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Unusual Encounters #1  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how it looks like something out of “Star Wars” or “Terminator”: an actual robot capable of walking and shooting guns with both hands. It’s called FEDOR (stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) and it can now fire guns with both hands. Terrifying, right? Well, Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister and the deputy head of the country’s military-industrial commission, insisted on Twitter that the project is about artificial intelligence and not creating a Terminator. Then, as it turns out, some of the best cooks in the world think lion fish, a venomous predatory fish which is breeding out of control and destroying marine ecosystems in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is delicious. The chefs gathered in Bermuda on Wednesday for a competition dubbed the "Lionfish Throwdown" where they challenged one another to come up with the tastiest solution to the problem of invasive lion fish. A man named Colin Angle, who recently founded Robots In Service of the Environment (RSE), a nonprofit organization set up to protect the oceans, built a machine named the Guardian specifically designed to hunt and capture lionfish. Then, Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters recently posted a very strange and unusual sighting! Then, The Loch Ness Monster has been 'declared missing' by its official recorder admitting he is 'worried' that there has been no sightings of her for eight months. After the break Kyle and Cam report on some listener stories originally submitted for the show titled Unusual Encounters. All this an more on this weeks installment of Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Russian official insists robot that shoots guns with both hands is ‘not Terminator’ Robots, chefs hope to bring invasive lion fish to restaurants near you The Reptilian and Bigfoot 'Guardians' From the Portal Is Nessie DEAD? Loch Ness Monster declared ‘missing’ after official recorder reports zero sightings in eight months Monsters Among Us Podcast Somewhere In The Skies Podcast Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Dollar Shave Club Upside Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin My Only Hope Aimin At Your Head Finally Moving  

Up In Smoke  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how traditional 9am lectures should be scrapped and students should be allowed to start their day later, experts have claimed, following new research that suggests early mornings interfere with young adults’ body clocks. According to researchers at The Open University, lectures should start no earlier than 11am for students to be able to perform at their best. Working with researchers at the University of Nevada, experts analysed the study patterns of 200 students and found academic performance was at its best between 11am and 9.30pm. Then, a woman called into Coast to Coast recently a told a fantastic story her father told her about a strange possible Men In Black experience he had one time back in 1954 while out camping. Then, Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters posted an interesting story collected by Albert Rosales about a Black Eyed Being that followed them home. Then, an 8-year-old Ohio boy wanted a cheeseburger and he wanted it bad. So, he got behind the wheel of his dad’s van and took matters into his own hands. One problem was he didn’t know how to drive, but it didn’t take him long to figure it out. The boy said it was simple: He just watched some YouTube videos on how to drive a car. Before long, they said he chauffeured his kid sister effortlessly to the McDonald’s half a mile from his East Palestine home while his parents were sleeping. After the break Kyle brings up one of the most bizarre missing people cases in American history. The case simply known as the Sodder Family  Murders. On Christmas Eve, 1945, the Sodder family home burned down. The cause was traced to defective wiring despite the fact that Christmas tree lights were still on after the fire started. The oldest two sons and daughter and the youngest daughter survived, but the five middle children were missing and no trace of their remains were found. Believing that the fire was a cover for the abduction of their children, George and Jennie Sodder spent a fortune on detectives to investigate.  The case was never solved and to this day no one knows what happened to the missing children. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Ban 9am Lectures for Students, Experts Say Woman calls Coast to Coast with a Strange MIB Story Black Eyed Thing Followed Me  8-year-old Drives Younger Sister to McDonald's after Craving a Burger Zero Gravity Institute Bykowski Taylor & Garb Sponsors: GAIA Upside Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Other music was provided by BOXINBOX & LIONIZE https://soundcloud.com/boxinboxlionsize and JELLYFISH - Trap Nation https://soundcloud.com/jellyfyshmusic/maroon5-dont-wanna-know-jellyfysh-remix-free-download Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin (Pretty Lights) DJ Snake - Let Me Love You (BOXINBOX & LIONIZE cover remix) Understand Me Now (Pretty Lights) Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know (JELLYFISH Remix Trap Nation)

A Road Less Taken  

On this weeks installment of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how an Earth-sized planet orbiting a dim star 39 light years away has a hazy atmosphere that could indicate the presence of a “water world”. It is one of the first times astronomers have been able to detect an atmosphere surrounding a small rocky planet. Then, a man in Texas released footage on Sunday containing an unidentified flying object. The anonymous man says he was driving to his local grocery store in San Antonio last Wednesday at about 8:30 p.m. when he noticed the anomaly. Then, a futuristic video has emerged of a man flying on a hoverboard across the Atlantic Ocean. The video shows Franky Zapata, chief executive of Zapata Racing, whizzing over the sea off the coast of France on a hoverboard that is available for the public to hire. Mr Zapata is riding the record-breaking Flyboard Air, which has previously hit the headlines for travelling at more than 34mph. He managed to travel 50 metres above the surface of the Atlantic for just under seven minutes in the most recent flight. Then, scientists are crooning over new pictures that confirm the survival of the New Guinea highland wild dog, which until now was feared to be extinct in its natural habitat on the South Pacific island. Thought to be among the rarest species of canine, the highland wild dogs are either the same as or close relatives of the famous singing dogs of New Guinea, which exist only in captivity. More than a hundred camera-trap pictures taken in 2016 show at least 15 wild individuals, including males, females, and pups. Though they are most commonly a golden color, some of the dogs are cream, ginger, roan, or black, with different markings and patternings. After the break Cam brings up some very strange sightings along empty highways of what could only be described as Phantom Hitchhikers. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! I you want to help us out, please write us a review on iTunes here. Have a great week! Show Notes: Atmosphere Containing Water Detected Around Rocky Exoplanet Texas Man Releases UFO Video French Inventor Flies Real-Life Hoverboard Over the Atlantic Ocean 'Extinct' Mountain Dogs Rediscovered in the Wild Sponsors: GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Double Love Let The World Hurry By Future Blind

