EOS 10, a scifi radio play

EOS 10, a scifi radio play

United States

Official selection at the 2015 Hear Now Audio Fiction & Arts Festival! EOS 10 is an original, scifi radio play that follows two mal-adjusted doctors and their staff on the Alliance space station, EOS 10. Created and written by Justin McLachlan. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr for season three announcements.


Holiday Special: Tannenbaum  

Levi decides to get in the holiday spirit by bringing the infirmary staff a gift. What could possibly go wrong? A special EOS 10 holiday episode. Starring Justin McLachlan, Dan Barry, Charles Lipper and Natalie Cutcher. Also starring Chris Stinson. Written by Justin McLachlan.

210 — And Beyond  

Season two finale. When Jane and Ryan hatch a plan to sneak aboard the Orchid and rescue Dr. Urvidian, Levi and Akmazian hatch a plan to rescue Jane and Ryan. Written by Justin McLachlan. Starring Dan Barry, Justin McLachlan, Charles Lipper and Natalie Cutcher. Guest Starring Tim Torre, Tegan Cohen and Christine Alexander.

209 — To the Future…  

When a visitor from Levi’s planet arrives on EOS 10, she brings an important message for Dr. Dalias. Written by Justin McLachlan. Starring Dan Barry, Justin McLachlan, Charles Lipper and Natalie Cutcher. Guest Starring Tim Torre, Tegan Cohen, Chris Stinson and Christine Alexander.

208 — Eat the Peas  

When Jane is injured during a mission, she uses the incident to take some stock of her new most-making ways. Meanwhile, Dr. Urvidian agrees to help Levi with a new royal portrait. Written by Kathleen Ackerley and starring Justin McLachlan, Dan Barry, Charles Lipper and Natalie Cutcher. Guest starring Lena Winter.

207  — I’ve Got a Feeling  

Dr. Urvidian needs Ryan’s help with a personal problem, and the Interface makes a confession to Levi. Written by Kathleen Akerley.

206 — Crash and Burn  

An engine problem leaves Jane and Ryan stranded with the Quartermaster, while Levi helps Dr. Urvidian with a “patient” back on EOS 10.

205 — Interface 9000  

When a plasma storm forces the evacuation of EOS 10, Levi takes the opportunity to get his recently revoked Interface privileges back.

204 — Sergeant Popper  

A strange request from Dr. Urvidian leads Levi to believe he’s given up one vice for another, but the truth is much worse than anyone imagined.

203 — The Caper  

Worried that Dr. Dalias is slipping into a deep depression, Jane and Levi go on a quest to cheer him up.

202 — Last Offices  

After the crew of EOS 10 loses someone close, Ryan and the others travel to Earth for a wake. But a surprise is waiting for Dr. Urvidian…

201 — The Trial of Akmazian  

Season two premiere. Ryan agrees to testify when Akmazian is put on trial for treason, and a crew member is lost as a mysterious conspiracy begins to take root.

BONUS: Ideé Fixotica (a Love Story)  

A quarantined plant teaches EOS 10’s crew the meaning of deeper love. An EOS 10 bonus episode just in time for Valentine’s Day!

108 – Harsh Light of Another Day  

Season one finale. While Ryan searches for Dr. Urvidian, Levi tries to get his affairs in order.

Special: Roundtable With the Cast of EOS 10  

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., so no new episode of EOS 10 this week. However, we do have a special treat — an audio roundtable with show’s cast — Justin McLachlan, Dan Barry, Charles Lipper, Natalie Cutcher and Chris Stinson (hosted by Pamela Leahigh). Look for the season one finale next week!

107 – Promotions  

Levi moves up in the kitchen, but recent weeks on EOS 10 have left him with… unease.

106 – Antivaxx  

A multi-generational ship from Earth’s past lands on EOS 10’s doorstep — carrying a dangerous plague.

105 – Akmazian  

To help Dr. Dalias, Levi leads EOS 10’s crew into the bowels of the station to find the infamous Akmazian.

104 – Up, Up, Up  

When a group of med students visit EOS 10, Jane intervenes in Dr. Dalias’ love life with somewhat disastrous results.

103 – Airlocked  

While Jane plots a new relationship for Dr. Dalias, Dr. Urvidian deals with some crippling withdrawal symptoms — and Dr. Dalias’ secrecy.

102 – Hi, I’m Ryan  

After Dr. Urvidian comes to grips, sorta, kinda, with his new — and not entirely voluntary — sobriety… he learns a secret about Dr. Dalias.  

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