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Somewhere In The Skies with Ryan Sprague  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about a person who had a very strange encounter with what appeared to be a 7ft tall monkey who was in control of an Owl with the face of person. Then, Dr. Hirotaka Sato, an aerospace engineer at Nanyang Technological University. Sato and his team are turning live beetles into cyborgs by electrically controlling their motor functions. Having studied the beetles' muscle configuration, neural networks, and leg control, the researchers wired the insects so that they could be controlled by a switchboard. In doing so, the researchers could manipulate the different walking gaits, speeds, flying direction, and other forms of motion. Essentially, the beetles became like robots with no control over their own motor functioning. Interestingly, though the researchers control the beetles through wiring, their energy still comes naturally from the food they eat. Hence, the muscles are driven by the insects themselves, but they have no willpower over how their muscles move. Then, a video of a formation of UFOs that the witness claimed was chasing him was just one of the multiple sightings in and around Brandon, Canada, last week, according to various news reports. In fact, so many witnesses came forward that the UFO sightings made the local news. And when it was posted that said UFOs might have been flares from a military exercise, conspiracy theorists started floating the idea of another government cover-up. Local newspapers reported last week that comparisons of the multiple UFO sightings of a formation of glowing objects in the sky above Brandon, Canada, have been made to the 1997 incident now known as “The Phoenix Lights,” After the break the guys have on friend of the show Ryan Sprague to discuss his new book "Somewhere In The Skies". Ryan Sprague is a professional playwright and screenwriter in New York City. He is also an investigative journalist specializing in the topic of UFOs. He has written for numerous publications, including Open Minds Magazine, Phenomena Magazine, and UFO Truth Magazine. Speaking on the UFO topic, he has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, The Science Channel, and recently became a regular on the Travel Channel's Mystery at the Museum. He is also the co-host for both the Into The Fray & UFOmodPod podcasts. His First book, Somewhere In The Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon, is now available via Richard Dolan Press. For more information please visit his website www.somewhereintheskies.com. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Don't forget to check out our sponsor Gaia.com. Have a great week! Show Notes: 7ft. Tall Monkey and an Owl with the Face of a Human in Miami Get ready for Cyborg Beetles, Real Insects That Are Controlled Like Robots Mass Witness sighting of UFOs over Canada Somewhere In The Skies Book Ryan Sprague's Website GAIA Music: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Finally Moving Empty Station Almost Familiar

Lesser Known Alien Abductions…  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how recently Egypt has unearthed a city more than 7,000 years old and a cemetery dating back to its first dynasty in the southern province of Sohag, the antiquities ministry has said. The find could be a boon for Egypt’s ailing tourism industry, which has suffered a series of setbacks since the uprising that toppled the autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011, but remains a vital source of foreign currency. The city is likely to have housed high-ranking officials and grave builders. Its discovery may yield new insights into Abydos, one of the oldest cities in ancient Egypt, the ministry said in a statement. Experts say Abydos was Egypt’s capital towards the end of the predynastic period and during the rule of the first four dynasties. The discovery was made 400 metres away from the temple of Seti I, a New Kingdom period memorial across the Nile from present day Luxor. Then, space is still the final frontier, and as NASA scientists prepare to try and venture further into the solar system than humans have ever gone before there's a very important issue they want to solve — how to poop, pee and be on your period in space, without having to use a space diaper. That's right, astronauts have always looked cool in their super space gear as they prepared to be blasted into orbit, but all the while, every single astronaut has been stuck wearing a diaper during launches and landings. (When they reach space there are specially designed waste collection systems to use and of course on Earth there are gas station bathrooms galore.) This gets even more gross when you consider that astronauts often have to spend up to 10 hours in their spacesuits as they wait for the launch or prepare for re-entry, so they definitely have to use those diapers at some point. However, now NASA officials are trying to come up with a way to finally ditch the diaper, and they're asking for the public's help with the crowdsourced "space poop challenge" which is exactly what it sounds like — NASA wants you to help them figure out astronauts can do their business in space. Then, Japanese businesses are finding they need to deal with increasing numbers of foreign visitors to Japan, and Panasonic thinks it has the answer: a megaphone that translates the user’s voices into multiple languages. The Megahonyaku, which is a reasonably good pun on the Japanese words for “megaphone” and “translation,” listens for Japanese input and plays back phrases in English, Chinese, and Korean. Then, Kyle brings up and unusual sighting a woman named Victoria D had one night while her and some friends drove through Cannock Chase, UK. They saw what appeared to be a large werewolf like creature. After the break, Kyle brings up some lesser known alien abductions. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives have a great week! Show Notes: Egypt Unearths 7,000 Year Old Lost City NASA Launches the Space Pool Challenge This Panasonic Megaphone Automatically Translates Commands Into Multiple Languages Red Eyed Beast in Cannock Chase Ozark Mountain UFO Conference 2017 GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Reel 11 Break 2 Aimin At Your Head Lost And Found

