Drama of the Week

Drama of the Week

United Kingdom

Every Friday we bring you a new drama from BBC Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.


Gudrun's Saga  

Gudrun, a young woman in 11th century Iceland, must forge her path through a world of unearthly beauty yet uncompromising harshness. Modern re-telling of classic Icelanders' saga.

Stone: Disclosure  

In Disclosure written by Richard Monks DCI John Stone and his team are called to a school following a suspected arson attack that has lead to the death of the caretaker of the school. As their investigation deepens they uncover threats, blackmail and dark secrets. First episode of the sixth series of Stone created by Danny Brocklehurst.

Drama of the Week : D for Dexter  

Skye and Dexter are back in this heart-breaking, heart-warming and award-winning serial

Tommies: 11th November 1916  

Each episode of Tommies traces one real day at war, exactly 100 years ago.

The Pursuits of Darleen Fyles  

Delightfully irreverent drama series about a young couple with learning disabilities.

Mary Rose  

JM Barrie's haunting play about a sinister Scottish island and a girl who never grows up.


The Brexit vote threatens to tear a family apart.

Meet James McLevy  

How it all began - a remake of the first episode of the Victorian detective drama featuring Inspector James McLevy - which first aired on Radio 4 in 1999. Starring Brian Cox.

Writing the Century: Stannington  

Inspired by TB nurse Marjorie Wilson's interviews about 1950s Stannington Sanatorium

The Present Experiment  

Celebrating seventy years to the hour that the Third Programme was launched, Robin Brooks' fantastical comedy romps through the first hours of the pioneering station's life.

Writing the Century: Land's End to John O'Groats  

Stephen Wakelam adapts George Allen's 1904 diary of his record-attempting walk.

Tsar: Ivan the Terrible  

David Threlfall is Ivan the Terrible in Mike Walker's epic chronicle of the Tsars.

Hidden Harm  

Powerful drama, a young boy's recordings reveal a family in crisis. By Natalie Mitchell

Mr Trollope and the Labours of Hercules  

What will Anthony Trollope make of Jamaica in 1858? With Paterson Joseph & Justin Edwards

Blood and Milk  

Gangsters, gambling and an innocent abroad in 1890s Whitechapel, by Gregory Evans. Eps1-5

Wounded Light  

John Lynch’s lyrical drama about love and loss.


First in a new nine-part conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton. Starring Romola Garai.

The Clintons: Heck, Don't Vote For Him  

Entertaining new drama imagining key moments in the Clintons’ enduring partnership.

Poetry in Motion  

Conversations on a train, as five people travel to Manchester. By Katie Hims.

HighLites: Natural Bounce  

Comedy in a hairdressers. By Phil Nodding and Steve Chambers.

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