English Premier League podcast: EPLpod

English Premier League podcast: EPLpod

United Kingdom

The English Premier League just got a whole lot sexier thanks to the juicy analysis provided by legendary football pundits, Mike and Paul.


EPLpod: Shit! Chelsea are starting to look good again  

Chelsea continue rolling with their third consecutive win; United finally drop points against Stoke (ugh); Arsenal actually pick up a win.

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EPLpod: The 'Dildo Brothers' botch transfer with Sporting  

The want-aways are back in action this weekend (read: Sanchez, Coutinho, Van Dijk) in game week 4; Dele Alli gives his friend the middle finger and everyone gets angry; West Ham try to insert a "champions league" clause into a potential transfer with Sporting Lisbon (lol). 

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EPLpod: Rooney spends international break in the slammer  

Sir Ben Teague sleeps under the EPLpod studio desk as Mike and Paul talk about the media coverage surrounding Wayne Rooney and his DUI. 

Interview with James


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EPLpod: It's all about the Benjamins  

It's time for a bonus pod! We interview New York Times and BBC World Service freelance writer James Montague about his new book titled The Billionaires Club: The Unstoppable Rise of Football's Super-rich Owners

James on Twitter: @JamesPiotr

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EPLpod: Can Kroenke and Wenger just die already...  

It's clear as day: Arsenal have shit the bed in the transfer window. Meanwhile, United have done swimmingly well. And what about Swansea landing Sanches... not too shabby, eh? 

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EPLpod: Arsenal are a fucking embarrassment  

Do Arsenal even care anymore? Manchester United look fabulous, still. And will Spurs ever win at Wembley? 

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EPLpod: Liverpool grill up some Hoffenheim bratwurst  

Guest host Paul and Sir Ben break down Liverpool's passage into the coveted Champions League, albeit under a cloud of despair in light of breaking news that prominent string theory physicist Michael "the Legend/Wankstain" MacDonald has been presumed dead from an explosion in his laboratory at the University of Toronto.

EPLpod: Homeless Spurs outdone by new-look Chelsea  

Spurs just can't seem to do it at Wembley as they drop all three points against Chelsea; United continue to look f-word amazing; poor, old Arsenal lose away at Stoke. 

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Spurs set to host Chelsea at Wembley  

Chelsea look to avenge their recent loss to Burnley as they take on Spurs away at Wembley; Liverpool edge Hoffenheim; Sigurdsson (finally) signs for Everton. 

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EPLpod: Manchester United look pretty fucking fabulous  

Manchester United put on their best post-Ferguson performance to date; Arsenal squeak out a win against Leicester City; Chelsea lose to Burnley. You read that right, Burnley.

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EPLpod: Real Madrid edge United in Super Cup  

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In this episode, we chat about Real Madrid, PSG, and discreet escort services. 

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EPLpod: Arsenal triumph in Community Shield  

The massively hungover EPLpod boyz chat about: the Community Shield, Neymar, and Mike's relationship woes. 

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EPLpod: Neymar to make £3,553/hr (after-tax)  

Neymar is set to make boats loads of money as his father braces himself for oodles of cheddar (Is that an expression?). Big surprise: FIFA is corrupt as two-sided coin.  

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EPLpod: Neymar to PSG?  

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If Neymar goes to PSG, does that me that Coutinho will leave Liverpool for Barca? Director Christopher Nolan calls the pod to chat. 

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EPLpod: 100% fantasy football talk with Fantasy Football Scout's Mark Sutherns  

Paul goes deep down the FPL rabbit hole and meets the Mad Hatter himself, Mark Sutherns.

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EPLpod: Mbappe wouldn't crack City's starting XI  

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What else? Oh yeah, the EPLpod boyz think that Mbappe wouldn't be able to crack Man City's starting squad. Also, why does Jack Wilshere still demand money to "play football? 

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EPLpod: Manchester City loves to waste money on defenders  

Man City keeps tossing good money after bad as they sign Danilo to cover for Walker at right back; Kenedy is accused of being racist in China; and Paul gets super gonorrhea.

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EPLpod: Alvaro Morata moves to Chelsea  

Unable to earn a starting role at Madrid, Morata decides to move to Chelsea; United beat Real Salt Lake, obviously; and what are the Swedes doing to curb "over engaged" parents? 

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Note: Mike and Paul had a few pre-pod beers and thus, tend to slur here and there throughout the episode. We apologize for nothing. 


EPLpod: Wait, City paid how much for Kyle Walker?  

Kyle Walker is now the most expensive English player ever. Yup, you read that right; Hart is on his way to plucky, old West Ham; Matic is headed out of England. 

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EPLpod: Sigurdsson worth at least £100m  

With James going to Bayern Munich, does that mean that Sanchez will stay at Arsenal? Mike interviews Manchester City's youth scout. 

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