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Introducing South Florida’s newest sports show! Ethan Skolnick & Chris Wittyngham… Heard exclusively on 790 The Ticket from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday. Wired to the Miami sports scene, Ethan brings knowledge, depth, humor and opinion to the radio. Tune in. Check him out. Learn stuff.


3-6 Best of the Week Football  

A compilation of the best football segments of the week.

3-10-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan starts the show off with Barry Jackson where they talk the newest NFL Free Agency moves in the NFL, how the latest move affect the fins, then the duo are joined by Chris Perkins who is fresh off of a soccer Presser to converse about said Presser as well as wonder if Adam Gase is soccer fan. Ethan, Chris and Barry then switch gears towards the NBA where the some of the Midday Show’s wilder theories come up, wonder who the second best player in the east is and ponder the idea behind the newest fins player’s wild comments. The guys wrap thing with more speculation about what the fins could do next season, try not to have another META ticket giveaway, then proceed to waste the last segment giving it away.

Best of Basketball 3-06  

A compilation of the Best Basketball segments of the past week 

3-9-17 Ethan Skolnick FULL SHOW  

Ethan, Perk and Friedo break down the NFL free agents and what the Dolphins have done and potentially will do before the start of next season. With the signing of Kenny Stills the guys talk about the Fins receiving corp being one of the best in the game. Later, the Three Amigos discuss the Heat turnaround, the chances of Erik Spoelstra bringing home Coach of the Year, and the emergence of Dion Waiters.

3-8-17 Ethan Skolnick FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Perk break down a variety of topics including the Heat, UM basketball’s win over Syracuse in the ACC tournament and the Dolphins. Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post joined the guys to discuss the Hurricanes’ chances in the rest of the ACC tourney. Later, Percy Allen of the Seattle Times called in to discuss University of Washington star Markelle Fultz, whose team is below .500 even though he’s expected to be the top pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

3-7-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Perk marvel at the latest Heat win while forgetting some of the radio show process, wonder how the heat can move forward this season, wonder what kind of moves could be made in the offseason to take this team to the next level. The guys further ask what could be done to improve this heat squad, decide who’s the MVP of this heat team is and wonder what this heat team remind them of. Perk and The Juice wrap things up with some more heat talk, fins talk and talk to South Florida.

3-6-17 Ethan Skolnick FULL SHOW  

Chris Perkins is back in studio with Ethan after attending the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. The guys talk about the Heat’s win over the Cavaliers and preview tonight’s rematch between the two teams. Joe Vardon from was on the show to break it down as well. Ethan and Perk also break down the pros and cons of the Heat talking to free agent forward Jared Sullinger.

Best of Basketball 2-27-17  

These are the best basketball segments for the week.

3-3-17 Ethan Skolnick FULL SHOW  

Ethan wraps the week up with another spin of the Wheel o’ Writer’s and gets a repeat with the Buzz; the two talk fins as the combine is still happening and some heat talk sprinkled in. The guys talk more fins and ponder the moves Miami’s Football team might make, the two long time heat beat writers reminiscence about some of the great heat moments of the past, and wrap things up with more random heat talk.

3-2-17 Ethan Skolnick FULL SHOW  

The tour of Miami Herald writers continues as Manny Navarro joins Ethan to talk about the Heat and more. The guys discuss which version of the Heat is better, the current team or last year’s squad. Chris Perkins checks in from the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis to talk Dolphins.

3-1-17 Ethan Skolnick FULL SHOW  

Ethan is joined by Miami Herald writer Barry Jackson and the guys breakdown impeding moves across the NBA. Barry explains what’s about to happen with Heat forward Chris Bosh, who has likely seen the floor for the last time with Miami. Writer Tom Moore, who covers the 76ers for the Bucks County Courier Times joins the guys for 15 Minutes of Heat after Philadelphia announces that Joel Embiid will miss the rest of the season.

2-28-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Chris are back in studio after a horrible Heat loss to the Mavs, talk NFL Draft with Perkins offering a “radical” idea for how monetize the draft, then they further break down the heat game. The guys wonder if team petty is alive and well when it comes to playoff time, wonder what bad habits might have developed during the winning streak, then they fall down a rabbit hole that leads to Ethan declaring a player has “good seat-work.” The Juice and Perk wrap up the last show of February with some Rosey discussion, talk to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report and once again try to come up with a good way to giveaway prizes.

2-27 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW.  

Ethan and Perk broadcast live from Splitsville for the UM Sports Hall of Fame Celebrity Bowling Tournament. They got the chance to speak with former Canes & Marlins player Charles Johnson who’s hosting the event and former UM & NFL running back Albert Bentley. The guys also talked about what the Heat need to do to compete going forward including what they might do in the 2017 NBA draft and free agency. Later, Ethan and Perk broke down the University of Miami men’s basketball team win over Duke the program as a whole as we approach March Madness.

Best of the Week Basketball 2-20  

The Best basketball segments of the Week 

2-24 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW.  

Ethan and Perk wrap up this wild week with more NBA talk, react to Basketball being back on the small screen and react to the Draymond Green/Paul Pierce Controversy while wondering if Pierce could have come up with better. The guys continue to look ahead at the remainder of NBA season that coming, talk to Chris Vivlamore plus the guys dissect the McGee/Warriors/Shaq beef. Juice and Perk wrap this Friday with Beef!, Beef! And more Beef!

2-23-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Perk react to the “Blistering” movement as the NBA trade deadline as come and gone, talk to ‘The Buzz’ Barry Jackson about the sudden Pat Riley Presser, then react to the comments from the presser. The guys talk more about the heat’s philosophy for the second half of the season, wonder what the offseason holds for Miami’s Basketball Team and break down the latest Fins news. The Juice and Perk wrap things up on a thorough game of trade deadline winners and losers.

2-22-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Chris power through hump day with some early reaches to the; texters, the guys on the other side of the glass, some more pulls of the mythical trade machine and some move the fins made. The guys converse more NBA Trades, talk more about the any deals the Heat can make as well as try to figure out how to give away tickets. The Juice and Perkins reach out to South Florida to create a contest that is worthy of the Ethan Skolnick show and once again wonder about any moves the heat can realistically make before the trade deadline.

2-21-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan and Chris start off the work week proper reacting to the Lakers news, talk the Fins trade while wondering how these moves equate to the better record next season. The guys then try to figure out what exactly will be the next obsession for the show that somehow ties in the Justice League? Ethan and Perk then talk heat, even firing up ol’ trade machine with South florida before they switch gears to talk Matt Porter about the canes. Ethan and Perk contemplate what changes could be made to the game to make it more profitable, talk to the intern extraordinaire Chris about some of the proposed changes as well as a small FCS reunion.

2-20-17 Ethan Skolnick Show FULL SHOW  

Ethan J. Skolnick is back in the big chair alongside Chris Perkins. The guys break down the Boogie Cousins trade to New Orleans and what it might have taken to bring him to Miami. Coincidentally, neither was impressed with the NBA All-Star game. They also talk about the Dolphins sending Branden Albert to Jacksonville and Jaguars TE Julius Thomas coming to Miami in two separate trades. Later they talk about the best frontcourts of all-time as compared to the Anthony Davis/DeMarcus Cousins pairing in New Orleans.

Best of the Week Basketball 2-13  

This is the Best of the Week in Basketball. 

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