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Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.


08/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Jeopardy; IDP Talk with Chris Harris!  

Wow, what a bad game last night! When should you draft Paul Perkins and Eli Manning now (8:00)? We also touch on John Brown's return to practice (15:20) and the unpredictability of the third round of Fantasy drafts (4:00) ... We play Fantasy Jeopardy (17:00)! Can you guess the QBs and WRs we are talking about? ... Special guest Chris Harris joins us to talk about players who are changing our minds with recent play (31:00), Individual Defensive Player drafts (39:40), who Chris likes this year (53:35) and more ... Your emails at

08/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Year of the Rookie RB?  

Did Adam just bonanza the rookie RBs by singing their praises at the beginning of today's show? We discuss the top four rookies and when they should be drafted (1:15). Will they end up deciding your leagues? ... Winners and losers from the weekend. Jamey moved Marcus Mariota ahead of a great QB (13:00). Dave digs Doug Martin (15:45). Heath shows some love for Todd Gurley (16:28) ... Much more from the weekend including some handcuff talk, Eddie Lacy's sinking value (19:48), RBs like Alvin Kamara and Tarik Cohen to take late in your drafts (36:43), the Redskins awful start (52:00), Dez Bryant's big game (53:18), etc. ... Your emails at

08/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wide Receivers Preview Part 2  

Best chance to be a Top 10 WR (2:15): Martavis Bryant, Kelvin Benjamin or Tyreek Hill? Favorite mid-round pick (9:15): Brandon Marshall, Devante Parker or DeSean Jackson? ... Reactions to the latest news and some preseason action (14:34) before we dive into ADP beginning in Round 3 and ending about 50 WRs later ... What to expect from the NE WRs (21:00), Alshon Jeffery's pros and cons (26:35), Keenan Allen's positive reports, plus so many WRs outside the Top 24 we have huge hopes for and players to draft in the very late rounds (58:10) ... Email us at

08/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wide Receivers Preview Part 1  

Get excited about WRs! We start the show by telling you who we're pumped up to draft this season! Stefon Diggs, Willie Snead, Terrelle Pryor and more ... Primarily discussing the first 11 WRs off the board, we tell you how many WRs are safe this year (7:32), auction values (25:50), sleepers, breakouts and busts (26:40) and if any of the first round WRs are due for a down year (30:00) ... In the last 20 minutes of today's show, we'll cover Michael Thomas vs. Dez Bryant, T.Y. Hilton's risks and rewards, Amari Cooper's breakout potential, drafting good WRs in bad offenses and more ... Email us at

08/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Running Backs Preview Part 2  

Briefly recapping yesterday's show by deciding who the #1 RB is and when to draft Ezekiel Elliott (3:50), then it's on to Rounds 3 and beyond in RB average draft position ... Round 3 gives us Lamar Miller vs. Isaiah Crowell (9:30), an overdrafted Marshawn Lynch and a rookie RB. Speaking of which, we discuss the enormous potential of the Top 4 rookie RBs (17:30) ... Our favorite and least-favorite mid-round RBs (26:28). How do we feel about Mark Ingram, Carlos Hyde, Ty Montgomery, Paul Perkins, etc? Then we give some of our favorite late-round picks (56:10) and tell you which RBs to handcuff at the end of the show ... Email us at

08/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Running Backs Preview Part 1  

Plenty of strategy talk on the first of two RB preview episodes. What are our general feelings and approaches to RBs this year? Is this the year to wait for RBs (12:30) or should you go RB/RB with your first two picks (21:00)? Should David Johnson and Le'Veon Bell be the first two picks in any format (19:25)? ... Auction talk (28:20), sleepers, breakouts and busts (29:03) at the position and a thorough average draft position breakdown of the first two rounds (32:25) ... How safe are LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon and Devonta Freeman (32:30-42:24)? Pros and cons of drafting Jay Ajayi, Jordan Howard, DeMarco Murray, Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley and Lamar Miller (42:24-58:30). Plus Team Name Tuesday (58:38)! ... Email us at