Frederick Valentich  

On this weeks installment of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how a mysterious half-naked 'tribesman' was seen running down a dirt track in Indonesia by a group of bikers. The small man was spotted near Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. Some viewers guessed the man could be a member of the mythical Mante tribe, who are said to be forest dwellers. Then, Lon Stricker over at Phantoms & Monsters recently reported on a very unusual sighting a woman had in Cabell County in West Virginia. According to the witness, this winged creature resembled a giant 4 foot tall Wasp with glowing orange eyes! Then, one of Japan’s biggest tech companies, Rakuten, announced it was forming a joint venture with the American startup AirMap. The goal is to develop a robust traffic management system for unmanned aerial vehicles, allowing large numbers of drones to operate autonomously in the same airspace. After the break Kyle brings up one of Australia's most famous Alien Abduction cases "The Mysterious Disappearance of Frederick Valentich". On the evening of October 21, 1978, a 20-year-old Australian pilot flew a familiar route from Melbourne airport to King Island. From all reports, it wasn’t a difficult one. But for the young Frederick Valentich, whatever happened while flying over the Bass Strait proved fatal. He never came home, and his body was never recovered. Was it an Alien Abduction or simply pilot error? This and much, much more on this weeks episode of Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Is this a member of Indonesia's lost pygmy tribe? Flying Cryptid Encounter - Cabell County, WV Japan takes a big step toward widespread drone delivery service Frederick Valentich  The Gralien Report Middle Theory Micah Hanks Bomb City Moive Sponsors: GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Prophet All I've Ever Known Aimin At Your Head

The Bell Witch  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how a non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers over 600 pieces of data a second. It can accurately predict when your cow is most likely to give birth by measuring tail movement patterns triggered by labor contractions. When they reach a certain level of intensity over a period of time it then sends an SMS text alert directly to your cell phone on average 1 hour prior to calving. Then, a caller calls in to Coast to Coast and tells a bizarre ghost sighting he and a friend had in South Bend, Indiana. Then, apparently a Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US Highway 95 in North Latah County late Wednesday night.  The Latah County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 50 year old Tensed woman walked into their office early Thursday morning around 12:30 to report the incident.  She told a deputy she was driving on US95 North of the Potlatch “Y “near mile post 367 earlier that evening around 11:00 Wednesday night when the incident occurred.  The woman believes she saw a Sasquatch chasing some deer along the highway and when she looked into her mirror to see the “hairy beast” she hit a deer which was running from the Bigfoot. Then, a woman on the Dr. Phil show claims that she died 15 years ago and when she woke up, she had psychic abilities. She claims God sent her back with a mission and some gifts. She has stated that I can speak French, I can write the Bengali alphabet, I can understand any foreign language. After the break Cam tells the incredible story simply known as "The Bell Witch". The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Haunting is a poltergeist legend from Southern folklore, centered on the 19th-century Bell family of Adams, Tennessee. John Bell Sr., who made his living as a farmer, resided with his family along the Red River in northwest Robertson County in an area currently within the town of Adams. According to legend, from 1817-1821, his family and the local area came under attack by an invisible entity subsequently described as a witch. The entity was able to speak, affect the physical environment and change forms. Some accounts record the spirit with the capability to be in more than one place at a time, cross distances with rapid speed and the power of prophecy. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Increase Live Births & Farm Profitability with MooCall The Fourth Kid Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US95 near Potlatch Woman Claims She Died And Woke Up With Psychic Abilities The Bell Witch Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Gold Coast Hustle Starlit Skies Understand Me Now

Lost In Space  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how scientists say it's possible to build a new type of self-replicating computer that replaces silicon chips with processors made from DNA molecules, and it would be faster than any other form of computer ever proposed - even quantum computers. Called a nondeterministic universal Turing machine (NUTM), it's predicted that the technology could execute all possible algorithms at once by taking advantage of DNA's ability to replicate almost perfect copies of itself over billions of years. Then, apparently some corpses actually heat up after death. Could this explain some of the Spontaneous Human Combustion stories? Then, a Canadian witness at Port Greville reported discovering a disc-shaped object moving out of a local bay and shooting into the sky after watching video previously shot in the area. Then, a Voodoo Doll causes all kinds of trouble for a small town in rural Nicaragua. After the break Kyle brings up the terrifying story of some lost Cosmonaut's in outer space. All this and more on this weeks addition of Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Scientists Want to Build a Super-Fast, Self-Replicating Computer That "Grows as It Computes" Some Corpses May Mysteriously Heat Up After Death Disc UFO caught on Camera Moving Out of Bay Voodoo Doll Causes Trouble in Nicaragua The Lost Cosmonauts of the USSR: dramatic transmissions picked up from outer space Sponsors: GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Evening Sun Future Blind Almost Familiar

