Dr Karl on triplej

Dr Karl on triplej


Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Zan Rowe and their scientific guests, with a bunch of curious triplej listeners for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers! Thursdays from 11am EST.


Drinking rusty water, re-animation, dying from heart break  

How many sports drinks is too many? Can you die of heart break? Is it possible to re-animate a dead body?

Chemotherapy and hair, sharks and magnets!  

Why does hand colour/ type change after chemo? How long does it take your body to adjust to a new time zone? What do sharks think about magnets?

Alcohol and energy, prune skin, tickle tickle!  

What happens to your body when you mix alcohol with energy drinks? Why does wet skin shrivel? And why is it that your're more susceptible to other people's tickling than your own?

Magnet brain, time travel, that disgusting water dogs drink  

If you put two magnets on either side of your head, what happens to your brain? Will time travel be possible in my lifetime? Why can dogs drink disgusting looking water?

Contagious laughter, spoon reflections, neanderthal hair  

Is laughter contagious? When I look into a spoon, why is my reflection upside down? Why does your voice sound different when recorded?

Peeing on your feet, Pluto's planet status, contagious hiccups  

Is Pluto a planet? Does peeing on your feet cure fungal infections? Are humans more intelligent now than in the past?

Jet fuel vs. steel beams, supernovas, bone cracking  

Can jet fuel melt steel beams? If the sun went supernova, what would we see? Why can we crack bones in our body?

Double dipping, zombie apocalypse, developing sonar  

Is double dipping harmful? What are the chances of a zombie apocalypse happening? Are people attracted to similar looking partners?

Colourblindness, lucid dreaming, fart training  

Why do some people fart more than others? Is your consciousness in control of lucid dreaming? Will there ever be a cure for colorblindness?

Spider bites, daddy long-legs poison, acronophobia  

Biochemist, science communicator and spider fan Dr Maggie Hardy joins Dr Karl to answer your questions about spiders!

Going commando, hybrid vegetables, world records  

How are hybrid vegetables created? Is going commando bad for testicular cancer? Why does phone reception improve at night?

Starkiller Base, time travelers, the opposite of gravity  

Physicist Brian Cox joins Dr Karl to help answer all your questions about space and astrophysics.

Same food different farts, is Paleo valid, should I go Vegan  

Why can the same meal cause different levels of flatulence? Is it better to go vegan or eat meat? What's the validity of the Paleolithic diet?

Killer sounds, holding in pee, space growth  

Can you stretch your bladder by holding pee in? Is there a sound that can kill you? What would happen if the moon was destroyed?

Shrinkage, muscle memory, nanotechnology  

What causes shrinkage? How does a dowsing stick find water? How does muscle memory work?

Horny food, body hair, itching  

Why do women have less body hair than men? Are foods like oyster really an aphrodisiac? What causes an itch?

Terraforming a planet, spicy food, reanimation  

Is it possible to terraform a planet? Why does spicy food burn on they way out? Could you freeze someone, then re-animate then?

Nuclear cockroaches, dynamic gravity, dish washing  

Can cockroaches survive a nuclear blast? Why do kids sometimes write letters backwards? Is it better to wash dishes with hot water?

Animal laughs, fussy eaters, living in a simulation  

Do animals laugh? Why are some people fussy eaters? Are we living in a simulation?

Space babies, the Northern Lights, flickering stars  

Zan and Dr Karl are joined by Cosmologist Geraint F. Lewis to answer all your questions about SPACE!

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