Earshot - Full program podcast

Earshot - Full program podcast


RN's half hour documentary – tales from around the world and on your street; people, history, ideas, music, culture and spirituality.


800 Words for Rain: Part 2  

The story of Papua New Guinea's national public broadcaster, the NBC, which was born out of the hope and flourish of the country's independence from Australia in 1975.

800 Words for Rain: Part One  

The story of Papua New Guinea's national public broadcaster, the NBC, which was born out of the hope and flourish of the country's independence from Australia in 1975

Homotopia: A Love Story, part two  

Many of us have heard stories about the difficulty of coming out as a gay person. But how do their families experience the coming out process?

Homotopia: A Love Story, part one  

It’s been 49 years since gay liberation. Now, queer folk can be who they are almost anywhere, so why do they still love to create specific 'queer-friendly' spaces for themselves?

The house that Bali built  

Discover the mysterious music of 1930s ‘exotic Bali’ in this tale of passion.

She's doing time: when Mum goes to prison  

As more mothers go to prison in Australia each year, what happens to the families they leave on the outside?

The story of Woonyoomboo  

Take a rare journey with cultural custodian Annie Nayina Milgin across the West Kimberley as she tells the story of the Nyikina people’s creation ancestor and how he sang the country to life

A Little Bit of Sugar  

A little pub in the Western suburbs of Melbourne is an unlikely place to find your family

The Sailors' Walk  

March 1797. Ninety mile beach in Victoria. Five British Sailor's and 12 Indian seamen are shipwrecked. The closest settlement is the penal colony of Port Jackson, over 700 km north. The castaways have no alternative but to walk to Sydney. Earshot continues their journey... where so many have left off. This is one of Australia's greatest survival stories and cross cultural encounters. Historian Mark Mckenna and Naturalist John Blay retrace their steps.

The lady of the swamp  

The mysterious disappearance of Margaret Clement, "the lady of the swamp."

Paul Cox-Dancing around childhood  

A profile of this prolific Australian film director and his unusual ways of working

Tizita - Songs of Nostalgia  

What it is about music that can evoke a longing and ache that can then transform itself into a belonging and sense of place?

The 36 Questions Episode 2  

Susan and her accomplice leave small talk behind and strike out for deeper waters. Will the 36 Questions lead to love…or regret?

The 36 Questions Episode 1  

Can you fall in love deliberately, without the chemistry? Using 36 laboratory-tested questions Susan Maushart and her accomplice try.

Searching for Trough Man  

He emerged out of the bathroom in Sydney's gay party scene of 1980s, a time of creative and sexual freedom. But where is he today?

Waiting for the wall  

A personal look at what it's like to be one of the millions of Mexicans who calls America home, in the age of Trump and his wall.

The real farmers wives  

Join Carla on her quest to find out whether it's possible to grow up in the city, keep your career and still be happily married to a farmer.

Missing in the outback  

How five Indigenous women used the knowledge they'd learned walking country as children to survive.

Crossing Enemy Lines  

How do you talk about your German grandfather's war story on Anzac Day?

The Ring Cycle, part two  

While the marriage rate is slowly declining, most Australians will still get married at some point in their lives. And chances are they won’t do it on the cheap. There's a boom in big designer weddings, with a day—or several days—inspired by social media, highly themed, highly emotional, and held anywhere from a barn in Ballarat to a beach in Bali. But now that de facto couples are almost the same as those who marry in the eyes of the law, why put a ring on it at all? And why are marriage rights—and rites—so important for so many in the gay community? In pursuit of the meaning of marriage, now that it’s not strictly necessary, Fenella Souter asks everyone from a priest to a pair of happy husbands for their views.

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