Dogma Debate

Dogma Debate


A fast-paced liberal radio show & podcast to discuss & debate topics on atheism, science, politics, & civil rights,; while making you laugh, cry, & most importantly, think.


#330 - Animal Activist vs. David Smalley  

President & Founder of Mercy For Animals, Nathan Runkle, is in studio with David to discuss his recent farming episode, and the misinformation Nathan believes is being given to the public about the farming process. Sarah Levin from Secular Coalition for America gives activists an easy way to make a difference. Please do this survey!

#329 - Lawrence Krauss, Disasters, & ANTIFA  

With co-hosts Ian Harris, Michael Cain, & Brandy Madden in studio, Lawrence Krauss joins David to discuss physics and science. Dr. Samantha Montano joins in to talk about what not to do for disaster victims. Plus, a deep discussion on freedom of speech and violent protests, and a special live News for the 4th Listener. Commercial free episodes at

#328 - Gad Saad vs. Threats to Reason  

Back on! Jewish Professor, Gad Saad, who escaped Lebanon to avoid persecution from Islamic terrorists, joins David in studio to discuss tenets of Islam, Sharia Law, and immigration. EXPLICIT!

#327 - Nationalist vs. David Smalley  

White Americans have a right to defend themselves, their race, and their cultures from denigration, especially from targeted abolition! - That was the tweet from Jeremiah Bannister who joins David on this episode to defend his message.

#326 - Factory Farms vs. David Smalley  

The Farm Babe Michelle Miller takes David on a tour of Iowa pig farms, and a dairy farm, as he records discussions with staff about slaughtering, animal housing, ethics, and their views on animal rights activists.

#325 - Female Pastor vs. David Smalley  

Writer, Producer, and Pastor, Sharon Bollum defends religious morality vs. secular morality.

#324 - Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews and Aron Ra  

EXPLICIT! Live from St. Louis on the main stage at Gateway to Reason, take a peek into the occasional therapeutic roasting of religion that happens at skeptic conferences, and hear an internal discussion of the lacking nuance thats happening in our community.

#323 - Street Preacher vs. David Smalley  

Is atheism a mental disorder? Street Preacher Daniel Hedrick says so, and claims to have the cure with 3 basic forms of evidence.

#322 - Dave Rubin vs. The Left  

Making your opposition afraid to ask questions for fear of being labeled hateful, only prevents your goal of educating them. EXPLICIT!

#321 - Evangelical Radio Host vs. David Smalley  

Dennis Prager is a Jewish conservative radio broadcaster syndicated by evangelical Christian stations, and the founder of PragerU. He joins David in studio for a discussion on secular morality, and the Ten Commandments. Sarah Levin has a quick update on how you can be activist by texting!

#320 - Black Nonbelievers & Secular Students  

After 17 years with SSA, August Brunsman is moving on. So, he gets a nice surprise while live on stage at OSU. Mandisa Thomas and Sean Omar Rivera discuss the importance of Black Nonbelievers, and Republicans Say the Darndest Things: all in front of a live audience in Columbus, OH.

#319 - Peter Boghossian vs. Radical Ideology  

Conservatives and Progressives aren't the problem. Extreme ideology from both sides is destroying the fabric of conversation, free speech, and discussion of uncomfortable ideas.

#318 - Psychics, The Secret, and Skepticism  

The Law of Attraction, Facebook Fights, Psychic Mediums, and Skepticism are all covered by Skeptic Comedian Ian Harris, Podcast Host, Phil Ferguson, and David Smalley.

#317 - Adam Carolla vs. Safe Spaces  

Pete calls in to discuss SSACON, Sarah gives quick updates on Secular Coalition for America, and Adam and David discuss safe spaces, and why Adam still hopes for a heaven, as an atheist.

#316 - Michael Shermer vs. The Regressive Left  

EXPLICIT! - David Smalley and Michael Shermer discuss free speech, explain regressive ideology, and how the left is destroying itself.

#315 - PETA vs. David Smalley  

Is going vegan the most healthy and ethical thing to do? Is PETA really a terrorist organization, guilty of killing thousands of animals? Davids dogmatic meat-eating is put front and center in the face of science, and PETA answers its critics and accusers.

#314 - Baptist Pastor vs. David Smalley  

Christian Counselor & Baptist Pastor Chris Legg joins David to debate issues of the Bible, God, Jesus, and LGBT rights. Darrel Ray & Gayle Jordan also stop by to discuss Recovering from Religion, and Secular Coalition for America gives quick updates on 2 bills.

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