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Don't Keep Your Day Job

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Don't Keep Your Day Job is a weekly podcast hosted by Cathy Heller, showcasing how creative people have made a living doing what they love. We'll pinpoint what strategies have been proven to turn passion into a profit, and interview successful creators from screenwriters, fashion designers, chefs, songwriters, directors, comedians, photographers, animators and more. Go inside these inspirational stories and come away with hard-hitting advice on how to make your dream a reality. This show will drag you out of your slump, empowering you to take action and giving you real tools to end the 9-5 and begin being paid to do what you've always wanted to do.


Discover Your Worth with Kristeen Griffin-Grimes  

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes’ boutique company, French Girl Organics has a successful line of luxury skincare and beauty products across the country - and it’s only getting bigger. So how did this business blossom from Kristeen’s simple love for botany and French aesthetics? She also shares what lessons we can all learn from the European lifestyle, how Etsy led to popular retailers like Anthropologie, where she’s planning to expand next, and why gratitude and confidence are essential to achieving your dreams. Thank you Casper for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job! Save $50 on a mattress at Casper and use code dreamjob. Thanks to Slack for being a supporter of our podcast! Slack: Where work happens. Find out why at

Making A Difference with Ed Begley Jr.  

Ed Begley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere," "Better Call Saul," "Arrested Development") is a Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor who has become a household name. As the son of an Oscar-winning actor, he thought he had a free pass to Hollywood stardom. But when no job offers came, he realized he was missing the first step - training. He shares how the harsh truth motivated him to hone his craft, why he got involved in environmentalism, how he’s successfully followed more than one passion, and what you can do to leave your non-carbon footprint in the world. Thank you LeTote for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job! Go to and use promo code DreamJob for 50% off your first month. Thanks to Wistia for their support! Start your free account at

Defining Your Happiness with Gretchen Rubin  

Gretchen Rubin, #1 bestselling author ("The Happiness Project," "Better Than Before") and host of the critically acclaimed podcast "Happier with Gretchen Rubin" joins Cathy to dish out the secrets on how to be happy. How do you first identify what truly makes you happy? How can understanding your personality type help you set smart goals towards success? She also explains how to change your habits, how to be accountable for your progress, and why we all deserve to be happy. Thanks to Slack for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job! Slack: Where work happens. Find out why at Thanks to Away for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job! Go to and use the promo code dreamjob to get $20 off your order.

Painting an Artistic Revolution with Rebecca Schweiger  

Rebecca Schweiger - internationally acclaimed artist, author, and founder of New York City’s #1 art school, the Art Studio NY - was already successfully selling her paintings in art galleries by the time she graduated college. But something was still missing. How did she transform her small New York apartment into an art studio where she could teach classes? What helped her increase her group of students from 5 to 1000? She also explains how she charged through the fear of starting a new chapter, why you shouldn’t try to be perfect, and why we as creative individuals need to give everyone the opportunity to experience art. Thank you Blue Apron! Support the show by going to and get your first three meals FREE—WITH FREE SHIPPING!

From 10% to 100% Entrepreneur with Patrick McGinnis  

Venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and author Patrick McGinnis thought he was doing everything right by working on Wall Street. But now he’s using his book "The 10% Entrepreneur" to help aspiring entrepreneurs transition out of their day jobs and into a business that they truly love. Find out how you can start monetizing your creative talent, how he coined the term “FOMO” and how to get rid of it, and why you're not going to retire if you’re working with your passion. Thanks to LeTote for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job! Go to and use promo code DreamJob for 50% off your first month!

The Quick & Dirty Tips to Building Success with Mignon Fogarty  

Mignon Fogarty isn’t just the creator, host, and persona behind the highly acclaimed podcast, Grammar Girl. She’s also a bestselling author and the founder of the amazing podcast network, Quick and Dirty Tips. But when she started, there was no guarantee that this new podcasting frontier was a worthy sacrifice for her well-paid, yet soul-crushing freelance job. How did she eventually construct a clear brand with loyal followers? She also shares her secrets on what has made her podcast a success, how she uses social media without getting overwhelmed, and why it’s important to stay open even in a world of uncertainty. Thanks to Videoblocks for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Get your 7-day FREE TRIAL with

Freeing Your Mind with Susan Kaiser Greenland  

Mindfulness teacher and author Susan Kaiser Greenland used to be part of the rat race. But now she works to help people slow down, relax the tension of life’s burdens, and refocus their attention to the present. She explains what mindful games and meditation practices will train you to grow comfortable with uncomfortable situations, how to set aside negative emotions to appreciate where you are right now, and why it’s important to always keep your sense of humor.

Writing Your Own Story with Novelist Emily Giffin  

Bestselling author Emily Giffin has topped the charts, selling over 11 million copies of her heartwarming novels such as "Something Borrowed," "Something Blue," and "The One and Only," but she started her journey working as a lawyer. How did she gather the courage to quit her high-profile day job - even after receiving heavy rejection with her first book? Learn how she balances writing with motherhood, what she looks for in an agent, how she overcomes imposter syndrome, and why relationships are the most essential parts of our lives. Thank you Blue Apron! Check out this week’s menu and get your first three meals FREE - with FREE SHIPPING - by going to

Sculpting Your Dream with Brian Giniewski  

When the image of ceramics kept Brian Giniewski awake at night, he knew this was his passion. So how did he go from teaching to selling his drippy pots to over 50 wholesale stores across the country? He also shares why it’s okay to create bad art, how his business gets followers on Instagram, and how to keep your artistic integrity while also making your customers happy. Thanks to VideoBlocks for supporting Don’t Keep Your Day Job! Get a 7-day free trial by going to

Crafting a DIY Blog into an “Overnight Success” with Elise Blaha Cripe  

Blogger Elise Blaha Cripe, founder of Get to Work Book, has experimented with a variety of DIY projects - scrapbooking, letterpress prints, wedding name it, she’s done it. But how did she figure out exactly what product she wanted to create? Step by step, she explains what specific goal led her to quit her retail job, what social platforms she uses to market her business, and what she tells herself to break through mental barriers.

