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Hosted by Negin Farsad, Fake the Nation is all the comedy about politics without any of the politics about politics. Every week Negin and a cast of her funniest, smartest and most politically astute friends (John Fugelsang, Lizz Winstead, Dean Obeidallah and others) gather round the political roundtable to break down the news, make you laugh, think, and deliver a gut punch to the American political system.


54. Trumpcare Meltdown (w/ Stephanie Butnick, Azhar Usman)  

Stephanie Butnick (Tablet Magazine) and Azhar Usman (Ultra American) join Negin to discuss the collapse of the latest G.O.P health care bill, the upcoming tax reform battle, and how the right spins the Trump-Russia scandal. Plus, America’s infrastructure is in a state of crisis. How did we get in this mess and what can we do about it? The panel weighs the pros and cons of private financing for public works. This episode is brought to you by Kiva (www.kiva.org/FAKE) and Talkspace (www.talkspace.com/ftn).

53. Russia Can’t Stop Being a Thing (w/ John Fugelsang, Dean Obeidallah)  

John Fugelsang (Tell Me Everything) and Dean Obeidallah (The Dean Obeidallah Show) return to discuss Donald Trump Jr. and his revelatory emails, the latest with the GOP health care bill, and the nationwide debate over Confederate statues. Plus, they sift through the long-term effects of climate change and potential doomsday scenarios. This episode is brought to you by Talkspace (www.talkspace.com/ftn) and Kiva (www.kiva.org/FAKE).

52. One Year of Fake The Nation (w/ Maeve Higgins, Seema Iyer)  

To celebrate Fake the Nation’s one year anniversary (!) Negin is joined by two of her favorite guests: Maeve Higgins (Maeve in America) and Seema Iyer (The Bollywood Lawyer). They discuss the latest salacious Trump tweets, North Korea’s nuclear push, and the annual G-20 summit. They also ponder what Trump and Putin will talk about in their first meeting and share strong views on the American obsession with work.

51. A Very Muslim 4th of July (w/ Bassem Youssef)  

Negin celebrates the 4th of July with special guest (and fellow Muslim) Bassem Youssef. Known as the "Jon Stewart of Egypt," Bassem is a surgeon-turned-comedian whose satirical political show once captivated 30 million viewers a week in Egypt. Negin talks to Bassem about the new documentary about his show's rise and eventual end due to government censorship and political pressure. Plus, they debate whether or not populism is killing political reform and ponder why people pretend they aren’t rich. This episode is brought to you by CozyPhones (www.cozyphones.com/FAKE).

50. Trickle-Down Dickonomics (w/ Liz Plank, Vicky Kuperman)  

Liz Plank (Vox.com) and Vicky Kuperman (How To Spy On Your Neighbor) join Negin to discuss Senate Republicans' mysterious health care bill, the resignation of Uber’s CEO and Silicon Valley’s bro culture problem. Plus, Vicky explains partisan gerrymandering using a Friday Night Lights reference. This episode is brought to you by CozyPhones (www.cozyphones.com/FAKE) and The Venture Podcast.

49. Lifestyle Feminism and Being Terrible With Money (w/ Greg Proops, Tom Shillue, Rachel Sklar, Sarah Rose Siskind, Dan Pashman, Andrew Heaton)  

Gather round! This episode features an all-star lineup of some of Negin’s funniest and brightest guests. Rachel Sklar (TheLi.st) and Sarah Rose Siskind (StarTalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson) take on lifestyle feminism. Is it a gateway to activism or just a ploy to sell more t-shirts? Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Tom Shillue (Red Eye) get into their personal budgeting habits. Plus, Dan Pashman (The Sporkful) and Andrew Heaton (Mostly Weekly) discuss our biological fixation on the short term and how this plays out personally and politically.