Strange Orbs?  

This week on Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how six years ago, divers discovered the oldest known stationary fish traps in northern Europe off the coast of southern Sweden. Since then, researchers at Lund University in Sweden have uncovered an exceptionally well-preserved Stone Age site. They now believe the location was a lagoon environment where Mesolithic humans lived during parts of the year. Other spectacular finds include a 9,000-year-old pick axe made out of elk antlers. The discoveries indicate mass fishing and therefore a semi-permanent settlement.  Then, Medieval archer's 'unique quiver' and arrows with iron tips found in hole in a cliff, along with his wooden sarcophagus. Two local residents accidentally stumbled across the burial site, close to the village of Kokorya, which contains the bones of an adult man, his birch bark quiver, arrow shafts and iron arrow heads, intricate ornaments and utensils made from the roots of trees, as well as the remnants of silk ribbons. He is believed to be a warrior with a talent for archery who lived around the 13th to 15th century like the legendary outlaw Robin Hood in England. The archer is likely to have been held in respect, confirmed by the location of his burial and the care taken to send him into the next life with his arrows and 'sophisticated' quiver. It has pockets for different types of arrows, say scientists. Archeologists have not yet secured permission to open the wooden sarcophagus, although locals who found and looked inside confirm it contains bones, and it may also have the marksman's bow. Then, Kyle brings up two bizarre Dogman sightings. One from 1951 near Eureka, California and other from 1972 near Muncie, Indiana. In both stories, the people who witnessed the strange creature were young, 8-10 years old. Both give similar descriptions like it being covered in hair, long dog like snout, body built like a large ape, in both cases it either growled or howled and in one of the sightings it appeared to be wearing clothes. Then, in 1945, the FBI raided a warehouse in Los Angeles that was used for storage by the German Consulate. Among the files, they found a collection of 3x5-inch cards kept by the Nazi regime containing contact information for important people in LA. The cards included the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people in the entertainment industry, academia, and industry. And it serves as a terrifying reminder that the normalization of the Nazis in the 1930s provided cover for some very powerful people in the US to be friendly with genocidal maniacs. After the break, Cam brings up some unusual sightings of strange orbs. Are they ghosts, spirits or something other worldly? Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Have a great week! Show Notes: Archaeologists Uncover 9,000-Year-Old Underwater Stone Age Settlement Burial Site of Siberian Robin Hood unearthed in Altai Repubic Dogman Sighting near Eureka, California 1951 Dogman Sighting near Muncie, Indiana 1972 The Nazis Kept a List of Powerful American Friends in Los Angeles, Including the Co-Founder of UCLA The Marfa Lights Brown Mountain Lights Gaia Music: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Up & Down I Go Fly Away Another Day Let The World Hurry By

