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Introducing South Florida’s newest sports show! Ethan Skolnick & Chris Wittyngham… Heard exclusively on 790 The Ticket from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday. Wired to the Miami sports scene, Ethan brings knowledge, depth, humor and opinion to the radio. Tune in. Check him out. Learn stuff.


2-22-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Chris power through hump day with some early reaches to the; texters, the guys on the other side of the glass, some more pulls of the mythical trade machine and some move the fins made. The guys converse more NBA Trades, talk more about the any deals the Heat can make as well as try to figure out how to give away tickets. The Juice and Perkins reach out to South Florida to create a contest that is worthy of the Ethan Skolnick show and once again wonder about any moves the heat can realistically make before the trade deadline.

2-21-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Chris start off the work week proper reacting to the Lakers news, talk the Fins trade while wondering how these moves equate to the better record next season. The guys then try to figure out what exactly will be the next obsession for the show that somehow ties in the Justice League? Ethan and Perk then talk heat, even firing up ol’ trade machine with South florida before they switch gears to talk Matt Porter about the canes. Ethan and Perk contemplate what changes could be made to the game to make it more profitable, talk to the intern extraordinaire Chris about some of the proposed changes as well as a small FCS reunion.

2-20-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan J. Skolnick is back in the big chair alongside Chris Perkins. The guys break down the Boogie Cousins trade to New Orleans and what it might have taken to bring him to Miami. Coincidentally, neither was impressed with the NBA All-Star game. They also talk about the Dolphins sending Branden Albert to Jacksonville and Jaguars TE Julius Thomas coming to Miami in two separate trades. Later they talk about the best frontcourts of all-time as compared to the Anthony Davis/DeMarcus Cousins pairing in New Orleans.

Best of the Week Basketball 2-13  

This is the Best of the Week in Basketball. 

2-17-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo, Perk and a returning Ethan Skolnick head into an NBA All Star Weekend discussing a number of topics including wondering which NBA players would make good GM’s and the latest coming out of the Marlins camp. The guys ponder what makes a good owner of a major sports franchise, talk heat plus some general talk around the league and then NFL Draft. The triple headed hosting monster wrap things up with more NFL Draft by playing GM, talk to Harvey Fialkov and go a little random at the end.

2-16-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh and Chris host a celebratory day as not only do the heat dominate the rockets but Ethan Skolnick is back in the saddle, the trio are then joined by Fins Insider Adam Beasley to talk the fins’ recent moves, then the guys continue to talk more heat including reacting to the Shane Battier Heat news. Friedo, Perk and the juice wonder just what is going on with the marlins plus grading the heat season so far. The trio wrap things up with strange tattoo story that goes down some weird paths, more heat talk with some power rankings for NBA strong men and a story about the beast of 790.

2-15-17 The Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo and Perk talk about what they did for Valentine's Day and Josh admits that he eats steak with ketchup. The guys also break down weird food combinations. Later they're joined by Jonathan Feigen from the Houston Chronicle to talk Heat vs. the Rockets. The guys wrap up the show discussing Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and the rumor that Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria could be named the U.S. Ambassador to France.

2-14-17 The Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo and Perk take on this of love by giving a little tough love to the heat after a tough loss last night to Orlando, then wondering what how the heat should go about rebuilding with Pat Riley’s recent comments, before they talk to South Florida about their Valentine’s Day. The Valentine Day talk continues from South Florida with Josh and Chris as they marvel at some of the responses they get from South Florida, talk Heat with Tom DeAngelo and Marlins with Tim Healey. The guys wrap things up with; more Valentine’s Talk, facial hair regulations, and we got through the dramatic delivery of Josh's Valentine Day present to his wife.

2-13-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman and Chris Perkins kick off the week by recapping the heat’s weekend including the end of the streak, talk to Ohm Youngmisuk and some vacation talk as both host take some time to plan their time away. Friedo and Perk continue the vacation talk, talk to Manny Navarro then talk to South Florida about the possible trade deal that would send Serge Ibaka here. The guys wrap things up with more talk with South Florida on a number of subjects.

