Earshot - Full program podcast

Earshot - Full program podcast


RN's half hour documentary – tales from around the world and on your street; people, history, ideas, music, culture and spirituality.


The dreaming POW  

Rick Pisaturo went from prisoner of war to Order of Australia, with a little help from vinegar and a racehorse called Russia.

The black box  

Why is the Australian who invented the black box not a household name, and why did it take fifty years for him to be officially recognised?

Besieged Copts in Egypt  

Coptic Christians in Egypt have been persecuted for decades. We hear the stories of some who have sought asylum in Australia.

Australian gothic  

Bizarre tales of murder and the macabre

Australians Under Nippon  

'You'll never get off the island' was the catchcry of the Australian POWs in Changi.

Pregnancy Nightmares  

The strange psychological landscape of pregnancy.

Black Tuesday  

It's quite a sight to watch the home you built yourself go up in flames.

Do re mi in PNG  

The story of a missionary, a choir, and how The Sound of Music found its way to remote Papua New Guinea.

Do re mi in PNG  

The story of a missionary, a choir, and how The Sound of Music found its way to remote Papua New Guinea.

Oriental stardust  

Anna May Wong was Hollywood's first Chinese-American star.

Mah-Jong Anyone?  

The first of two programs celebrating Chinese New Year, and the story of Chinese emigration to Australia.

Her poet friend: Lex Banning  

A love affair with a poet with cerebral palsy.

From a high place  

You can't escape change. Not even in a small village in a remote corner of the high Himalayas. Welcome to Bemni.

Cook in Cooktown  

The story of the first contact, first conflict, and first reconciliation between Aboriginal Australians and the British.

String and Ignatz and Krazy Kat  

Two of our favourite stories from award-winning RN producer Natalie Kestecher.

Portrait of Guy Warren part two  

The painter Guy Warren, who’s just turned 95, reflects on life and art. Kerry Stewart visited him at his home studio in Sydney and discovered not only wonderful works of art but an insightful philosopher as well.

Portrait of Guy Warren part one  

Guy Warren is one of Australia’s oldest working and exhibiting artists and at the venerable age of 95 he reflects on life and art.

Coming out  

Jane Ryan reveals her big secret—how she has survived episodes of mania and depression and learned to lead a full life with bipolar. She also talks to other people with the illness to understand how hard, but rewarding, it is to manage your moods and medication.

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