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Hosted by Negin Farsad, Fake the Nation is all the comedy about politics without any of the politics about politics. Every week Negin and a cast of her funniest, smartest and most politically astute friends (John Fugelsang, Lizz Winstead, Dean Obeidallah and others) gather round the political roundtable to break down the news, make you laugh, think, and deliver a gut punch to the American political system.


33. The Russian Quagmire (w/ Maeve Higgins, Benari Poulten)  

Maeve Higgins (Maeve in America) and Benari Poulten (Garbage Time with Katie Nolan) join Negin to talk about Michael Flynn's resignation, Stephen Miller’s big debut, and what to say to Trump supporters who think things are going great. Plus, White House power rankings and how to win over your co-workers.This episode is brought to you by Credo Mobile (www.credomobile.com/fakethenation) and Casper Mattresses (www.casper.com/FAKE).

32. Snow Is God's Travel Ban (w/ David Feldman, Kaitlin Fontana)  

David Feldman (Triumph The Primary Election Special 2016) and Kaitlin Fontana (The Box) join Negin for a snow day conversation about Elizabeth Warren and other progressive leaders to watch, and Trump's travel ban, which is winding its way through the courts. Plus, they share tips for making phone calls to Congress.This episode is brought to you by DecodeDC podcast, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO.

31. Foreign Relations Gone Wrong (w/ Rhea Butcher, Robin Thede)  

Rhea Butcher (Take My Wife) and Robin Thede (The Nightly Show) join Negin in LA to discuss the chaos sewn by the travel ban, our fraying foreign relations, and some mental health survival strategies. Plus, Trump's primetime SCOTUS nominee rollout. But first: Beyoncé is pregnant and Robin is thrilled.This episode is brought to you by the DecodeDC podcast, Shari’s Berries (www.berries.com code: FAKETHENATION), and Hello Fresh (www.hellofresh.com code: FAKE35).

30. Dawn of the Trump Era (w/ Leah Bonnema, Benari Poulten)  

Negin is on the road out West, but Fake the Nation rests for no one! Leah Bonnema (VH1) and Benari Poulten (Garbage Time With Katie Nolan) get on the horn to discuss the sensitive, traumatizing first days of Trump's presidency. Hint: it's all a bit too Orwellian for comfort. Plus, women Trump voters at inauguration share why they're optimistic about their new president.This episode is brought to you by DecodeDC and Berries.com (www.berries.com code: FAKETHENATION).

29. Rep. John Lewis, Resistance, and the First Family (w/ Robin Thede, Josh Zepps)  

Robin Thede (The Nightly Show) and Josh Zepps (We The People Live) join Negin to lament Donald Trump's feud with civil rights hero John Lewis. Sad! They also discuss why public protest matters and try (but fail) to figure out the First Family.

28. Farewell Obama, Hello Trump (w/ Mike Pesca, Ben Kissel)  

Mike Pesca (The Gist) and Ben Kissel (The Last Podcast On The Left) join Negin to digest President Obama's farewell address, Donald Trump's first press conference since July and Meryl Streep's Golden Globes remarks. Plus, Mike offers his one-sentence take on Rex Tillerson.

27 Twitter-Baited Transition (w/ Pete Dominick, Mark Thompson)  

SiriusXM hosts Pete Dominick (Stand Up! With Pete Dominick) and Mark Thompson (Make It Plain) join Negin to kick off 2017 by discussing the latest hullabaloo from the presidential transition and what they expect from Trump's first 100 days in office. They also tackle the GOP's intra-party dynamics and Trump's inauguration performers (or lack thereof).This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh ( www.hellofresh.com code: FAKE35).

26. New Year's Shorty (w/ Leah Bonnema, Katie Halper)  

Katie Halper (The Katie Halper Show) and Leah Bonnema (VH1) join Negin for a willfully positive discussion to ring in 2017. They recap their favorite moments of 2016 and make resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. Also, some deep reflections on drinking water's optimal temperature.

