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Is Sarah Really From Chicago? (also Live Member Reviews)  

In addition to our weekly live reviews. Sarah finds out about Mrs. O'learys cow and Paul quizzes her on Chicago trivia.

How to avoid injury with Dr. Quinn Henoch  

This week on the ETP podcast it is all about the benefits of staying uninjured in the gym and what to do if you are a little banged up. Also, what does a day in the life of a physical therapist look like? Plus, what are some key points on staying Un-injured in the gym? Dr Mike T interviews Dr Quinn Henoch who is the head of sports rehabilitation for Juggernaut HQ and has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis. Listen in as we discuss: • What is benefit of physical therapy and massage therapy at the gym? (2:56) • Day in the life of PT (physical therapist) (5:49) • Common preventable gym injuries & how to prevent them (9:12) • Asymmetrical Intervention (17:20) • Biomechanics of lifting – Postural Restoration helpful? (20:50) • Wrist issues (29:02) • Risk factors with hypermobility & explosiveness (33:00) • Bio, Psycho, Social factors (36:35) • Balance of training (40:02) • Language used in queuing; language matters (41:06) • Placebo vs. Nocebo (43:30) • Stop doing stupid stuff that hurts (44:53) • The day we don’t need PT (48:06) • Where to find Dr. Quinn

Gut Health and Performance with Dr Ruscio  

This week on the ETP podcast it is all about gut health and how it affects performance. Dr Mike T (hey that is me) interviews Dr Michael Ruscio whose knowledge of gut health is amazing. Dr Ruscio is a great friend and my personal doc who I enrolled to get me back on track when I crashed my body post PhD. Listen in as we discuss: • Where the friendship began . . . (0:40) • Professor’s different responses to new information (2:37) • Seeking support and challenge for hypothesis (4:46) • Dr. Mike T saw Dr. Mike about gut health after he was burnt out (6:06) • Dr. Ruscio’s background (6:25) • Insomnia, depression and brain fog part of digestive issues (8:08) • Functional and natural medicine updated and researched (11:26) • Is Dr. Mike T’s journey with gut health the norm of how patients find Dr. Ruscio? (12:53) • What are common digestive symptoms? (16:02) • With those symptoms, what kind of follow up? (17:55) • Is there such thing as over testing in natural medicine? (19:47) • Is food allergy testing over done? • Microbiotic testing; what is it? (27:40) • Pan allergic or parasite (30:15) • Odds of gluten sensitivity (32:40) • Sea urchin story; analogy for irritant • Long term objective is expansion (37:30) • Stress is a factor in EVERYTHING. (38:40) • Scaling back training? What? 41:31 • Hormone supports and stress (44:16) • Bacterial balance similar to GI testing (45:35) • Probiotics to try (48:27) • Adrenal support (50:18) • Top 3 things to do (53:13) • Diet discussion (55:17)

The Problem With Cuddling Up To Less And Live Reviews From Actual Clients  

This might be one of the best live review podcasts we have ever done because we cover so much ground. We reviewed clients with more AND we reviewed clients with less. We raised people's calories and slashed some but most importantly we give you the reasoning behind each one.

Juma Iraki Interview (nutrition podcast)  

If you are interested in the science of nutrition Juma routinely talks some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry to come on his podcast.

Diet Plans Written By People Using PED's And Live Trendsheet Reviews.  

In this episode we talk about why Steroids actually help quite a bit and how some people in the diet industry that use PED's are being somewhat insincere as it relates to their progress and how it's harmful for people that aren't going to use Steroids to see progress. We also talk about why we changed our views on sponsoring athletes and pull the curtain back on what sponsoring athletes looks like.

Sarah buys A New Car And Live Trendsheet Reviews  

Per usual for this podcast we do live Trendsheet reviews and talk to people about the value of pushing the performance side of things for a while before going into a deficit cycle. The podcast ends with Sarah revealing that she bought a new car and all hell breaks loose as I tell the story of how that process went down.

Setting Realistic Goals That Allow For Better Goals Down The Road  

April's back, in this episode we cover a lot of ground but we really focus on why the long term is the only way to really evaluate true success.

Run To The Problem (and Creating A Problems Filter-Plus Live Trendsheet Reviews  

Lot's of cool discussion related to aging athletes and their goals and why fat loss goals need to be measured differently.

Brad Dieter Interview We Can Fix That  

Eat To Performs own Dr. Brad Dieter talks about his new book "We Can fix that" and we get to know a bit of his story.

Shrimp Head Story And Live Trendsheet Reviews  

More Live Trendsheet Reviews and with the football season coming up I tell the "Shrimp Head Story".

Untapped - The Eat To Perform Game To Unlock Real Results  

In this podcast Mike Millner and I talk about the new Eat To Perform game and how it might evolve and we do a bit of Q&A on how things work.

"We Can Fix That" Training Templates Are Released And Live Trendsheet Reviews  

We talk a bit about the new Training Templates and have a great discussion on reviewing Trendsheets live.

Behind Mountains There are other Mountains with ETP Coach Mike Millner  

We talk a lot on this podcast about how your perspective changes when you lose the finish line mentality and embrace a lifelong approach of achievements.

Teamswole Takeover ETP Podcast - Live Trendsheet Reviews  

This week we have on all the members of TeamSwole for podcast mayhem and Live Trendsheet Reviews.

F*** It Days (very Explicit Episode) - Wine And Chocolate With Sarah And Paul  

Look, here's the deal, Wine and Chocolate episodes are casual, we are having fun and reviewing clients Trendsheets (charts) in real time. If you are an ETP member you know us and it all makes sense. If you aren't, you are getting a sneak preview of the kinds of interaction that will help you see progress long term.

Why The Scale Actually Matters  

Many health professionals will often say "the scale doesn't matter", for most people it matters a great deal and we agree. That said our take is probably a bit different than both sides.

Sleep And Stress  

Paul talks about the August Challenge where we will be focusing on Sleep and Stress and his experiments with dropping coffee.

Can you over consume Protein with Dr. Jose Antonio  

• Why Jose refuses to come to Minnesota (0:44) • What he did that is quite rate (2:44) • The downfalls of Western Blots (3:43) • Is a PhD and a post doc needed? (5:34) • The importance of “outcomes based research” (5:55) • Do you need protein powders for high protein? (8:37) • 3 studies on high protein intake (8:51) • What happens to lean body mass when you eat more protein? (9:26) • Hardcore lifters, tons of protein, and body comp over 1 year (10:12) • 400 grams of protein per day? WTH.. (13:31) • Did their kidneys explode? (14:10) • The joy of carbs (17:01) • Is oxidizing (burning) protein bad? (19:07) • The pro and con of tight control in research (21:17) • 14 highly trained men and protein– brand new study (25:47) • Research – the good, bad, and ugly of peer reviews (30:07) • Why not just measure everything? (37:03) • Clients and 13 studies…(43:21) • No studies behind exercise training? (46:11) • The perfect world (47:14) • The great peanut butter study (50:01) • How much protein should I eat? (53:01)

More On Super Days And Introducing THE RHYTHM  

Within TrendSheets probably the thing most noticeable recently is my description in people's plans that we are called The Rhythm. This is a Trensheets review podcast where "Super Days" and "The Rhythm" come up a lot.

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