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Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tune in for an inspirational guest, a story or a "quickie" of motivation to get you out of a funk or blast you even further on your rockstar journey! Stop waiting until you are happy and go out and earn it! I promise to make sure we have some fun along the way - you can't take this life too serious. It's time to fall in love with the process and take back your control! Oh and please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps and leave us a review!



Clear roads and smooth sailing gets boring, can we all agree? It’s the rough waters and pot-holed roads who make us who we are. With major life choices arising in my own personal life, I thought it would be important to share with you all, how I deal with making a clear and positive choice.

“Doing what is right, isn’t always easy.” - Unknown

Making a choice in order to ease a situation or appease people, is a sure way to have it come back and bite you in the butt, sooner or later.

“The most successful people make the tougher decisions faster.”

Everything in our life is a reflection of our choices. It is our job to see the rainbow through the rain and the light at the end of the tunnel. No one will do that for us. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself these 3 things: Is this going to make me happy tomorrow? Is this going to make me happy next week? Is it going to make me happy in a year? Give yourself enough space to FEEL a situation. Don’t just go through something, GROW through it!

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Making clear choices Intentionally seeking challenges Setting boundaries Putting things “off” Reflection of our choices Strengthening our faith Resources: Chel Hamilton-Meditation Mini’s #45: Doors of Choice

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72: How to LIVE a GOOD LIFE with Jonathan Fields  

Jonathan Fields inspires possibility. A New York City dad, husband, award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, teacher and strategist, he founded a number of game-changing wellness-companies, taught thousands of students and led workshops around the world on everything from yoga and mindfulness to conscious entrepreneurship and innovation. His new book, How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom, offers a gateway to a life of meaning, connection and vitality.

To celebrate the book’s release and inspire early interest, Jonathan is doing something pretty extraordinary. In addition to offering fantastic pre-order bonuses, he’s teamed with the One Tree Planted foundation to plant a 10,000 tree “Good Life Forest!” When you pre-order your copy of the book before the October 18th publication date, you’ll also be sponsoring a tree and doing good for the planet (and for you). You can get all the details at GoodLifeProject.com/book.

Now, working with his wife and a world-class faculty, he runs mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project®, where they produce a top-rated podcast channel and video-series with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views and downloads. Good Life Project also offers in-person and online events and trainings, including their annual 400+ person Camp GLP gathering. Jonathan regularly keynotes at events and has been featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, USA Today, People, O Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Yoga Journal, SELF, Allure, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, FastCompany, Inc., Entrepreneur and thousands of other places that sound cool, but don’t impress his daughter all that much. When not writing, teaching, building things or telling stories, he can be found dancing around his living room with his wife and daughter. Coming from the typical schooling background, Jonathan continued his education to become a lawyer. After graduating law school, his body took a turn for the worst. Ending up in the hospital, Jonathan had some time on his hands to reevaluate life. Finding that two of his most passionate loves, were coming full circle: health and wellness and entrepreneurship, he decided to move forward with these new thoughts. Building his own businesses is what was next in line for Jonathan. He goes on to tell me that it was right around his late teens that he started asking himself “what are we all really here for?” and it was within the answer, that he knew he would go on to serve himself and his community on how to live a GOOD LIFE. Choosing his true passion over money, Jonathan knew it was the right choice to take a pay cut by following his dream, rather than staying in a profession that didn’t light up his life.You may attempt, but in the end you’ll realize that you can’t ever put a price tag on waking up happy. Steering towards a higher power to hear him out and be with him along the way, he tells us when this theory first started to set in. “

After becoming a Dad, I started asking more questions and exploring ancient philosophy and tradition. It’s built on the concept of one-ness.”

With his new-found higher power and his wife by his side, Jonathan created the Good Life Project, a media and education venture.

“Of course there are sucky days, but if you were to stop me on any given day and ask me “Are you living a good life?” my answer would be, OH YEAH!”

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Living the good life Serving your community Choosing things that light you up Your potential Risk tolerant Your higher power Resources: How To Live a Good Life by: Jonathan Fields Just RELEASED!! Good Life Project Podcast (I also have an episode on his show there, check it out!) Jonathan’s adult “Summer Camp” at goodlifeproject.com for info & tickets

For more tips on how to lead a happy and healthy life head on over to goodlifeproject.com or find him on Instagram @Jonathanfields. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

Episode 71: QUICKIE! The ONE THING Needed To Change Your Life  

Long after our motivation and inspiration has simmered down, it’s our willingness and passion that brings a dream into reality. It’s the smaller, daunting tasks that we almost “hate” doing, that will separate the GREAT from the MEDIOCRE.

