Emotional Hangs

Emotional Hangs

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Two adult men explore the qualities, intricacies and conundrums that come along with true friendship after thirty, while maintaining the enthusiasm and vulnerability of two baby boys. Let's just say their guards are DOWN.


5 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft about Politicking, Moms, and Adoption  

Let’s talk about Nick Offerman’s pussy hat, grieving mothers, and abandonment issues.

27 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Danny and Mike  

In this episode, child stars turned grown adults Danny and Mike (from The Adventures of Pete and Pete) answer questions like: What happens when a childhood friendship blossoms into an adult friendship? What the hell is a unicorn kiss? And is it too soon for Nancy Kerrigan jokes? Don’t worry, Joe and Kurt have plenty to air out, too.

26 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Intimate Experiences  

Kurt and Joe wonder if their listeners like their bullshit or if they prefer to hear from guests every once in awhile (listeners, feel free to chime in). Joe’s back with a wooden clog-full of Amsterdam experiences. So tune in, but don’t give any advice - Joe’s just looking for a listening ear.

25 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Therapy  

Tip from Kurt - if you ever find yourself in a situation where Joe DeRosa is the good cop to your bad cop, you’re on the wrong side of the issue. Make yourself comfortable, because Kurt and Joe are back and this week, they’re airing it out.

24 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ The First Annual LA River Tubing Expedition  

First rule of this (archive) episode? Talk about Fight Club. Joe's been painting like a clown, Kurt explains why he almost Irish-goodbyes from hangs, and the guys finally address the thing everyone is talking about: The First Annual LA River Tubing Expedition.

23 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ An Old Episode  

Kurt’s meditating in Alaska somewhere, so Joe gets extra soft alone. Buckle up and relax, it’s time for a rerun of a classic: Emotional Hangs Episode 3.

22 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Joe and Kurt  

Joe and Kurt wonder if they should quit talking about friendship so much. So they talk about viral Eminem remixes, movies with talking animals, and depression instead.

21 - How Kurt and Joe Originally Get Soft PT 1  

One from the archives! The very first Emotional Hangs -- like Huey Lewis and the News, we’re goin’ back in time!

20 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Each Other  

How much ball-busting is too much ball-busting? Joe and Kurt may never know. Tune in to hear reflections on Joe’s drug-induced Tuesday night, twitter beef, and other emotional musings.

19 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson  

Jake and Matt are here in custom shirts they made for each other, and we haven’t even gotten into the emotional stuff. By the way, who’s your dad’s dealer?

18 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Your Questions Part 2  

Joe and Kurt sift through your questions again, which inevitably leads to a discussion on politics and who’s a good person. If only dinner parties had conversations like this instead of the ones where you have to listen to someone talk about their homemade jewelry business.

17 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Your Questions  

Joe and Kurt are a little worried about themselves, but enough about them, this episode is about YOU and your questions! They talk being single at bars, equality, and a complete apocalyptic reset.

16 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft with Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher  

So, you hug your dad? What exactly is the proper paternal send-off to ‘nam?

15 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft with 23andme  

Joe and Kurt analyze why the good die young, which electronic instruments are dorkiest (the key-tar), and whether there’s an afterlife. Join them as they sift through Joe's 23andme results and get soft with lineage and identity.

14 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Erin McGathy and Robyn Buck  

Just so you know, we’re doing a live podcast from Houston this fall... Guests Erin and Robyn discuss their humble beginnings in church youth group, their enthusiasm for themed shindigs, and those forgotten first impressions.

13 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft about Parents  

What do you call a communication issue that lasts for 20 years? A relationship with your parents. This episode is all about forgiveness.

12 - Throwback - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark  

We’re going back through the vaults, way back, to dust off our emotional hang with Karen and Georgia. Let us examine the delicate flower that is adult friendship by burping, reliving uncomfortable Thanksgiving parties, and, of course, talking murder.

11 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Laura House and Jackie Kashian  

This week’s apology goes to Nick Offerman. Then, let’s talk hating ourselves, meditation, and the permissible stalking of potential friends.

10 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ Trash Talk  

What happened to waiting in line for album releases? Joe and Kurt research their past through 23andme.com. Don’t you hate it when people won’t talk shit with you?

9 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ The Listeners  

Forced friendships are the worst, but should we sever them? What happens when friendships turn romantic?

8 - Joe and Kurt Get Soft w/ the Sklar Bros.  

Is siblinghood like marriage? Randy and Jason discuss what it’s like to be a package deal in the public eye.

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