Dr Karl on triplej

Dr Karl on triplej


Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Zan Rowe and their scientific guests, with a bunch of curious triplej listeners for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers! Thursdays from 11am EST.


Wombat poo, maggot wound cleaning, apocalyptic cockroaches  

Special guests Dr Bryan Lessard from the CSIRO and Dr Rebecca Johnson from the Australian Museum join Dr Karl and Zan to answer your science questions.

Synasethesia, multiple moons, safe AI  

What is happening in the brain when someone experiences synasethesia? What would happen if we had more than one moon? How fast would you need to travel to keep up with the sun?

Death by farts, alien messages, tongue ulcers  

How many farts would it take to kill someone in an enclosed space? Have we ever got any replies from out messages to space? Why do people rock when they're anxious?

Morning breath, scent memory, baby hiccups  

What's the deal with morning breath? Why do babies get hiccups when they laugh? How is scent linked to memory?

Sun mirror, essentials oils, vinyl records  

How do you get music out of a vinyl record? What would happen if you reflected the sun's light back at it? Would ants survive without their colony?

Underwater volcanoes, dog yawns, immortality  

Why don't your teeth grow, like nails or hair? What is the smallest particle and what is it made up of? How does natural instinct work?

Quantum mechanics, interstellar travel, suspending light  

Professor Stephen Bartlett joins Dr Karl and Zan to answer all of your Quantum mechanics questions.

Penguin knees, ear pimples, magnetic fields  

What would happen if the earth stopped rotating? Can you stick coins to your forehead, through your own magnetic field? Do penguins have knees?

Itching, faraday cages, mermaids  

Is there a way i can prove the earth is spinning? Where would a helium balloon go in space? Can you eat spider venom?

Stomach butterflies, baby hair, making gold  

Why does my dog like to eat its own hair? What's actually happening when we get butterflies in our stomach? Are there any parts of the human body that are inedible?

Faster than light speed, screaming in pain, Earth mass  

Where does all the poo in the world go? Why do we scream when we're in pain? What would happen if something went faster than light speed?

3D movie sickness, natural crystals, melting wood  

Why can birds stand of electrical wires, without getting shocked? Why do I get sick from video games and 3D movies? Can you melt wood?

Armpit smells, blurry headstands, homing pigeons  

Does shaving your armpits make them less smelly? Why can we eat mouldy cheese, but not mouldy bread? How do homing pigeons know where to fly home to?

Doggie memories, laughing fits, fish energy  

How do dogs remember, or learn, that they've misbehaved? Why doesn't rainwater collected from a roof go bad? When sucking air out of a bottle, why does it form a vaccum?

Why we fear, the speed of smell, moon crash  

What is the evolutionary purpose of having a facial reaction when seeing others in pain? Why doesn't the moon crash into the Earth? Can you measure the speed of smell?

Morning pee, twinkling stars, sunset colours  

Why do you have to pee every morning when you wake up? Why are sunsets different colours on different days? Can personality traits be genetic?

Period syncing, bum wiping, photographic memories  

Do women's periods sync up when they live together? Is there any evidence for someone having a truly photographic memory? Why does your face go red when you drink alcohol?

Hot batteries, space corpses, helium voices  

Is there a link between migraines and De Ja Vu? Why does lightning strike before thunder? Would a full hard drive weigh more than an empty hard drive?

Rollercoasters, space water, the Southern Cross  

Why do I sweat more than my friend? How many names and faces is it possible for a person to remember? Why do people with Tourette syndrome swear in their outbursts?

Human superpowers, remembering dreams, asteroids  

Is it possible for humans to have superpowers? Should we just let asteroids hit the earth so we can make use of the precious elements they contain? Why do I always wake up before reaching my destination?

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