FAQ Podcast [Funhaus Answers Questions]

FAQ Podcast [Funhaus Answers Questions]

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It's a mysterious, scary world out there. Let Funhaus show you the way by answering questions about video games.


iPhone vs Android: Who Wins? - FAQ #12  

We're back to themes! This time we're running down the greatest rivaly in all human history and deciding what hunk of metal will sit in your pocket.

Are We Too Offensive? - FAQ #11  

Lots of race talk going on this week. Just why did the Jews piss everyone off anyway?

Broken Games are Coming? - FAQ #10  

From the sounds if it, games are going to keep releasing broken for a while yet. But what does this have to do with car bombs?

How to Succeed on YouTube - FAQ #9  

We're LIVE on the PAX floor, which means we make people ask us questions even if they don't want to.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Getting Old? - FAQ #8  

It's been a long road but we finally made it. We finally gave Bruce the power to play farts whenever he wants.

Do YOU Even Want Half-Life 3? - FAQ #7  

Sorry about the sound. It's a big room with lots of big fans. Also there's this glitch where you can hear random people calling in and asking questions...

Shenmue is a Joke? - FAQ #6  

We keep making fun of the game, so we figured we'd explain ourselves... while continuing to make fun of the game.

Super Drunk Night? - FAQ #5  

Freedom isn't free, but this podcast sure is. We went without a guiding theme this week because it was supposed to be July 4th, but that got all messed up.

Batman: Arkham Knight Broken? - FAQ #4  

Warning: opinions expressed within. Some people find this unacceptable but whatever we do it anyway.

We Hate Remakes at E3? - FAQ #3  

As usual, the title is misleading. We don't hate anything.

Is VR Worth It? - FAQ #2  

That's a trick question. The answer is obviously yes because we can't wait to escape this cesspit of a life. Take us away to VR porn and spaceships, Oculus! QUICKLY.

Fallout 4: Questions Answered - FAQ #1  

The biggest game of the year has been announced, meaning we're putting Fallout 4 on everything we make. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF FALLOUT.

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