The Jersey Devil  

This week on Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how if you want a decent night’s sleep stop fiddling with your phone, researchers have warned. A US study has found that greater screen time, particularly at bedtime, is linked to disrupted sleep patterns - including taking a longer time to drop off. “The more screen time, the worse the quality of sleep,” said Gregory Marcus, co-author of the research from the University of California, San Francisco. The research ties in with a growing body of evidence that suggests that using electronic devices can get in the way of shut-eye. Then, on a quiet day in March, 1966, seven eyewitnesses reported an unidentified flying object maneuvering over Livingston and Washtenaw counties in Michigan. But these were not just some crazy people who watched all this there were police officers, sherrif deputies and over a 100 other people. an official investigation declared it was an optical illusion created by swamp gas. But some say that's just what the government wanted us to believe. The even became known as the Great UFO Flap of 1966. Then, a man said he and his family members saw a dinosaur-like animal at a fishing spot in Florida. Then, Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters recently posted an interesting interview a man did with a witness who describes what he saw at the famous Roswell Crash. After the break Kyle brings up the unusual story of the Jersey Devil. Ask people who live near the Pine Barrens of New Jersey if they actually believe in the Jersey Devil and you'll get a bunch of half-answers Those who say they do say it with a little smirk, those who don't believe in the creature still hesitate a little before giving a definitive "no." The Jersey Devil is a mythical horned beast that is to the woods of the Atlantic City area as bigfoot is to rural north California. It's one of the country's most enduring legends; stories of the Jersey Devil predate the United States itself. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives, have a great week! Show Notes: Want a good night's sleep? Spend less time with your phone, say scientists Great UFO Flap of 1966 Nessie-Like Creature Spotted in Florida Witness of the Roswell Crash The Jersey Devil The Pinelands Horror: The Story of the Jersey Devil The Jersey Devil book  Gaia Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided with permission by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Color of my Soul Can't Stop Me Now Kanye West All of The Lights Remix

The Boggy Creek Monster  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives we talk with documentary film maker Seth Breedlove about his latest movie "The Boggy Creek Monster". As well as some of his previous movies "The Minerva Monster" and "The Beast of Whitehall". These documentary films are all made by "Small Town Monsters". Small Town Monsters is an independent film series that explores lost and bizarre history around the United States. In addition to film, STM is also merchandise, and other media devoted to this same subject matter. The legend of the Boggy Creek Monster has long captivated the people of Fouke, Arkansas, a little town about 150 miles outside of Little Rock. It is said that Fouke is the first place that this cryptid was spotted. According to legend, the Boggy Creek Monster stands between seven and eight feet tall on two feet and weighs close to 300 pounds. Its chest, legs and arms are covered with thick, long hair. The first reported sightings go all the way back to 1834, when it is said that the large, hairy “wild man” was roaming in Arkansas. In the 1900s, sightings around Fouke became more frequent with residents spotting the monster more than 40 times in 1997 alone. It has been suggested that the animal is nocturnal, but a hunter reported a sighting in broad daylight in the Sulfur River WIldlife Area near Fouke in 2000. The Boggy Creek Monster has been subject of at least four different films, beginning with 1973’s The Legend of Boggy Creek. This movie, centered around Bobby Ford’s supposed encounter with the beast, played in drive-in theaters around the country and introduced millions to the legend that had never heard of this creature before. Mostly shot on location in Fouke, with additional scenes filmed in Texarkana and Shreveport, Louisiana, the film also served as a major economic boost to the region; many cast members were locals or nearby college students. The famous encounter that the film is based on occurred in 1971. Bobby and Elizabeth Ford claimed that the Boggy Creek Monster attacked their home late on the night of May 1. The monster, Elizabeth said, reached through her screen window, but was chased away by Bobby and Dan, his brother, who had just returned from a hunting trip. Unsatisfied, the monster returned shortly after midnight and tossed Bobby to the ground, the Fords say. Bobby was taken to the St. Michael Hospital in Texarkana and treated for large gashes across his back; he was suffering from mild shock when he arrived, according to newspaper reports (there were several papers covering the legend around this time). No traces of blood were found on the Ford’s home, but three-toed footprints were found near the house, scratches found on the porch, and damage sustained to a window and the house’s siding. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Small Town Monsters The Minerva Monster The Beat of Whitehall The Boggy Creek Monster The Beast of Boggy Creek book by Lyle Blackburn SasWhat? Podcast  Gaia Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin The Time Has Come Starlit Skies Future Blind

