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Q&A With Sarah And Paul  

With lots of new people often comes a lot of questions and so we devoted this podcast to just Q&A

Your Expectations Are Too Low For Yourself And Christmas Abbott On BB19  

Fat Loss and weight loss as a goal is very limiting and it causes people to not spread their wings as a human being so we spend the first half of the podcast exploring that. On the second half we explore Christmas Abbott new leadership role on Big Brother 19.

Performance Recomp, Muscle Gain And Christmas Abbott On Big Brother (with Predictions)  

If you are looking for the podcast citing all the studies related to gaining muscle this won't be it. This however was one of our more entertaining podcasts and did go over Performance Recomp and Muscle Gain and explained how they apply in the phases.

There Is More At Stake Than Just Abs  

In this episode we talk about the VERY REAL consequences of not understanding how your body works and we talk about why some level of patience helps that.

Is Carb Sensitivity A Thing And How To Get Super Hero Macros  

We start off the podcast with what beast mode is and what it isn't. Then we talk about why carb sensitivity is a term that low carb advocates use to get people to buy their stuff and we end on talking about our new goal, Performance Recomp, what it is and why.

Why exercising for your personality is a game changer with Christian Thibaudeau  

If you don't like it you won't do it and working out is a pretty important part of body composition. In this special episode we talk with Christian Thibaudeau about how to program specifically for your personality style and why that's so important.

Manually Entering OR Adjusting Your Data, How And Why (especially your weight)  

Some people PREFER to manually put in their information, here is how to do that in the app (the web app is easier)

Why The Plan Varies And Why That Makes Your Energetic On All Days, Not Just The Days You Workout  

With ETP it's not just a race to the bottom so in this video Paul walks you through why that's important, some factors as it relates to workouts and how that burns more fat in the long run.

Why Cutting And Bulking Is Misinformed And More Discussion on Bacon Grease Coffee  

In this episode we talk about why holiday's and family gatherings are uncomfortable for ETP'ers, why regular folks shouldn't cut and bulk and more bacon grease coffee talk.

Using The App: Swiping Up, Updating Your Profile And The Info We Need In Your Journal (Lesson 2)  

In this lesson I walk you through the various functions of the app like why you need to swipe up to retrieve your data and what we need in your journal entries.

The Baseline Plan, Carbs or Fats and Why We Set Achievable Goals  

In this clip I walk you through the baseline plan and why it is so important and what types of carbs to eat and why you CAN achieve your goals quicker if you start doing the plan as quickly as possible.

Why You Crossfit Isn't Why You SHOULD Crossfit (or Really Any Form Of Exercise)  

In this episode we talk about using your "trump" card in terms of optimal body composition and how to get it back.

Can Yoga Help Fat Loss?  

We start off talking about appearing in an article about Men's Journal on Paleo Dieting but then we move to the Yoga discussion and how Paul is setting up the experiment.

Your Body Is Trying To Constantly Kill You Folks And How FitBit Is Solving Obesity  

We covered a lot of ground on this one from whether or not you should be able to take your shirt off in public to why steps aren't as important in a fat loss phase. We also talked about why FitBit's new sleep cycles is a game changer and potentially has the chance to really make a dent in the obesity epidemic.

What We've Learned And More Importantly What Is Coming For ETP  

In this podcast we talk about the things that made ETP popular and the direction we are going with our technology to change the health and fitness industry.

Your Social Media Timeline Is Hurting Your Fat Loss Goals  

How you listen to is important these and with a lot of options out there people often want to move in one direction with their health goals but get paralyzed listening to old and stifling messages.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino And Live Reviews  

The good and bad food police are out and this time they have their sites set on Starbuck's, we explain why that misses the point and do some live reviews.

Why Willpower Might Be Hurting Your Results (but Not The Way You Think)  

Chronic dieters are know to have better willpower than average folks, so why aren't they more successful dieting. That's a little bit of what we talk about on this podcast and on the second half we talk about a frustrating body fat result and how to use that information to get better results in the future.

2 Easy Ways To See If Stress Is Hurting Your Fat Loss Goals  

Stress is something that needs to be managed during a fat loss phase or that fat loss phase will become ineffective. Here are some ideas on whether or not you might need to skip a workout to keep a fat loss goal rolling.

TroubleShooting The WebApp  

On this podcast we talk about how the web app flows and why that is the answer to most of the problems people are having.

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