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A Podcast brought to you by ASD, Jack, Andrew, Dan with the occasional appearance from Van, Adam, Dave, Joe, Gareth and Proud Lilywhites Email us on or tweet us at @_Echoesofglory


Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E15 - Onwards and upwards  

Jack, ASD and Abbas go over Chelsea, Monaco and Swansea.

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S6E14 -Abbas, Quiz Champion  

Statto returns to join ASD and Abbas to talk West Ham, Chelsea and do a special quiz.

Echoes Of Glory S6E13 - Club or country  

Jack, ASD and Abbas are joined by Don to discuss the best moments each player had with us

Echoes Of Glory S6E12 - A Love For The Lane  

BBC reporter and author of A Love Of The Lane Chris Slegg joins ASD, Jack, Abbas and Hanik to talk Leverkusen and the NLD.

Echoes Of Glory S6E11 - I'd rather mow the lawn  

Special guest Ryan from Boston Spurs joins Abbas, Jack and ASD to go over what you should expect from buying a ticket, Leicester, Leverkusen and THE SCUM.

Echoes Of Glory S6E10 - It's not all over  

Jack, Abbas and ASD muse over the goal-extravaganzas that was Leverkusen and Bournemouth.

Echoes Of Glory S6E9 - Best Team In The League  

Statto returns, alongside Javad from the Tottenham Hotspur Family podcast and a second appearance from Hanik. We talk WBA, Spurs artefacts, economists and Leverkusen.

Echoes Of Glory S6E8 - Mr Latchford Special  

It's a Latchford special, with Jack interviewing his Dad, Mr Latchford, who has been going to Spurs for 45 years. List to Mr L talk about the legends of the game, the Shelf and what he thinks about today's team.

Echoes Of Glory S6E7 - Why Jack is banned from the Emirates  

ASD, Jack and Abbas delight in the warm glow of wins in Moscow and against the oil rich City.

Echoes Of Glory S6E6 - Unpopular opinions  

ASD, Jack, Abbas and Adam give their unpopular opinions, defend Lamela and talk about the future.

Echoes Of Glory S6E5 - The name's Bond, Londonman007Bond  

ASD and Abbas are joined by Hanik from Reddit to talk Stoke, Kane, Monaco, Sissoko, Son and Voice overs.

S6E3 - Returning to logic  

ASD, Abbas, New Dan and a triumphant Gareth discuss transfers, Liverpool and the old glory vs top 4 debate.

S6E3 - Cousins  

ASD, Jack and Abbas welcome back Statto and introduce Ania and Ben, some friends from the other side of the world.

S6E2 - Ryan Mason, Sandwiches  

ASD, Jack, Abbas and Jay answer your questions and mull over the Everton result.

S6E1 - The Winner Takes It All  

Join ASD, Van and Jack as we enter the new season with hope, joy and expectation. Fantasy League code is 726585-198460

Euros Special 4: Definitely Not a Kit Special  

Statto and ASD give out the coveted end-of-competition awards, and go over the latest Spurs news. Follow us on @_echoesofglory, @ASDthebrand, @Statto_74

Euros Special 3: The Special Moments  

ASD and Statto go over our top ten moments in Tottenham's last decade as well as getting emotional over Wales' Quarter Final smashing of Belgium.

Euros Special 2: The Fastest Cube  

Join ASD, Jack and Abbas "619" as we pick England apart and celebrate Wales, all with Spurs tinted glasses

Euros Special 1 : Poggers  

ASD, Statto, Abbas and Jack preview the upcoming Euros with more features and quizzes than a bingo hall

Echoes Of Glory Echoes Of Glory S5E34 - Echo of Glory  

ASD, Abbas, Andrew and Jack finish the season with a bang. Join us for the awards and as we ignore that result

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