The Texas Killing Fields  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off talking about how recently while sifting through the remains of an Iron Age burial plot dating from 400 to 450 B.C. in what is today Germany, Bettina Arnold, an archaeologist and anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and others uncovered a cauldron that contained remnants of an alcohol brewed and buried with the deceased. So she decided to team up with Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery to re-create the ancient brew, using a recipe inspired by evidence collected from the archaeological remains. Then,a remarkable 7,000-year-old megalithic site that served as an astronomical observatory has been found in Muduma village in Telangana, India. The discovery has been hailed as one of the most significant archaeological findings in India over the last few decades. According to Times of India, the team of archeologists described it as  ''the only megalithic site in India, where a depiction of a star constellation has been identified''. The ancient observatory dates to 5,000 BC and the researchers believe that it is the earliest astronomical observatory discovered in India and perhaps even in the whole of South Asia. The site consists of around 80 huge menhirs (standing stones), which are 3.5 – 4 meters tall. There are also about 2000 alignment stones, which are 30-60cm tall. According to experts, no other excavation site in India has so many menhirs concentrated in such a small area. The maximum concentration of menhirs is located in the central portion of the monument. Then, a person relayed an interesting sighting they had in California to Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters. According to the eye witness the creature looked very similar to the paintings of the “Ropen” of Indonesia. I would estimate it had about a 3-5 ft. wingspan. It was light tan, all leathery skin, and the most astonishing thing was that it had no feathers! I could see the wrinkles & texture of its skin moving over its bones as it flew. The eyes were very large, round eyes, and it appeared to be young, or at least I had that impression because of its size and some of its features, like the tail and the bump on the back of its head were not as developed as those depicted of adult Ropen/Pterosaurs. Then, pupils at a school in Austria were evacuated because a rock they had on display was giving off radiation. The rock turned out to be a lump of uranium, the metallic element that is used to produce atomic bombs. Alarmingly, the uranium was giving off thousands of millisiverts of radiation into the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart School in Salzburg - a lot higher than what is given off naturally. Then, after the break Cam brings up the mysterious Texas Killing Fields. In 1986, the battered body of 13-year-old Krystal Jean Baker was found dumped under an interstate bridge in Chambers County, Texas. She had been beaten, raped and strangled to death, but it took 26 years for her killer to be brought to justice. Kevin Edison Smith, the man who choked the life out of the innocent girl, was convicted of her murder and sentenced to life without parole. The 45-year-old was spared the death penalty because investigators believed he may have been involved in the some of the other unsolved murders that have occurred in a 50-mile desolate area between Houston and Galveston dubbed the 'Highway of Hell'. Since the 1970s, more than 30 young women have mysteriously disappeared or been found murdered along Texas’ Interstate 45, in what has become the state’s most notorious killing spree. A mile from I-45, lies the 25-acre patch known as 'The Killing Fields', where the bodies of four young women have been found. Detectives have described the remote area as a perfect dumping ground for a serial killer, which has made investigating the cases so difficult. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Show Notes: 2,500 Years Ago, This Brew Was Buried With The Dead; A Brewery Has Revived It

The Salem Witch Trials  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off the show talking about how Australian researchers have discovered that peptides contained in the milk of Tasmanian devils can kill some of the most deadly bacterial and fungal infections, including golden staph. Then, Russian researchers have stumbled on the site of this lost weather station, along with a handful of wartime relics from the 1940s. Among the artifacts discovered on the island are objects bearing Nazi insignia and swastikas. Most importantly for the researchers, many of the items also appear to be marked and dated to give further confirmation that this is the real deal. Then, Cam re-tells a terrifying experience one camper had in Michigan with what is believed to be a Bigfoot like creature. Then, a recent article claims the Earth faces another ICE AGE within 15 years as Russian scientists discover that the Sun is cooling. Experts say that solar activity as low as it currently is has not been seen since the mini-ice age that took place between 1645 and 1715 – a period known as the Maunder Minimum where the entire Thames froze over. A new model has allowed experts to predict solar activity with more accuracy than ever before and it suggests that magnetic activity will fall by 60 per cent between 2030 and 2040. After the break Kyle talks about the Salem Witch Trials that occurred back in 1692-1693. The Salem witch trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft—the Devil's magic—and 20 were executed. Eventually, the colony admitted the trials were a mistake and compensated the families of those convicted. Since then, the story of the trials has become synonymous with paranoia and injustice, and it continues to beguile the popular imagination more than 300 years later Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Please rate and write us a review on iTunes. You can email your stories to us a expandedperspectives@yahoo.com. or you can call us at 817-945-3828. Have a great week! Show Notes: Devil's milk could be the killer ingredient in war on superbugs Russian Researchers Find A Secret Nazi-Era Arctic Weather Station Michigan Camper Encounters a Bigfoot Earth faces another ICE AGE within 15 YEARS as Russian scientists discover Sun 'cooling' The Salem Witch Trials Salem Witches Rebecca Nurse Martha Corey Ann Putnam, Jr. Were Witches Actually Burned at the Stake? Expanded Perspectives Elite Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin The Time Has Come So Much In The Dark Up and Down I Go

