Drama of the Week

Drama of the Week

United Kingdom

Every Friday we bring you a new drama from BBC Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.


The Twenty Year Stretch  

Drama by Colin Bytheway starring James D'Arcy, Tara Fitzgerald and Nicholas Farrell.

The Pick Up  

Comedy, an estranged father & daughter attempt a roadtrip to Moscow. By Sarah Cartwright

Floor 13  

Unable to overcome her middle-class guilt, one woman is forced to take drastic action.

A Lightening  

By Sarah Daniels. A special edition of Home Front, marking the centenary of Britain's first Gotha Air Raid, which devastated Folkestone on 25 May 1917. Weaving real historical figures and testimony with the stories and characters of Home Front, Sarah Daniels pays tribute to the people who died in this sudden, shocking atrocity. Cast Alfred Vane ….. Charlie Clements Mary Stokes ….. Ann Mitchell Jessie Moore ….. Lucy Hutchinson Ivy ….. Lizzy Watts Dennis ….. Sam Swann Noah ….. Finn Monteath The Apple ….. Yonatan Roodner Kitty ….. Amy Metcalf Nancy ….. Jane Whittenshaw William Stokes ….. James Lailey Maggie ….. Hollie Thoupos Written by Sarah Daniels Sound by Martha Littlehailes Directed by Jessica Dromgoole NOTES Friday 25 May 1917 marked the beginning of the Whitsun weekend, and shoppers queued in Tontine Street outside Stokes Greengrocers, who had put word around town that they were stocking fresh potatoes on that day. A squadron of Gotha planes who had attempted an attack on London, were returning unsuccessful, and tried their luck bombing the railway line that took thousands of soldiers daily to the coast. Some planes attacked Shorncliffe Camp, killing 18, mainly Canadians, while others swept east across the town. A single bomb was dropped on Tontine Street at 6.22pm (breaking the clock of the Congregational Church). It killed 63 - 10 men, 28 women and 25 children. More than 100 were injured. On Thursday 25 May 2017, the first plaque commemorating the dead of the Tontine Street bomb was unveiled in Folkestone, at 6.22pm.


A drama in twelve parts, inspired by the digital revolution in humanitarianism.

The Forsytes Concludes - Episode 1  

Jessica Raine returns as Fleur in the final series of Galsworthy's epic family drama.

Thin Ice  

Amy Rosenthal's affectionate tribute to her father - the writer Jack Rosenthal.

Catherine the Great: Husbands, Lovers and Sons  

Samantha Spiro is Catherine The Great in Mike Walker's epic chronicle of the Tsars.

The Progress of the Soul of Lizzie Calvin  

The Progress of the Soul of Lizzie Calvin by Michael Symmons Roberts with Glenda Jackson

Richard II  

When Richard II banishes Bolingbroke he brings about his own downfall.

Death of a Cosmonaut  

Julian Rhind-Tutt stars in a re-imagining of Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov’s fall to earth.

Tommies 10th April 1917  

A real day at war, exactly 100 years ago, based on eye-witness accounts.

Tommies; 10th April 1917  

A real day at war, exactly 100 years ago, based on eye-witness accounts.

The Hatton Garden Heist  

The extraordinary story of the audacious robbery and the myths that surround it.

King Solomon's Mines, Episode 1  

Tim McInnerny stars in a classic adventure - the quest for the legendary diamond mines.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Episode 1  

Three intrepid explorers venture into an Icelandic volcano. It's a dangerous trip but discoveries await. The first of the extraordinary tales from the golden age of adventure.

Agnes Grey  

The story of Agnes, a young woman determined to take care of her family. But what can a young girl with no money, no connections and no prospects do? Directed by Tracey Neale

The War of the Worlds - Episode 1  

Mars on Radio 4: Following sightings of strange explosions on the surface of Mars, Martian ships begin to arrive on Earth. And a merciless invasion begins.


A promising young footballer begins to question his future in Nathaniel Price's drama

What Will Survive  

When Kate and Ash both lose their mothers in quick succession they find their grief – & approaches to handling it - puts a strain on their relationship which they little expected.

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