Fighting Chance

Fighting Chance


Fighting Chance tags along with Dan O'Brien and Cate Hall - two professional poker players - as they focus on the rewards and accept the risks that come with competing in the World Series of Poker.


"The Main Event"  

In the series finale, Cate and Dan play the Main Event, providing one last opportunity to end the summer right.

Quasi Famous  

With the World Series winding down, Cate and Dan play an online tournament, and try to find a good headspace going into the Main Event.

"Origin Story"  

Cate and Dan talk about leaving their respective career paths for poker, and comfort each other in the wake of the Monster Stack and Hollywood Poker Open.

"Aim Low"  

For tournament players like Cate and Dan, having modest expectations is the most practical form of psychological survival.

"Addicted to the Party"  

While Dan gets ready for EDC, Cate goes deep in the Millionaire Maker and worries about her performance thus far in the series.

"Tempers Flare"  

Being a professional poker player means bottling up your emotions for extended periods of time, which can lead to tilting or even confrontations at the table. Let's talk about anger.

"The Colossus"  

On episode two of Fighting Chance, Dan & Cate have very different experiences playing in the world's largest live poker event - The Colossus.

"Meet Dan, Meet Cate"  

In the first episode of Fighting Chance, we meet Dan & Cate, and learn how they're preparing for the World Series of Poker.

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