I have found that wherever there has been fear or doubt, I have just had to be willing to see the situation a different way. We are given two options, every single day, for every single situation. We can choose to see things through love or through fear. As stated beautifully by Gabby Bernstein in her new book, The Universe Has Your Back.

“There is only one thing required to change your life, and that is willingness.”

The willingness to love, to lose weight, to take a giant step outside your comfort zone, maybe even to forgive someone that has been weighing you down for years.

“Forgiveness is freedom for us. It’s not letting them off the hook, it’s letting us off the hook!”

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Willingness Carrying out actions Courage Forgiveness Moving forward Support Resources: The Universe Has Your Back by: Gabrielle Bernstein

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70: The KEY to LOCKING IN A HABIT with Geoff Woods  

Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing Team. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward just 10 months, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. Geoff has been featured in Entrepreneur.com and is on a mission to teaching people how to live a life of focus so they can have more by doing less. S

tarting out in medical device sales, Geoff has found that one of his biggest life transitions happened only about 18 months ago. It just goes to show you that, “it’s never too late!”

Leaving a secure job, especially when the pay is substantial, isn't always easy. But what comes easily, isn't usually what’s “right.” Like many of us, Geoff knew something was off, something was missing from his day to day life.

Unfortunately, yet luckily, two major events really hit Geoff right where he needed it. After witnessing a young colleague of his suffer a stroke and after receiving a 40% pay cut, it was time for him to make some serious life changes.

“You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

Surrounding yourself with those who can help you reach your goals is one of the fastest ways to success. After launching his own podcast The Mentee, in January 2015, doors of opportunity began to open, bringing him and his family to Texas to work with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan for “The ONE thing.” Flashing forward to today and the accomplishments he has made for himself, Geoff goes on to tell us about the important art of time blocking!

“Every single day you are either marching towards your goals or stepping further away.”

He teaches us that doing the same one thing a day may not seem significant, but if you stack it up over a period of time, as you know the day will come where you look in the mirror and not even recognize yourself. This could go one of two ways. The reflection you see in the mirror can be someone you've always wanted to be and who you are proud of, or someone you have lost sight of altogether. From this day forward, I am challenging you all to time-blocking. For yourself, your health, your ultimate goals and your dream life.

“In all of our research it shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit.”

Quit biting off more than you can chew. Whether it be your first time ever or not, set a goal, no matter the size and stick to it!

Join the challenge and you can thank me later.

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Making changes Facing Challenges Power Habits Commitment Time blocking Identifying your “one thing” Resources: The One Thing by: Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan timeblockingmastery.com The Mentee podcast

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“If you can accept the worst that can happen to you and live with it, then you will become Superman/Superwoman. You can do anything because your mind doesn’t get in your way.” -Bob Parsons

Creating the Bliss Project event was like entering into the world of the unknown. Coming from a solely fitness background, surrounding my career around mindfulness and the ability to teach it unto others, was at first, a scary thought.

“Why would they want to listen to me? Where will I find my audience?”

But I accepted the “worst” that could happen. Maybe no one would listen at all? Maybe no one would come? Guess what….This event has become my biggest prize possession thus far and we have sold out the 2017 event in just weeks of launching tickets! Face your fears, find your superpower and fly with it!

“I’d rather a life full of 'oh wells!' than 'what if’s?'” -Unknown

In This Episode You Will Learn: Acceptance Constant growth Facing fears Resources: Inc. Magazine theblissproject.info

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68: Proof YOU Have Been Chosen for YOUR Mission with Kute Blackson  

A charismatic visionary and transformational teacher, Kute Blackson offers a fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness for a whole new generation.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute's multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father has spanned four different continents. His unique lineage lay the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual's true gifts and greatness.

Though Kute was raised all over the world, he had always dreamed of life in America. As if by kismet, he won a green card just after finishing school in London. He came to America alone just months later, with no connections or prospects. When Kute arrived in Los Angeles, all he had to his name were two suitcases and the dream of seeking out the spiritual and self-help icons who had inspired him when he was a boy.