08/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Golladay Inn, Backfield Battles  

Back from the weekend to give some preseason hot takes! Should Eddie Lacy be the third SEA RB drafted (4:40)? What's going on with the KC backfield (8:00)? And could Hunter Henry be a total dud this season (11:04)? ... A lot of Ezekiel Elliott talk (15:48) as Jamey drafted him pretty early in a weekend draft. Does Jamey regret it? We also give injury updates on Andrew Luck (23:10), Leonard Fournette (27:50), Paul Richardson and discuss future Hall of Famer Kenny Golladay (29:03) ... Our thoughts on Joe Mixon's debut (37:14), handcuffs in SD and OAK (38:44), Robby Anderson (41:55) and the analyst draft that Jamey and Adam participated in this weekend (44:00) ... Your emails at

08/11 BONUS EPISODE: Suspended Zeke in Round 4? Sammy Top 30?  

WE ARE FREAKING OUT! Not only is Ezekiel Elliott suspended for six games (pending appeal), but Sammy Watkins is a Ram! Which player falls farther in the rankings? Can you still justify Elliott in Round 2? How much faith do we have in Darren McFadden? We're covering all angles of these news items including the values of Jordan Matthews and Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo and whether LeSean McCoy and Todd Gurley are impacted.

08/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Zeke Talk, Preseason Hot Takes!  

Recording this show before any Ezekiel Elliott announcement, we lay out some hypotheticals and discuss Zeke's draft value (2:00) ... So many preseason takeaways after only a few games. We discuss the Redskins RBs (5:30), Falcons offense (8:50), best rookie RBs (11:10), more RB battles, Sammy Watkins being featured and Kelvin Benjamin's prospects (25:41) ... Reviewing our 12-team standard scoring mock draft (32:00), the guys give some takeaways and discuss the merits of locking up the DAL, TEN and ATL backfields ... Your emails at

08/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Tight Ends Preview  

Rob Gronkowski/Travis Kelce early or Hunter Henry/Jack Doyle late? Or do we prefer the mid-round guys like Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert? We've got everything you need to know about the TE position in 2017 ... How many TEs are we comfortable with as our starter (1:30)? Should you ever draft two TEs (12:30)? Sleepers, breakouts and busts (18:12) ... Complete ADP review (30:30) as we touch on Eifert's upside, Kyle Rudolph's targets, rookie TEs and late-round picks ... Your emails at

08/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: 2-QB Draft, Special Guest Interview!  

Dave has a new take on Brandin Cooks (7:30)! Let the debate begin. We also update the RB battles (14:30) in CIN, KC and JAC. And is Robby Anderson now a #4 WR (17:35)? ... 2-QB draft talk (24:00)! Different strategies for all four of us including Heath's decision to wait on QB. What's the difference between waiting wisely and waiting too long? ... Hear from the #7 Fantasy Football player in the world, Kimra Schleicher (39:30). Last year's World Champion, Kimra tells you some players she likes and dislikes ... Email us at

08/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Quarterbacks Preview  

It's finally time to start breaking down the positions. We begin with the deepest position in Fantasy and give our general strategies (2:10), adjustments in different formats like PPR, 4-point per TD, auctions and 2-QB leagues (11:50), plus sleepers, breakouts and busts (23:50) ... A complete review of QB average draft position! Can Andrew Luck be the #1 QB again (31:00)? Any concerns about Drew Brees this year (39:00)? Breakout potential for Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Derek Carr and why some of us are low on Dak Prescott and Cam Newton (50:00) ... Best late-round picks at the position (55:00), plus some Team Name Tuesday! ... Email us at

08/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Cutler, Position Battles, Strategies  

Jay Cutler's signing is the top headline from the weekend, and today we discuss what it means for the Dolphins Fantasy assets (3:10). Any upgrades or downgrades? ... We've talked plenty about ADP, but now we want to know what you think. We read listener comments on current ADP (18:48). Are Martavis Bryant and Tom Brady being taken too early (22:30)? ... Some WR strategy talk (13:20), all the latest news including notes on Adrian Peterson (28:44), WAS RBs (30:30), OAK RBs (32:00) and Devin Funchess (33:04) ... Your emails at

