Effectively Wild: The Daily Baseball Prospectus Po

Effectively Wild: The Daily Baseball Prospectus Po


Effectively Wild: The Daily Baseball Prospectus Podcast


Effectively Wild Episode 1037: Season Preview Series: Pirates and Yankees  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about a Robbie Ray ejection, Tom Hamilton’s Brody Chernoff interview, a quote about Mike Trout, a Takuya Nakashima shift, and a Terry Francona comment about Ryan Raburn, then preview the Pirates’ 2017 season with Travis Sawchik of FanGraphs and the Yankees’ 2017 season with Jared Diamond of the Wall […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1036: Season Preview Series: Tigers and Rays  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Jered Weaver, David DeJesus, and Dan Duquette’s comments about Jose Bautista, then preview the Tigers’ 2017 season with Jason Beck of MLB.com and the Rays’ 2017 season with David Roth of Vice Sports. Audio intro: Lou Reed, "Average Guy" Audio interstitial: ABBA, "Tiger" Audio interstitial 2: Dillard & Clark, "In the […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1035: The Catcher’s Crooked Finger  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan share responses submitted to a smattering of recent topics and banter about whether old scouting reports have value to teams, then answer listener emails about MVP-vote streaks, Brady Anderson and ex-player executives, predicting pitches perfectly, middle-infield offense, Aroldis Chapman copying Carter Capps, non-traditional starting rotations, and more. Audio intro: Ike & […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1034: Season Preview Series: Rangers and Marlins  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about anticipatory player celebrations, then preview the Rangers’ 2017 season with Levi Weaver of WFAA and the Marlins’ 2017 season with Tim Healey of the Sun Sentinel. Audio intro: Kanye West, "Celebration" Audio interstitial: Neil Young, "Texas Rangers" Audio interstitial 2: Laura Marling, "Always This Way" Audio outro: Wilco, "Glad it’s Over"  iTunes […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1033: Season Preview Series: Mets and Orioles  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about a beautiful Javier Baez tag, then preview the Mets’ 2017 season with Ted Berg of For The Win and the Orioles’ 2017 season with Jake Mintz of Cespedes Family BBQ. Audio intro: Jay Z, "Poppin’ Tags" Audio interstitial: Laura Stevenson and The Cans, "The Healthy One" Audio interstitial 2: Stephen Malkmus […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1032: The Outfield Impostor  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about WBC tiebreakers and the efficacy of the infield shift, then answer listener emails about a Mike Trout body snatcher, dropped third strikes, bricks behind home plate, premature rebuilds, your WAR compared to Tim Tebow’s, new Statcast stats, and more. Audio intro: Lenny Randle & Ballplayers, "I’m a Ballplayer" Audio outro: […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1031: Season Preview Series: Mariners and Rockies  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about an Ian Desmond quote and a curious Dick Williams managerial motivational tactic, then preview the Mariners’ 2017 season with Meg Rowley of Baseball Prospectus and the Rockies’ 2017 season with Jen Mac Ramos of the Sonoma Stompers. Audio intro: Eliza Doolittle, "Team Player" Audio interstitial: Wings, "Soily" Audio interstitial 2: Teenage […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1030: Season Preview Series: Blue Jays and Athletics  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan preview the Blue Jays’ 2017 season with Joshua Howsam of BP Toronto and the Athletics’ 2017 season with Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle. Audio intro: Rod Stewart, "Sonny" Audio interstitial: First Aid Kit, "Blue" Audio interstitial 2: Destroyer, "From Oakland to Warsaw" Audio outro: Billy Joel, "Weekend Song" Link to Bill Hands […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1029: Clayton Kershaw’s Knuckleball  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan answer listener emails about one-pitch innings, trampoline stats, winning in spring training, David Price and pitcher pace, a baseball scene in Chicago Justice, automatic homer hitting, putting hitters away with two strikes, underrated first basemen, banning player mannerisms, signing with an anonymous team, intentionally walking Mike Trout, and a Clayton […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1028: Season Preview Series: Angels and Diamondbacks  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Carter Capps, Noah Syndergaard, and salary distributions, then preview the Angels’ 2017 season with Pedro Moura of The LA Times and the Diamondbacks’ 2017 season with Nick Piecoro of AZCentral Sports. Audio intro: The Super Friendz, "Give the Sign" Audio interstitial: