Euro 2016 Fantasy Dream Cast

Euro 2016 Fantasy Dream Cast


A podcast centered around fantasy football picks with regular ex proffesional guests answering your queries on who should start for your Euros dreamtream. Join 3 genuine best friends Joey Page (div 4 5-a-side runner up) Luke Mcqueen (used to work at Millets) and Sy Thomas (Wycombe wanderers 2nd most famous fan) as they battle it out in their own dream team mini league whilst meandering their way through the hypothetical fantasies behind Euro 2016.


Ep 5-The Monstars  with Jon-dadi-two-drinks Ft Marc Webber  

Marc Webber (BBC Final Score) Joins the boys, Joey Has less of a clue about fantasy football than Joe Hart does about catching, Sy needs to go to Lillywhites, and Luke thinks the Monstars stole the England teams talent.

Episode 4 - Mrs Thompson and the swap shop  

Joey, Luke and Sy discuss who from the Podcast would fit where in the England camp, Plus today they get a chance to steal each others players! #Euro2016 #football #comedy #fantasyfootball

Fantasy Football Dreamcast Ep 3  

SO Joey and Sy and Luke drunk at the Eng vs Wal game and only 2 of them showed up to record. Listen to them dance their way through fantasy football like a pissed Raheem Sterling. WARNING:- May contain Drunk Razor Ruddock talking about becoming England boss.

Fantasy Football Dreamcast Ep 2  

Joey Page, Luke McQueen and Sy Thomas pick their teams, Joey's dog Peggy picks a winner of the England v Russia game and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock helps listeners with their dreamteam dilemmas. Follow us on Twitter @footiedreamcast

Fantasy Football Dreamcast Ep 1  

It's the first ever episode of the Euro 2016 Fantasy Football Dreamcast. Get to know Joey Page, Sy Thomas and Luke McQueen as they talk about the tournaments best players, the England squad and pick random players for their dream teams out of Joey's hat. #fantasyfootball #euros #footballpodcast

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