Otherworldly Odors and Supernatural Scents with Joshua Cutchin  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives week talk with friend and author Joshua Cutchin about his latest book "The Brimstone Deceit". Witnesses the world over claim to see spirits, UFOs, Sasquatch, and other phenomena that are not supposed to exist. Most cannot believe their eyes, yet some of these observers have also detected evidence of a more ephemeral nature--odors abound, in particular the stench of brimstone. In the first book of its kind, Joshua Cutchin, author of the highly praised A Trojan Feast, documents these uncommon scents and poses a startling possibility... that smell is a sense ripe for deception. We trust our eyes and ears, but should we trust our noses? Prior to pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time author and musician in 2015, Joshua Cutchin served as Public Affairs Director of the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music for three years. During his tenure at UGA, Joshua authored over one hundred articles, press releases, and blog posts. In addition to appearing in local media, his press releases have also been referenced and distributed by such media outlets as the Associated Press and National Public Radio. Before his time at UGA, Joshua provided content for the Georgia Symphony Orchestra (Marietta, GA), Athens Banner-Herald (Athens, GA), Walton Tribune (Monroe, GA), and Observer News Enterprise (Newton, NC).  Joshua has appeared on a variety of paranormal programs discussing his work, including Coast to Coast AM, Mysterious Universe, Binnall of America, Radio Misterioso, and the Gralien Report. In 2015, Anomalist Books released his first book, A Trojan Feast. He is a recurring roundtable guest on the Where Did the Road Go? podcast, and made his public speaking debut at the December 2015 MUFON Georgia meeting. Since then, Joshua has been invited to speak at the 2016 ParaMania un-conference and the International Fortean Organization's 2016 FortFest. Show Notes: The Brimstone Deceit A Trojan Feast  Joshua Cutchin: Weird Words and Brass Beats Where Did The Road Go? Podcast Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Admin At Your Head Short Cut/Detour Almost Familiar

Lesser Known UFO Crashes  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how a reeally astonishing trail cam footage showing a UFO followed by the mysterious appearance of a very large, mechanical-looking object has been sent to MUFON (case 79614) and reported on many UFO sites. Then, nuclear weapons are already scary enough, but when you dig deeper and find out how powerful the weapons truly are, they get even more terrifying. The weapons we’ve built after the first atomic bombs are so strong that you can basically use Hiroshima as a unit of measurement. The largest nuclear explosion in human history, the Tsar Bomba, detonated with a force of 50 megatons or the power of 3,333 Hiroshimas. Then, an eagle cam appears to have captured an ape-like creature walking around on the ground below, prompting speculation that it could be the elusive creature. The shadowy figure was filmed near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in Beulah, Michigan, back in May, The Detroit Free Press reported. The camera had been set up to monitor a resident eagle family’s progress by the state’s Department of Natural Resources and outdoor website CarbonTV. It wasn’t until recently, however, that a CarbonTV editor stumbled across the video’s clip on a Bigfoot sighting website and highlighted it on theirs, said CarbonTV executive director of content and marketing Daniel Seliger. The footage has since gone viral with an edited version of it magnifying the creature as it walks, seemingly on two legs, around trees and other brush. Then, after the break Cam brings up some very interesting lesser known UFO crashes from around the world. Thank you for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: UFO & Large Mechanical Looking Object Appears on Trail Cam Footage in Oklahoma The True Scale of Nuclear Bombs Is Totally Frightening Eagle Cam Captures Bigfoot or Something Else Walking Around Gaia Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Done Wrong At Last I Am Free World of Illusion

