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Echoes of Glory

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A Podcast brought to you by ASD, Jack, Andrew, Dan with the occasional appearance from Van, Adam, Dave, Joe, Gareth and Proud Lilywhites Email us on or tweet us at @_Echoesofglory


Echoes Of Glory S6E27 - It's in the blood  

This week Jack is joined by Mr Latchford senior. The duo talk about Mr Latchford's favourite memories as a Spurs fan, and why he follows the lilywhites

Echoes Of Glory S6E26 - What happened?!  

This week Jack is joined by debutant Chris! The boys talk about what they would change about Spurs, and discuss what went wrong at Liverpool

Echoes Of Glory S6E25 - Tasty  

Join Abbas, Jack and the return of ASD as the boys talks about what they would do if Spurs folded, as well as reviewing the two games from last week

Echoes Of Glory S6E24 - Josie Green  

In this very special episode, Jack is joined by Josie Green of the Spurs ladies, where they talk all things ladies football, including reviewing the 3-1 semi final cup victory against West Ham earlier in the week

Echoes Of Glory S6E23 - Bonkers  

Jack is joined by Javad of the Tottenham Hotspur family podcast to talk about the best and worst youth team players that have proved us wrong, and to review the bonkers FA Cup tie

Echoes Of Glory S6E22 - ZSD  

Join Abbas, Jack and the return of Statto as the guys get emotional about their best and worst feelings they've had watching Spurs, as well as digesting that incredible fight back against City!

Echoes Of Glory S6E21 - A few of my favourite things  

Abbas, Adam, Dan and Jack run through their favourite things about Spurs, why Spurs can win the title, and preview a HUGE game against City

Echoes Of Glory S6E20 - The FA Cup is an occasion  

ASD and Jack are joined by Jay and Dan this week, as the boys celebrate the Chelsea victory, and talk about their favourite things about the FA Cup

Echoes Of Glory S6E19 - 1-4, 1-4!  

Join ASD, Abbas and Jack as they discuss the players new years resolutions!

Echoes Of Glory S6E18 - Abby  

Join ASD, Statto and Jack in episode 18 as we discuss what we would buy players past and present for Christmas!

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E17 - The People Talk I Listen  

ASD is back at the helm with Abbas and Jack going over improvements to the pod, a new and improved quiz and epic banter.

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E16 - Dive! Dive! Dive!  

Jack and ASD go over United, CSKA and Swansea

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E15 - Onwards and upwards  

Jack, ASD and Abbas go over Chelsea, Monaco and Swansea.

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E14 -Abbas, Quiz Champion  

Statto returns to join ASD and Abbas to talk West Ham, Chelsea and do a special quiz.

Echoes Of Glory S6E13 - Club or country  

Jack, ASD and Abbas are joined by Don to discuss the best moments each player had with us

Echoes Of Glory S6E12 - A Love For The Lane  

BBC reporter and author of A Love Of The Lane Chris Slegg joins ASD, Jack, Abbas and Hanik to talk Leverkusen and the NLD.

Echoes Of Glory S6E11 - I'd rather mow the lawn  

Special guest Ryan from Boston Spurs joins Abbas, Jack and ASD to go over what you should expect from buying a ticket, Leicester, Leverkusen and THE SCUM.

Echoes Of Glory S6E10 - It's not all over  

Jack, Abbas and ASD muse over the goal-extravaganzas that was Leverkusen and Bournemouth.

Echoes Of Glory S6E9 - Best Team In The League  

Statto returns, alongside Javad from the Tottenham Hotspur Family podcast and a second appearance from Hanik. We talk WBA, Spurs artefacts, economists and Leverkusen.

Echoes Of Glory S6E8 - Mr Latchford Special  

It's a Latchford special, with Jack interviewing his Dad, Mr Latchford, who has been going to Spurs for 45 years. List to Mr L talk about the legends of the game, the Shelf and what he thinks about today's team.

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