Face the Nation 2016 Diary

Face the Nation 2016 Diary

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The Face the Nation 2016 Diary features news, insights, and analysis on the 2016 election from John Dickerson.


How Hillary Clinton ducked questions at the third debate  

John Dickerson looks back at several methods Hillary Clinton employed to dodge tough questions at the third debate, and why she may have decided ducking was easier than explaining.

The problem with blowing up the whole system  

John Dickerson examines why Donald Trump's pitch to blow up politics as usual is so appealing to some - and why it may not be as clean and simple as supporters hope. As one commenter on a story in the American Conservative put it, "You cannot control a revolution."

Third debate recap: Trump crosses a line, Clinton dodges  

John Dickerson looks back on the highs and lows of the third general election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, including Trump's unprecedented refusal to say he'd accept the election results, and Clinton's decision to duck questions on Wikileaks and the Clinton Foundation.

What evidence do you have, sir?  

Looking back at the 1980 debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, John Dickerson examines the facts and statistics that politicians traditionally used to reinforce their proposals - and why that practice seems to have fallen by the wayside in the 2016 election.

Unicorn Voters v. Early Voters  

As early voting begins in key battleground states, John Dickerson takes a look at the Unicorn Trump Voter and the Early Clinton Voter.

The Thrilla in Vanilla  

The two Vice presidential candidates are set to face off for the first time at Longwood University. John Dickerson discusses what will likely be an uneventful clash of the two VP hopefuls.

The art of storytelling in a presidential campaign  

Politicians used to tell stories as a way to explain a problem or their solution, but that isn't as much the case in the 2016 race, John Dickerson observes. Why not? And what are we missing? Dickerson looks back at one of the stories then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama delivered in 2008 at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

What to look for in the debates?  

John Dickerson examines what voters and analysts will be watching for on Monday during the first general election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Are people looking for policy details or more of a general sense of how the candidates think and operate?

How does Hillary Clinton convince voters that Donald Trump is unfit to be president?  

60% of voters do not believe Donald Trump is prepared for the job yet the race for presidency remains tight. John Dickerson describes Hillary Clinton's challenge of making voters believe Trump is unfit for the presidency.

Trump's old political donations coming back to haunt him  

During this election cycle, Donald Trump has bragged about his ability to buy off politicians by making large donations as a businessman. John Dickerson takes a look at a new report and Trump's claims about his political prowess.

Is the big muddle Donald Trump's immigration plan?  

John Dickerson examines Donald Trump's continued back-and-forth on his signature policy issue, immigration, and what it might say about his campaign and potential presidency.

Why Hillary Clinton refusing to do a press conference is important  

John Dickerson explains the significance of Hillary Clinton refusing to take part in a press conference as a presidential candidate.?

What can we learn about Clinton from the email controversy?  

John Dickerson examines the latest revelations regarding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state and her interaction with donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Thinking through Donald Trump's immigration switcheroo  

John Dickerson examines the politics behind Donald Trump's shift on immigration -- what does Trump hope to gain, and what might he lose in the process?

What should we look for in a president?  

John Dickerson discusses his interview with President Obama and what sorts of qualities and traits voters should look for as they're considering their choices in the presidential race.

Boo in the Q: Ted Cruz draws jeers from GOP convention  

John Dickerson examines the controversy sparked after Sen. Ted Cruz urged voters to "vote your conscience" during his speech at the GOP convention, and what it may mean for the election in November.

GOP convention is resolved -- Hillary is no good  

John Dickerson examines the messages and themes of the GOP convention. Have the speakers been more anti-Clinton than pro-Trump? Has it been 'mission accomplished,' or a missed opportunity?

A stumble out of the gate for the GOP?  

How did the first night of the GOP convention go? John Dickerson examines the RNC kickoff in Cleveland, from accusations of plagiarism in Melania Trump's speech to the focus on security, terrorism, and Benghazi.

What does Trump gain from his selection of Mike Pence as VP?  

John Dickerson examines Donald Trump's decision to tap Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. What does the selection accomplish for Trump? And how are Republicans reacting to it?

How we turn to our leaders to address grief  

Welcome to the "Face the Nation" 2016 diary - a recurring feature that will bring you the latest news and analysis on the 2016 election from CBS News political director and "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson. In the July 12th entry, Dickerson reflects on the violence that occurred throughout the nation last week, and how we look up to our political figures to help us mourn.

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