EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

EPLpod: Barclays English Premier League podcast

United Kingdom

Mike MacDonald and Paul Metcalfe offer up trenchant football analysis on the Barclays English Premier League, comprehensive discussion of match results for the big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Newcastle, as well as predictions for the various cups and silverware like the Community Shield, Capital One League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Uefa Champions League. Mike and Paul offer punditry on the relegation battle likely involving new-comers Norwich, Bournemouth, and Watford. EPLpod, or EPL pod, delivers on all your English Premier League podcasting needs and desires.


EPLpod: Mbappe wouldn't crack City's starting XI  

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What else? Oh yeah, the EPLpod boyz think that Mbappe wouldn't be able to crack Man City's starting squad. Also, why does Jack Wilshere still demand money to "play football? 

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EPLpod: Manchester City loves to waste money on defenders  

Man City keeps tossing good money after bad as they sign Danilo to cover for Walker at right back; Kenedy is accused of being racist in China; and Paul gets super gonorrhea.

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EPLpod: Alvaro Morata moves to Chelsea  

Unable to earn a starting role at Madrid, Morata decides to move to Chelsea; United beat Real Salt Lake, obviously; and what are the Swedes doing to curb "over engaged" parents? 

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Note: Mike and Paul had a few pre-pod beers and thus, tend to slur here and there throughout the episode. We apologize for nothing. 


EPLpod: Wait, City paid how much for Kyle Walker?  

Kyle Walker is now the most expensive English player ever. Yup, you read that right; Hart is on his way to plucky, old West Ham; Matic is headed out of England. 

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EPLpod: Sigurdsson worth at least £100m  

With James going to Bayern Munich, does that mean that Sanchez will stay at Arsenal? Mike interviews Manchester City's youth scout. 

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EPLpod: Lukaku's bromance with Pogba seals deal  

Will Lukaku push United into the top four next season? Who else will United sign? As the song says, "you can never go home," but don't tell Wayne Rooney. 

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EPLpod: Lacazette poised for big Europa impact  

John Terry joins plucky, old Aston Villa; Lacazette officially joins Arsenal; Will Wayne Rooney sign for Everton? Paul talks player ratings in FIFA.    

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EPLpod: The Russia World Cup is Dumb #1  

In part one of our season long look into the Russia World Cup, we talk to Dean Bilton of the ABC who outlines a "plethora" of potential issues.

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EPLpod: Matic to United? For £40m?  

Will Nemanja Matic really go to United for a staggering £40m? Sanchez to City? The pod boyz discuss the following transfers as well as the #ChristiePitts5.

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EPLpod: Entire Russian football team suspected of doping  

It seems as though Russians really have a penchant for cheating, right? Mike and Paul discuss the recent Russian football doping scandal.

Paul later laments the possible signing of Alexandre Lacazette.

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EPLpod: Football Weekly's James Richardson joins the pod  

What's it like to host the most successful football podcast in the world? The EPLpod boyz sure as heck wouldn't know, but James Richardson does. 

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EPLpod: Ronaldo to United?  

Is Ronaldo really going to leave Real Madrid for Manchester United this summer? Or maybe he's off to China? No. PSG then?  

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EPLpod: Arseblog's Andrew Mangan Returns  

Paul talks Arsenal with Arseblog's very own, Andrew Mangan. But where's Mike? 

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EPLpod: The Return of Alex Hunter  

The new FIFA 18 trailer just came out for The Journey and it looks spicy! England win the Under 20 World Cup and Manchester United sign a central defender. 

EPLpod: The Workers Cup filmmakers talk Qatar World Cup  

The EPLpod boyz chat to the filmmakers of The Workers Cup, a documentary which shines a light on the miserable working conditions of migrant workers in Qatar who are building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.  

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EPLpod: Real Madrid crush Gigi Buffon's soul  

Has Ronaldo finally shown the world that he's better than Messi? Mike, Paul, and Sir Ben discuss the matter on the pod as well as Buffon's agony and Zidane's dizzying new high as the only manager to ever win back-to-back Champions League Finals. The guys also talk about bags of milk. 

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EPLpod: Congrats Huddersfield, you're swimming with sharks now!  

Huddersfield win promotion by edging out Reading in a £170 million shoot-out; Wenger somehow gets a contract extension; A Bale-less Madrid get set to take on Juventus. 

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EPLpod: Arsenal beat Chelsea in FA Cup  

Arsenal end the season, and possibly Wenger's career, on a high; Man City are quick out of the gate as they splash around the cash on Bernardo Silva; Paul buys a sickly looking donkey. 

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EPLpod: Manchester United win Europa League  

Manchester United are back in the Champions League! Woot, woot! Real Madrid pay a bonkers amount of money for some 16 year old; Is Allardyce heading back to Sunderland? 

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EPLpod: Arsenal banished to Europa  

Liverpool find their way back into the Champions League; Arsenal miss the top four for the first time in ages; the world stops for a brief moment to celebrate the life and footballing times of John Terry. 

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