Kute quickly learned that the "outside-in" approach favored by so many in the personal development space had to become an inside-out approach. So he decided to create his own method—a process that liberates the individual and the true self at the core and then pushes those gifts outward into the universe. This helps the individual get in touch with who they really are. It is a process of breaking free—so that the individual can live, give, and share the truest expression of their self. This is what Kute calls "Liberated Living."

Colored with experiences from his own incredible journey, Kute’s debut book, You.Are.The.One., published by Simon & Schuster and released worldwide on June 7, 2016, shows readers how to unlock their true potential and live a life they love, through love.

Kute is a next generation world leader out to awaken millions to Love and to Live their inspired destiny.

Always obsessed with spirituality, starting at a young age, Kute had witnessed miracles that others have only dreamed of. His childhood and experiences have helped create the liberated man he is today.

Around the age of eight, picking up his first self-help book, Kute began to ask the questions of “who are we, why are we here and what is the purpose of life?” Intrigued in spreading the answers, Kute also began speaking in front of thousands of people at his Father’s church’s. At only 14 years old, he became an ordained minister.

Knowing that this wasn't his ultimate path and “want” in life, Kute was afraid to speak up, thinking he would lose the acceptance and love of his father and people around him.

“After about four years of inner turmoil, I came to realization that I could follow the expected life, the save life, but if I became successful in everyone else's lives but not my own, then what was the point?”

Kute shares with us his memories of sneaking out of his parents tiny apartment, and into the church, in the middle of the night, with the lights off, to practice speaking for 3-4 hours to empty chairs.

“I would pour my heart out, speaking a message of inspiration and dreams, imagining souls in the chairs having real life transformations.”

When 18 came around, Kute knew it was time to have the talk with his Father about leaving the ministry to follow his dreams.

“Nothing was worth compromising my soul and compromising my happiness.”

With one of the most inspiring stories, I am ecstatic to share his love and light with my audience. He reminds us that the universe is ours for the taking and “no” is not an answer. Ditch the excuses, take responsibility, and go out there and own your power!

In This Episode You Will Learn: Miracles Spirituality Finding your purpose Acceptance Following your dreams Inspiration Owning your power Resources: You.Are.The.One By: Kute Blackson

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Learn how to live an INTENTIONAL life to work toward happiness.  


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66: The Universe Has YOUR Back with GABBY BERNSTEIN  

Gabrielle Bernstein has been named “a new thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey. She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz show, and was named “a new role model” by the New York Times. Gabrielle is the New York Times best-selling author of the books May Cause Miracles and Miracles Now. Her other titles include Add More ~ing to Your Life and Spirit Junkie. In the fall of 2016 she will release her fifth book, The Universe Has Your Back.

Gabrielle, a “spiritual activist” recently teamed up with Deepak Chopra to co-host the Guinness Book of World Re-cords largest group meditation. Youtube named Gabrielle one of 16 Youtube Next Video Bloggers, she was named one of Mashable’s 11 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Inspiration and she’s featured on the Forbes List of 20 Best Branded Women. She has been featured in media outlets such as ELLE, OWN, Kathy Lee & Hoda, The Today Show, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, The Queen Latifah Show, Anderson Live, Access Hollywood, Marie Claire, Health, SELF, Women’s Health, Glamour, Help Desk the cover of Experience Life Magazine and more.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear, To Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein is now available to purchase! As an avid reader of Gabby’s books, I will be the first to tell you, picking up a copy is a MUST.

“I wrote this book now because I believe that we are living in such a scary time, that without some type of faith, of our own understanding, that we will spin out during these times.”

It’s important to stay connect with a higher power. It’s not about the faith I believe in, or your best friend believes in, it’s about the power that gets YOU up in the morning. Gabby’s new book is a guide for peace, an easy-to-understand read to find your purpose and to serve.

“When we are out of alignment with that loving energy and loving belief system, thats when we are in fear.”

Filled with practices and tools, The Universe Has Your Back will shift you from fear to faith. Make sure to grab a copy today!

