Drama of the Week

Drama of the Week

United Kingdom

Every Friday we bring you a new drama from BBC Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.


Breaking Up with Bradford  

Kasim’s return to his hometown of Bradford after three years away at University isn’t quite what he anticipated. His time away has changed him, but is Bradford ready for the new Kasim? Kasim .... Darren Kuppan Richard .... Luke Newberry Sid .... Abdullah Afzal Zaynab .... Mez Galaria Written by Kamal Kaan Directed on location in Bradford by Charlotte Riches

Holding Back The Tide  

Comedy of one group's attempts to halt the modernisation of their town by Nick Warburton

The Tiny Problem  

Tanya Franks and Paterson Joseph star in this razor-sharp family comedy by Tamsin Oglesby

POD PLAY 5: BATHROOM | Drama of the Week Special  

Let us transport you to a world where flies talk and party-goers escape down drain-pipes. Fly…Sandy Grierson Woman…Karen Bartke Writer…Ben Lewis Director…Kirsty Williams Sound Design…Catherine Robinson

POD PLAY 4: PARK | Drama of the Week Special  

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is more MFI than MI5 in the hands of two incompetent and not-so-secret-agents. By Lee Mattinson. Cast AGENT D….. Krissi Bohn AGENT J….. Toby Hadoke Director Sharon Sephton Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

POD PLAY 3: PUB  | Drama of the Week Special  

Take a seat at the bar in your local, but look out… one of the regulars is about to get a round in and it could be a painfully long order. A funny and moving original short audio work by award-winning writer Timothy X Atack, starring Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Prevenge) and David Hargreaves (The Crucible, King Lear at Bristol Old Vic), designed to be listened to on headphones on location. Customer …. David Hargreaves Barmaid …. Alice Lowe Show less

POD PLAY 2: BED | Drama of the Week Special  

Lie on your bed, put on your headphones, and let Indira Varma and Joe Sims take you on a journey which we promise you’ve never made before. Ed Harris’ darkly inventive writing for audio and stage have won him multiple awards. Woman …. Indira Varma Man …. Joe Sims Director Jonquil Panting Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

POD PLAY1: LIVING ROOM | Drama of the Week Special  

By Charlotte Bogard Macleod. Leah and Milo are best friends but now Leah has been offered a job in Australia. She loves Milo but does he love her back? Leah is forced to get right inside his head to find out. Leah ….. Valene Kane Milo ….. George Mackay Director: David Hunter Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

The Man With The Hammer  

by Phil Porter. A tale of two wheels. Why do we cycle and why do we cheat?

Human Resources by Piers Black-Hawkins  

Human Resource by Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2016 Winner, Piers Black-Hawkins. Dylan's pharmaceutical telesales world is turned on its head when he gets a call. Gina.....Katie West, Trainee.....Ashley Margolis, Dylan.....Mathew Baynton, Rich.....Ceallach Spellman, Amy.....Krissi Bohn, Keith....Graeme Hawley, Mr Merton.....Russell Dixon, Producer.....Nadia Molinari, Writer.....Piers Black-Hawkins


A drama about the making of the first British film to seriously address homosexuality.

The Archivist  

A psychological thriller by Kellie Smith. Stars Adam Nagatis and Christine Bottomley.

Dangerous Visions:  Perimeter  

Dystopian comedy about a city divided by a giant fence. By Josie Long and Liam Williams.

The Twenty Year Stretch  

Drama by Colin Bytheway starring James D'Arcy, Tara Fitzgerald and Nicholas Farrell.

The Pick Up  

Comedy, an estranged father & daughter attempt a roadtrip to Moscow. By Sarah Cartwright

Floor 13  

Unable to overcome her middle-class guilt, one woman is forced to take drastic action.

A Lightening  

By Sarah Daniels. A special edition of Home Front, marking the centenary of Britain's first Gotha Air Raid, which devastated Folkestone on 25 May 1917. Weaving real historical figures and testimony with the stories and characters of Home Front, Sarah Daniels pays tribute to the people who died in this sudden, shocking atrocity. Cast Alfred Vane ….. Charlie Clements Mary Stokes ….. Ann Mitchell Jessie Moore ….. Lucy Hutchinson Ivy ….. Lizzy Watts Dennis ….. Sam Swann Noah ….. Finn Monteath The Apple ….. Yonatan Roodner Kitty ….. Amy Metcalf Nancy ….. Jane Whittenshaw William Stokes ….. James Lailey Maggie ….. Hollie Thoupos Written by Sarah Daniels Sound by Martha Littlehailes Directed by Jessica Dromgoole NOTES Friday 25 May 1917 marked the beginning of the Whitsun weekend, and shoppers queued in Tontine Street outside Stokes Greengrocers, who had put word around town that they were stocking fresh potatoes on that day. A squadron of Gotha planes who had attempted an attack on London, were returning unsuccessful, and tried their luck bombing the railway line that took thousands of soldiers daily to the coast. Some planes attacked Shorncliffe Camp, killing 18, mainly Canadians, while others swept east across the town. A single bomb was dropped on Tontine Street at 6.22pm (breaking the clock of the Congregational Church). It killed 63 - 10 men, 28 women and 25 children. More than 100 were injured. On Thursday 25 May 2017, the first plaque commemorating the dead of the Tontine Street bomb was unveiled in Folkestone, at 6.22pm.


A drama in twelve parts, inspired by the digital revolution in humanitarianism.

The Forsytes Concludes - Episode 1  

Jessica Raine returns as Fleur in the final series of Galsworthy's epic family drama.

Thin Ice  

Amy Rosenthal's affectionate tribute to her father - the writer Jack Rosenthal.

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