The Filip & Fredrik podcast

The Filip & Fredrik podcast

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Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced glance at the wonders of our time. Every Thursday.


114. "The Claw"  

This week on an all new Filip and Fredrik podcast…. Technology has definitely dampened the restaurant experience for Fredrik Wikingsson. From x-rays at the dentist to getting drunk at Chernobyl the dynamic duo know radiation. Filip is way more impressed with the Las Vegas Sphinx than the real one. Plus, Filip and Fredrik recount a story that will make you think twice about masturbating after you’re exposed to radiation! Filip believes tourist attractions should focus on great failures in human history not the successes.

146. The Curse Of High Energy  

The world might be wondering about the disappearance from the public eye of fitness guru Richard Simmons but Filip and Fredrik solve the mystery in a manner worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Also, they recall the time they attended the movie premiere for the David Lynch film, “The Straight Story” with comedian Mikael Dubois in the audience. Celebrating the conclusion of their latest Swedish talk show at a posh restaurant Filip and Fredrik run into former Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson but is doesn’t go quite as they had hoped. And If you think Richard Simmons and former Swedish Prime Minister have nothing in common the dynamic duo prove why you couldn’t be more your wrong. High energy or low energy, Filip and Fredrik make the link. It’s all here on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

145. "Glans är sexa!"  

LeBron James klassiska presskonferens! Game 7-ifiering av svensk retorik! Att Per Elofsson tränade sönder sig! Bo Hanssons minimala gooooooooooool-aura! Fredriks dotters retorikskola! Och framförallt; den första stora intervjun med mannen bakom Hoola Bandoolas låtskatt "Huddinge Huddinge"!

144. The Sh*t Doesn't Get Glovvier  

Fredrik is still consumed with the Orson Welles biography and reads two profound quotes from it in an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast. What do you have to be considered a genius or an innovator? The duo also discuss the epic failures of “reverse-innovators” like Swedish cross-country skier Gunde Svan, Zola Budd, Bjorn Borg and more. Filip is worried because he always learns about celebrity deaths while sitting on the bowl. Is there a correlation? But unlike the passing of David Bowie and Lemmy, he is amazed at the lack of mourning anyone has given Chuck Berry. Many artist have checkered pasts and are forgiven in death, but not, it seems, the Father of Rock and Roll. When a genius dies, what do you have to do to get a nice obituary? Find out the answer to this question and more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

142. The Winter Face  

Filip and Fredrik are together in Stockholm that is starting to slide into spring. Thay talk about their frieds face during winter. And Fredrik has taken a bath with Kevin Costner and his fast healing fot. They talk about the devil in the details or how the moviepeople just dint think the audience giva a damn. Join in as the train is picking up speed!

141. "Zara Larsson & Folkomröstningen"  

Hermann Rorschach! Norah Jones! Janne Thörnqvist! Zara Larsson! Hasse Kvinnaböske! Robyn! Harvey Weinstein! Alan Alda! Alanis Morissette! Tipper Gore! Camilla Läckberg! Så många namn, så många historier!

140. Stormtroopers On Wall Street  

Filip and Fredrik are both in LA this week but the California sunshine hasn’t rubbed off on them. Sparks fly early this episode as Filip defends the new Apple “Park” being built in Cupertino, but his partner Fredrik rejects the term altogether, claiming there is nothing park-like about it. Arguments lead to inspiration as the dynamic duo wonder how Google could top Apple with their own park-like compound. Complete with carrots and kale growing outside office windows, only Filip and Fredrik could dream so bold! Fredrik is fascinated with the difference between the American and Swedish mindset surrounding April Fool’s Day (April First). Ringing the Bell of the New York Stock Exchange has lost its luster. An honor once reserved for titans of industry now goes to “The Jersey Shore” gang, and Stormtroopers. Filip and Fredrik ponder how this all came to be. All this and more on an explosive Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

139. "Toppstugornas toppstuga"  

Hollywoods totala avsaknad av klassperspektiv! Herrmiddagens återupprättelse! Fredrik Backmans storsinthet i nederlagets stund! Fjärrkontrollen som århundradets uppfinning! Filips talang för att hitta den magiska isbrytarsägningen vid exakt rätt tillfälle! Diplomaten som fick bilder ej avsedda för honom upptryckta i ansiktet!

