finish man about town Nicholas Briggs, and the other with writer, director, actor and Dalek operator Nicholas Pegg! Do we have the right? Of course we do!


– Peter Capaldi at Calgary Expo!
– Series 10 trailer “A Time for Heroes”
– Mondasian Cybermen and Rachel Talalay are back in Series 10!
– Class episode 1 as part of the Series 10 Premiere cinema experience!
– Big Finish Humble Bundle!
– Spare Parts on vinyl!


– Nicholas Pegg!
– Nicholas Briggs!
– Gallifrey One!

Radio Free Skaro #572 – Comic Sans  

As the weeks tick slowly down to new Doctor Who, we have a short teaser to discuss, with sparks and Capaldi hair and Nardole and Bill! Gallifrey One 2018 tickets go on sale soon, so get your purchasing fingers limbered! The Series 10 premiere will hit theatres in April, and we salute John Hurt’s last turn as the War Doctor in the Big Finish production “Casualties of War”! Finally, we have two interviews from Gallifrey One for you, with novelist, comic book scribe and Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell, as well as Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson!


– Gallifrey One 2018 tickets go on sale April 8
– Series 10 teaser
– First five Series 10 episode titles revealed?
– US cinemas will get the Series 10 premiere April 17 & 19
– Trailer for Big Finish “Casualties of War”, John Hurt’s last performance as the War Doctor 
– Disney Time Tom Baker links from 1975
– Missing Who event May 27, ft. Deborah Watling, Peter Purves, Sue Malden, Philip Morris, Graham Strong
– Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later


– Chris Thompson
– Paul Cornell

Radio Free Skaro #571 – Silver Nitrate  

Post-Gally blues…or post-Gally buzz? The Three Who Rule were in high spirits this week, energized by a most wonderful gathering of the tribe in Los Angeles. This episode presents two interviews from Gallifrey One, first with TV consultant for the BFI, Dick Fiddy, and second with Red Dwarf and Doctor Who costume designer Howard Burden! Tally ho!


– Class final BBC One viewing figures
– Series 10 Parts 1 & 2 DVD and Blu-Ray
– Pertwee Years interview collection
– Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later


– Dick Fiddy
– Howard Burden

Radio Free Skaro #570 – Happiness Will Prevail  

In our second of two episodes this weekend from Gallifrey One, the Three Who Rule run down all the fascinating sights and sounds they’ve seen this weekend at Gallifrey One, give the inside scoop on what happened to a couple of missing guests from their live show on Friday, and speculate some more about Peter Capaldi’s departure and Chris Chibnall’s arrival! Also, an interview with musician Dominic Glynn, and a missing episodes update from the Restoration Team’s Steve Roberts!


– Chris Chibnall almost convinced Peter Capaldi to stay
– Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later

Radio Free Skaro #569 – Radio Free Skaro: Victorian Gothic Folly  

Hooray for Gallifrey! The Three Who Rule are back for their ninth(!) trip to Gallifrey One, the real happiest place on Earth, and for the sixth(!!) year running, it has been their honour to help launch the convention in style with their very own live show. This year, Paul McGann, Philip Hinchcliffe, Roger Murray-Leach, Rachael Stott, and Nick Abadzis were the guests, and a grand time was had by all. Listen in and enjoy!


– Paul McGann
– Philip Hinchcliffe
– Roger Murray-Leach
– Nick Abadzis
– Rachael Stott

– Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later

Radio Free Skaro #568 – The Shining World of the Seven Systems  

Our favorite weekend of the year is here in less than a week, the Whovian celebration known as Gallifrey One! We’ll be there doing our live show at 10:30 a.m. Friday in the main hall with our live show, “Radio Free Skaro: Victorian Gothic Folly,” but in the meantime get comfortable as we break down what we’re looking forward to seeing and doing at the LAX Marriott, and stay tuned next week for shows from the con!


– Missy promo for Series 10
– Doctor Who Magazine #509 confirms Series 10 writers and directors
– Class Ep 5 and 6 final ratings on BBC One
– BFI hosting a panel discussion for Series 10 on April 9
– Delia Derbyshire 80th birthday electronic music heritage project 
– “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” DVD extras
– “The Power of the Daleks” DVD extras
– Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later

Radio Free Skaro #567 - The Clock Strikes Twelve  

Capaldexit! Yes, the Three Who Rule were sideswiped (as was everyone else) by Peter Capaldi’s surprise announcement that he was leaving the role of The Doctor, and after admonishing the UK press for baseless speculation, the RFS crew engaged in frankly hypocritical predictions of their own. That plus stats, Series Ten news and a 70 minute(!) Miniscope about writer/director Terence Dudley round out this episode! Enjoy!


– Peter Capaldi leaving after Series 10.
– Peter Capaldi’s tenure.
– Ben Whishaw is the bookie’s favourite for the next Doctor!
– Series 10 starts April 15 on BBC One!
– Series 11 may start Autumn 2018!
– Series 10 starts April 15 on BBC America!
– Class premieres April 15 on BBC America!
– Series 10 writer list!
– Mark Gatiss brings back the Ice Warriors!
– Gareth David-Lloyd announced for Gally!
– Naoko Mori announed for Gally!
– Gallifrey One Schedule!
– Class eps 7 & 8 BBC One viewing figures!
– Class eps 3 & 4 BBC One final viewing figures!
– Big Finish wins BBC Drama award!
– Doctor Puppet War Doctor puppet!


