Earshot - Full program podcast

Earshot - Full program podcast


RN's half hour documentary – tales from around the world and on your street; people, history, ideas, music, culture and spirituality.


Nothing to hide (part 3)  

Is privacy a human right? And can we count on governments to protect it?

Nothing to hide (part 2)  

Social media, Big Data and the surveillance state - what happens to us when we're watched all the time?

Nothing to hide (part 1)  

Is privacy dead? And is it really true that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear?

Rottnest Island: White playground  

How did the largest deaths in custody site in Australia become a tourist mecca?

Rottnest Island: Black prison  

Ask any West Australian whitefella how they feel about Rottnest Island and the responses are reverential. A holiday at Rotto is a West Australian rite of passage. But for Western Australia’s Indigenous people, the memories and the stories are very different. Beneath its glittering surface is a history of horror and suffering. 

The secret life of children  

Did you have a childhood imaginary friend? We give you permission to play!

You've got mail  

In this era of instant (and constant) communication, it's hard to imagine a time when a message from a loved one could take two years to arrive.

The accidental atheist  

The Accidental Atheist sets out to find an atheism beyond the materialistic anti-religion of the New Atheists, and the bald assertion that there is no God.

Radio Maubere  

Hiding in the bush from the NT Police they were the voice of East Timor's rebels.

The Experiment  

Four artists and writers lose control over when they sleep and they're under constant surveillance -how unglued do they become?

The Violin's Voice Part 2  

The town of Kendall proves small communities can save their basic services as well as running a national violin competition.

Closure or nothing  

The story of Rachel Funari, who went missing off Bruny Island in 2011, and how her family has come to terms with her disappearance.

Swamp, squat, skol: a history of Chippendale  

The birth of Australia’s drinking culture, a hotbed of crime, an artistic hub—despite being one of Sydney's smallest suburb, Chippendale has a mighty history.

Better Off Dead part 4: Why do I have to go through hell to get to heaven?  

Andrew Denton outlines the assisted dying law he believes we need in Australia.

Better Off Dead part 2: The keys to life and death are in someone else's hands: The Netherlands  

Two sisters describe their mother's decision to control her death and how it happened.

Better Off Dead part 1: It can never be perfect, so why try and improve it?  

Worrying things might happen if we change the assisted dying laws. But worrying things are already happening.

Do not go gentle  

Old LP records found in a rubbish skip reveal some famous voices.

Shanghai princess  

Wealthy Australian-born Daisy Kwok was the toast of Shanghai - until the Cultural Revolution. A story of riches to rags to redemption.

Finding Australia's Tarzan  

Michael ‘Tarzan’ Fomenko lived among the dense tropical rainforest for 50 years.

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