138. The Gay Ring  

Filip and Fredrik always bond most on a train. In this week’s episode, they recall their great train memories. From the beer they drink, to meeting the “Rock & Roll Star of AIDS”, to recently celebrating a track suicide with champagne, it all happens on a train. And for Filip & Fredrik any journey begins at The Gay Ring in Stockholm. Plus, after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt (at least in his mind), Filip describes his own touching memorial. Complete with roses from Fredrik’s daughters; and an entirely planned impromptu speech by his longtime partner to the press, recalling fondest moments of his dear departed friend, it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye! All this and so much more on this week’s Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

"Utelåst! I kalsonger! Selfie?"  

Filips fäbless för att använda vedertagna uttryck för att legitimera sitt beteende! Att Jimmy Fallons enda förlåtande drag är hans möjliga mörker! De otalig gånger man gått ut genom hotellrummets dörr mitt i natten av misstag! Att Fredriks mamma köpte kalsonger till honom i 30 år! Det föraktfulla i politikers första spadtaget ceremoni! Västerås enda skybar! När Kristina Lugn headliner half time showen i Super Bowl!

136. "Push It In Longer!"  

The Filip & Fredrik Podcast returns! Fredrik is in Sweden but his friend Filip is in the free-spirited city of Berlin. Filip’s offer to go people-watching at the Berghain nightclub, where anything goes, sparks an offer to Alan Alda which may be a little hard to swallow. Fredrik confesses his recent inappropriate comment to a female cashier. Also, he wonders if, “hello, gorgeous” is something he should have said to a transgender person passing him on the street in Los Angeles. The duo recall the most touching story they’ve ever covered as journalists as they help celebrate a transsexual woman’s farewell to her former male self with a testicular burial at sea! All this and so much more on an all new Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

135. "Glass med kakdegsbitar i"  

När Fredrik var bodydouble åt Carola! Dagen då Niklas Orrenius ulltröja hissas till taket på Journalisthögskolan i Göteborg! Dagens Nyheters anglicismförakt! Filip köper mobila ljudbås i Los Angeles som han fraktar hem till Sverige! Hur Rain Man gjorde autism till ett partytrick! Micael Dahlens gotiska drag! Stefan Löfvens Almedalsdumpning! Filips önskan om att få föreläsa om tingetangeljournalistik på JMG!

134. The Most Beautiful Duet in the World  

The Filip and Fredrik Podcast returns! Back from his trip to Sweden and Filip is feeling old looking in the mirror these days. Filip and Fredrik debate which movie bookstore is more nauseating; “You’ve Got Mail” vs. “Notting Hill”. The duo recreate the pitch meeting for the Hugh Grant classic directed by Richard Curtis. Fredrik explains why “Love Actually” is the worst movie ever made. It’s about time somebody put Tony Bennett in his place. Filip Hammar does just that! Fredrik despises “Love Actually” but Filip just might hate James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke even more. Don’t miss the gem of an episode!

133. "Talet som Gud glömde"  

Filips många sociala bajsmackor på Felix Herngrens 50 årsfest! Fredrik om åren när man osäker stod och viftade med hundralappar för att komma in på nattklubbar! Den avslappnade relation till sex som överklassen har i sin ungdom! Ruben Östlunds nästa film: "Nils Holgerssons nattsvarta resa"! Om hur Fredrik dagligen kvällsmyser med Niklas Ekstedts kokbok om att laga mat över öppen eld! Loge-beefen med Petra Mede på Hela Sverige Skramlar-galan! Filips toruettes när han rör sig i vissa finare rum! Om hur dåligt Fredrik mått sedan han bombade med talet till Felix Herngrens kalas! Den rådande konsensusen i vissa kretsar att Filip och Fredrik fortfarande är buspojkar! Fredrik Lindströms mounmentala comebacktal!