48. Summer Break Shorty (w/ Myq Kaplan, Laurie Kilmartin)  

Surf’s up! Comedians Myq Kaplan (Last Comic Standing) and Laurie Kilmartin (45 Jokes About My Dead Dad) return to kick off summer with Negin and share stories of dog days past. Sunscreen, camp makeouts and bagpipes (really) factor heavily. Negin wonders why she can't get anyone in LA to go to the beach with her. Plus, she celebrates her book turning one by jamming out to a song by Earwolf’s own, Casey Holford.

47. Paris Climate Accord Woes and Kathy Griffin Takes Heat (w/ Myq Kaplan, Laurie Kilmartin)  

Comedians Myq Kaplan (Last Comic Standing) and Laurie Kilmartin (45 Jokes About My Dead Dad) join Negin to get both political and personal (because, after all, the personal is political). First, they discuss the conflicting voices within the White House that advised Trump on his Paris Climate Agreement decision. They also dive into their disappointment over the Kathy Griffin photo scandal. Finally, they close out the show on a light topic: death and dying! 

46. The Budget Blueprint And Russia, Russia, Russia (w/ Greg Proops, Tom Shillue)  

Two veterans of the comedy world, Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Tom Shillue (Red Eye), join Negin to discuss Trump’s frighteningly-titled 2018 budget, “A New Foundation for American Greatness.” They also check in on the latest developments in the Trump-Russia investigation and discuss the decline of malls and big-box stores. Plus, they share some personal musings on regret. This episode is brought to you FilterBuy (www.filterbuy.com/FAKE) and Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE).

45. Trump’s Worst Week (w/ Ana Marie Cox, Mike Pesca)  

Ana Marie Cox (With Friends Like These) and Mike Pesca (The Gist) join Negin to break down the week’s particularly dizzying news cycle. They get into the Comey paper trail, the new special prosecutor and Trump’s possible obstruction of justice. Plus, with so much going on in the West Wing, it can be difficult to keep up with non-Trump news. Fear not! Negin has a roundup of important stories you may have missed, from the resignation of the Census Director to Jeff Sessions’ mandatory minimum directive, and the Supreme Court’s rejection of the North Carolina Voter ID Law. Lastly, they hop on a phone call about polyamory with a man who is on his second open marriage. This episode is brought to you by FilterBuy (www.filterbuy.com/FAKE) and Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE).

44. Comey Gets Canned (w/ Benari Poulten, Kaitlin Fontana)  

Negin phones in from a gig in Salt Lake City, Utah to chat with Benari Poulten (Garbage Time with Katie Nolan) and Kaitlin Fontana (The Box) about the biggest news of the week: Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. They discuss the Comey fallout and ponder the all-dude Senate working group that’s rewriting the latest G.O.P. health care bill. Plus, Negin drops knowledge on the (unsurprisingly) huge chasm between our social media selves and our IRL selves. This episode is brought to you by FilterBuy (www.filterbuy.com/fake), Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE), Credo Mobile, Casper Mattresses (www.casper.com/FAKE).

43. Trump's Tax Plan, School Lunch Shaming and Skim Milk Feminism (w/ Rachel Sklar, Sarah Rose Siskind)  

Rachel Sklar (TheLi.st) and Sarah Rose Siskind (StarTalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson) join Negin to talk about Ivanka Trump’s puzzling role in the White House, so-called school ‘lunch shaming’, and Trump’s proposed tax plan. Plus, they get into regulation on Wall Street. This episode is brought to you by Credo Mobile (www.credomobile.com/fakethenation), Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE), FilterBuy (www.filterbuy.com/FAKE), and 2 Dope Queens (www.spotify.com/dopequeens).

