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Introducing South Florida’s newest sports show! Ethan Skolnick & Chris Wittyngham… Heard exclusively on 790 The Ticket from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday. Wired to the Miami sports scene, Ethan brings knowledge, depth, humor and opinion to the radio. Tune in. Check him out. Learn stuff.


1-16-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins slides into the Host Chair to host this 4-hour MLK day ‘spectacular’ with Adam Beasley along for the ride as the two break down the weekend NFL divisional playoff games, wonder about the circumstances of the Antonio Brown’s locker room vid and talk to Will Brinson about a number of topics.  Perk and Bease exchange stories, talk offseason moves for the fins an talk to Joe Schad about the merits of visiting the beach. The guys talk offseason travel, talk to Michael Wright about the state of the NBA as well as Texas eatin’ and try to stump South Florida in the first edition of who’s the coach. Adam Beasley tell a riveting story about being stuck without his car and follows that up with another story of being stuck in another country! The guys talk to Harvey Fialkov about the Panthers plus wrap things up with weekend in review.

1-13-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman and Chris Perkins are the dynamic duo for today’s show as they look forward to the weekend on a number of topics; the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, the current shape of the heat, the current NFL offseason moves and talk to Dieter Kurtenbach on the chargers’ move to LA. Friedo and Perk then talk superstitions as it is Friday the 13th, talk heat as they wrap up their circus trip and talk to South Florida on their ideas on the status of the heat. The Guys wrap things up by talking some more football, guilty pleasure snacks plus questionable snacks from the rest of South Florida and wonder about biased broadcasters.

File	Progress 1-12-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman is in the host seat with Chris Perkins in the co-host chair and react to the Chargers’ move, wonder if the fandom should follow them, get hypothetical on what would happen if such befell South Florida and feel pity for an unlucky TV broadcast team as they have an embarrassing moment. Friedo and Chris discuss their embarrassing moments as well some from the South Florida, talk to Manny Navarro about the Heat and talk about two off season alternatives for the NFL and NBA.

1-11-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman fills in for Ethan and is joined by both Adam Beasley and Chris Perkins to react to the Fins Post Season presser, discuss the fins needs that they need to address in the offseason, and newfound vagueness about Ryan Tannehill injury. The guys talk annoyances and irritations when in public places or dealing with the public, marvel at the old fashioned nature of Tom DeAngelo and also ponder what old fashioned habits they have. Friedo, Perk and Bease then wonder about the state of the NFL playoffs and whether or not they will get any better.

1-10-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman once again takes over hosting duties for a still missing Ethan and is joined by Chris Perkins as they recap on the National Championship game, Kenny Still thinks Dolphins can compete for a Super Bowl. The guys talk about Pat Riley being inducted in the basketball Hall of Fame, Manny Navarro comes on and talks about the Heat and the Warriors, How much did the University of Alabama football team bring in 2016? The guys discuss. If Nick Saban steps down who will take his spot? The guys ponder the unenviable task who gets to take over

1-9-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman once again steps into the host chair and is joined with Barry Jackson, the guys breaks down the rough playoff exit by the fins, look towards the future of the team as well, debate Nick Saban’s legacy and future in College Football. Friedo and Barry speak on the heat and how they can improve as well as how long Pat Riley, then the guys talk the remaining game in the NFL playoffs, talk to Joe Goodman to preview the college football championship game as well as better insight into Nick Saban, and they talk coaches’ habits.

1-5-17 Ehan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman once again step into the host chair with Chris Perkins by his side today’s show to talk mostly dolphins during the show, exchange stories from the beat in various places with Adam Beasley as joins the guys fresh from Dolphins camp, talk to Dan Graziano and Greg Bedard on a number of subjects from the frontrunners for MVP, playoff chances of the fins and every other team in the second season. The Guys talk to Manny Navarro for 15 minutes of heat to get some updates on the heat.

1-4-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman hops in for an under-the-weather Ethan to talk Fins with the Fans, then with Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, talk the state of the heat at this point in the season with Tom DeAngelo of the Palm beach post, breaks down the fins-steelers matchup with Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times. Adam Beasley and Chris Perkins join in on the fins talk including their picks for fins MVP.

1-3-17 Ethan Skolick Show FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins joins Ethan for the first show of the New Year to discuss the New Year’s Day bowl games and react to the Brad Kaaya announcement. Ethan and Perk talk to Sam Madison on the dolphins’ playoff chances, his own mid-week vacation plus who he wants in the super bowl and who would he root for in a dolphins , then the guys breakdown the matchup between fins and Steelers using their last game against each other as a barometer. Ethan and Chris go back to examining the Brad Kaaya announcement, go further into the fins defense vs the Steelers offense. Then Ethan and Perk talk to Marc Spears on the heat draft situation, who is the MVP frontrunner and how their preseason predictions are holding up. The Guys break down a tale of the tape for the fins playoff game, talk to Jason Leisure about the fins playoff game as well as a season recap, Josh friedman joins the guys for the last segment to talk MVP and possible dolphins MVP.