25. A Revolving Door of Crazies (w/ Seema Iyer, Charlie Pickering, Becky Donohue, Sarah Pappalardo, Frank Conniff)  

If variety is the spice of life, today's Christmas grab bag episode is zesty af. Negin shares a newsy dispatch from under parents' roof in Palm Springs before talking with Seema Iyer (The Bollywood Lawyer) and Charlie Pickering (The Weekly) about why really obnoxious people sometimes become super successful. Next up: comedian Becky Donohue explains her love of all things delivery. Finally, Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) and Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000) ponder the value of not being in the moment.

24. The Jane Goodall of White People (w/ Kaitlin Fontana, Jim David)  

Comedians Kaitlin Fontana and Jim David join Negin to talk about Russian hacking, Rex Tillerson and their Christmas traditions. They also revisit a mortifying and newly ironic debate moment from Rick Perry. Plus, should Democrats ditch identity politics?

23. Minority Prez Donny Twimp (w/ Leah Bonnema, Katie Halper)  

Katie Halper (The Katie Halper Show) and Leah Bonnema (VH1) join Negin to talk about how to talk about Donald Trump. Meta! They also get into the latest developments from Transition 2016 and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Plus, why nonviolent protesting is anything but a wuss move.This episode is brought to you by Stamps.com code: FAKE.

22. Duct-Taped Republic (w/ Sarah Pappalardo, Frank Conniff)  

Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) and Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000) join Negin as first-time guests to talk about the Jill Stein-led recount effort, Fidel Castro's death, and Donald Trump's cabinet picks. Plus, presidential conflicts of interest, Negin's trip to Cuba, and tips for confronting hateful comments and racist jokes.This episode is brought to you by Stamps.com ( www.stamps.com code: FAKE)

21. Thanksgiving Shorty (w/ Dean Obeidallah, MC Frontalot)  

Dean Obeidallah (SiriusXM) and nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot join Negin for a special holiday edition of Fake the Nation. They share Thanksgiving memories of food and family, including the saffron-flavored basmati rice and currant stuffing that...

20. The Dark Abyss (w/ Dean Obeidallah, Benari Poulten, Leah Bonnema, Dylan Marron, Andrew Heaton)  

In today's grab bag episode, Negin calls up Dean Obeidallah (SiriusXM) to talk about the latest president-elect developments, including widespread peaceful protests. Next up: Benari Poulten (Garbage Time With Katie Nolan) and Leah Bonnema (New...

19. A Bigotry Buildup (w/ Charlie Pickering, Seema Iyer)  

Charlie Pickering (The Weekly) and Seema Iyer (The Bollywood Lawyer) join Negin in an attempt to process the painful finale of Cesspool 2016. They cover voter demographics, the Electoral College and the future of the Affordable Care Act. Plus, they do...

18. Go Vote (w/ J.R. Havlan, Jordan Carlos)  

J. R. Havlan (SPY on Esquire, The Daily Show) and Jordan Carlos (Friends From College, The Nightly Show) join Negin to talk about the last throes of the presidential election and some down-ballot races, including measures to legalize recreational...

17 Zaftigcare (w/ Christian Finnegan, Katie Halper)  

Katie Halper (The Katie Halper Show) and Christian Finnegan (A&E's Black and White) join Negin to dive into the dismal final days of the election cycle. They dissect Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly's on-air tiff, Donald Trump's...

16 Cesspool 2016 (w/ Dean Obeidallah, MC Frontalot, Benari Poulten)  

Today's episode is a two-parter! First up: Negin calls Benari Poulten (Garbage Time With Katie Nolan) from a hotel room in Chicago to recap the third (and thankfully final) presidential debate. Then Dean Obeidallah (Sirius/XM) and Nerdcore rapper...

15 The Election Compost Heap (w/ Benari Poulten, Leah Bonnema)  

Benari Poulten (Garbage Time With Katie Nolan,) and Leah Bonnema (New York Comedy Festival, VH1) join Negin to talk about Donald and Billy unbleeped, the indignities of the latest debate and #MuslimsReportStuff. Plus, they dip their toes into...

14 Guy, Interrupted (w/ Dylan Marron, Andrew Heaton)  

Dylan Marron (Seriously.TV, Welcome To Night Vale) and Andrew Heaton (Mostly Weekly) swing by the studio to talk about the Vice white guys debate, the Donald's tax returns and the first veto override of Obama's presidency. Plus, Negin...

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