Field of Screams  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how recently a man named Chris Bertish has become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a paddle board. This was no ordinary paddleboard. Bertish, a big-wave surfer and sailing enthusiast, worked with naval architect Phil Morrison to create a custom-built 20-foot vessel with a tiny cabin and an even tinier sleeping berth. That’s where he stashed GPS equipment, a satellite weather system, radios, a satellite phone, and an autopilot system. On top of the craft they installed solar panels to keep all those gadgets charged, and Bertish also kept an emergency kit—complete with a life raft and flares—nearby just in case. He also had shark repellant handy, because, well, sharks are scary. The whole getup cost over $120,000 to build. Miraculously, the 42-year-old South African paddled his way from Morocco to Antigua, alone, in just 94 days. That’s 4,500 nautical miles of unassisted and unsupported ocean-faring. Then, A University of Nebraska senior, Brevan Jorgenson, shelled out a mere $700 for open source software that he used to turn his vehicle into a self-driving car. Jorgenson was an early beta-tester for the ucomma.ai, an ultimately unsuccessful company that had hoped to make autonomous driving affordable and easy to apply to any car. While fortune did not side with ucomma.ai, it seems to have smiled upon Jorgenson, who was able to utilize what he knew to let his car drive itself on the freeway. Then, a  popular diving site filled with spectacular coral reefs has been severely damaged in West Papua, New Guinea, after a British-owned cruise ship got caught in low tide and slammed into it. Because of this, It could take years for the reefs to bounce back, and tha may never regain what they originally looked like. Local officials want the company to pay for the damage. The coral reefs are located at Raja Ampat, an Indonesian island chain. On March 4, a 295-foot-long, 4,290-ton ship called the Caledonian Sky ran aground along a stretch of beach, damaging the pristine reefs below. Then, Virginia has made robotics history. The commonwealth is the first state to pass legislation allowing delivery robots to operate on sidewalks and crosswalks across the state. The new law goes into effect on July 1 and was signed into law by the governor last Friday. The two Virginia lawmakers who sponsored the bill, Ron Villanueva and Bill DeSteph, teamed up with Starship Technologies, an Estonian-based ground delivery robotics company, to draft the legislation. Robots operating under the new law won’t be able to exceed 10 miles per hour or weigh over 50 pounds, but they will be allowed to rove autonomously. The law doesn’t require robots to stay within line of sight of a person in control, but a person is required to at least remotely monitor the robot and take over if it goes awry. Robots are only allowed on streets in a crosswalk. After the break Cam brings up some strange encounters experienced by outdoorsman. Thanks for listening and supporting Expanded Perspectives! Please fill out this free survey to help us continue to bring you the show for 100% free. Show Notes: This Maniac Just Crossed the Atlantic on a Paddleboard A Student Spent $700 to Make His Car Drive Itself Cruise Ship Smashes Into One of the World’s Most Beautiful Coral Reefs Virginia is the first state to pass a law allowing robots to deliver straight to your door Podcast Survey Sponsors: GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Fly Away Another Day Can't Stop Me Now Country Roads

Atlanta’s Ripper  

On this weeks episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how US private rocket company SpaceX has announced that two private citizens have paid to be sent around the Moon. The mission is planned for late 2018, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said, adding that the tourists "have already paid a significant deposit". "This presents an opportunity for humans to return to deep space for the first time in 45 years," he said. The two unnamed people will fly aboard a spaceship which is set for its first unmanned test flight later this year. Mr Musk said the co-operation of America's Nasa space agency had made the plan possible. He said the two passengers "will travel faster and further into the solar system than any before them". Mr Musk declined to reveal their identities, only saying that they knew each other and that "it's nobody from Hollywood". Then, Military bigwigs gathered in Orlando this week for the annual AirWarfare Symposium to discuss big plans for big weapons that do big damage. According to a report, the biggest unfunded project that U.S. Special Operations Command hopes to push through is a C-130 that’s equipped with a power laser weapon. Then, a Cumberand County, PA, witness reported an unusual series of “huge, bright, round lights” beaming to the ground level near her property with no sound that appeared to get her dog’s attention, according to testimony in Cases 82026 and 82029 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.Case was reported February 12, 2017, for an incident that occurred about 1:30 a.m. on November 15, 2016. Then, a young mother living in York, UK, says that her flat is haunted by an evil spirit. In fact it has been scratched her before. Now she want's to leave but the landlord will not let her out of her lease. After the break Kyle brings up the story of Atlanta's very on Jack the Ripper case of 1911. For four years in Atlanta, beginning in 1911, someone terrorized the African American community and became known as the Atlanta Ripper, a play off the name of the famous London killer in the Whitechapel district in the late 1800s known as "Jack the Ripper." For those four years, an unknown killer, or as some put it, killers, roamed the dark streets of Atlanta, preying upon young African American women, as well as some of mixed race. The list of victims swelled to over 20 people, as the city was in the grips of fear over where and against whom the fiend would strike next. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: SpaceX to fly two tourists around Moon in 2018 Air Force Leaders Say It's High Time Our Planes Shoot Deadly Lasers Pennsylvania witness reports unusual lights ‘beaming to ground’ Evil Spirits Scratch and Torment Woman and her Young Son Atlanta's Jack the Ripper Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Empty Station So Much In The Dark Understand Me Now