132. The Teenage Appeal Of Sauna Sex  

Filip and Fredrik are back! As they tell the tale of their encounter with “Koppartrans-Anders” in Russia it sparks a further journey back in time to their painful teenage years. The duo determine the four levels of popularity you can achieve in high school. Fredrik relives the one time in high school he was invited to a house party. The one he threw. He also reveals that a videotape of the party exists and it’s too painful to watch Meanwhile a teenaged Filip reaches “observer” status in high school and hangs out with the coolest kid in town, Magnus, for one week. With ping-pong tables, Def Leppard, waterbed and more, it’s a week he’ll never forget! Filip and Fredrik are only human. They get jealous like anyone else. So learning someone you like had sex with another is painful. But it’s so much worse when they learn it’s the best kind of sex...sauna sex! Listen as the duo discuss the mystique of sauna sex and how it has plagued both of them for years. You don’t want to miss this explosive episode of The Filip and Fredrik Podcast!!!

131. "DÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ"  

Att bära goodiebagen som den sista droppen vatten! När Fredrik slängde blommor i fejjan på en pressfotograf! Kanal 5s julgåva i form av ett programledarklassfoto! När Hello Sydney var Sveriges mest utskällda TV-program! Galenskaparnas odödliga vänskap! Ögonblicket då Fredrik tog arbetarklassens parti! Micael Bindefelds underbetalda lakejer! Kostcirkelns minskade påverkan på barnkalas!

130.  "Shame"  

What makes Filip and Fredrik relax? For Filip, it’s as simple as fine Egyptian cotton sheets. But for Fredrik Wikingsson it is the tranquility that comes from order. In this week’s Filip and Fredrik Podcast, Fredrik has his order shattered when he learns that Usain Bolt’s perfect Olympic medal count is now ruined by the steroid use of one of his teammates. Filip also ponders if Usain Bolt’s photographer camera “stealing” after winning races is actually a new political statement. Fredrik can’t watch the tv sensation “Shame” because he can’t identify with it at all. But he does have his own version of the show that he wants to pitch.

129. ”Uppsidan med meth!”  

Filips nya figurinmissbruk! OS bästa gren - styrkelyftning! X factor i folksjukdomar! Filip funderar på varför Peter Jihdes diabetes inte riktigt biter. Catlin Moran som domare i ett semantiskt Idol! Talangshowers usla grundpremis! Henrik Brandão Jönssons cirkumflex usp! Skillnaden mellan Carrie Underwood och Susan Boyle! Det oerhört bra trycket i duschen som Sverige har! Jens Linds blåbärsnations dille!

128. Shallow Even For Filip  

Filip's one and a half year old son reminds him of Swedish Industrialist Jan Stenbeck. Fredrik recall the time a five minute meeting with Gary Busey turned into nine hour meeting. Fredrik meets Malcolm Gladwell on the streets of New York. Presidents of the US have always wanted to project strength and vitality, unlike Filip's dad, Lars, who embraces growing old and frail. Filip now reports that his dad can't slice a piece of bread. And so much more on an all new Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

127. "Tillbaka på svenska!"  

Filip och Fredrik är tillbaka på svenska!! Kents värdelösa anekdoter! Psykakuten i Hollywood! Filips gubb-insikt! Fredriks första miljonaffär! Sprängmedel i rumpan! Filips tendens att säga rätter i bestämd form! Arbetshetsen! Den bestående vänskapen! Amerikanska militärfamiljers reunionfilmer! Per Gessles oentusiasm inför att se Bruce Springsteen live! Nina Person på RajRaj-festivalen 1994!

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