Earshot - Full program podcast

Earshot - Full program podcast


RN's half hour documentary – tales from around the world and on your street; people, history, ideas, music, culture and spirituality.


Missing in the outback  

How five Indigenous women used the knowledge they'd learned walking country as children to survive.

Crossing Enemy Lines  

How do you talk about your German grandfather's war story on Anzac Day?

The Ring Cycle, part two  

While the marriage rate is slowly declining, most Australians will still get married at some point in their lives. And chances are they won’t do it on the cheap. There's a boom in big designer weddings, with a day—or several days—inspired by social media, highly themed, highly emotional, and held anywhere from a barn in Ballarat to a beach in Bali. But now that de facto couples are almost the same as those who marry in the eyes of the law, why put a ring on it at all? And why are marriage rights—and rites—so important for so many in the gay community? In pursuit of the meaning of marriage, now that it’s not strictly necessary, Fenella Souter asks everyone from a priest to a pair of happy husbands for their views.

The Ring Cycle, part one  

Times have changed yet many couples are still choosing to tie the knot. With same-sex couples wanting the right to marry in Australia, marriage as an institution is back under the spotlight. In an age of divorce, de factos and LGBTQI people, what does marriage mean now?

John Clarke's poetry  

The much loved satirist rewrites the work of famous poets, giving them an Australian flavour.

Majd's Diary  

Come deep into the world of a young Saudi Arabian woman as she negotiates family, study and matchmaking.

The New French Concession  

Why are so many French people calling Hong Kong home?

Murder in a small town Part 2  

What happened to Veronica and her family on the day her mother was murdered 25 years ago? How have they grieved and made sense of the violence all these years later.

Murder in a small town Part 1  

When Kate was 10 her school friend's mother was murdered, the event has alwasy haunted her.  

Sisters  Rocks  

A walk around a large stone formation called Sisters Rocks in western Victoria, to explore how history lives, breathes and changes over time.

Public Enemy  

Muslims in New Zealand - How do you trust your community when you don't know who's watching you?

In the footsteps of Foley  

A look into the secret world of Foley artists.

The Bluesprint  

The story of the Texan musicians who are the real pioneers of Blues music


The story of the Texan musicians who are the real pioneers of Blues music

The lost cinema of Tan Hiep  

A family remembers bringing the magic of movies to a small town in Vietnam.

Language and it's problems  

Are you a language pedant? If so, listen to this program. Your in for a treat.

Alexandra Kollontai in the New World  

100 years since the women textile workers of St Petersburg took to the streets and sparked a revolution, Earshot looks at the feminism and activism today - through the eyes of Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai.

Ali Cobby Eckermann: Inside my mother  

Aboriginal Poet Ali Cobby Eckermann recently won the prestigious Windham-Campbell Prize. She talks about her writing and her two mothers.

The dreaming POW  

Rick Pisaturo went from prisoner of war to Order of Australia, with a little help from vinegar and a racehorse called Russia.

The black box  

Why is the Australian who invented the black box not a household name, and why did it take fifty years for him to be officially recognised?

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