08/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: ADP Review, HOF game, and Dynasty talk  

Who is being over and underdrafted right now, anything of note in the preseason opener, and some Dynasty league talk. When is the right time to pick rookies? How much should you devalue studs? ... Your emails at

08/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Year 3 WRs, Best Fantasy Offenses  

After listing their favorite Fantasy offenses, the guys react to Ryan Tannehill's knee injury (8:24). Would the rest of the Dolphins lose Fantasy value if Tannehill is out a while? ... Which WRs will take the next step as they enter their third NFL season? We talk DeVante Parker (12:50), Amari Cooper (16:50), Willie Snead (18:50), Tyrell Williams (22:00) and more ... Plenty of RB news (36:33) including notes on Carlos Hyde and Ameer Abdullah ... Your emails at

08/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Preseason Storylines, 14-Team Strategies  

A lot to cover on today's show including if it would be crazy to take Melvin Gordon over Julio Jones (7:30), if LeSean McCoy is a risky first round pick (11:30) and why the guys don't agree on LeGarrette Blount's value (13:45) ... Preseason football is almost here! Which new coaches and coordinators are looking to make their mark (17:00)? Which games matter and what will we be focusing on? ... Reviewing our 14-team standard scoring mock draft (32:45) and discussing how strategies change in this format. We talk TE strategies (37:32) and tell you how we constructed our squads (41:00). We also talk about the latest on Andrew Luck (51:35) ... Your emails at

08/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Analyst Draft, Twitter Polls!  

On today's episode Adam is putting Lamar Miller on BUST ALERT (3:30)! We make our cases for and against Miller ... Fun with Twitter Polls! Stefon Diggs vs. Larry Fitzgerald vs. John Brown (10:24) and a battle of rookie RBs vs. a steady veteran (12:13) ... All the latest news, plus a look at a recent draft Jamey did with other Fantasy Football analysts (26:44). Why did Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce go so high (36:15)? Check out who was taken before Paul Perkins (41:20) ... Email us at

07/31 Fantasy Football Podcast: Luck Down? McCaffrey Up?  

We're reacting to the latest news as Dave, Jamey and Heath tell you if they're more concerned about Andrew Luck or excited about Christian McCaffrey (7:45). And do recent reports about Mike Gillislee make him a draft riser (12:30)? ... Players we are ashamed to love (4:00), thoughts on the TB, CIN and DET backfields (21:14) and the impact of Branden Albert's retirement (29:15) ... More Fantasy Football combos (34:41) and a little auction talk (42:00)! ... Your emails at

07/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Who We're Excited About; Fill in the Blank  

As training camps open up, which players are we starting to get pumped up about? We give some names that could be rising up our draft boards including Sammy Watkins (3:00) and Ty Montgomery (9:50) ... We've got some Fantasy Fill in the Blank with the help from our listeners. Who will be the biggest Round 2 bust (12:00)? Which 2016 disappointment will bounce back (16:50)? What would our walk-up music be (21:14)? ... Latest news on Le'Veon Bell (22:00), Hyde vs. Lacy vs. McCaffrey (25:45) and Fantasy Football combos (30:50) ... Your emails at

07/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Overdrafted and Underdrafted!  

Reviewing early Average Draft Position (ADP), the guys find six players being drafted too early and six players being drafted too late. We're also reacting to Jordan Reed's toe injury (4:00) and other news from around the NFL ... Are Fantasy owners sleeping on Willie Snead (11:30)? Is Snead going to outperform Brandin Cooks? And don't forget how good John Brown (15:36) was in 2015 ... Aging RBs are being taken too early! We discuss appropriate rounds to draft Marshawn Lynch (24:40) and Adrian Peterson (37:50), plus a few more names to know right now ... Your emails at

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