Effectively Wild: The Daily Baseball Prospectus Po

Effectively Wild: The Daily Baseball Prospectus Po


Effectively Wild: The Daily Baseball Prospectus Podcast


Effectively Wild Episode 986: The CBA Said What?  

Ben and Sam banter about pitch limits, an MLB.com headline, and news about Rich Hill and Shohei Otani, then discuss the implications of several of the new CBA's most noteworthy changes.

Effectively Wild Episode 985: Three Topics for Winter-Meetings Week  

Ben and Sam banter about the possibly unprecedented complete lack of luddite teams, then discuss the Royals as sellers, the reliever market, and Braves trade rumors.

Effectively Wild Episode 984: Advice for Teams With Too Much Money  

Ben, Sam, and BP's Russell Carleton banter about Nolan Ryan as a reliever, the possibility of a strike in 2021, and how teams should use the money the new CBA prevents them from spending.

Effectively Wild Episode 983: The Non-Endless-Lockout Edition  

Ben and Sam banter about an endless lockout and an A.J. Ellis rumor, then answer listener emails about odd MVP votes in Japan, peak Pedro vs. peak Koufax, what they would bid for Charley Kershaw's baseball career, and mo

Effectively Wild Episode 982: Scouting the Yankees and Signing the Cespedes  

Ben and Sam banter about a scene from Major League, an Adam Jones tweet, and the return of Nora Morse, then talk to BP's Jeff Paternostro about the Yankees' farm system, the Mets' Yoenis Cespedes signing, and the future of international free agency.

Effectively Wild Episode 981: The New-GM Job Check  

Ben and Sam banter about a baseball TV trope and a Roger Angell passage, then discuss how they would have asked and answered interview questions for the Twins and Diamondbacks GM jobs and what they thought of the Mariners' and Diamondbacks' Jean Segura-Taijuan Walker trade and the Twins' Jason Castro signing.

Effectively Wild Episode 980: The Baseball-Book Draft  

Ben, Sam, and Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times draft a few of their favorite baseball books.

Effectively Wild Episode 979: Mike Trout and the Post-MVP Era  

Ben and Sam banter about Kyle Gaedele, then share their thoughts on Mike Trout's second MVP Award and what it does and doesn't say about both Trout and the BBWAA.

Effectively Wild Episode 978: Broken Bones and Broken Records  

Ben and Sam banter about four pitchers with a broken bone, then answer listener emails about Ichiro, Bryce Harper, catchers, throwing games, whether players are making the most of their skills, and more.

Effectively Wild Episode 977: Indy Outliers  

Ben and Sam reprise their "multiple Andrew Millers" conversation for the final time, banter about the AL Rookie of the Year Award and the NL Platinum Glove Award, and spotlight some of 2016's most eye-catching indy league stat lines.

Effectively Wild Episode 976: Which Way Will the World Series Odds Go?  

Ben and Sam revisit their conversations about Cubs-parade attendance and multiple Andrew Millers, banter about Eddie Gaedel, and discuss which teams will see their World Series odds improve or decline by the most before Opening Day.

Effectively Wild Episode 975: And Here's the Pitch from Trout  

Ben and Sam review listener responses to their skepticism about Cubs-celebration attendance figures, then answer emails about the offseason outlook, changes in closer usage, Times on Base, Edwin Jackson, identical Andrew Millers, Mike Trout and more.

Effectively Wild Episode 974: Survey Says  

Ben and Sam review the results from Jerry Crasnick's 2015 MLB executive survey and discuss the latest installment in his long-running survey series.

Effectively Wild Episode 973: The Potential Lasts of 2016  

Ben and Sam banter about the attendance at the Cubs' World Series celebration, then discuss several things we may (or may not) have seen for the last time during the 2016 season.

Effectively Wild Episode 972: The Cubs, Game Seven, and the World Series  

Ben and Sam reflect on what they learned from Game Seven of the World Series and the Chicago Cubs' first championship since 1908.

Effectively Wild Episode 971: Drought Talk  

Ben and Sam banter about Aroldis Chapman and answer emails about title droughts, the Cubs and consecutive pennants, scoreless streaks, World Series strategy, the recent rarity of Game Sevens, playoff ads, and more.

Effectively Wild Episode 970: Managers, Closers, and Copycats  

Ben and Sam banter about Manny Mota Grip Stick and Smash Mouth's latest Twitter feud, then discuss the Cubs' use of Aroldis Chapman in Game 5 and some strategic considerations for the rest of the series.

Effectively Wild Episode 969: The Literally Hot Hitter  

Ben and Sam banter about mean-spirited nicknames, then answer emails about Kyle Schwarber's bat, Jon Lester's long con, the neglected White Sox drought, the Nationals' 2016 "success," overcoming bad broadcasters, paying to play in the World Series, and more.

Effectively Wild Episode 968: So You Suffered a Playoff Loss  

Ben and Sam banter about the two Indians teams and perceptions of postseason Kershaw, then discuss whether the eight eliminated postseason teams had successful seasons.

Effectively Wild Episode 967: The Miraculous Lester  

Ben and Sam banter about the origin of the pitcher's mound, the impact of seeing a starter multiple times in the same series, and the Dodgers' perplexing approach against Jon Lester, who continues to flourish without ever throwing to first.

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