#281 – Christian Listener vs. David Smalley  

Daniel Ray has been a listener of Dogma Debate for 2 years, and is a devout Christian. David and Daniel discuss demons, angels, talking animals, the bible, special revelation, depression, childhood, and the firmament in the sky. Daniel believes the universe points to Jesus, and that evil is NOT just the result of “free will.”

#280 – Atheists vs. Christmas  

Taking calls from atheists celebrating Christmas; a moment of prayer with David (yes, he prays with you), the Salvation Army & Target.

#279 – You vs. Your Family: Happy Thanksgiving  

Ready for the Trump debates at Thanksgiving? Thinking about bowing out of the prayer this year? David & Brandy give you some tips on dealing with family in a peaceful way this holiday season.

#278 – Noah’s Ark vs. David Smalley, Aron Ra, & Dan Arel  

Eric Hovind took a group of atheists on a personally guided tour of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter. This is the full audio of what happened.

#277 – Trump vs. Atheists: with Aron Ra & Rachel Nanon Brown  

Liberal atheists react to a Trump victory, and Aron Ra & Rachel Nanon Brown discuss evolution vs. creation.

#276 – Christian Couple vs. David Smalley  

Two Christian 4th Listeners attended David’s debate with Matt Slick, and now they have their chance to talk with David directly.

#275 – Dan Dennett vs. Free Will  

Author & Philosopher Dan Dennett joins us to talk about Free Will & Sam Harris, James Lindsay discusses his new book “Everybody is Wrong About God,” David, Alix, & Brandy recap the final presidential debate, and Larry Decker gives a political update from the Secular Coalition for America.

#274 – Christian Educator vs. David Smalley: Is God  

How can God be good, when there’s so much evil in the world? Apologist and Christian educator, John D. Ferrer debates David Smalley in front of a live audience for the Bible and Beer Consortium, including cross-examinations and audience questions.

#273 – Pro Gay Pastor vs. David Smalley  

Colby Martin is a Pastor, and author of Unclobbered: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality.

#272 – Matt Slick vs. David Smalley: Is God a Moral Monster?  

Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster? Matt Slick (Creator of Carm.org) and David Smalley debate in front of a live audience for the Bible & Beer Consortium.

#271 – Bryan Fischer vs David Smalley  

Bryan Fischer of American Family Radio joins David Smalley to discuss his controversial opinions.

#270 – Pro Life Atheist vs. Pro Choice Atheist  

Lydia Allan is back in studio, defending a woman’s right to choose. But this time, the debate is against another atheist, and another woman. A fan of the show, who only wants to be known as ‘Sherry’ is a conservative humanist, who says “as humanists, we have no right to take a life from the … Continue reading #270 – Pro Life Atheist vs. Pro Choice Atheist

#269 – Texas Preacher vs. David Smalley  

Eric Hernandez, a minister and preacher from Houston, TX, joins David in studio to attack atheism.

#268 – Avoiding Social Media Drama  

A surprise guest announcement! A live debate is coming with Matt Slick, and a minister will be in studio this weekend. Phil Ferguson joins David to talk about drama in the secular community and watching out for finance scams.

#267 – Cognitive Dissonance Crashes Dogma Debate  

Tom & Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance stop by to annoy David and share some good news about a charity event; Larry Decker closes in on ways to work with non-secular groups, and John Loftus tells us how atheists can advise Christians on how to defend Christianity. You read that correctly.

#266 – Amazing Secular Women  

Brandy Madden, Shelley Segal, and Leighann Lord all join David & Alix for comedy and music.

#265 – Arrested For Her Father’s Death: How to Die with Dignity  

Barbara Mancini was arrested in the 2013 death of her 93 year old father, and charged with 'Assisting Suicide.' She sets the record straight on this episode.

#264 – Do Christians Really Have A Better Life?  

Chris Johnson, director of the new film 'A Better Life' talks about the lives of atheists in contrast to Christians; and how atheists are viewed in today's society.

#263 – The Liberal Redneck: Trae Crowder  

Trae Crowder is a redneck comedian from Tennessee, who's an open liberal. His Facebook fame launched him on a comedy tour with 2 other liberal rednecks! See him live in your city: www.wellredcomedy.com

#262 – What Christians Say  

Things Christians say to and about atheists, and a Crazy Song of the Week.

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