42. Spring Break Edition (w/ Pete Dominick, Mark Thompson, Mike Pesca, Ben Kissel, Maeve Higgins, Benari Poulten)  

Spring has sprung! To celebrate, today’s episode is a special spring break edition featuring a grab bag of new conversations with some of Negin’s favorite guests. Negin is joined by Pete Dominick (Stand Up! With Pete Dominick) and Mark Thompson (Make It Plain) to talk about atheism and religion. Also, Mike Pesca (The Gist) and Ben Kissel (The Last Podcast On the Left) riff on how to get rid of negative thinking, and finally, Maeve Higgins (Maeve in America) and Benari Poulten (Garbage Time with Katie Nolan) discuss the benefits of being messy.   This episode is brought to you by Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE), Credo Mobile (www.credomobile.com/fakethenation), and FilterBuy (www.filterbuy.com/fake).

41. 100 Days of Trump, North Korea and 420 (w/ Dan Pashman, Andrew Heaton)  

Dan Pashman (The Sporkful) and Andrew Heaton (Mostly Weekly) join Negin to talk about the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, what’s going on with North Korea, and Bill O’Reilly (finally) getting axed from Fox News. Plus, they discuss the mysterious origins of 420 and Attorney General Sessions' views on marijuana. This episode is brought to you by Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE) and Credo Mobile (www.credomobile.com/fakethenation).

40. Syria, the Tax Day March and Sleep (w/ Dean Obeidallah, Michael Caruso, Gianna Palmer, Nora Ritchie)  

Dean Obeidallah (SiriusXM) and Smithsonian Magazine editor Michael Caruso join Negin to discuss Trump’s strategy in Syria, Sean Spicer’s ill-advised Holocaust remarks, and the FBI’s secret court order to monitor Carter Page, a former Trump adviser. They also ace a quiz about the Kentucky Coal Museum. Plus, Nora Ritchie and Gianna Palmer from the Fake the Nation production team jump behind the mic to discuss the Tax Day March and sleep as a status symbol, respectively. This episode is brought to you by Aaptiv (www.aaptiv.com code: FAKE).

39. Russia Isn’t Going Away (w/ Christian Finnegan, Benari Poulten)  

Christian Finnegan (Black and White) and Benari Poulten (Garbage Time With Katie Nolan) join Negin to talk about the latest Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment scandal, the Senate showdown over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, and the gender pay gap. Plus, they take another look at Trump’s Russian entanglements, including Erik Prince’s apparent effort to set up back-channel communications between Russia and Trump.

38. The Imploding GOP and Climate Change Woes (w/ Leah Bonnema, Jimmy Williams)  

Jimmy Williams (DecodeDC) and Leah Bonnema (New York Comedy Festival) join Negin to talk about Trump’s new executive order on climate change, strife within the GOP, and the automation of everything. Plus, they delve into why the mortality rate is rising for middle-aged white people without a college degree.

Hard Nation Takeover  

Negin is off this week and Fake the Nation is getting taken over by Hard Nation, another Earwolf political comedy podcast. Hard Nation is hosted by comedians Mike Still and Paul Welsh, who play the characters "Mark & Pete Hard." Mark is a conservative and Pete is a liberal, they are brothers and political pundits. In this episode, the Hard brothers appear on the The O'Reilly Factor. (Bill O'Reilly is played by Seth Morris).

37. The EPA, CBO Report Fallout and Gun Silencers (w/ Sopan Deb, J.R. Havlan)  

Sopan Deb (New York Times) and J.R. Havlan (The Daily Show) join Negin to talk about the future of the EPA, the Congressional Budget Office’s report on the GOP health care bill, and the Pope’s seeming openness to ordaining married men.  Plus, Congress could make it easier to get gun silencers.

36. Replacing Obamacare, WikiLeaks and Frexit (w/ Rory Albanese, Scott Blakeman)  

Rory Albanese (The Daily Show) and Scott Blakeman (Laughing Liberally) join Negin to talk about the GOP’s health care proposal, the WikiLeaks dump of alleged C.I.A. hacking documents, and far right candidate Marine Le Pen’s presidential run in France. Plus, is Frexit next? This episode is brought to you by CredoMobile (www.credomobile.com/fakethenation).

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