– Terence Dudley!
– Meglos!
– Four to Doomsday!
– Black Orchid!
– The King’s Demons!
– K-9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend!
– K-9 and Company fan titles!

Radio Free Skaro #566 – Never Cruel Or Cowardly  

It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of acting legend John Hurt, beloved by Whovians for his portrayal of the War Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor” but with a career spanning the best of film, TV, and the stage. In happier news, we can now announce the guests for our Gallifrey One live show (contained within) and some other notable Gally news, updates and miscellany! We also announce the winner of our Whographica giveaway contest! Plus stats (bleh) and a commentary for the 1978 story “The Ribos Operation”! To me, Sholakh!


– John Hurt died.
– Radio Free Skaro… Live From Gallifrey One 2017!
– Gallifrey One guest update and reception info!
– Who’s Queer Now? featuring Russell T Davies!
– Class BBC One ratings!


– The Ribos Operation!

Radio Free Skaro #565 – Warning: Graphic Content  

Dollies, Nardole and a reliably batty, 83 years young Tom Baker are the mere froth on the fancy latte of Whographica, an exquisite collection of infographics featuring incredibly nerdy deep dives into the corners and recesses of Doctor Who trivia. We interviewed authors Simon Guerrier, Steve O’Brien and Ben Morris, to find out what went into this expansive and frankly obsessive labour of love. Adjust your rectangular framed glasses, straighten your turtleneck, and enjoy! And listen in to see how you can win a copy of Whographica (courtesy BBC Books) of your very own!


– Gallifrey One guest update!
– Gallifrey One miscellaneous update!
– Matt Lucas sticks around for longer!
– Class viewing figures for episodes 3 & 4!
– Class episodes 1 and 2 appreciated!
– Upcoming 5.5″ action figures!
– Playmobil pop culture figures!
– Happy birthday Tom Baker!
– Rodney Bennett died.


– Whographica!
– Simon Guerrier
– Steve O’Brien
– Ben Morris


– Win a copy of Whographica!

Radio Free Skaro #564 – At Long Last, Wendy Padbury  

For seemingly every single Doctor Who convention that one or all of the Three Who Rule have ever attended, Wendy Padbury has been there. Standing next to them in lines, walking past them in the hallway, but never, ever a guest on Radio Free Skaro. Until today! Ms. Padbury joins a panel of fine thespians (and Doctor Who companions) Anneke Wills, Deborah Watling, Louise Jameson, and Lisa Greenwood (and all interviewed by our very own Steven) recorded at Chicago TARDIS from this past November!


– Class Ep 1 and 2 overnight viewing figures on BBC One
– Toby Hadoke’s 2016 In Memoriam video

Chicago TARDIS Interview:

– Anneke Wills
– Deborah Watling
– Wendy Padbury
– Louise Jameson
– Lisa Greenwood

Radio Free Skaro #563 – Murder By Illusion  

And so we enter another fallow period as the Christmas special recedes into the dark recesses of 2016 but new Who has yet to arrive. What to do? How about diving deep into the history of Doctor Who with an interview with behind-the-scenes specialist and Twitter phenomenon @WhoSFX? Yes, you will listen to said interview! You will, or suffer the consequences!


– Happy birthday William Hartnell!
– Class debuts on BBC One tomorrow!
– The Return of Doctor Mysterio final BBC One viewing figures!
– Power of the Daleks in colour now at the BBC Store!


– WhoSFX

Radio Free Skaro #562 – And So We’re Told This Is The Golden Age  

Goodbye 2016, and hello new year! And what better way to ring in a new wander around the sun than stats? Well, practically anything, but that’s all we’ve got! All, that is, except for an interview with Big Finish impresario and voice of the Daleks Nick Briggs, recently conducted at LI Who by Warren! Enjoy, or you will be exterminated!


– Gallifrey One guest update!
– The Return of Doctor Mysterio sets BBC America record!
– The Return of Doctor Mysterio Appreciation Index
– Long Island Doctor Who


– Nicholas Briggs

Radio Free Skaro #561 - Lucy & Grant: Dawn of Justice  

Superheroics! Derring-do! Balderdash, mumblesuch and in the middle of it all stands one man, Doctor Mysterio! Yes, after a year of waiting for new Who, the Three Who Rule ruminate over this year’s Xmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” featuring P.Cap, N.ardole and comic book shenanigans in NYC! And as if that wsn’t enough, there is extensive post-game bleating about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the end of the show, featuring spoilers aplenty! So be it, Jedi!


– The Return of Doctor Mysterio review!
– Series 10 Coming Soon Trailer
– Mysterio BBC One Viewing Figures
– Mysterio DVD/Blu-Ray details
– More Fantom alternate commentaries
– New Fourth Doctor series announced by Big Finish
– New Comic about The Ghost, written by George Mann
– Free Comic Book Day details
– The Doctor Puppet’s fifth Christmas episode

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