Mt. Shasta and the Lost Tribe of Lemuria  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off talking about how recently archaeologists were left baffled by the "strange" discovery of ancient Roman coins buried in the ruins of a castle in Japan. The four copper coins were retrieved from soil beneath Katsuren Castle on Okinawa Island, and were originally thought to be a hoax before their true provenance was revealed. Then, a recent study by Japanese researchers has added some much-needed extra data about the phenomenon of life after death. In 2014 a questionnaire was sent out to bereaved family members of cancer patients across Japan who died in hospital, palliative care units, or at home, in order to evaluate the quality of the end-of-life care they received. Part of that nationwide survey asked about deathbed visions. Remarkably, of 2,221 survey responses, the researchers found that visions of dead loved ones were reported in 463 cases (21%). Then, a Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia couple were scratching their heads after discovering an odd-looking creature they described as a “jellified leech of some type.” Then, a 21-year-old Australian tradesman has been bitten by a venomous spider on the penis for a second time. The man was using a portable toilet on a Sydney building site on Tuesday, when he suffered a repeat of the incident five months ago. After the break, Kyle brings up the unusual mysteries and folklore that surround Mount Shasta. It is believed by many to be one of the sacred places found on Earth and it is called by some The Magical Mountain, it is the majestic Mt. Shasta, located in the Cascade Mountain Range of Northern California. Rising up from the range of picturesque mountains, in Siskiyou County, to a height of over 14,162 feet above sea level it ranks as one of the largest dormant (last eruption was incorrectly reported as being in 1786) strato-compound volcanoes (it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire) in the continental USA. Mt Shasta, often seen as a very mysterious volcanic mountain, geologically has 4 cones stratovolcanic overlapping cones, not the usual 2. Legends and mysteries abound about the ethereal aura felt and seen by some who have trekked near, around and on the natural wonder. Native people have always held the mountain as a sacred area and in recent decades New Age believers see the mountain as having a mystical power that exudes peace and harmony. UFO proponents believe a secret alien base is located deep within the mountain. Others claim that there is a secret underground crystal city occupied by the lost tribe of Lemuria. Show Notes: Ancient Roman coins found buried under ruins of Japanese castle leave archaeologists baffled Japanese Study Finds That 1 in 5 Dying Patients Experienced Deathbed Visions of Deceased Loved Ones or the Afterlife 'Very strange' creature found in Yarmouth County lake Spider bites Australian man on penis again Gaia.com Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Vibe Vendetta Understand Me Now Let The World Hurry By

The Mysterious Dulce Base  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how a robot has been arrested while taking part in a political rally in Russia, after police intervened to prevent it from interacting with the public. According to reports, the activist robot – called Promobot, and manufactured by a Russian company of the same name – was detained by police as it interspersed with the crowd at a rally in support of Russian parliamentary candidate Valery Kalachev in Moscow. Then, an amateur archaeologist has tracked down hundreds of prehistoric rock engravings in Scotland in what has been described as a “phenomenal” contribution to the understanding of Britain’s earliest artworks. Then, a 31-year-old Ohio resident Amy Kovacs told Cryptozoology News that she was in her front yard talking to her husband and a friend when she spotted the unidentified flying creature. Then, a man in Marion County, Florida wrote Lon Strickler an email to his popular blog "Phantoms and Monsters" about the family of Bigfoot that he believes is living on his property. After the break Kyle and Cam bring up the interesting story surrounding the top secret Alien/Human base located in Dulce, New Mexico. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Have a great week! Show Notes: A Robot was just Arrested by Russian Police Amateur Archaeologist finds Phenomenal Trove of Rock Engravings Ohio Woman Claims She Saw Giant Bird Living Near Bigfoot - Marion County, Florida  Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Color of my Soul Where Am I Trying to Go Sweet Long Life

Serial Killers of the Animal Kingdom  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys talk about how several cryptic posts from the Facebook page of a group known as the 'Flomo Klowns' put two Southern Alabama schools on lock down for a while Thursday morning. The Flomaton Police Department received information from a parent that her child had been sent threatening messages on Facebook from the group. Then, the world is still vulnerable to a potentially catastrophic asteroid strike, according to President Barack Obama's chief science adviser. NASA has made substantial progress in finding the asteroids that pose the biggest threat to Earth, but there's still a lot of work to do, said John Holdren, director of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy. Then, an Arkansas witness at Bella Vista and his wife rushed to a bedroom window after hearing “jet-like” sounds and watched a triangle-shaped object just 100 feet over the rooftop. Then, evoking visions of mad scientists, French researchers are set to revive a mega-virus dormant for 30,000 years that they discovered in the permafrost of the Russian Arctic. After the break the Kyle brings up some unusual real life stories of serial killers of the animal kingdom. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Have a great week! Show Notes: Creepy Clowns put two south Alabama Schools on Lockdown Earth Vulnerable to Major Asteroid Strike, White House Science Chief Says Arkansas witness reports triangle UFO at tree top Ancient mega-virus that does not resemble any virus on Earth is set to be revived Man Eaters of Tsavo Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Short Cut Samso Fly Away Another Day

