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Echoes of Glory

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A Podcast brought to you by ASD, Jack, Andrew, Dan with the occasional appearance from Van, Adam, Dave, Joe, Gareth and Proud Lilywhites Email us on or tweet us at @_Echoesofglory


Echoes Of Glory S6E20 - The FA Cup is an occasion  

ASD and Jack are joined by Jay and Dan this week, as the boys celebrate the Chelsea victory, and talk about their favourite things about the FA Cup

Echoes Of Glory S6E19 - 1-4, 1-4!  

Join ASD, Abbas and Jack as they discuss the players new years resolutions!

Echoes Of Glory S6E18 - Abby  

Join ASD, Statto and Jack in episode 18 as we discuss what we would buy players past and present for Christmas!

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E17 - The People Talk I Listen  

ASD is back at the helm with Abbas and Jack going over improvements to the pod, a new and improved quiz and epic banter.

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E16 - Dive! Dive! Dive!  

Jack and ASD go over United, CSKA and Swansea

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E15 - Onwards and upwards  

Jack, ASD and Abbas go over Chelsea, Monaco and Swansea.

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E14 -Abbas, Quiz Champion  

Statto returns to join ASD and Abbas to talk West Ham, Chelsea and do a special quiz.

Echoes Of Glory S6E13 - Club or country  

Jack, ASD and Abbas are joined by Don to discuss the best moments each player had with us

Echoes Of Glory S6E12 - A Love For The Lane  

BBC reporter and author of A Love Of The Lane Chris Slegg joins ASD, Jack, Abbas and Hanik to talk Leverkusen and the NLD.

Echoes Of Glory S6E11 - I'd rather mow the lawn  

Special guest Ryan from Boston Spurs joins Abbas, Jack and ASD to go over what you should expect from buying a ticket, Leicester, Leverkusen and THE SCUM.

Echoes Of Glory S6E10 - It's not all over  

Jack, Abbas and ASD muse over the goal-extravaganzas that was Leverkusen and Bournemouth.

Echoes Of Glory S6E9 - Best Team In The League  

Statto returns, alongside Javad from the Tottenham Hotspur Family podcast and a second appearance from Hanik. We talk WBA, Spurs artefacts, economists and Leverkusen.

Echoes Of Glory S6E8 - Mr Latchford Special  

It's a Latchford special, with Jack interviewing his Dad, Mr Latchford, who has been going to Spurs for 45 years. List to Mr L talk about the legends of the game, the Shelf and what he thinks about today's team.

Echoes Of Glory S6E7 - Why Jack is banned from the Emirates  

ASD, Jack and Abbas delight in the warm glow of wins in Moscow and against the oil rich City.

Echoes Of Glory S6E6 - Unpopular opinions  

ASD, Jack, Abbas and Adam give their unpopular opinions, defend Lamela and talk about the future.

Echoes Of Glory S6E5 - The name's Bond, Londonman007Bond  

ASD and Abbas are joined by Hanik from Reddit to talk Stoke, Kane, Monaco, Sissoko, Son and Voice overs.

S6E3 - Returning to logic  

ASD, Abbas, New Dan and a triumphant Gareth discuss transfers, Liverpool and the old glory vs top 4 debate.

S6E3 - Cousins  

ASD, Jack and Abbas welcome back Statto and introduce Ania and Ben, some friends from the other side of the world.

S6E2 - Ryan Mason, Sandwiches  

ASD, Jack, Abbas and Jay answer your questions and mull over the Everton result.

S6E1 - The Winner Takes It All  

Join ASD, Van and Jack as we enter the new season with hope, joy and expectation. Fantasy League code is 726585-198460

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