Beyond Boggy Creek  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how Brazil's elusive tree boa, Corallus cropanii — also known as Cropan's boa — is one of the world's rarest boas, infrequently sighted and known from only a handful of dead specimens collected after the snake was first seen and described in 1953. However, the species is alive and well, scientists recently discovered. One of the slippery serpents was captured in January — the second living specimen ever seen, and the first glimpsed in 64 years. Then, humans have had music on the brain for most of our existence—cultures all over the world create, listen to, and experience pleasure from music. To study this phenomenon, researchers have surveyed people’s feelings, scanned the brains of performers and listeners, and even measured hormone production. Their findings thus far suggest that our enjoyment comes from the same two-phase reward process—a dopamine-driven anticipatory phase, followed by a dopamine- and opioid-influenced consummatory phase—that kicks into gear when you eat a tasty treat or experience a rush after an intense workout. Then, according to a number of reports, a photograph reputedly of a reptilian alien taken outside of Luke Air Force Base was posted to 4chan on Thursday. Within minutes, the entire website was allegedly taken offline and all copies of the photograph mysteriously disappeared, except for one. 4chan is the highly controversial image board site associated with a wide variety of equally controversial and nefarious groups and famous for its pranks. According to various accounts, an anonymous thread titled “24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C” was begun between on 4chan’s /pol/ board between 12am and 2am on February 23rd. It included a picture of an alien which was said to have yellow scales, black eyes and small pursed lips and was looking directly at the camera in a classic selfie pose. Reports say the thread was only up for a few minutes before the 4chan channel went offline. When it returned, all traces of the photo and thread were gone. Then, a Pennsylvania construction worker says he photographed an unknown creature he believes “had the exact marks” of the Jersey Devil. 32-year-old R.W. claimed that on Friday he was driving on the highway about an hour outside of Philadelphia when he and his friend spotted the creature. After the break the guys chat with researcher, author and rocker Lyle Blackburn about his latest book "Beyond Boggy Creek". Lyle Blackburn is an author, musician, and cryptid researcher from Texas. His investigative cryptozoology books, such as The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man, reflect his life-long fascination with legends and sighting reports of real-life 'monsters.' During his research, Lyle has often explored the remote reaches of the southern U.S. in search of shadowy creatures said to inhabit the dense backwoods and swamplands of these areas. Lyle is also a staff writer for the monthly horror magazine, Rue Morgue, and founder of the rock band Ghoultown. Lyle has been heard on numerous radio programs including Coast To Coast AM, has appeared on various television shows airing on Discovery, Animal Planet, Destination America, A&E, HGTV, and CBS, and served as consulting producer and special episode host for the tv show Monsters and Mysteries in America. Most recently, Lyle was featured in the documentary film, Boggy Creek Monster. Show Notes: World's Rarest Boa Snake Seen for 1st Time in 64 Years Yeah, Good Music Kind of Gets You High Possible Reptilian Photo Allegedly Brings Down 4chan ‘Jersey Devil’ Photographed in Pennsylvania Lyle Blackburn's Website "Beyond Boggy Creek" Book "The Beast of Boggy Creek" Book "The Lizard Man" Book "Boggy Creek Monster" Documentary Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase,

Inquisitive Interlopers  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how what happens when your own devices turn against you? In one bizarre case a man's electronic Pace Maker actually provided evidence against him in an arson case. And a woman's FitBit actually led Police to realize that she was lying about an attempted rape. It turns out that privacy issues are moving under our skin—now the devices that keep us alive and healthy can also be used against us in the court of law. Then, a possible Gorilla like Sasquatch sighting in Texas back in 1960. The story comes from the Sherman Democrat that was originally printed in the July 20, 1960 edition. It is one more piece evidence that proves sightings of wood ape-like creatures predate the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage. Then, there are some who firmly believe the human race knows more about distant galaxies and alien planets located light years away from Earth than what lies beneath the surface of our planet. Curiously, it took the Voyager 1 spacecraft nearly 26 years to exit our solar system, which is about the same amount of time scientists on Earth needed to penetrate 12 kilometers into our planet’s surface. After more than two decades, scientists created the Kola Superdeep Borehole and a drill depth of more than 7.5 miles (12 kilometers). The Kola Superdeep Borehole reached 12,262 meters (40,230 ft) in 1989 becoming the deepest artificial point on our planet. Then, a strange story from New York City back in 1989. The witness was lying in bed unable to sleep when a very bright white light entered the room. Then three or four humanoids entered her bedroom apparently through the walls and stood by her bed. These beings were described as 5-foot tall, wide, and heavyset, with large heads, large pupil less eyes, no ears, or hair with dark bluish skin. Their hands were very large with thick fingers and nails. They wore white coats down to their ankles. She was asked to come with them and followed them down to the street. After the break Cam brings up some strange and unusual encounters with the Men In Black and some possible Women In Black. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspetives! Show Notes: What Happens When the Computer That Keeps You Alive Can Also Put You In Jail? Historical "Gorilla" Account From Sherman, Texas You won’t believe what Scientists found when they drilled the world’s DEEPEST hole Tall Thin Black-Eyed Female Humanoid The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenome by Nick Redfern Women In Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B. Men In Black: Personal Stories and Eerie Adventures  Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Where I'm Trying To Go (Marvel Years Remix) The Time Has Come So Much In The Dark

