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Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino And Live Reviews  

The good and bad food police are out and this time they have their sites set on Starbuck's, we explain why that misses the point and do some live reviews.

Why Willpower Might Be Hurting Your Results (but Not The Way You Think)  

Chronic dieters are know to have better willpower than average folks, so why aren't they more successful dieting. That's a little bit of what we talk about on this podcast and on the second half we talk about a frustrating body fat result and how to use that information to get better results in the future.

2 Easy Ways To See If Stress Is Hurting Your Fat Loss Goals  

Stress is something that needs to be managed during a fat loss phase or that fat loss phase will become ineffective. Here are some ideas on whether or not you might need to skip a workout to keep a fat loss goal rolling.

TroubleShooting The WebApp  

On this podcast we talk about how the web app flows and why that is the answer to most of the problems people are having.

Why Paleo And Keto Stop Working And Why "It's Not A Diet It's A Lifestyle" are undereaters  

In this episode we walk users through the various Eat To Perform phases, why they exist and why no other "diet" company is just itching to adopt what we do.

Live Reviews, Crossfit Open Chat And A Discussion On The Pressure Of Being A Celebrity Trainer  

In this episode we talk about the potential health consequences related to ALWAYS needing to be fit and do live reviews, chat about the Crossfit Open and Paul's big cribbage tournament win.

Fat Loss Phases And A Referesher On Why You Should Eat To Perform (most Of The Time)  

What most people think is a fat loss cycle is the first stage of a fat loss cycle and so they struggle with the "uncomfortable" piece or some hurdle comes up. So we talk about why a good performance phase is much better than going into things trying to hate yourself lean.

Super Bowl, Super Macros And Metabolism  

Some ETP history and talks about SUPER DUPER weekends and metabolism.

Troubleshooting The New ETP App For Members  

We had a debate on whether or not this would go live to regular listeners (that might not be members yet). I think this does give good insight for people and there is enough discussion that was entertaining. Still, we are time stamping this one, it might be off a few minutes but this should help if you are having a specific problem: From the TS video post 5:35 Not getting mfp data in the app, disconnect reconnect fitbit 9:40 Clear your cache 10:35 If app is super hard for you, stick with your TS for now 11 App and TS do not communicate with each other currently 11:59 Healthkit, ignore the mfp address on the app 14:50 Data is incorrect - Boone’s Farm wine 17:05 What do we want entered on your TS 20:05 Weight’s not pulling 22 Is weight in kilos 23:50 When manually entering you want to update 1st, save, then manually make your changes then save 24:55 How does the app help vs the TS 25:50 Why app is impt 26:53 Request a review from the app 27:27 Not designed to go back 29:29 Can I go back and get all my data 30:27 Water cal burn is useless info for the app 32:42 Message: Problem with fitbit 34:20 Any ?’s at all, need new numbers etc, click request a review 35:33 Not a web app 38:50 Auto reviews 40:25 Request a review - talk to us give us notes why 43:33 Why steps over cal burn 45:36 If we are auto reviewed, how are we to communicate what we want 53:40 Hamburger settings edit 54:48 GC 58:30 Untapped? 1:01 Scale :) 1:04 How much I love my wife

More On The App, Live Reviews And A Discussion On Sleep  

More on the app and what is coming, couple of live reviews and a discussion on sleep and the term "fatties" being used in the public.

Here Is Your Plan, Do This Plan - ETP Podcast For New Members  

When you break it down where to start with Eat To Perform is very simple since we provide clients with a plan. So we focus on why that plan is important and why you shouldn't dig too deep in the beginning while you are establishing your new routine.

Why We Don't Start People With Super Low Calories and Live Trendsheet Reviews  

After the holiday's a lot of people started on deficit cycles, on this episode we talk about the considerations on whether or not you should go lower and when to pull the plug.

My First And Only Paleo Challenge  

With April gone I took the opportunity to talk about my first and only Paleo challenge and why it became the genesis of Eat To Perform.

Dealing With Pets In The Winter And Live Reviews  

Probably a bit more talk about my dog's pooping habits in sub-zero weather than I would like but towards the end we do one great review and go over some thoughts on staying resolved in the New Year.

What We Learned This Year And Live Reviews  

In the first half of this podcast I talk a bit about my life as a teen and how it colored me as an adult but the second half of the podcast we got to deep dive some phenomenal questions that came in.

Holiday Staff Party Podcast  

Every year this is a great way to put voices to the Eat To Perform coaches that help you daily. It's the podcast we love to do the most and as I think you will see we have all bonded over the years and it's nice to have moments together just having fun.

Heather Thompson Eat To Perform Profile  

Heather Thompson has been an Eat To Perform member for over a year and started Coaching from day one. In this episode Heather, her coach Sarah and I talk about what that year has been like and what the future holds.

Why Calorie Burn Isn't The Only Way To View Exercise And Eating  

Viewing workouts as a way to burn calories misses the point of why exercise and eating is so important.

More On Why Sticking To The Plan Is Important And Live Reviews  

Dr. Brad put up a great video on why constantly deviating from the plan is a negative, even when the holiday's have you indulging a bit more. Sarah and I talk about it a bit more and bring up some ideas to take his thoughts a step further.

The ONE Supplement I Think Almost Everyone Should Take And Live Reviews  

The one supplement I think everyone should take will surprise people that aren't all that familiar with ETP because most people don't know what it is nor will the person at GNC typically. We also go through a few live reviews as well.

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