Monthly Listener Q&A – #430  

This week we bring listeners on to ask questions.  Averie is having trouble going from the free walk to the collected walk, Sian is confused about trainers vs. books and several other listener questions are answered.  Listen in...

429 – Olivia Lagoy Weltz European Tour, Callie Jones on North American Junior & Young Rider Championships  

Tonight we have Olivia Lagoy Weltz who has just returned from a whirlwind European competition tour, Callie Jones joins us to give her impression of the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships.  Listen in..

428 – Angela Jackson and Rebekah Mingari on Young Rider Championships, Moore on Young Horses  

Today we are going to continue our discussion with Hilary Moore Hebert about young horses, Angela Jackson and Rebekah Mingari are with us from the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, and we are going to answer a follow-up question to a previous Total Saddle fit tip.  Listen in..

427 – WDAA Update with Dini Swanson, Around the Farm, Jec Ballou on Improving the Jog  

In this episode Dini Swanson joins Tim and Karen to talk about what is coming up at the WDAA World show and annual meeting, we introduce the new 'Around the Farm' segment and Jec Ballou has a Western Dressage training tip to help put more bounce in your horses step.  Listen in..

426 – The ELCR Award, Younger Horses and Simple Changes  

Denise O'Meara from the Equine Land Conservation Resource speaks about partnering with USDF to give out an award, Hilary Moore Hebert joins us for a discussion on younger horses and the Total Saddle Fit Tip is on simple changes.  Listen in..

425 – Riding Small Horses, Heat Index, Skin Issues and Horse Body Awareness  

Erin Freeman joins us to talk about riding small horses, Karen Isberg from Kentucky Performance Products has great information about heat and skin issues and Missy Fladland is back with a training tip about horse body awareness.  Listen in..

424 – Nations Cup Victor Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and Missy Fladland  

Missy Fladland joins us from England where she is training with Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Olivia Legoy-Weltz, from the Netherlands, where she is celebrating a Nations Cup victory. We also have a great trainer tip with Bridget Hay. Listen in..

423 – WDAA World Show, Marsha Sapp’s Prix St. George Mustang, Chris Cosma Home Horse, Western Dressage  

In this episode Tim has an update on the WDAA World Show, Marsha Sapp shares the story of her amazing Prix St. George Mustang and her most recent win at the Extremem Mustang Makeover.  Home Horse inventor Chris Cosma explains how he is setting out to revolutionize rider fitness and Jec Ballou has a Westnern Dressage training tip.  Listen in..

422 – Bridget Hay and Homebred Faolan, Erin Freeman on Cavaletti  

This week we chat with Bridget Hay about breeding, training and competing her stallion Faolan, also Erin Freedman is going to join us for a great trainer tip on the use of cavalettti.  Listen in...

421 – Dissecting the Walk Pirouette with Sarah Geikie  

We continue our dissecting the movements series with judge Sarah Geikie talking about the walk pirouette and in the Total Saddle Fit Tip of the Week we tackle a listener question about keeping the fun in your at home schooling sessions. Listen in...

420 – Hilary Moore Hebert, Sarah Spaulding and Grant Applications  

Hilary Moore Hebert is back!  Plus, Hilary's student Sarah Spaulding and the Shoulder Relief Girth tip is about grant applications. Listen in...

419 – Dissecting the Halt and Bending  

We continue our dissecting the movements series with judge Alison Banbury talking about the halt and in the Total Saddle Fit Tip of the Week we tackle a listener question about bending. Listen in...

418 – Classic Revisit:  Hilary Tips, Long Lining and Keeping It Equal  

Richard Malmgren joins us to talk about long lining, Hilary Moore-Hebert from Dressage Today with more Dressage tips and the Total Saddle Fit Trainer Tip answers a listener question on rider balance. Listen in…

417 – Canter Pirouette with Jessica Ransehousen and Trot to Canter  

Olympian Jessica Ransehousen discusses the canter pirouette in detail with Reese and Philip. Plus, the Total Saddle Fit Tip of the week is about transitioning from trot to canter. Listen in...

416 – Half-Pass with Susanne Hamilton, Reducing Travel Stress, How To Salute  

Today we've got a great discussion about half-pass with trainer and judge Susanne Hamilton, Karen Isberg from Kentucky Performance Products talks to us about reducing your horse's travel stress and Reese & Philip answer a listener question about the salute. Listen in...

415 – Travers and Renvers with Jennifer Roth, Help For Up and Down Mover  

Reese and Philip chat with Jennifer Roth about training and judging the Travers and Renvers plus the Total Saddle Fit Tip offers excrcises for horse who move more up and down than forward. Listen in…

414 – Revisiting Rider Conformation, Counter Canter, Tight Girths, Narrow Channels & More!  

Revisit: Reese and Philip preview their trip to the Pan American Games, Hilary Moore Hebert has tips from this month's Dressage Today Magazine and the Total Saddle Fit Tip of the Week Justin stops by to answer a host of listener questions. Listen in…

413 – Leg Yields 101 and Are You Ready?  

The Dissecting the Movements series continues with Lindsay Cassidy on Leg Yields. Plus, the Total Saddle Fit Trainer's Tip discusses whether you are ready to move up. Listen in...

HRN Horselovers Cruise 2018 Special – All The Details  

Introducing the HRN Horselovers Cruise 2018! We give you all the details on our nights of vacationing with fellow horselovers from around the world Feb 12, 2018. This is not a learning cruise filled with boring lectures, this is vacationing with old and new friends who have the same passion for horses that you do. Listen in for all the details including riding on the beach in Nassua, Bahamas, a horsey game show with lots of prizes and Pub Crawling through Key West.

412 – The Should-In with Jaralyn Gibson Finn, Help For Stretchy Circles  

Reese and Philip are joined by trainer and judge Jaralyn Gibson Finn for a thorough deconstruction of the shoulder-in and answer a listener question about stretchy circles. Listen in...

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