Phone Calls From the Dead  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how researchers have discovered a 5,000-year-old beer recipe by studying the residue on the inner walls of pottery vessels found in an excavated site in northeast China. It’s the earliest evidence of beer production in China so far. Then, the researchers at DeepMind have been working with two games to test whether neural networks are more likely to understand motivations to compete or cooperate. They hope that this research could lead to AI being better at working with other AI in situations that contain imperfect information. Then, a man in Maryland claims he and two other people saw an unknown big bird he believes to be Thunderbird. The 55-year-old press operator, who asked to be kept anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that he was in the kitchen when his twin brother noticed the oddity. Then, frightening first-hand accounts of the Black Eyed Children have been flooding the internet for the last few years, terrifying readers with tales of strange kids showing up on doorsteps in the middle of the night, causing strange illnesses, and even resulting in the death of anyone foolish enough to let them in their homes. Now a relatively new type of encounter has started to crop up: Black Eyed Adults. After the break Kyle brings up some bizarre phantom phone calls. Can the telephone be used as an instrument to allow the dead to communicate with the living? Whether it’s to say one last goodbye or even to warn of impending danger, phantom phone calls are a real and documented paranormal phenomenon. Here are four such cases of people who were mysteriously contacted from the “beyond”. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Ancient Chinese recipe makes lumpy, tasty beer Google Test Of AI's Killer Instinct Shows We Should Be Very Careful ‘Thunderbird’ Sighting in Maryland Black Eyed Adults Killed my Boyfriend by Drowning Him in the River Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin My Other Love Understand Me Now I Can See It In Your Face

The Baker Hotel  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how for some people the the snapping of gum. The slurping of soup makes them shudder. They despise it. If that person is you then you likely have Misophonia. For you that  have misophonia, these sounds are more than merely annoying—they’re rage-inducing. Being trapped in a room of snappers and slurpers is enough to make you  walk away or set yourself  on fire. All too often, folks with misophonia—which literally means “hatred of sound—are dismissed as being over dramatic. But new research suggests that they aren’t just making this up—there’s a neurological basis for your anger. Then, a Florida witness at Titusville reported watching an oval-shaped object crossing the sky “shrouded in the bright, meteor-like light” while waiting for an Atlas V rocket launch. Then, Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters, recently posted an interesting sighting of some sort of bat winged type creature that sounds eerily similar to another sighting years earlier reported to Stan Gordon. Then, Cam brings up a recent unusual Thunderbird sighting that took place in  Minnesota. 14-year-old Logan says he and his friend were skateboarding next to a lake when they found the winged creature. “We got off our boards and walked over to our walk in boat access,” said Logan. “We walked down by the lake just to skip rocks and stuff and we both saw it,” he added. The afternoon sighting reportedly lasted about five minutes. The boy described the creature as a featherless bird with a crest on its head and a long beak curved towards the back at the end. It had no tail. “It was huge. It flew low across the lake turning quite sharply for its size and then just flew away towards the town square on the other side of the lake, but it gained a lot of height very quickly it disappeared in the clouds.” After the break Cam brings up the historic story of the Baker Hotel. Historically known for the legendary healing properties of the water, The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas was opened in 1929, two weeks after the great stock market crash. Rising 14 floors, The Baker Hotel was the first skyscraper built outside of a major metropolitan area. Costing $1.2 million to build, the hotel was developed by Texas entrepreneur T.B. Baker and featured progressive hotel amenities including the first Olympic size hotel swimming pool, air conditioning, circulating ice water for the guest rooms, automatic light controls to turn off lights when guests leave the room and lock their doors, and valet doors for dry cleaning to keep hotel employees from disturbing the guests. Doing well throughout the Great Depression, the Baker hosted many celebrity music performers such as Lawrence Welk, Jack Amlung, Herbie Kaye, Guy Lombardo, Mary Martin and Paul Whiteman and a long list of legendary guests including Lyndon Johnson, Pat Boone, Jack Dempsey, Marlene Dietrich, Dale Evans, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Will Rogers, Roy Rogers, Elliot Rossevelt, the Three Stooges, and Bonnie and Clyde. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Why Chewing Sounds Make You Want to Flip a Table Witness spots UFO while waiting for rocket launch Another Butler Gargoyle Phantoms and Monsters Stan Gordon Kids Find ‘Dinosaur Bird’ in Minnesota The Baker Hotel  Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Short Cut/Detour Fill Your Eyes Future Blind

A Place to Die  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the off by talking about how over the millennia, animals have gone extinct on Earth for many different reasons. Sometimes it's because of a dramatic shift in the climate. Other times it was because of human intervention. Advances in science, specifically biotechnology, could enable scientists to bring some of these animals "back" from extinction, and there are a few already on the list. Then, Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters posted a story about a man who spotted what he can only describe as a White Bigfoot. Then, Lon posted a sighting a Werewolf like creature spotted along a road in rural Pennsylvania. The witness saw it swim across a river and the re-emerge on the other side. It stood up on two legs and ran off. Then, according to Cryptozoology News a man in Canada reportedly spotted three alien beings working on a spacecraft. The anonymous man claims he was walking his dog at Earl Bales Park when he noticed a few lights in the distance. After the break Kyle brings up some very unusual places. Places that seem to draw people who are suicidal to them. Suicide is recognized as the ultimate expression of despair. And even though the person making the decision to die may find some sense of peace, family and friends are left in a maelstrom of devastation and pain. According to the World Health Organization, there are over one million successful suicides every year – which works out as a death every 40 seconds. Ironically, these desperate acts of self-destruction are often carried out in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: 25 Animals that Scientists want to Bring  Back from Extinction A White Bigfoot Spotted in Illinois Upright Canine Spotted in Pennsylvania Canadian Spots Three ‘Aliens’ Working on Damaged ‘Spacecraft’ 10 Most Popular Suicide Spots on Earth Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Press Pause Vibe Vendetta Finally Moving