Resources: The Universe Has Your Back by: Gabrielle Bernstein Wanderlust Workshop in Hollywood, CA with Gabby Bernstein (Grab tickets now! October 5th or 6th, 2016)

For more on Gabrielle’s work visit www.Gabbyb.tv or join her social networking community HerFuture.com for women to empower, inspire and connect. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

65: QUICKIE! Find All Your ANSWERS By Asking This ONE QUESTION  

“Never lose a holy curiosity” - Albert Einstein

There’s no denial we are curious creatures, but it’s unfortunate how often we tend to ignore our curious tendencies.

I truly believe that curiosity is what causes creation and creation is what makes the world go ‘round. Having a “safe place” or a network of people to be able to explore your curiosities, judgment free, is vital.

“I believe that curiosities are our soul telling us which place to go to next.”

Whether it is a comfort zone, or a completely new area, tapping into your inner curious feelings can lead you to indescribable adventures and achievements.

“If there is something burning in your soul, keep that question if your forefront.”

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Curiosity Growing Creativity Desires

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64: Tap Into YOUR INNER BADASS with Jen Sincero  

Jen Sincero is a New York Times bestselling author, success coach, and motivational cattle prod who has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her seminars, public appearances, newsletters, products and books. In 2011, she gave up her home in California to travel the planet indefinitely, encouraging as many people as possible “to live lives of unbridled awesomeness.” She is currently staying in New Mexico. Starting out as a freelance writer and “broke as joke” as she called it, she knew there was so much more for her to be doing on this earth and so much more money to be making, on this earth.

“After decades of struggling and getting jobs here and there, I finally focused my energy on making money because it just wasn't happening for me.”

It’s never too late to learn lessons, and Jen finally learned that actually focusing on a goal and taking the necessary steps towards it, is the only way to achieve higher accomplishments. Sitting around and wishing for it to fall from the sky, will never happen (although that would be pretty cool.) Deciding to dive into self-help, money making and coaching books, she devoted her time to understanding how it all can work for you, as long as your energy and effort is 100%.

“That's how my book You Are a Badass happened. It was first me getting my act together and then teaching people how to get their act together.”

She teaches us how to put off the opinions and judgements of others, no matter what. Getting uncomfortable with your situation is the #1 way to make things happen!

“If you aren't ready to get uncomfortable, it’s not going to happen.”

Our belief system can by our best friend or our worst night-mare. What we believe, is how we feel and how we feel then translates to how we act.

“I had to change my thoughts about money and greed. I also how to change my beliefs about what people my think of me, especially my family.”

Unsure on where to even begin, to find your inner badass? Becoming really clear with yourself and your personal goals is the easiest yet BIGGEST first step you can take. It’s about the willingness to be able to step away from the old “norm,” to create yourself one BADASS life.

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Focusing energy Determination Self help Coaching Feeling uncomfortable Your INNER BADASS The Truths about money Resources: You Are a Badass by: Jen Sincero

To learn more about Jen and her mission, visit JenSincero.com. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com


It’s not about going through things, its about GROWING through things. It is about setting goals, celebrating the small wins on the way to the big ones and setting yourself up for success, no matter the trial and errors.

The people who are closest to us and see our full potential, are usually the ones who “test” us, not to mention the curve balls, the universe likes to throw at us every once in awhile.

“Curve balls are just the universe saying; 'How bad do you really want it?!'”

Intentional Growth (verb:) Purposely putting yourself in intimidating situations - Lori Harder

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Finding Inspiration Growing Becoming “that” person Accomplishing goals Setting yourself up for success Accepting life’s curve balls

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62: The 3 Phases of Your Transformation with Zach Slobin  

Madly in love with his wife. Natural philosopher. Producer of his own life.

These three things pretty much sum up Zach Slobin and his insatiable desire to knock, question the everyday rules and then bend life to create massive freedom, joy, and abundance.

After weathering life’s natural ups and downs, being lost in “finding his purpose,” and navigating through the inevitable entrepreneurial storms, he can tell you the stories of hitting several physical, emotional, spiritual and financial bottoms.

He’s the athlete who almost went pro, but severe injuries kept him from his dream.

He’s the top guy who walked away from a good corporate job (and the money), because it was suffocating.

He’s the man who wouldn’t settle until he found his soulmate. And he’s the entrepreneur who was so committed to excellence, he created financial freedom at just 34 years of age.

Grateful for the lessons all the losses have taught him, one thing is for sure–he can show you how to play the game of life and win it.

