Earshot - Full program podcast

Earshot - Full program podcast


RN's half hour documentary – tales from around the world and on your street; people, history, ideas, music, culture and spirituality.


From a high place  

You can't escape change. Not even in a small village in a remote corner of the high Himalayas. Welcome to Bemni.

Cook in Cooktown  

The story of the first contact, first conflict, and first reconciliation between Aboriginal Australians and the British.

String and Ignatz and Krazy Kat  

Two of our favourite stories from award-winning RN producer Natalie Kestecher.

Portrait of Guy Warren part two  

The painter Guy Warren, who’s just turned 95, reflects on life and art. Kerry Stewart visited him at his home studio in Sydney and discovered not only wonderful works of art but an insightful philosopher as well.

Portrait of Guy Warren part one  

Guy Warren is one of Australia’s oldest working and exhibiting artists and at the venerable age of 95 he reflects on life and art.

Coming out  

Jane Ryan reveals her big secret—how she has survived episodes of mania and depression and learned to lead a full life with bipolar. She also talks to other people with the illness to understand how hard, but rewarding, it is to manage your moods and medication.

The Sex Workers Revolt  

Today Australian churches are opening their doors to asylum seekers. Forty years ago French churches offered sanctuary to maligned sex workers and a media storm ensued.

Mum in progress  

Three babies in three countries—and some insights along the way.

Steve, David and Goliath  

In 2002, Stephen Kenny took on David Hicks as a client pro bono. But why, just months after 9/11, would you volunteer to defend a man accused of supporting Al Qaeda?

Playing the Casals cello  

Breathing life into one of the most famous instruments of all time.

Genetic sexual attraction  

What happens when you meet and fall in love with the half-brother you never knew?

The secret history of Nauru  

A few decades ago Nauru was one of the richest nations in the world. So, what went so wrong?

Ode to Solitude  

When was the last time you spent time alone in a remote place and weren't lonely? If you answered never, it's time to disconnect from your busy life and find out about solitude.

The Updates  

 When Sophie Townsend’s husband Russell was diagnosed with lung cancer, she became the family spokesperson, a task she found endless, difficult and confronting.

Last drinks  

Pull up a barstool at the Hotel Australasia, a once grand country pub. It's empty now, but remains full of a town's rich past.

Hearing lost and found  

Producer Karen Werner journeys to Auschwitz as a way of connecting with her family’s history and in particular with her mother’s displacement and loss.  

Losing Gondwanaland  

This summer, bushfires ravaged thousands of hectares of world heritage forest in Tasmania. Ancient species are in grave danger. We go to visit the fire fields.

Suburban psychic  

Kerrie Erwin can see and talk to spirits. Join her at a séance, a ghost-busting, and a live psychic show, and decide for yourself what to believe.

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