Viracocha The Incan God of Creation  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys talk about how a lot of people mix up children's names or friends' names and as it turns out it's because you love them. It's not related to a bad memory or to aging, but rather to how the brain categorizes names. It's like having special folders for family names and friends names stored in the brain. Then, according to a new study recently published in the journal Science Advances, evidence shows that humans occupied much of the Sahara during the ‘wet period’ around 8,000 years ago. Through an analysis of marine sediments, researchers at the University of Arizona have determined rainfall patterns in the Sahara over a period of 6,000 years obtaining fascinating results. The UA-led team has identified the climate pattern that generated a “Green Sahara” from 5,000 to 11,000 years ago. The region had 10 times the rainfall it does today. Then, a Tennessee resident was recently startled by a Bigfoot type creature. Around 10:00pm a man heard some rustling around on his back patio. He went out to investigate and that's when he saw a large hairy humanoid. Then, Cam brings up the story of "Viracocha". Viracocha was the supreme god of the Incas. He is also known as Huiracocha, Wiraqoca and Wiro Qocha. Considered the creator god he was the father of all other Inca gods and it was he who formed the earth, heavens, sun, moon and all living beings. When he finished his work he was believed to have travelled far and wide teaching humanity and bringing the civilised arts before he headed west across the Pacific, never to be seen again but promising one day to return. In his absence lesser deities were assigned the duty of looking after the interests of the human race but Viracocha was, nevertheless, always watching from afar the progress of his children. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: When The Brain Scrambles Names, It's Because You Love Them The Sahara was ‘green’ for over 6,000 years and had 10 times more rain than now Tennessee Resident Startled by ‘Bigfoot’ Viracocha Plumed Serpent: Ancient Bearded Gods Of The Americas (Book) Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia: The Path Of Viracocha (Book)                              Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Around The Block Double Love Take The Sun Away

The Lost Franklin Expedition  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start out talking about how in tests on mice, alcohol activated the brain signals that tell the body to eat more food. The UK researchers, who report their findings in the journal Nature Communications, believe the same is probably true in humans. It would explain why many people say they eat more when they have had a few drinks. Rather than loss of restraint, it is a neuronal response, the Francis Crick Institute team says. Then, recently someone wrote Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters about a strange Dogman like creature they saw one evening in 2013 in southeast Manitoba. Then, a team of scientists selected by federal officials in Seattle have come across new evidence in the mystery of D.B. Cooper. The Citizen Sleuths have been analyzing particles found on the clip-on-tie that Cooper left behind after he hijacked a Northwest Orient airplane in November 1971. Tom Kaye, the lead researcher of the group, told King 5 on Friday that a powerful microscope used in their investigation has found more than 100,000 particles on the JCPenny tie. He added that the group has been trying to identify where some of the particles, including Cerium, Strontium, Sulfide and titanium, may have come from. Then, David Wheatherly posted a rash of strange Sasquatch like sightings that took place in and near Fontana, California back in 1966. After the break Kyle brings up a story of tragedy known today as "The Lost Franklin Expedition".  The HMS Terror and Franklin’s flagship, HMS Erebus, were abandoned in heavy sea ice far to the north of the eventual wreck site in 1848, during the Royal Navy explorer’s doomed attempt to complete the Northwest Passage. All 129 men on the Franklin expedition died, in the worst disaster to hit Britain’s Royal Navy in its long history of polar exploration. Search parties continued to look for the ships for 11 years after they disappeared, but found no trace, and the fate of the missing men remained an enigma that tantalized generations of historians, archaeologists and adventurers. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Alcohol Flips Brain into Hungry Mode Dogman Sighting in Manitoba New Evidence Suggests D.B. Cooper May Have Worked for Boeing The Fontana Monster Sightings of 1966 Cold, Starving, and Alone: The Lost Franklin Expedition Sponsors: GAIA Blue Apron Blue Apron Wines Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Aimin At Your Head Switch Up City of One

Sight Beyond Sight  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about space junk. How big is the problem and what are we going to do about it. Few humans have ever stepped foot in space but as a species we've already managed to make a mess of Earth's backyard. Space junk from satellites and rockets is crowding out spacecraft and telecommunication satellites in Earth's orbit, and putting humans at risk. It's a big problem, and getting bigger every day. Then, robots can be terrifying all on their own, but stick a human being inside and give them control of the mechanical muscles that provide superhuman strength and you've got a recipe for a horror movie. South Korean robotics firm Hankook Mirae Technology has done exactly that, and its Method-2 robot just took its first steps towards world domination this week. The robot is just one year into development, but it's already a hulking beast that could give anyone nightmares. The bot stands over 13 feet tall and weighs over one and a half tons. Its sturdy metal arms weigh nearly 300 pounds each, and with its human-like hands it's a spitting image of the intimidating militarized robot suits that play a starring role in the sci-fi flick Avatar. Then, Greg Newkirk over on the Week In Weird posted a very interesting encounter a man had with the legendary "Hat Man" all the way back in 1969 somewhere in Northern Virginia. Then, a 12-year-old boy on Wednesday said he saw an unidentified biped he believes was a “Bigfoot” creature. The middle school student, who provided his identity but was kept anonymous as per the standard code of journalism ethics regarding disclosure of the identity of a minor, said he his brother were at a friend’s orchad in Beaverton when they allegedly spotted the animal. “It was probably around 6:30 p.m.,” he said. “The sun was going down and when I saw it, he pointed it out too.” The eyewitness claims he wasn’t sure what it was until he realized the familiar outline of a primate. “I think it was a Bigfoot. It was very large, about 7 feet tall. From where I was standing, it looked very tall.” After the break Cam and Kyle talk about the incredible Ingo Swann. INGO SWANN (September 14, 1933 - January 31, 2013) was internationally known as an advocate and researcher of the exceptional powers of the human mind, and as a leading figure in governmental and scientific projects to investigate and identify the scope of subtle human perceptions. Since 1970, his name and work have been incorporated into most contemporary books about PSI and the "paranormal." He was featured in four volumes of Time-Life's bestselling series entitled Mysteries of the Unknown. His contributive work has achieved broad media notice and been featured in every major American/British television documentary on the subject of PSI phenomena and Remote Viewing. Swann has been interviewed and/or profiled in dozens of magazines, including Time, Reader's Digest, Smithsonian and Newsweek. Swann's early work in parapsychology, as a noted and highly successful "guinea pig," made him a psychic superstar in that field. His subsequent research on behalf of American intelligence interests, including that of the CIA, won him top PSI-spy status. His involvement in government research projects required the discovery of innovative approaches toward the actual realizing of subtle human energies. He viewed PSI powers as only parts of the larger spectrum of human sensing systems. Swann was the author of over ten books. His publisher, Crossroad Press, is reissuing many titles as ebooks, audio books and paperback books, among them, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy; Purple Fables; Psychic Sexuality; The Great Apparitions of Mary; The Wisdom Category; and Star Fire, with more to come. Ingo Swann was also a visionary artist and his exquisite works can be found at The American Visionary Art Museum, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum,