As a Master Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Zach’s greatest thrill in life is showing people how to go from where they are to where they deserve to be by removing the BS lies they tell themselves, so they can be, do and have ANYTHING they desire. Flashing back with Zach to the ripe old age of 8, it was even then that he knew he’d one day become an entrepreneur.

“All the kids were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Most said doctors, astronauts or lawyers, but when it was my turn, I said I don't know what I want to be, but I know I want to do a lot of things at once.”

A year later, at only 9 years of age, Zach lost his best friend to Leukemia. It was during this tragic event, that had little Zach pondering why the world worked as it did.

“I always knew there were greater truths, than what I was being offered.”

During his high school days, Zach began to realize that maybe not everyone was as authentic as he wished, but even so, he decided from that point on he would be nothing less than 100% honest. As you can imagine, not conforming to what everyone else is doing at that age, isn't always simple, but taking the high road, Zach refused to change for anyone. Jumping forward to his early twenties, Zach moved to San Francisco and began to emerge himself into his career. At 23, he found himself working in a high-rise with a successful mortgage broker business partner. From the outside looking in, he looked set, especially for such a young adult…but he didn't stop there. A wise friend once told him “You can go through this or you can GROW through this.” Words that Zach continue to live by. Touching on the four realms in which we live in, he shares with us his daily habit that gets him going in the morning.

“If I hit on all four categories, no matter what else is going on throughout my day, if I can just build the muscle of hitting those 4 areas, then I am building the muscle of serving my highest value.”

Zach is the inspiration and motivation we have all been looking for, to follow our hearts and go after exactly what makes us happy, and nothing less.

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Thinking differently Entrepreneurship Authenticity Life lessons Following your dreams Embracing the struggle The 4 realms

Learn more about how to upgrade your life and never, ever settle at www.zachslobin.com.

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61: QUICKIE!  "COMPARISON", The Fast Track to Unhappiness  

“I generally find the comparison is the fast track to unhappiness. No one every compares themselves to someone else, and comes out even.” -Jack Canfield

Have we all compared ourselves at some point or another? Of course! But what we are failing to realize, is that we are comparing someone’s “highlight reel,” to our reality and where we are right now.

The motivation behind my morning Facebook lives with you all, is to show that we have to start before we are ready. It is not all about the kind of makeup we wear, or who's hair looks better, or even who's body is more fit, it’s to show that we are all human and there is no need to every compare apples to apples.

“We should always feel safe enough to show up being exactly who we are!”

Our life missions should be based around how fast we can forgive. That way we can move forward and back into a place of love, because everything stems from love.

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Comparison Loving yourself Dealing with your cards Judgment Imperfection Letting go

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60: Monetize Yourself with Nicole Walters  

Monetize Thyself™ with Nicole Walters is a transformative lifestyle brand offering online training courses, consulting, mentorship, networking and a full suite of resources to help everyday people, brands and leaders realize their full potential.

Nicole Walters is a Baltimore, MD transplant and Washington, D.C. native. She relocated the Baltimore area while attending The Johns Hopkins University and studying Political Science. Soon after, she entered the corporate world of Business Development and Marketing.

Nicole has worked as a client-facing business executive for Fortune 500 companies in both sales and marketing for over 10 years. In her previous role with an S&P international healthcare organization, she managed business relationships with multi-billion dollar corporations and independently facilitated pitching, prospecting, and client relationship management in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. Nicole brings her expertise in monetizing multi-billion dollar corporations to you – everyone from stay at home parents to small business owners can access her affordable and entertaining webinars and private monetization coaching. Using her trademarked Pitch & Pray™ method, Nicole will help you embrace the #monetizethyself™ mindset, and realize your brand’s fiscal goals.

In just 11 months, Nicole has built herself a 7-figure business, as she tells us “Miracles happen and God is good!” As the daughter of two hard working immigrants, in inner-city DC, Nicole’s upbringing didn't always come with the mindset of “it’s always going to work,” that was something she had to teach herself. Her mother was a secretary and her father was a taxi driver.

“One thing they did instill was keeping positivity, staying focused and that your income does not determine your outcome.”