Caribbean Cryptids  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off talking about how a 22-year-old British student has invented a mobile fridge that could save millions of lives across the world. Will Broadway's "Isobar" has been designed to keep vaccines at the ideal temperature while in transit in developing countries. And Will doesn't plan to make money from his creation. His focus is to get it to people who need it, which is why he won't be trying to get a patent. Then, archeologists working on the Dampier archipelago off Australia’s north-west coast have found evidence of stone houses dating back 9,000 years – to the end of the last ice age – building the case for the area to get a world heritage listing. Circular stone foundations were discovered in on Rosemary Island, the outermost of 42 islands that make up the archipelago. The islands and the nearby Burrup peninsula are known as Murujuga – a word meaning “hip bones sticking out” – in the language of the Ngarluma people. Then, Hitachi Ltd. started trials of its EMIEW3 humanoid robot at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Friday to aid foreign visitors to Japan. During the trials through December in the airport’s domestic Terminal 2, the robot will communicate with passengers in Japanese and English at a designated information center as well as display information. The industrial conglomerate is hoping to enable the 90-centimeter-tall humanoid robot with autonomous capabilities to guide users to destinations starting around December. Then, researchers at U.C. San Diego have created the first nanofish, the New Scientist reports—a magnet-powered bot that they hope to use for targeted delivery of medication, non-invasive surgery and single-cell manipulation. Developed by Jinxing Li and his team at the University of California, these new nanobots are 100 times smaller than a grain of sand and consist of tiny gold and nickel segments that are connected with silver hinges. An external magnet is used to manipulate the nickel and create a waving motion to propel the bot forward. The speed and direction of the little swimmer is determined by the orientation and strength of the magnetic field. After the break Cam brings up some unusual Cryptids of the Caribbean. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Have a great week! Show Notes: Evidence of 9,000-year-old stone houses found on Australian island World's First Nannyish Coming to Swim Drugs Up Your Bloodstream Hitachi Starts Trials of EMIEW3 Humanoid Robot at Haneda Airport This Invention by a British Student Could Save Millions of Lives Across the World Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Gold Coast Hustle Can't Stop Me Now Understand Me Now

Strange Police Encounters  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show talking about how Thursday, September 1st An unmanned SpaceX rocket, topped by an Israeli satellite, was being prepped for a test firing at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida when something went wrong. The 604-ton Falcon 9 rocket was being...

The Hellhound of World War I  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the boys talk about the Hound of Mons. A fascinating chronicle was published in 1919 by Canadian veteran F. J. Newhouse, describing the story of the gigantic otherworldly hound that mauled over British soldiers in No Man’s Land. The publishing claimed that this hound...

Skinwalker Ranch  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off talking about Zenkerella insignis, the critter caught on Bioko, is one of the world’s most ancient and mysterious mammals. Until now, it was known only by its fossils and 11 scattered specimens, many of which had been languishing in natural history collections...

Encounters with Little People  

On this episode of expanded perspectives Cam and Kyle start off talking about how giant traps called desert kites—some of which are 8,000 years old—were built across animal migration routes by Old World pastoralists. Then, last Sunday, Scotland achieved something great – for the first time on record, wind power alone...

Tragic Fate of the Donner Party  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys talk about how one of the last known groups of woolly mammoths died out because of a lack of drinking water, scientists believe. The Ice Age beasts were living on a remote island off the coast of Alaska, and scientists have dated their demise...

The Axe Man of Austin  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how Amazon is partnering with the British government to expand its testing of delivery drones, paving the way for commercial air deliveries for UK residents. The expanded testing, announced today in a press release, involves Amazon working with the...

The Crash at Cape Girardeau  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off talking about how the Solar Impulse 2 is the record breaking aircraft that achieved the first ever trans-Atlantic flight powered solely by the sun. With a wingspan of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, and weighing a mere 2,300kg, the plane itself is...

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