EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

United Kingdom

Mike MacDonald and Paul Metcalfe offer up trenchant football analysis on the Barclays English Premier League, comprehensive discussion of match results for the big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Newcastle, as well as predictions for the various cups and silverware like the Community Shield, Capital One League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Uefa Champions League. Mike and Paul offer punditry on the relegation battle likely involving new-comers Norwich, Bournemouth, and Watford. EPLpod, or EPL pod, delivers on all your English Premier League podcasting needs and desires.


EPLpod: Spurs' Eriksen keeps Chelsea in sight  

Christian Eriksen mega-strike sinks stubborn Eagles to keep pace with Chelsea who have a jolly good time at Stamford Bridge: John Terry logs minutes to a standing ovation, Fabregas moves past Lampard into 2nd for Premier League assists, and Costa breaks 5-game goal scoring drought. Meanwhile, Sanchez does his best Rivaldo impression following Fuchs' late throw-in, Joey Barton faces an 18-month suspension for sports betting, and Mike is subjected to torture.

EPLpod: Arsenal ride their luck to another FA Cup final  

Sir Ben and Paul talk FA Cup results, Liverpool's capitulation to Big Sam's Crystal Palace, Jagielka's noggin getting rocked, and Adam Johnson's prison shenanigans. Meanwhile, Mike is MIA in Mexico City, possibly deceased or worse.

EPLpod: Barcelona's Neymar cries his way out of Champions League  

John Terry calls it a day at Chelsea (we've got a super cool tune for this part of the show); Barca leaves the Champions League with a whimper; the dream is over for Leicester City, so where do they go from here?   

EPLpod: Chelsea bottle it against United  

Chelsea fail to get a single shot on net against a dominant Manchester United; Liverpool pull off a big 1-0 against West Brom; Paul still thinks Arsenal can make the top four. 

EPLpod: BvB and Barkley on receiving end of bombs  

Arsenal lose away at Crystal Palace; BvB gets bombed while on a bus; Everton's Barkley gets punched in the face on a night out. 

EPLpod: Spurs, City, Chelsea, United all win  

United beat Sunderland in a very boring, listless affair; City beat up on an uninspired Hull; Chelsea put down Bournemouth. Mike and Paul take calls from random listeners. 


EPLpod: Hazard leads Chelsea past City  

Chelsea hand Pep and Manchester City their sixth loss of the season; United predictably draw against Everton; Arsenal finally win a game; Rick-Steve sings an original tune. 

EPLpod: Spurs tighten gap on Chelsea  

Manchester City and Arsenal are both left wanting after a 2-2 draw; Chelsea drop points against Crystal Palace as Spurs earn a big three points to move a shade closer to the top of the table; Mike and Paul do a rap battle.



EPLpod: Ronaldo bust a bust  

Ronald gets honoured with possibly the ugliest, most unflattering statue ever; Liverpool get set to take on Everton; as it turns out, Sanchez makes less than half og what Wayne Rooney pulls in and that's basically untenable, right? 

EPLpod: Mike and Paul are stuck inside a dead cow  

The Premier League gets put on hold as a bunch of shitty international teams battle it out in World Cup qualifiers. Also, Paul accidentally ventures into the land outside of the top four; it's a hellish sight to behold.    

EPLpod: Arsene Wenger confirms Arsenal future?  

City draw Liverpool at home, much to the delight of Pep; United keep up with their winning ways with a victory over Boro; Mike, Paul, and Ben take listener calls. 


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EPLpod: Monaco send City packing in Champions League  

Man City get pushed out of the Champions League by plucky, little Monaco; Michael Oliver ruins the FA Cup clash between United and Chelsea; Paul shows up an hour late, yet again.  

EPLpod: Millwall fans disgrace themselves  

United draw Rostov on an uneven, frozen pitch in the first leg of a Europa round of 16 match; Arsenal finally win a game of football; Son gets racially abused as Spurs destroy Millwall. 

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EPLpod: PSG embarrassment takes heat off Arsenal  

Barcelona pull themselves out from the jaws of defeat, unlike woeful Arsenal. United have to play on a crummy pitch in Russia. 

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EPLpod: Sanchez unhappiness mirrors Arsenal fanbase  

Sanchez is fed up at losing Arsenal, Ibra will likely miss out on the next three matches due to his high-flying, elbow-y ways, and Kane keeps scoring goals.

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EPLpod: Paul Pogba smashed in head with plate  

Liverpool loses to Leicester; the EPLpod boys get stripped of all but one of their poddys; Pogba wears stupidly expensive shoes. 

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EPLpod: Ibrahimovic is so fucking money  

Manchester United are back to their winning ways as they leave Wembley with silverware; Harry Kane nets a hatrick; the EPLpod boys clean up at the Canadian podcast awards. 


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EPLpod: Leicester City sack Claudio Ranieri  

Leicester City sack their manager, Claudio Ranieri; Paul wants to see if you want to join our FIFA tournament (paulmetcalfe416@gmail.com); the gents talk about that stupid thing called pie gate. 

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EPLpod: EPLpod boyz chat with Arseblog's Andrew Mangan  

In a rare bonus pod, Mike and Paul talk to Arseblog's Andrew Mangan about Arsenal, online media, and Marc Maron. 

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EPLpod: Chelsea United FA Cup showdown confirmed  

Gary Neville rips apart Arsenal Fan TV, Manchester United take down Blackburn in the FA Cup, and some club called Lincoln City beats Burnley. 

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