Best of the Week in Basketball 2-6  

The best basketball segments of the week.

Best of the Week in Football 2-6  

The best football segments of the week. 

2-10-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo and Perk celebrate TGIF with some news from the around the sports world, talk to Joe Frisaro about the Marlins Media Luncheon, and then they converse with Mitch Lawrence about the NBA plus the breaking news about Charles Oakley. Friedo kicks off the second hour with a story about his kids allergy to sports while Perk wonder about Valentine’s Day, the guys continue the wonder Valentine’s Day before getting a lesson from the Heat’s Jason Jackson, and discussing a hypothetical switch between New York and Miami. Josh and Chris wrap things with some sounds from the Jason Taylor Hall of Fame and wonder if any other of his teammates will join him.

2-9-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman takes on the host duties with a several hosts taking the co-host, Beast steps in for the first hour to talk about the potential Marlins sale, talk to Mike Axisa about said deal and a new wrinkle causes the Beast of 790 to step out for a moment as well as a recap of the Cro-down. The Beast hangs on a little longer to talk on the Charles Oakley Situation with some sound from Charles himself then the duo is joined by Adam Beasley to talk Jason Taylor’s hall of fame presser, then the beast bows out to let Adam take over the co-host chair where they talk to an in-between flights Tom DeAngelo and then go down some weird paths as they discuss neutering dogs. Friedo and Bease wrap things up with the questionable rule change for extra innings in the MLB, talk to Clark Spencer and grab bag review of today’s show.

2-8-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo and Perk are live from the Cro-down to watch the Mid-day show host pay his bet off by eating a crow, talk about the heat matchup with the bucks and talk to Tim Healey of the Sun Sentinel about the Cro-down plus the upcoming Marlins Season. The guys then talk Brendan Mid-Day Show Leroy Hoard to discuss the overtime rules, the heat, the other bet that Tobin is apart of before they talk to both Brendan Tobin and Christian Yelich. The show wraps up with the man of the hour ingesting a crow with media, friends, the 790 family and Christian Yelich watching. Friedo, Perk, Tobin and the Morning Show’s Romberg react to the Cro-Down

2-7-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh and Chris celebrate the heat ever-growing win streak, wrap up the super bowl talk and talk the hall of fame process. The guys continue to talk potential hall of famers of a number of sports, talk to Manny Navarro about the heat’s hot streak, and talk house cleaning stories. Friedo and Perk then wrap things up with ranking the best super bowls in history, more hall of fame talk and wonder what one athlete they could hang out with.

2-6-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo and perk react to a unique super bowl, taking calls from South Florida as they do and wonder if it the game was more about Atlanta choking or the New England overcoming. Josh and Perk continue talk of the really big game, talk to Tom DeAngelo about the heat’s 10 game win streak, and then get back to wonder if the Falcons are more to blame for the loss in the super bowl. The guys wrap things up with more heat and the super commercials.

Best of the Week in Football 1-30  

 A Recap of the Week's Football Talk 

Best of the Week in Basketball 1-30  

A recap of the weeks basketball talk. 

2-3-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman and Chris Perkins wrap up this super week with talk on the heat, prop bets and possible humiliations for said bets. Friedo and Perk continue the possible humiliations go with said Bets, then talk heat with Tom DeAngelo, followed multi-topic conversation with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. The Guys wrap things up, the Really Big Game, Culture Clashes and Executive Orders.

2-2-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Friedo and Perk go into the Thursday before the super bowl to celebrate a 9 game win streak by the heat, talk CTE issues with Solomon Wilcots and Jim Joyce, then talk more about the heat win streak. Josh and Chris then go off- track a bit to talk weird facts about themselves that turns into admissions about what society might say are basic things that some people can’t do, the guys talk to the Radio Voice of the Miami Heat Mike Inglis, and get somehow work their way back to weird admissions. Friedo and Perk then wrap the show up with Josh experience of having his kids here for ‘bring your kids to work day’, talk to Adam Beasley about his Super Bowl week or lack thereof, and the ongoing Barkley/LeBron feud.

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