EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

United Kingdom

Mike MacDonald and Paul Metcalfe offer up trenchant football analysis on the Barclays English Premier League, comprehensive discussion of match results for the big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Newcastle, as well as predictions for the various cups and silverware like the Community Shield, Capital One League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Uefa Champions League. Mike and Paul offer punditry on the relegation battle likely involving new-comers Norwich, Bournemouth, and Watford. EPLpod, or EPL pod, delivers on all your English Premier League podcasting needs and desires.


EPLpod: Chelsea United FA Cup showdown confirmed  

Gary Neville rips apart Arsenal Fan TV, Manchester United take down Blackburn in the FA Cup, and some club called Lincoln City beats Burnley. 

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EPLpod: Bayern Munich murder Arsenal  

Arsenal effectively gets knocked out of the Champions League, Barcelona get ripped apart by PSG, and Jesus is unlikely to rise from the injured. 

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EPLpod: Hull gets the old handball shaft  

United extend their unbeaten streak in the premier league to 16 games, Spurs don't bother to show up against Liverpool, and Chelsea are held at Burnley.

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EPLpod: Leicester, Lallana llamas, and Lampard  

Mike, Paul, and Ben chat transfers, managerial woes (in the case of Ranieri and Wenger), tattoos, and the retirement of Chelsea legend Frank Lampard.

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EPLpod: Beware of Hazard  

Arsenal are collectively jealous of Bellerin's concussion-induced amnesia; Liverpool lose to Hull (That's right, fucking Hull). And Paul's fat fingers get in the way of Mike's pledge drive. 

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EPLpod: Arsenal somehow manages to lose to Watford  

Arsenal sink to a new low by losing to Watford at home; United shit the bed against Hull; West Ham get smashed by Manchester City.

Also, David Remely might very well be a serial killer. 

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EPLpod: Klopp's Liverpool can't seem to stop losing  

Liverpool lose for the third time in as many matches; United and Arsenal dish out ruthless beatings respectively in the FA Cup; the gents talk about the shambles that is West Ham United.

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EPLpod: Arsenal are the new bad-boys of the Premier League  

Granit Xhaka acts like a total prick at the airport, Southampton sends Liverpool packing in the EFL Cup, and Mike dies. 

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EPLpod: Can Jesus really save Manchester City?  

Can Jesus save Manchester City? 

Arsenal manage to get a late winner against Joey Barton's Burnley, United draw against Stoke, and Liverpool lose to Swansea... at home... LOL! 

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EPLpod: Manchester City may be dopes, but are they doping?  

Manchester City might very well get throttled against Spurs this weekend, but are they also covering up a massive doping scandal? Mike and Paul weigh in with their thoughts. In other news, Manchester United top the rich list while only five years ago Kelechi Iheanacho had to save up 18 cents in order to watch his teammates win the league by beating QPR. 

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Kane bags hat-trick on new baby bounce  

Who's the bigger asshole? Costa or Payet? The guys debate the question. In other news, Kane scores three times as Spurs down West Brom and Liverpool and United get locked in a stalemate.


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EPLpod: Great, now the World Cup is ruined  

Mike makes a charcuterie-themed return as United down Hull while Southampton take down Liverpool in the first leg of the EFL Cup. Meanwhile, Paul talks about goal line technology and a possible FIFA 17 tournament that is not to be missed out on. All of that and more! 

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EPLpod: FA Cup magic or mundanity?  

Paul and Sir Ben discuss Liverpool's condemnation to an FA Cup replay, blanking against 4th-division Preston North End. Arsenal progress, albeit undeservedly, via more late Giroud heroics. Bournemouth and West Brom losses mark the only real upsets, with City trouncing West Ham at the cursed Olympic Stadium. Also, Mike's health deteriorates. Email paulmetcalfe416@gmail.com w/ subject 'FIFA tournament' if potentially interested in doing an online elimination bracket for some skrilla (please indicate console). Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Christmas Misery!

EPLpod: Alli brace ends Chelsea run  

Spurs do their bit to keep the title race honest by beating Chelsea, although pretenders Arsenal and Liverpool drop points. Ever wondered what a hotspur is (hint: it involves animal cruelty)? The pod then really takes a turn as Paul reveals a proclivity for big wet bottoms in empathizing with Samir Nasri of all people. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal 4. Christmas Misery!

EPLpod: Memphis Depay is a bench-warming clown  

Memphis Depay rings in the New Year by posting a dumb video of him swimming, Olivier Giroud scores the goal of the year against Crystal Palace, and Chelsea win yet again.   Memphis Depay New Year's Video 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal 4. Christmas Misery!

EPLpod: The January Transfer Window Episode  

Which player will your club sign in the transfer window? Mike and Paul weigh in with an exhaustive list of possible transfer targets. The gents also talk about the absolutely minted Carlos Tevez as well as poor old Bob Bradley. This episode of EPLpod is brought to you by Red Carpet Cigarettes. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Christmas Misery

EPLpod: Will Chelsea ever lose again?  

Chelsea pick up their 12th straight win against Bournemouth ; Arsenal, City, and United also pick up a valuable three points; stupid Roberto Firmino gets charged for driving drunk. Support EPLpod 2. EatMyGoal 3. Christmas Misery

EPLpod: Will José Mourinho be the next Alex Ferguson?  

Looking for a musical comedy footballing podcast? Look no further! The EPLpod deliver the goods on that front. We also talk about Monday's fixture which saw Liverpool down Everton. We also speculate as to whether or not United needs another centre back and if José Mourinho will be at United for the long haul. Holiday Misery 2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Manchester City make Arsenal look foolish  

Arsenal fall apart like a cheap suit against Manchester City, Manchester United pick up another critical three points, and Chelsea win their 11th in a row. Woof! Support EPLpod 2. Come out to Pete's Candy Store and hang out with Mike 3. EatMyGoal

EPLpod: Yaya Toure is a reckless hypocrite  

Yaya Toure refuses to admit that he drinks alcohol, Arsenal drop points against Everton, and Manchester United win it late at Selhurst Park. Meet Mike at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn  2. Support EPLpod 3. EatMyGoal 4. Pissing on a United shirt

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