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iTunesPsychic: QUICKIE Dr. Lars predicted Elliott's Bike Shop Girl  

Dr. Lars predicted weeks ago Elliott would meet a girl in a mechanic shop... and then he did. Then Elliott ruined it.

DLD WGN 2017 09 07 Patricks Stairway To Hempen- Judy Laughs At her troubles  

The Universe thinks its time for Patrick to get OFF his stairway to HEMPen. Judy laughs her troubles away, and earns a high five from the Universe. WGN 9-7-2017

Weekly Radio Residency on WGN 8-31-2017 -- Megan LAAAADY  

IN his weekly residency on WGN Radio Chicago, Dr. Lars reads the troubled Megan. The reading concludes with Megan screaming, "Laaaaaaaaadyyyyyyy!" How does Lars move her from grieving her fiancé to Jerry Lewis? Listen.

DLD Psychic Circus 2017 - 08 - 30 Delaney Got Ghosted - Blaine Is A Pussy - 29 Min  

Stoner Delaney got Ghosted - now she needs to be alone - and make a Jackie Gleason noise in traffic. The UNIVERSE says Broken-hearted Blaine - who was a whale in a past life - needs to get over his EX and stop being a pussy!

iTunesPsychic: Lars reads a trucker who BARKS & GROWLS at his own truck  

Dr. Lars visits a truck stop outside of Yuma, AZ and does a reading for an ex-Marine who's now a trucker. His job is keeping him away from his wife, so Lars has him bark and growl at his truck to assert his vibration ABOVE that of the truck's, therefore creating a better relationship. Sounds crazy, we know, but see for yourself.

DLD WGN 2017 08 - 28 Anna Rides a Jockey and Witt trips out with Rocky & Bullwinkle  

This week, I gave readings to members of a theater troupe in Chicago. Anna just re-broke up with her Ex, and will now date a jockey. Or a Polo Player. Witt is gonna be a big shot - according to cartoon characters Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Psychic Circus w/ iTunes Psychic Dr. Lars Dingman AUG 15, 2017  

Billy is in LUST with his Ex...Why the Beatles were transcendently brilliant...Chris is getting a new job.

iTunesPsychic QUICKIE: Dr. Lars predicts UFO TRUCKER Rich miracle cancer cure! 2017 - 08 - 03  

Two months ago, Rich called Dr. Lars for a reading during which Lars revealed Rich's UFO experience and also told him a major life event was coming, but all would turn out fine. Last night, Rich called back to thank Dr. Dingman - he'd been diagnosed AND cured of cancer and credits Dr. Dingman for his 'miracle'

DLD Psychic Circus Lester's London Lover & Trina's gonna hook up with an old waiter 2017 - 07 - 20  

On this 24 min Psychic Circus Episode, Dr. Lars sees LESTER'S Long-Distance Lover from London is coming to town! He also sees that serial boy-toy consumer TRINA is going to move on to an older waiter. And she'll LOVE it!

iTunes Psychic: QUICKIE: Myrna has a cheater & Universe gives Mike five stars!  

Dr. Lars Dingman, iTunes Psychic explains how Music Festivals change our brains, tells Myra to stay away from the cheater who wants her honey & tells Mike the Universe thinks he's doing a great job overcoming his past life as a walrus.

iTunesPsychic QUICKIE: A girl likes Tracy & Lars' reading makes Ruth win the lotto! 6-30-2017  

This week, two past callers call back to confirm Dr. Dingman's psychic ability. Lars tells Tracy a girl named Michelle wants to date him - and she does! Weeks ago, Lars told Ruth to buy a $5 lotto ticket. She did, and she WON! WGN Radio June 30, 2017

The Women of Matt Damon & Dr. Lars Dingman  WGN Patti Vasquez Show June 15  2017  

Dr. Lars does readings for an ALL FEMALE IMPROV TROUPE, with Rainbow Unicorns, a window-climbing Nasty Sheriff and a dinosaur that perished when the Yucatan Meteor hit Earth 70 Million years ago. Dr. Lars Dingman on Radio's most provocative Late Night Talk Show. #PrettyLate with @PattiVasquezCHI @wgnradio @mattdamonimprov

iTunesPsychic QUICKIE: Rich the UFO TRUCKER  

Dr. Dingman sees that Trucker RICH had a UFO Experience in his past... and that he and his wife will have MORE in his FUTURE. Rich's 3 songs; Sky pilot, We Gotta Get Out of This Place and The Dance

iTunesPsychic QUICKIE: Tom's going to Reno to meet a Silver Toothed Hooker  

Dr. Dingman sees that Tom is heading to Reno in July ... where he will break his six year sexual drought... with a silver-toothed hooker. JACKPOT!

iTunesPsychic QUICKIE: Her songs tell Lars Sara is leaving her abusive husband  

Sara reluctantly calls in, then discovers Lars is "So right, like a Svengoolie moment!" Lars explains why the Universe agrees with her decision to leave her dirtbag husband

iTunesPsychic QUICKIE: Kathy's sister just died but she's not gone.  

Kathy calls into the show, and Lars senses her sister just died 2 days before. He explains how her songs prove that Kathy's sister is still with her, and that sadness is not the only emotion she's feeling.

iTunesPsychic: QUICKE "Jeff is a secret Swinger"  

Jeff calls in with troubles in his love life. Using his 3 songs, Dr. DIngman discovers he's really a Swinger - and needs more than one girlfriend. Like you need a psychic to figure that out.

iTunesPsychic: QUICKIE "She was a snake at a school funhouse"  

Dr. Lars reveals she was a snake in a past life... and maybe in this one.

iTunesPsychic: QUICKIE Kevin the Quitting Cop  

Dr. Lars insists that there's a big change change coming in Kevin's life. Kevin Says no. Nope. No way. Then admits Lars is right.

iTunesPsychic: QUICKIE  Dr. Lars sees GINA the book binder IN HELL  

Dr. Lars reveals Gina will quit her job and stop pimping for crappy writers.

iTunesPsychic: QUICKIE  Dr. Lars reveals Jess just broke up! Ding! Ding! Ding!  

Jess just broke up. Lars sees her new look, new hair, and her prospects for hooking up in the future

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