Everyday Runners Podcast with Matt Johnson: 5K | 1

Everyday Runners Podcast with Matt Johnson: 5K | 1


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ER023 | Pat Flynn: Balancing Running and Entrepreneurship  

You might know Pat Flynn from his professional side sharing his knowledge of entrepreneurship, business building and passive income generation through his Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast. Through his platform he has shared his journey from laid off architect in 2008 to generating more than $3 million online since that time and inspiring countless [...]

ER022 | David Garcia: Conquering Tall Buildings…By Racing The Stairs  

David Garcia battled with obesity through most of his life. In the process he overcame depression, two failed suicide attempts in his teens and made several attempts thereafter to try to improve his health. David tried everything. He would have some success but would later lose motivation. A liquid diet, walking, joining a gym, attempting [...]

ER021 | Miguel Blancarte Jr.: Running Saved His Life  

In January 2012 Miguel Blancarte Jr. set off on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle and has accomplished more than he ever thought possible when he started his journey. At 25 years old, he found himself at 344 pounds on a 5’7 frame and a message from his doctor that his life would be cut [...]

ER020 | Connor Callihan: Putting Team Ahead of Self  

Connor Callihan exemplifies the spirit of team, running and truly putting mind over matter. Connor is a junior at T.C. Roberson High School in Asheville, NC where he has been a member of their cross country team for the last 3 seasons. He has made steady improvement as a member of the team and continued [...]

ER019 | Lisa Hamilton: Lessons Learned in 2 Decades of Running  

Lisa Hamilton started running in college by chance after first becoming exposed to it through her roommate, a cross-country runner. From her first run she was hooked and ended a more than 15 year successful and decorated history in swimming to take up running, but it wasn’t always easy. Lisa has often been plagued with injury:  stress [...]

ER018 | Kyle Petty: From Just Finishing to Running On a Team  

Kyle Petty is a full-time high school teacher that has only been seriously running since 2008 when after deciding “just to finish” a half marathon, he ran 1:28 and at the insistence of his wife, started seriously training. After running his first marathon just 2 minutes shy of his then BQ time of 3:10 he was invited to train [...]

ER017 | Dave McComb: The Will to Persevere to Boston  

Dave started his running journey on the football field as the high school quarterback of his freshman team waiting to get bigger. After failing to get bigger during the season and taking some hits he realized football might not be the best path for him and decided basketball might be more suitable. At one point [...]

ER016 | Eric Hunley: 283 lbs to 3:27 Marathoner in 2 Years  

After serving our country and being required to run as part of basic training and military service in the 1990s, Eric saw running as compulsory and not an activity he would do willingly. In January 2012 Eric Hunley was 283 pounds and finally decided enough was enough and decided to do something about it. From walking 10,000 steps [...]

ER015 | Scott Jones: A Trail Running Athlete on Fire  

Scott Jones struggled with running growing up in the oppressive heat and humidity of Southwest Florida. While active in sports, his experiences with running were less than pleasurable with the conditions and running often being used as a form of punishment. Upon moving to North Carolina to attend college at Appalachian State he first developed [...]

ER014 | Martin Brockett: From 10Ks to 100 Miles After 40  

Martin Brockett didn’t care for running growing up. While in school he quickly found ways to hide out while the rest of his class would be running – until he was caught! After becoming busy with life in his 20s and 30s he felt a longing do something new. His running journey as an adult [...]

ER013 | Libby James: Not Slowing Down…Literally  

Libby James is a UK native and 50 year Colorado resident that didn’t run her first race until age 40, but still managed to become one of the world’s best distance runners. While many runners find their performances decline substantially over time Libby has seen very little decline in her race results from age 50 [...]

ER012 | Jeff McCloud: Rediscovering Running After 25 Years  

Jeff McCloud followed the path many do throughout the course of life. After running varsity cross country in high school including 17 minute 5Ks he lost the motivation in college and stopped for 25 years. He found himself in a corporate job getting no exercise and put on 55 pounds over that course of time. [...]

ER011 | Amanda Brooks: Run To The Finish  

Amanda Brooks is a passionate runner training for life and the woman behind the popular running blog Run to the Finish. From her beginnings in Kansas City where she played every sport she could in high school many told her she “stunk” at running. She hated running and it was often used for punishment furthering [...]

ER010 | Patrick Alcasid: Running After Severe Osteoporosis at Age 38  

Patrick Alcasid never considered himself athletic growing up. He took up recreational running after being inspired by watching his brother in law run a sub-3 hour New York City Marathon. After taking up running he progressed pretty well, until injury after injury struck. First a stress fracture in his femoral neck followed by a brief [...]

ER009 | Bill Gates: Can’t Stop Running  

Bill Gates is a cyclist, marathoner and ultrarunner in Folsom, CA that grew up cycling and even attended college on a cycling scholarship. Many cyclists and runners are fiercely loyal to their respective sports but Bill made the jump over to running and ever since he has been hooked. Since that time he has completed [...]

ER008 | Jesica D’Avanza: Find Your Best Self and Your Extraordinary  

Jesica D’Avanza is a communications professional, writer and the blogger behind runladylike.com. As a runner and triathlete, she’s on a mission to find her extraordinary and inspire others to do the same. On her blog – appropriately named by combining the words “run” and “unladylike” – she shares her uncensored and sometimes unladylike adventures of running [...]

ER007 | Lance Casazza: Can a Boston Qualifier be Made?  

Dr. Lance Casazza is a chiropractor from Sacramento, CA that considers himself not someone that was born a runner. Built as a football player, running was something that was used as punishment. Despite this, he took up the sport on his own in his early 20s and it eventually led him to run 3 marathons [...]

ER006 | Jennifer Hatcher: A Bad Knee Can’t Stop Her from Crushing It  

Jennifer Hatcher is a single mother from Portsmith, Ohio that came from finding herself at 244 pounds and smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day to a dramatic transformation of now completing 100 mile runs, a marathon maniac, fitness club owner, coach and inspiration to others. From her first experiences with endurance sports in triathlon [...]

ER005 | Nathan Maxwell: From 5Ks to Ultras and 24 Hour Running  

Nathan Maxwell is a runner, ultra runner, and triathlete living in North Carolina that is getting the most out of his love for endurance sports. Among his accomplishments in the last year, he ran his first 50 mile ultra-marathon, ran his first 24 hour ultra and completing two 24 hour events running 75 miles in [...]

ER004 | Kim Truesdell: Breaking the Cycle and Embracing a Healthy Active Lifestyle  

Kim Truesdell came from an upbringing of unhealthy habits that sadly claimed her parents early in life. Determined not to die young as her parents had she has transformed her own life and proactively broke the cycle that she could have easily remained within. But it wasn’t easy. Having no good examples combined with a [...]

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