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164 – Girlboss, Persona 5, and Watching Movies Outside the Media Coverage Bubble  

This week, Katey finally saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now that it's on iTunes and wants to talk about how it was to view this cultural event of a movie several months after the media hype around discussing hit has died down. Are we living in a bubble of over-analyzing? But first! Matt […]

163 – Is Netflix Burying Movies by Not Releasing Them in Theaters?  

This week, David is back, so Katey, Patches, and Da7e can all talk about Fate of the Furious, finally. They begin by discussing the whole movie, which easily took #1 at the global box office this weekend (spoilers, maybe? Depending on if there are "spoilers" for this franchise). Then, after a mini segment on the […]

162 – The Lost City of Z(ed), Golf, and Bad Movies that are Good  

This week, David is out for Passover duties, so we bring back frequent guest and friend-of-the-pod Jordan Hoffman – man of the internet, host of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast. Jordan and Patches explain The Lost City of Z to Katey and Dave, who have been pronouncing it wrong this whole time. Then, Katey […]

161 – Raw, Prevenge, Ghost in the Shell, and The Discovery on Netflix  

This week, Katey is out, so for the first semi-annual acciedental bro-cast of 2017, David, Da7e, and Patches dive into the recent highlights of lady-focused horror with two new entries: Raw, about cannibalism, and Prevenge, about a murderous pregnant woman. Then, David and Patches have seen Ghost in the Shell and report back the mysterious […]

160 – Power Rangers, Boss Baby, and Riverdale  

This week, Katey, Da7e, David and Patches dig into Power Rangers, the movie that managed not to be crushed by Beauty and the Beast this weekend, then David fills in the group on Boss Baby and how long it takes to work on a single premise. Finally, Katey is catching up on Riverdale and David […]

159 – Iron Fist, Baby Driver, Atomic Blond – and What’s Up With These Remakes/Reboots?  

This week, Patches is out, but Katey and David have a lot to check in with Da7e. First, it turns out Da7e saw Kong: Skull Island and it pertains to a review, then Da7e watched Iron Fist and Katey has some questions. THEN, Da7e recounts seeing Baby Driver and Atomic Blond at SXSW for David. […]

158 – K-Stew in Personal Shopper and Big Little Lies  

This week, Da7e is down in Texas, so while he's away, Katey, Patches, and David play…with enjoying HBO's Big Little Lies despite (maybe) being a little hesitant of it at first. Then, David doesn't really like Kong: Skull Island and really DOES like Personal Shopper, which performed big in per-theater this week. Kristen Stewart is […]

157 – Be Our Guest, Joanna Robinson  

This week, Katey Rich is back and she's brought the most frequently requested guest host back with her – Joanna Robinson! David, Matt, Katey, Da7e, and Joanna all talk about the ending of Get Out, have some hot takes on Feud, then we close talking about the new Beauty and the Beast because Joanna has […]

156 – Logan and What Happened At The Oscars  

This week, Katey Rich takes the week off after providing Vanity Fair Academy Awards coverage, so David, Da7e, and Matt break down how the broadcast and awards went from outside Hollywood. then, Patches has a question about his Blu Rays before Da7e and David break down this week's new X-Men movie (in a mostly non-spoiler […]

155 – Your Name, Berlin Film Festival, and the 1997 & 2007 Oscars  

This week, Patches is back from Japan and wants to talk about anime sensation Your Name, David is back from the Berlin Film Festival and has a wrap up, and Katey is deep in Academy Awards coverage, so the gang decides to flash back by decades to the 2007 and 1997 Academy Awards to see […]

154 – Unpopular Opinions About New Movies  

This week, Patches and David are out of the country, so Katey and Da7e invited returning guest host Jordan Hoffman of The Guardian and Engage! The Official Star Trek Podcast back to the war room. Jordan has contrary opinons about Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick 2 while Da7e disliked Lego Batman (unlike the rest of America). The two […]

150 – Movies that Represent What We Want for America  

It's only as political as it needs to be. It's our sixth Quell as Fighting in The War Room! After polling listeners for Quarter Quell topics, the crew ends up selecting a winner, then tweakign the wording a bit. What they're left with is a prompt to bring movies that represent what they want to see in […]

153 – Sundance 2017 Highlights, Kindle for iPhone (not an ad), and Politics in Awards Season  

This week, Patches left both his computer charger and David at Sundance, so he calls in to Da7e and Katey to report on some of his favorite highlights from the most recent (very snowy) Sundance Film Festival! Then, Katey and Da7e discover they both love the Kindle iPhone app for very specific reasons and the […]

152 – Star Wars Titles, Princess Marches, and Split’s Secret Twist  

With Guest Host David Sims from the Black Check Podcast! This week, Patches and David are maybe dead at Sundance, so Katey and Da7e decided to keep the "David" quotent the same by inviting David Sims of the Blank Check Podcast to fill in for this week's topics! First: Star Wars Episode VIII has a […]

151 – The Young Pope, Sundance Prep, and Oscar Movie Discussion Redux  

This week, Katey, Da7e, and Patches listen to David talk about The Young Pope, which might be good yet still overhyped? Then, since Patches and David are off to Park City for another year at Suncance, the gang previews what they're looking forward to (even Da7e and Katey, who will not be going). Finally, the team […]

149 – Golden Globes, Netflix Histories, and 2016 Trivia  

This week, Katey, Da7e and Patches kick off the New Year with a 3-person lightning round, before David joins with special guest Russell to talk about the Golden Globes! Then, Patches has everyone re-live the first ten movies they streamed on Netflix Watch Instantly almost ten years ago before unleashing a PATCHES MATCHES Trivia Game […]

Top Tens 2015 – Part Two  

The Seventh Annual Top Ten Show (Part 2)! It's that time of year again: time to make a list! Katey, Patches and David all have their top ten films of the year and Da7e will host a countdown episode. This year, we're splitting the episode into TWO PARTS for suspense and easy listening. Take a […]

Top Tens 2016 – Part One  

The Seventh Annual Top Ten Show! It's that time of year again: time to make a list! Katey, Patches and David all have their top ten films of the year and Da7e will host a countdown episode. This year, we're splitting the episode into TWO PARTS for suspense and easy listening. Take a listen, embed […]

148 – To Space! with Passengers, Rogue One and some Golden Globes Noms  

This week, INTO SPACE with varying levels of success. First, David and Patches talk Passengers, the Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawerence are stuck in space together on a long jouney to somewhere movie. Spoiler warning – we discuss the plot of the film, which the trailers have concelead. Then, Katey gets some reactions from the […]

147 – La La Land, Best Original Song Favs, and Westworld Season 1 Spoiler Discussion  

This week, La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sees limited release, so Katey, Matt and David all place themselves on the critical spectrum for the film. Then, Katey just saw Moana and has the songs stuck in their head – will this be Lin Manuel Miranda's chance to EGOT? Finally, the first […]

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