Flashing forward, Nicole jumped into entrepreneurship in a way I had yet to hear, up until now… This powerhouse lady quit her job via Periscope with thousands of people watching her live! She knew where her passion lie and she wasn’t about to give up the opportunity to jump for it. But the idea of being bigger and better had to start somewhere. She shares some of her pivotal childhood memories, riding in the front seat of the cab, with her Dad.

“He pointed out a tall building and told me “You can have your name on the side of one, or you can get stuck cleaning one. The only difference is up to you.”

You can hear in her voice, the confidence and self-love that she streams, enough to have led her into her dream and 7-figure salary life.

“I just knew I couldn't live paycheck to paycheck.”

Looking to become your own entrepreneur but scared to take the initial leap?! Let Nicole’s inspiring story lead you to your dream life.

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Hard work Following your dreams Entrepreneurship Perseverance Using your resources Business building Resources: Monetize Thyself on Facebook NicoleWalters.tv

You can find Nicole on Facebook @monetizethyself and get in touch with her and connect via her website at Nicolewalters.tv Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

59: How to HEAL Your BODY and Mind with Simple Daily Choices using The Earth Diet with Liana Werner-Gray  

Liana Werner-Gray is a Best Selling Author for "The Earth Diet" published by Hay House including #1 on Amazon in 9 different categories. She is an advocate for natural healing using a wholesome diet and lifestyle. In 2009 Liana started an online blog in an attempt to break her 5-year addiction to junk food binge eating. She declared that for 365 days she would eat only foods directly from nature and called it "The Earth Diet". In 3 months Liana healed herself of many health conditions including a stage 1 golf ball size tumor in her lymphatic system, chronic fatigue, glandular fever virus and digestive issues. Liana found a way to have all her favorite foods but in a more natural way that nourished the body as well as hit the pleasure spots. Word of mouth spread as the best diet for weight loss (New Idea Magazine) where women could have their cake and eat it too, and she began lecturing and teaching about the Earth Diet internationally including teaching children at schools about making good choices. Liana has travelled to 17 countries. Liana has a weekly radio show every Wednesday 6pm EST on HayHouseRadio.com Liana and her work The Earth Diet have been featured globally on media including Fox News, Better TV, Woman's Own, News 12 (New York), Sirius XM, The Sun, Getty Images, The Telegraph, iTunes, Indian Times, The Hindu, Business Insider, Spirit & Destiny magazine, Natural Awakenings, Mind Body Green and more.

Liana was born in Australia, raised in the outback and currently resides in New York City. Growing up in the outback of Australia, Liana was raised with a very natural upbringing. At the age of 18, she moved to Brisbane City and pursued a career in the arts: Entertainment and TV Production. Finally living on her own, not to mention in a big and modern city compared to the outback, Liana began eating junk foods she was not accustomed to as a child. More specifically, candy or “lollies” as they call is in Australia.

“I enjoyed the sugar high it gave me, it was like a drug.”

Whether it be drugs or alcohol. Liana knew that addiction ran in her family and her “drug of choice” was junk food, it was an unhealthy habit that she had to break. She had the mindset of “I’ll just start next Monday,” binge eating all the junk food she could until Monday popped up. A vicious cycle she dealt with for 5 years! Finally realizing that only she was in control of her body and what she fed it, Liana had a wake up call. A lump had appeared in her neck and continued to slowly grow. Taking herself first to a natural doctor, and then being recommended to the hospital, she knew it wasn't going to be a positive outcome. After the biopsies, Liana was told she had a stage-one tumor in her Lymphatic system, chronic fatigue and glandular fever.

“I knew I had done it to myself, I had poisoned my body.”

That’s when she took the first step. She declared to herself that enough was enough and from then on, she would treat her body with respect. Starting out as a blog, Liana turned her passion of food into the book, “The Earth Diet.” Make sure to tune in to hear Liana’s healthy eating tips and grab a copy of her absolutely amazing & life-changing book!

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Impulses Cravings Addiction Breaking bad habits Healthy food Finding balance Resources: Hay House Radio The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray TheEarthDiet.com

For more information on Liana, visit theearthdiet.com or you can find her on all social media outlets under The Earth Diet! Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

58: STAND OUT, Find Your VOICE and Learn how to Brand Yourself in a Unique Way with Rachel Pesso  

Rachel Pesso is a brand experience designer who’s spent the past 8 years helping incredible, passion-fueled entrepreneurs and companies make a massive impact on this planet with their big dreams, and even bigger hearts.