Teenage Fanclub, "It’s a Sign" Audio interstitial 2: The Milk […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1027: Season Preview Series: Cardinals and Royals  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about a bad highlight, then preview the Cardinals’ 2017 season with Will Leitch of Sports on Earth and the Royals’ 2017 season with Rany Jazayerli of The Ringer. Audio intro: Genesis, "Get ‘Em Out by Friday" Audio interstitial: The Jackson 5, "Never Can Say Goodbye" Audio interstitial 2: Great Lake Swimmers, "Everything […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1026: The Best Podcast on the Planet  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about nets, nicknames, and scouting directors’ comments about international prospect Luis Robert, then answer listener emails about robbing from the Cubs, a division composed of only the worst teams, pitch counts and automatic intentional walks, pitchers pitching to pitchers, trying to win in spring training, Mike Trout batting eighth, […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1025: Season Preview Series: Giants and Braves  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan follow up on an Andrew Miller discussion and banter about Cubs backlash, then preview the Giants’ 2017 season with Grant Brisbee of SB Nation and the Braves’ 2017 season with Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Audio intro: Richard Thompson, "Backlash Love Affair" Audio interstitial: Banks & Steelz, "Giant" Audio interstitial 2: Laura […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1024: Season Preview Series: Nationals and Twins  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about an Andrew Miller image and the top-heavy projected standings, then preview the Nationals’ 2017 season with Chelsea Janes of the The Washington Post and the Twins’ 2017 season with Aaron Gleeman of Baseball Prospectus. Audio intro: Blondie, "Picture This" Audio interstitial: The Apples in Stereo, "Stephen, Stephen" Audio interstitial 2: Bon […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1023: Mike Trout, But Backward  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about a Steven Matz tweet, the Reds and Ryan Raburn, and the automatic intentional walk, then answer listener emails about misleading headshots, pitchers who rely on one pitch, the decline of player nicknames, the Yankees’ refusal to lose, Josh Reddick’s lack of clutchness, making Mike Trout run backward, and […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1022: Season Preview Series: Astros and Phillies  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Yoan Moncada’s kid and Randy Levine’s comments about Dellin Betances, then preview the Houston Astros’ 2017 season with writer Zachary Levine and the Philadelphia Phillies’ 2017 season with Michael Baumann of The Ringer. Audio intro: Built to Spill, "Randy Described Eternity" Audio interstitial: The White Stripes, "Astro" Audio interstitial 2: Yoneda, […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1021: Season Preview Series: Indians and White Sox  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Adam Lind, Matt Albers, bunting to beat the shift, Mike Fiers, and Brandon Guyer, then preview the Cleveland Indians’ 2017 season with writer/editor Pete Beatty and the Chicago White Sox’ 2017 season with Cat Garcia of Baseball Prospectus. Audio intro: Lily & Madeleine, "Midwest Kid" Audio interstitial: Destroyer, "Goddess of […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1020: The First Baseman’s Fumarole  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Carter Capps’s comeback, Brian Flynn’s barn accident, the Reds’ weights and nicknames, and C.J. Wilson’s retirement town, then answer listener emails about preventing Tommy John surgeries, a Randy Johnson alternate history, Statcast in non-MLB ballparks, a baserunner’s secret skill, whether defense slumps, a Kyle Hendricks hipster, and an […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1019: Season Preview Series: Red Sox and Reds  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan preview the Red Sox’ 2017 season with Alex Speier of the The Boston Globe and the Reds’ 2017 season with Zach Buchanan of the The Cincinnati Enquirer. Audio intro: The Jayhawks, "Red’s Song" Audio interstitial: Neko Case, "Red Tide" Audio outro: Neil Young, "Red Sun" Link to Alex’s article about Boston’s pitching-optimization plan […]

Effectively Wild Episode 1018: Season Preview Series: Cubs and Brewers  

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Matt Wieters and debunk Scott Boras, then preview the Cubs’ 2017 season with Sahadev Sharma of the The Athletic Chicago and the Brewers’ 2017 season with Jack Moore of the The Hardball Times. Audio intro: Courtney Barnett, "Scotty Says" Audio interstitial: Grateful Dead, "Built to Last" Audio interstitial 2: Maritime, "Milwaukee" […]

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