12-30-16- Ethan Skolnick- Football Podcast  

Chris Perkins joins Ethan for last show of 2016, still marveling at the fact that the dolphins won a playoff berth and reflect on this with Joe Schaad, James Walker and NFL Network Analyst Heath Evans.

12-30-16 Ethan Skolick Show FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins joins Ethan for last show of 2016, still marveling at the fact that the dolphins won a playoff berth and reflect on this with Joe Schaad, James Walker and NFL Network Analyst Heath Evans. Ethan and Perk talk about the trade prospects for the Heat as well as look back at the most recent loss to the Hornets.

12-27-16 Ethan Skolnick w/ Chris Perkins  

The guys discuss whether the Dolphins are lucky or good… what about both? And David Aldridge joins the show to talk NBA and the Miami Heat. Rex Ryan has been fired and where do the Bills go from here? 15 Minutes of Heat and Ethan poses the question, which athlete brings Russell Westbrook excitement? It could be a former or current athlete.  Todd Archer of ESPN joins the show to discuss the Dallas Cowboys. Goran Dragic is out for tonight’s Heat game and Ethan wonders what the Heat should do next, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe joins the show to discuss Patriots/Dolphins.

12-27-16 Ethan Skolnick w/ Chris Perkins and Adam Beasley  

Adam Beasley sits in Juice and Perk an hour and the guys discussing the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill. Christy Chirinos of the Sun Sentinel stop by for some Canes/Mountaineer talk.

12-26-16 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins and Josh Friedman join Ethan for a Post-Christmas Stuffed show where they talk about the fins playoff berth and is customary at this time of year both in an out of sports reflect on the Dolphins season, address the riddle of how should Adam Gase approach the last game of the season. Ethan, Josh and Perk take a moment to speak on the both the odd feeling of a Christmas Day NBA slate without the heat and also discuss the matchup of the Cavs and the Warriors, the guys also get back to the dolphins to talk at what point did they each believe this fins team was different from years’ past. Josh reveals his dedication for Ethan which leads to a ‘hairy’ discussion to put a bow on the show.

12-22-16 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins joins Ethan at the AAA as the heat celebrate Shaq Day, the guys reminisce on the Shaq years with the Heat and the impact of his arrival to the South Florida Area, the guys go further in depth on the fins-bills matchup and the implication of what a fins playoff run might mean for coach gase. Ethan and Perk speak on the current heat rosters and try to project where this team will go, Jorge Sedano joins the guys to speak on a variety of subjects including his status as a South Floridian and speak on the lakers. 

12-21-16 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Josh Friedman joins Ethan to discuss the Dolphins who made the pro-bowl, the heat’s home stand struggles and talk to Bills Play-by-Play John Murphy. The guys go over Shaq’s time in Miami, ponder who else could be put in the rafters, and try to ‘fix’ the Pro-Bowl. Ethan and Josh talk to Howard Beck on the new NBA medical panel and it will help the NBA going forward with life and death situation and play a realistic variant of trade machine with the Heat.

12-20-16 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins joins Ethan today, the guys speak on the potential of this Dolphins Team, how Joe Philbin would have handled things, Talk about Possible Buyers of the Marlins as well as the pitfalls of buying the MLB team. Ethan and Perk speak to Maury Brown on the Marlins Sale Rumors, the New CBA and NFL Ratings. The guys get in depth on the Fins-Bills game and the possible miami pro-bowlers,   Ethan and Perk disagree on College Athletes sitting out Bowl games. 

12-19-16 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan is joined today by Chris Perkins and DJ Williams to speak on the Dolphins win on Saturday against the Jets, Marvel at the possibility of a fins Playoff bertH, The value of having a good backup QB and wrestle with the fact that backup QB is still a fanbase's favorite player especially when he wins. The Guys speak to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel on both the upcoming Magic-Heat game as well go around the NBA to figure out what the story of the season is, speak on the college players sitting out Bowl games, talk some of the trouble that might be brewing for Micheal Floyd and the wonders of Pedialyte, they also try to determine who is the feel good team of the NFL this season.

12-15-16 Ethan Skolnick- FULL Show Podcast  

Mid-day and Weekend show host Brian 'The Beast' London joins Ethan for a couple of segments to speak on the passing of legendary sideline reporter Craig Sager as well as some canes' football talk. Chris Perkins then joins Ethan to talk about Brandon Marshall 'flag' waving on Byron Maxwell, the new contract status quo in the NBA after the new CBA, the heat's home streak and talk to bob wishchusen about the jets-fins matchup, the jets' QB situation. Ethan and Perk speak on another seemingly clever Patriots pick up, also discussing the history of said clever moves, the definition of a superteam as well as more introspection on the impact of Craig Sager, then talk some canes draft with Palm Beach Post’s Matt Porter.

12-14-16 Ethan Skolnick- FULL Show Podcast  

Ethan is joined by evening and dolphins pregame host josh friedman to discuss the Darrren Rizzi comments about Bruce Arians comments, the wake forest announcer controversy as well as the Lane Kiffin one. The guys also discuss sitting players for rest so early in the NBA season while getting some feedback on how 'Fix' it and previewing the Heat-Pacers game.

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