With a blend of high-level strategy, collaboration, and deep love, she create websites, eBooks, and other visual elements that move people. Rachel believes passion should lead every step of our lives. “The things we love - exploring the world, telling stories, transforming perspectives and spending time with the people who matter most, should never come second to the way we work. They should be woven into the fabric of every step, every offering, and every heart beat of your brand and vision.” Those elements, are exactly what she pours into the brands she creates. Thanks to Rachel, the process of rebranding my business and re-vamping my website has been smooth sailing and absolutely incredible. She truly makes your dream vision a reality.

“I knew that I had to bring Rachel on my show today, because I know my brand struggles are the same as everyone else’s. She has the capability of taking your massive message, and making it pretty.”

Thinking of starting a brand? Or in the midst of one now and not sure where to take your next step? Well ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have been answered! Rachel is a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine to work with. From the beginning stages, to the finished masterpieces, Rachel will dive into your project, head-first with you. Always on track with the latest trends, she is able to capture the work of giants with a mix of your personal touch.

“One area where I really do think I am unique, is that I truly have a collaborative process. We really start off together through this journey.”

From Pinterest boards, to color schemes and fonts, textures and photoshoots, Rachel is a one-stop-shop. She is the beautiful mastermind behind the Lori Harder Brand and she’s ready and able to rock your brand as well!

“Its great to focus on one thing, but something I work on with all my clients, is how to tell the whole story.”

“Create. Inspire. Move people.” -Rachel Pesso

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Branding Clarity Website design Making dreams a reality Inspiration Creation Brand Planning Resources: Learn more about Rachel's Brand Discovery Guide Here! Buy The Guide Now Here

Are you ready to make your vision your reality? Visit Rachel at rachelpesso.com for a glimpse of what she can do for you! Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

56 Get More CONFIDENCE NOW with Arriane Alexander  

Arriane Alexander is The Rock Your Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. She helps female entrepreneurs and businesswomen step into new possibilities so they can create a life and career they’ve always dreamed of.

She spent over 12 years as a high level executive in the fashion business and walked away from that successful career to follow a heartfelt dream of succeeding in the entertainment industry and as a transformational Life Coach. Today, she works consistently as an Actor on TV shows like Justified, Grey’s Anatomy and The People vs O.J. Simpson. On top of that, she is the Host of two TV shows, and booked numerous commercials. In other words, she’s created the life of her dreams, and as a Rock Your Life coach for over a decade, she helps women do the same in a fun, inspired, and transformative way.

She works with women all over the world –Entrepreneurs, Health and Fitness Experts, and Executive Business Women to help them overcome their fears, self-doubt and any other obstacles blocking their path, to create the foundation for their new life, and a journey to take them there. Is it risky? Of course it is. Without risk, there’s no life, no excitement, and no happiness. There’s no fun, either. But once a woman starts taking risks, once she start taking bold actions, she will discover that what she thought of as impossible is suddenly within your reach. She will do things she's never done before, and wonder, “Who is this confident, radiant, and fabulous person?” It’s her. It’s been her all along, and Arriane is with her every step of the way to Rock Her Life. So excited to have the blonde, brilliant and beautiful Arriane, here with me today.

I believe her message is so important and worth hearing, especially for those of you who may need help stepping into our feminine energy and allowing their confidence to shine through. Arriane is the epitome of confidence and for those of you who attended The Bliss Project last year, you also know she is the perfect teacher of self-love as well. Growing up taller than the girls in her grade or group of friends, Arriane learned how to carry herself confidently from a young age. Whether she stood out because of her height or because of the air she carried about, one thing she knew for sure was that nothing would break her confidence streak. Like most things, her feeling of worthiness and confidence didn't hit its peak until she got older, because like everything else, it is a practice.

“I dealt with what was given to me and ended up making my first brand out of the hand I was dealt, called 'Big, Blonde and Beautiful.'"

She reminds us that everything we want to be is on the other side of fear. We must step out of our comfort zone while owning our perfections AND our flaws simultaneously. Although the confidence look may come natural to her, she knows that it may not be like that for others, which is why she decided to become a life coach teaching women just like you and me how to love ourselves, not just 50% but 100%, wholly.

“I wake up every morning asking myself how can I serve in a powerful way today? And how can life use my gifts and talents to support others for their upliftment?”