Unwelcome Visitors  

This week on Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how when you engage in international travel, you may one day find yourself face-to-face with border security that is polite, bilingual and responsive—and robotic. The Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real Time (AVATAR) is currently being tested in conjunction with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) to help border security agents determine whether travelers coming into Canada may have undisclosed motives for entering the country.  "AVATAR is a kiosk, much like an airport check-in or grocery store self-checkout kiosk," said San Diego State University management information systems professor Aaron Elkins. "However, this kiosk has a face on the screen that asks questions of travelers and can detect changes in physiology and behavior during the interview. The system can detect changes in the eyes, voice, gestures and posture to determine potential risk. It can even tell when you're curling your toes." Then, an anonymous caller from Aurora, Illinois called into Coast to Coast back in october of 2000, described his weird encounter while driving to Peoria in June of 2000. According to the witness, he and a buddy saw what they can only describe as "The Grim Reaper". Then, MAGRET, Ala. — A former soldier on Friday said he saw an unidentified flying creature in St. Clair County. Mike, a 48-year-old Magret resident, told Cryptozoology News he and his wife were driving when they noticed the creature coming out of the trees located on the side of the road. Then, according to an eye witness, they saw what they believe were a few Black Eyed Kids surrounding they're car one evening while driving home. After the break Kyle brings up an incredible story of a small mining town in remote Alaska that were actually driven out by wild hairy men. All of this and more on this weeks installment of Expanded Perspectives. Show Notes: The Lie Detecting Security Kiosk of the Future Witness Sees What He Thinks Was the Grim Reaper Former Soldier,Wife Come Upon Flying Creature in Alabama Black Eyed Kids or Angel of Death? Big Hairy Men of Alaska Sponsors: GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Can't Contain It Can't Stop Me Now Finally Moving

More Human Than Human  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start off talking about how according to reports, scientists in china claim they have successfully created a ‘working prototype of the impossible, reactionless engine, and say that they have already begun testing it orbit aboard their Tiangong-2 space laboratory. The controversial, radical and revolutionary fuel-free EmDrive has created a buzz in the scientific community after a paper published by scientists at NASA showed the technology works successfully. Then, a now-submerged Stone Age settlement has been mapped in the Baltic Sea, revealing how its ancient inhabitants lived along what was once a lagoon on the coast of Sweden some 9,000 years ago. The exceptionally well-preserved site was discovered about seven years ago, after divers came upon what are now considered to be the oldest stationary fish traps in northern Europe. It turns out that those fishing traps were a part of the Haväng site, which archaeologists now believe was once a lagoon environment where Mesolithic humans lived during parts of the year. Then, Nick Redfern tells a story of an apparent sighting of a very strange water cryptic off the coast of British Columbia, Canada along with his wife and son back in the mid 1930's. Then, researchers have warned it is already too late to stop killer robots - and say banning them would be little more than a temporary solution. University at Buffalo researchers claim 'society is entering into a situation where systems like these have and will become possible. Elon Musk and Professor Stephen Hawking have both warned that artificial intelligence could develop a will of its own that is in conflict with that of humanity, and could herald dangers like powerful autonomous weapons. After the break Cam brings up some stories of human beings with incredible super human abilities. Did you know that people with real superpowers actually exist? People who possess incredible sight, stamina, and durability. But that’s not all. Some even possess the ability to project energy, have an uncanny memory, and even employ X-ray vision! So if you’ve ever wished you could have superpowers similar to Superman, the Hulk, Wolverine, or any other awesome superhero, guess what, its possible (sort of). Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: China Has Built a Working Version of NASA'S Impossible Engine and Will Use It In Space Underwater Stone Age Site Was Fisherman's Paradise The Monster of Chatham Island It is Already too Late to Ban Killer Robots Wim Hof China's Super Psychic (Book) Sponsors: GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin My Other Love Drift Away Sweet Long Life