Unlocking Our Unlimited Potential with Fashion Designer Susan Lazar  

Fashion designer Susan Lazar has sold her clothing line in national luxury department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, and Saks. Find out what she did to reach the right contacts, how to create a successful brand, and why sometimes it’s better to put off the “how” and just jump in. Thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast! Listen to Audible’s new original series, Sincerely X. Details at Audible and Amazon Prime members listen free.

Standing Out Means Blending Together with Ben Bram  

Ben Bram (Pentatonix, "Glee," "Pitch Perfect," "The Sing-Off") is the Grammy award-winning visionary behind the incredible a cappella sensation, Pentatonix. His story highlights how going the extra mile and honing your craft pays off. How did working without pay land him a job with NBC the day he graduated college? Tune into hear how Pentatonix was born and how he's inspiring young talent, raising the next generation of a capella stars. Thank you Blue Apron for supporting the podcast! Check out this week’s menu and get your first three meals FREE - with FREE SHIPPING - by going to

Going the Distance Despite the Odds with Saul Blinkoff  

Animator and director Saul Blinkoff ("Doc McStuffins", "Mulan", "Pocahontas") always wanted a job in animation and films. But first, he had to figure out the equation that would lead him to that destination - because simply "wishing upon a star" wasn’t enough. What steps did he take on the path towards his dream? How did he overcome obstacles to improve his skills and exceed expectations? Saul also shares why we need healthy competition, why it’s important to wear many hats in your industry, and how the movie "Rudy" changed his life when he thought his dream was dead. Thanks so much to Audible for supporting our podcast! Get a free audiobook with a free 30 day trial at

Balancing Work, Motherhood & Happiness with Maggie Kiley  

Director Maggie Kiley (Scream Queens, Dial A Prayer, Some Boys Don’t Leave) bulked up her resume with short films and indie movies that starred acclaimed actors Jesse Eisenberg, William H. Macy, and Allison Janney. But even that wasn’t enough to land a directing job on a network television show. Find out how having humility and moving her career backwards led to an opportunity with Ryan Murphy, how she maintained a work-life balance as a young mother, and how she uses her “why” to stay positive throughout times of doubt.

Bakeries & Small Business with Greg Mindel  

Pastry chef Greg Mindel was once a deli boy, an apprentice for famous chefs, and a sleepless croissant maniac - but now he’s the founder and owner of Neighbor Bakehouse, a flourishing bakery in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. How did working for free build his network? What did he need to get a bank loan, even though the bakery business was still young? He also explains why he sacrificed sleep for free warehouse rent, what qualities make a good leader, and which special ingredient will make your business stand out in the competition. Thank you Blue Apron for supporting our podcast! Check out this week’s menu and get your first three meals FREE - with FREE SHIPPING - by going to

Comedian Wayne Federman’s Keys to Success  

Comedian, actor, and comedy writer Wayne Federman wasn’t always comfortable in front of a crowd. So how did he transform from a ventriloquist with stage fright to a comedian working with Judd Apatow, Larry David, and Jimmy Fallon? How did identifying his true calling help him through periods of rejection and discomfort? He also shares his favorite quotes from self-help books and George Burns, explains the importance of setting specific goals, and reveals the benefits of being nice to college freshmen. Take our audience survey so we can get to know you! Find the link on our Facebook page or our website

Turning Misery into Motivation with Elisabeth Caren  

Entertainment, advertising, editorial, and fine art photographer Elisabeth Caren shares her 10-year journey towards discovering what fuels her existence. Now she shoots portraits for high-profile celebrities such as Serena Williams and Amy Adams - but it wasn’t always that way. Find out what she did to become a professional photographer without an MFA, how she created opportunities to build her photography portfolio, how she balanced her client’s needs with her own creative freedom, and why working for free was the best career decision she made. Thank you Blue Apron for supporting the show! Check out this week’s menu and get your first three meals FREE - with FREE SHIPPING - by going to

The New Creative Business Model with Ari Herstand  

Ari Herstand - blogger, musician, indie artist encyclopedia, and now published author - joins Cathy to discuss his favorite unconventional strategies to invent opportunities and increase your income. How can you leverage the internet to crowdfund your career? How often should you reset and reevaluate your goals? He also shares the importance of understanding your full business, stories of small artists who became a success from Periscope and Patreon, and the doors that unexpectedly open when you say “yes” to the side man trumpet gig.

What Can You Do Today?  

You're inspired to pursue your creative dream - but where the heck do you even begin? This week, Cathy shares the first good habits that will kickstart your success. What do you specifically need to ask yourself? What steps can you make right now? She also answers questions from some listeners about gaining more attention and creating stories behind the content. This is the year of no excuses, so stop working for someone else's dream and start taking action to turn your creative passion into a full-time career.

Turning Your Dream Job into a Reality  

Welcome to Don’t Keep Your Day Job! In this first episode, Cathy reveals the secrets that have transformed her creative career into a success. What advice from other creative minds has inspired her? How did a stranger on a standby flight change her life? What is the biggest excuse that holds people back from achieving their dreams, and how can you get motivated to overcome that? Say goodbye to that 9 to 5 grind, and start making strides towards the career change so you can make money doing what you truly love.

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