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Confidence Owning your flaws Feminine energy Stretching yourself passed your comfort zone Building and practicing confidence Trust Resources: www.arrianefreebie.com The Bliss Project: theblissproject.info ArrianeAlexander.com

So many ways to catch up with Arriane! First and foremost www.arrianealexander.com, but also follow her on Facebook and Instagram @arrianealexander and Snapchat @arrianalex Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

55: Thriving in BUSINESS and FAMILY LIFE with Amber Lilyestrom  

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding and business coach, writer, mamapreneur and passionate soul on a mission.

She is the host of The Soul Fueled CEO™ Podcast and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their passions in to heart-centered brands and thriving businesses. From idea conception to the construction of the business and all of techie bits in between, Amber assists new entrepreneurs in changing the world, one beautiful brand at a time.

Having met Amber years ago, via my old site busygirlhealthylife.com and then again at a fitness camp some time after, I am ecstatic to talk to her today about all the evolution she has gone through since then!

Curious at a young age about the business world and how it all worked, Amber knew entrepreneurship was in her DNA. Starting out as her Mom’s little helper, showing and talking to the crowds about their purebred Himalayan and Persian cats, Amber went from the crazy cat girl to a business and branding genius. Finding inspiration through her college years and her soccer team, she found herself to be a natural-born leader.

“I think of it as all the dots in our lives coming together and creating our path for us.”

Fast forwarding to an extremely pivotal time on Amber’s life, she speaks about her difficulties during the birth of her child and how those extreme moments in the hospital bed lead her new awakenings and realizations. Shortly after bringing home her new and healthy baby, Amber decided to leave her corporate job and begin the journey as a “Mamapreneur,” knowing that the mix of being a new Mom and a business woman, was exactly where her passions lie.

“It’s my life and I get to write the rules for how this thing is going to go, from here on out.”

From being an amazing mother to a kick-ass entrepreneur, Amber continues to be an inspiration in all areas of the spectrum. She proves to us women, that you don't just have to be one thing or another, but that following your life’s path will eventually lead you to exactly where you are meant to be.

“You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you are meant to be.” -Unknown

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Entrepreneurship Business Brand building Creating your path Listening to your calling

Is your soul on a mission too? Check out more about the beautiful and talented Amber at amberlilyestrom.com and be sure to listen to her podcast The Soul-Fueled CEO. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

54: Propel Your Life FORWARD, FAST, by Focusing on the ONE THING with Jay Papasan  

Jay Papasan is a best-selling author and co-owner, alongside his wife Wendy, of Papasan Properties Group with Keller Williams Realty in Austin Texas. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has garnered more than 238 appearances on the National Best-seller lists including #1 on the Wall Street Journal best-seller list.

Jay serves as Gary Keller’s co-author and executive editor on best-selling titles including: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times, FLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit,HOLD: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth, and The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. He also co-authored SHIFT Commercial.

Before joining Keller Williams Realty, Jay served as an editor at HarperCollins Publishers where he worked on such best-selling books as Body-for-Life by Bill Phillips and Go for the Goal by Mia Hamm. Growing up and going through the “normal” steps as most adolescents do, Jay went from high school, to college, to working in New York in search of his passion. Noticing that he had been living in his comfort zone, Jay set himself up for a challenge. He quit smoking and decided to run his first marathon.

“It opened up a spotlight, that if I really devote myself to something for a long period of time, something extraordinary will happen.”

Focus and determination was the thought process now, behind all that Jay set out to do. It’s a good lesson for all of us to learn, that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

“I started to say “yes” and I meant it.”

Jay is a great example of an all-around success. As he says in the interview, he started saying yes to all conscious decisions and hasn't looked back since. Jay continues to keep a healthy marriage, a healthy business and an in-general healthy lifestyle. I think we under estimate how much opportunity life has for us. Thankfully, Jay is on today to remind us to get out there and chase these opportunities, with of course, the “better you” in mind.

“If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!”

Time is the most valuable currency, spend it wisely.

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Opening new doors Challenging yourself Setting goals Focus Celebrating the small success’ Experiencing limits Opportunity Resources: The1thing.com JayPapasan.com

You can learn more about Jay at jaypapasan.com or on Twitter @jaypapasan. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website: LoriHarder.com

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