Christmas Cannibals  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how back in September 1904 a group of people witnessed something truly bizarre near Preston, Texas. When discovered by a party of hunters on his all fours pawing and neighing like a horse, their attention was first attracted by what they took to be the whining of a startled horse in the undergrowth. When advanced upon, the strange being ran off on his hands and feet but the pursuers gained upon him so rapidly he sprang to his feet and quickly covering the short distance to the river, plunged headlong from a rather high bank into the water and swam to the Indian side. When he reached that bank he stood up, shook himself like a horse just out of a bath, and with what might really be called a horse laugh ran off into the woods. Then, another odd sighting, this too back in the early twentieth century. From the December 19th, 1913 edition of the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper,  A Werewolf in the Bronx. According to the article, several people including a few police officers saw a very strange phosphorous covered glowing hound near the Mosholu Parkway. One night it even attacked a police officer! Then, a New Mexico witness at Roswell reported a late-night encounter with a silent, triangle-shaped UFO just 20 feet ahead while driving along a main road moving out of town. The reporting witness stated that she and her husband were driving from Albuquerque to Carlsbad and had stopped in Roswell to grab a bite to eat before continuing their journey on October 24, 2016. “After eating – well after sunset – we headed back on the main road out of town,” the witness stated.“Stopping at a red light, behind a couple cars, in our truck with vehicles all around us, we both noticed and said out loud that the object was coming straight towards us from the dark sky.” The two had recently seen other strange lights. “In the two week’s prior we had seen ‘lights’ in the sky around Albuquerque and thought this was going to be the same – nope.” Then, between September 6 and October 3, 2016, the US Navy’s science and technology wing sent four small boats on patrol missions in the lower Chesapeake Bay. The only unusual thing was the fact that the boats were autonomous robots. These robots are not like drones with humans operating them from a remote trailer in Arizona. The vessels, loaded with cameras and sensors, were more like autonomous individuals within a larger robotic collective. The Office of Naval Research, which put on the demonstration, had not done this before. After the break Kyle brings up some rather disturbing true stories of real cannibals just in time for Christmas! Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives. Show Notes: Horse Like Humanoid A Werewolf in the Bronx Roswell UFO Drops in front of Witness Vehicle The US Navy's Robotic Boats Are Getting Smarter GAIA Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com. Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Done Wrong (Opiuo Remix) The Time Has Come Hot Like Sauce

Oh Gnome You Didn’t  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show talking about they're favorite Holiday drinks and then in Italy, the legend of La Befana is one that is popularly told around the time of the Epiphany. What does a Catholic holiday have to do with modern Paganism? Well, La Befana happens to be a witch. According to folklore, on the night before the feast of the Epiphany in early January, Befana flies around on her broom, delivering gifts. Much like Santa Claus, she leaves candy, fruit, or small gifts in the stockings of children who are well-behaved throughout the year. On the other hand, if a child is naughty, he or she can expect to find a lump of coal left behind by La Befana. Then, Researchers at Oregon State have patented a new strain of seaweed that tastes like bacon when it's cooked. The seaweed, a form of red marine algae, looks like translucent red lettuce. It also has twice the nutritional value of kale and grows very quickly. Did we mention it tastes like bacon? According to Oregon State researcher Chris Langdon, his team started growing the new strain while trying to find a good food source for edible sea snails, or abalone, a very popular food in many parts of Asia. The strain is a new type of red algae that normally grows along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. Then, Kyle brings up two strange Humanoid sightings where in both cases they were wearing some sort of shinny one piece suits. Then, Cam brings up an interesting account of a hunter spotting something in the woods otherworldly. The witness and his cousin were out hunting near Johnson City, TN and were sitting on the side of the wall of a rather large hollow which consisted of very thick underbrush and lots of evergreen. A larger valley then lead first to a clearing and then on to a supposed old Indian graveyard. All of the sudden they heard the brush in the hollow below rattling and they could tell that whatever was making the sounds was rather large. What appeared before them was a three horned man beast. After the break Cam brings up some fascinating Gnome sightings from different parts of the world. The Gnome is one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men, that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures. Gnomes are very widespread species, known to a number of human races. Germans name them Erdmanleins, except in the Alpine areas, where they are called Heinzemannchens. In Denmark and Norway they are Nisse; Nissen is a Swedish variation. In Brittany they are called Nains. Tontti to the Finns and Foddenskkmaend is their name in Iceland. The Polish call they by the familar Gnom. Bulgaria and Albania, however, use Dudje. In Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia, Gnomes are called Mano. The Dutch use Kabouter and the Belgian, Skritek. Switzerland and Luxembourg use the same name, Kleinmanneken, which means "littlemen." Domovoi Djedoes is used in western Russia. Gnomes consist of a number of different types. The most common is the Forest Gnome who rarely comes into contact with man. The Garden Gnome lives in old gardens and enjoys telling melancoly tales. Dune Gnomes are slightly larger than their woodland breathren and choose remarkably drab clothing. House Gnomes have the most knowledge of man, often speaking his language. It is from this family that Gnome Kings are chosen. Farm Gnomes resemble their House brethen, but are more conservative in manner and dress. Siberian Gnomes have been more interbred than other Gnomes and associate freely with trolls. They are much larger than the other types and have an infinately more nasty nature. It is best never to evoke the ire of such Gnomes for they delight in revenge. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives! Show Notes: Meet the Christmas Witch: La Befana is Santa’s Wine-Guzzling, Cheer-Spreading, Female Counterpart Researchers discover seaweed that tastes like bacon and is twice as healthy a...

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