EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

United Kingdom

Mike MacDonald and Paul Metcalfe offer up trenchant football analysis on the Barclays English Premier League, comprehensive discussion of match results for the big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Newcastle, as well as predictions for the various cups and silverware like the Community Shield, Capital One League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Uefa Champions League. Mike and Paul offer punditry on the relegation battle likely involving new-comers Norwich, Bournemouth, and Watford. EPLpod, or EPL pod, delivers on all your English Premier League podcasting needs and desires.


EPLpod: Marouane Fellaini is a goat  

Marouane Fellaini gives away a late penalty as Everton equalize against Manchester United, Sergio Agüero goes coco bananas as he lunges at David Luiz and sees red,  and Paul regrettably pours a full beer on a girl. Support EPpod 2. Christmas Misery! 3. EatMyGoal.tv

EPLpod: This Mkhitaryan guy is pretty good. Who’d a thunk?  

Paul & Ben talk MLS and EFL. Meanwhile, Mike is distracted by another hare-brained money-making scheme, this time chili-related. Will Manchester United become more clinical in front of goal following their EFL Cup triumph? Will Hackertron 9000 successfully extort $10,000 from the EPLpod boyz? Tune in this Sunday to find out. #forcechape Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Christmas Misery

EPLpod: Liverpool’s title dreams ruptured along with Coutinho’s ankle ligaments  

Mike and Paul are threatened by a Russian hacker, Liverpool take down Sunderland, and United draw against lowly, old West Ham. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Christmas Misery

EPLpod: Arsenal, Manchester and Leicester City proceed to knockout phase, Spurs bow out  

Paul blackmails his way back onto the show as he returns to the EPLpod studios armed with some pretty damning photos of Mike; Arsenal draws PSG; Leicester City finish top of their group in the Champions League. NPR coverage of Choose Your Own Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Diego Costa fires Chelsea to the top of the table  

With Paul packing his bags up for Egypt, Mike and Ben talk about Chelsea's sixth successive clean sheet against Boro, Arsenal's sucker punch at Old Trafford against God's team, Manchester United, and the return of Yaya Toure to Manchester City. Support EPLpod 2. Christmas Misery! 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Wayne Rooney Crashes A Wedding Whilst Wasted  

Wayne Rooney grabs all of the headlines as he crashes a wedding wasted, England draw Spain, and Manchester United get set to take on Arsenal. Christmas Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Mourinho’s United are the best paid team in world football  

Paul highjacks the podcast to promote his new (and undoubtedly horrid) Arsenal-based podcast while Sir Bean Teague and Mike talk about England vs. Spain as well as all of the other international fixtures. Paul's new twitter handle 2. Choose Your Own Misery 3. EatMyGoal 4. Support EPLpod

EPLpod: Mega wealthy Gareth Bale still ‘one of the boys’  

Despite being one of the best paid athletes ever, apparently Gareth Bale is still 'just one of the boys.' Who knew? In Paul's penultimate episode, the gents talk about the Sanchez injury, the poppy police, as well as give some tips to Americans wanting to move up to Canada. Choose Your Own Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal 4. Not Crying by Flight of the Conchords

EPLpod: Arsenal just got KANED!  

A lacklustre Arsenal get KANED by Tottenham's Harry Kane in a lifeless 1-1 draw; Liverpool, Chelsea, and to a lesser extent, Manchester United, crush their respective opponents, but yet another fucking international break threatens to bore everyone to death. Choose Your Own Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal 4. That massive 10/10 elbow

EPLpod: Barcelona taken apart by their former puppet master, Pep Guardiola  

Mike and Paul arrive back in Canada, but not necessarily in one piece. The gents talk about Barcelona losing to Manchester City in the Champions League, Jose Mourinho's one-match ban, and bogans. Support EPLpod 2. Choose Your Own Misery 3. EatMyGoal Bogan: a derogatory Australian slang word used to describe a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplify values and behaviour considered unrefined or unsophisticated, similar to the British term chav.

EPLpod: Eden Hazard inspires Chelsea to victory, Jose Mourinho is a tool  

Live from The Adelaide Airport in sunny old Australia, Mike and Paul talk about the indestructible wall that is Tom Heaton, Chelsea's renaissance, and the ever brilliant, Sergio Agüero. Support EPLpod 2. Choose Your Own Misery 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Pep Guardiola finds himself in a dark pit of despair  

Jose Mourinho gets one over his nemesis, Pep Guardiola; Chelsea vs West Ham ends in fisticuffs; Mike and Paul prepare for Adelaide, Australia. Choose Your Own Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Chelsea unmercifully dismantle Manchester United  

Chelsea rip apart Manchester United, handing them their worst away defeat in 17 years; Arsenal drop points against Middlesbrough; West Ham get a late winner against poor, old David Moyes and Sunderland. Choose Your Own Misery 2. EatMyGoal 3. Support EPLpod

EPLpod: Claudio Bravo is a poor man’s Joe Hart  

Claudio Bravo sees red as Manchester City get ripped apart by Messi and his Barcelona teammates; Arsenal get six goals against some Bulgarian team that nobody really knows about; Sir Ben talks about his hatred of Fantasy Football. Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Manchester United set to take on Liverpool, Nacer Chadli is twat  

Nacer Chadli scores, but refuses to celebrate against his former club, Spurs, in a 1-1 draw, Arsenal see off Swansea, and Sergio Agüero misses yet another penalty. Support EPLpod 2. Mike's Book 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Will Liverpool duff up Manchester United?  

High-flying Liverpool gets set to duke it out against God's team, Manchester United; Coleen Rooney stands up for her main squeeze on Twitter; and Paul digs a shallow grave in the remote woods of Canada for his late cousin, Joffrey. Choose Your Own Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Pep Guardiola hates the internet!  

Mike and Paul discuss Pep's recent banning of WiFi at the Manchester City training ground, the gents gloss over the England result, and Mike plugs his book, Choose Your Own Misery: The Holidays! Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Tim Frost's photography

EPLpod: Héctor Bellerín would look great over at FC Barcelona!  

Mike and Paul discuss Bellerín's inevitable move back to Barcelona from Arsenal, the wildly stupid antics of Joey 'the betting man' Barton, as well as Swansea's snub of Ryan Giggs. All of that and so much more, only on Mike MacDonald's EPLpod! Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Holiday Misery!

EPLpod: Manchester City are in fact mere mortals  

Manchester City lose away to Spurs, Laurent Koscielny hands the ball into the net at the last minute as Arsenal win, and Manchester United somehow draw against stupid, old Stoke. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxfGNriabJE

EPLpod: Big Sam is a greedy fuckin’ cunt  

Big Sam gets turfed out after only 67 days in charge of England, City draw Celtic in the Champions  League, and Mike meets with a few shady characters who will hep to line his coffers, but that's none of your goddamn business. Christmas Misery! 2. EatMyGoal 3. Support EPLpod

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