DUBLAND The Podcast

DUBLAND The Podcast

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Suzanne Kane & PJ Gallagher have teamed up to bring you a weekly Dubland Podcast! Suzanne & PJ give their take on the week and who their Hero of the week is! they're joined by well know faces, usually PJ's mates he's talked into coming in for a chat!



This week PJ had a reunion that went better than expected, if you've problems sleeping, we've the solution! Pj went shopping to Argos but it didn't work out as planned and nor did the item he bought & he's telling Suzanne about the new pets he's hoping to get!!!


PJ has a proposal for a Londoner! Suzanne is cranky and want to start a parking post it business. & PJ tells Suzanne about his "friend"!


WE'RE BACK!!! This week PJ chats about is mad few weeks, his movie success and treading the boards with Alien Documentary. He did have a bit of trouble with a Chilli pepper! Suzanne had a moment of reality with her impending arrival and now wants to be head of Sex education for Ireland! The chat Trump, America and what Pet Expo means to a dog!!


The podcast is a year old and PJ is planning a day out for Suzanne when she has her baby! Suzanne worst fears are coming true. PJ had some hair removal issues and blames Suzanne for his new eating habits!


Just a quick HELLO from Suzanne and PJ .. Episode 49 will be live on Wednesday 19th ..

Dubland 48  

This week Suzanne and PJ have more Animal facts and some not so safe CPR ideas! PJ is off on one, again and Suzanne is crying about nothing, again!


This week we recorded ahead of the All Ireland, PJ was confident! Suzanne has a Hero of the Wee, actually a whole load of people! They chat about married life and PJ is crazy busy!


Pj is in trouble, again! Suzanne has a dating idea! PJ thinks vegetables have feelings, Animal Facts, Hitler birthday cakes, Suzanne's Hero of the Week and they need a new home!


PJ & Suzanne chat about product placement, Suzanne has no soul when it comes to animals, except dogs! PJ took a swim in the sea, it didn't go well and he tries to explain space to Suzanne as they name a planet,


PJ has a medical issue but has a bigger issue with paying the doctor and his fingers! Suzanne made poor Joey go to IKEA, on a Sunday! PJ has cancelled Christmas, animal facts and they both wonder are Spice Bags an Irish thing!


PJ is worried that his age had made him inappropriate, he tried yoga this week and got more than he bargained for! The chatted Conor McGreggor and Suzanne nearly goes into labour when PJ tells his one time boxing story! Animals facts are taking a sexual turn, again!


This week PJ lost all his stuff and his mind in his shower! If you have a problem he could solve it! Suzanne had a run in with an Olympian and PJ has a idea for a new sport!


Suzanne is back from Portugal and has realized little girls are tough cookies! PJ is has a rant about people being OTT. They both have their Hero of the week and the chat doping and the Olympics.


This week PJ chats about his presenting debut on TV3's Seven O'Clock show, how he's worried about America and has the answer to the presidential elections! Suzanne and PJ are both excited about the Olympics.


PJ is back from holidays and had a great time, by himself although could have ended up in a bit of bother chasing Pokemon! Suzanne has a bit of news, we've Animal facts and PJ's "Hero of the week" is a bit odd!


This week PJ tells us about his film premiere 'Young Offenders' and his eventful weekend. Suzanne is delighted with one of this weeks 'Animal Facts' and has a very Irish Hero of the Week! PJ had a beef meltdown over the weekend and Suzanne is so pleased she's considering inviting him for food in her house and is shocked that PJ's never had a Superquinn sausage!


This week PJ and Suzanne both explain the obvious to each other but about tow very different subject matter! PJ has a pants idea, literally. Suzanne random night with the Top Gear presenters, PJ is making a bet and one of you could be his winner & he's dog rage!


Suzanne and PJ chat brexit and the Euros, the English football fans and PJ's vet gave him some animal facts. PJ was at Dublin Pride and has a rant about a 14 year old, who's now 25! Suzanne finally reads your mails. You can get in touch @PJGallagher @Suzanne4FM @DublandPodcast


This week PJ has an odd hero of the week, who Suzanne thinks has an another motive! They discuss Dublin Zoo, PJ taking steroids, Irish Fans and have a sing song! Suzanne has met some randomers over the years Lil Wayne in Vegas and a porn star in LA!


This week, its all about the Euros, PJ has an odd hero of the week and wants a massage but feels funny about it! Suzanne had a take away nightmare and they are both devastated about Orlando. Are you listening Chris Martin? Tweet us where you listen to the podcast,

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